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Open Poketale RP 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Riverrunner, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. Long ago, two races ruled over Earth:

    By their sides were the faithful Pokémon, who were bonded with their partners against all odds.

    Unfortunately, it was when the Pokéball was invented that controversy was raised.

    The humans realized the device's true potential, capturing the Pokémon against their will and forcing them to fight.

    Monsters wouldn't stand for this, believing in a pacifist method for befriending the Pokémon, and war broke out between the two races.

    The humans were victorious with their superior battling skills, and the monsters along with their partners, were sealed underground with a magic spell.


    Having gained six out of seven human souls required to break the barrier, the monsters are anxious for freedom from the mountainous tomb for the monster race that is Mt. Pyre. They eagerly await the fall of the seventh soul, but maybe there is another way…

    This roleplay was shut down by an admin at one point, but because I'm rather stubborn and because I'm Undertale trash, I'm here to recreate it. Here's the original thread if anyone is interested in seeing it. Of course, this will contain spoilers (both minor and major) for the video game Undertale, and I highly suggest you play the game before you join this roleplay and spoil yourself.

    Or not. It's a free internet.

    Now that the obligatory spoiler warning has been said, I may as well get on with the rules.

    1.) No more than two Pokémon, please.
    2.) I hate to say this, but please don't have a shiny unless it's absolutely necessary to you. Only a certain amount of Pokémon were locked in the underground, very few of them being considered "wild", so shinies are even rarer here than in Pokémon's canon.
    3.) No legendaries.
    4.) Mega Stones and Key Stones are rather rare as well, but I'm not stopping you from having one.
    5.) Refrain from OP abilities such as teleportation, telekinesis, or time travel for monsters/humans. Pokémon with psychic prowess are fine.
    6.) All Pokémon roleplay rules apply here as well.
    7.) Uhh… have fun!

    Of course, I'm flexible with all of these rules with the exception of six and seven (you'd better have fun), just use common sense. For example; it's not logical for a trainer to somehow have two legitimate female shiny eevees who know V-create and can transform into any eeveelution at will.

    I apologize if that offends someone.

    There are also some changes that aren't evident in either universe. Feel free to add in your own headcanons for this universe, so long as they aren't absurd.
    1.) Most Pokémon can speak beyond saying their name, weather it be through verbal words or telepathy.
    2.) Pokémon have SOULS similar to those of humans, but they are too weak to penetrate the barrier.
    3.) While Mt. Pyre is in Unova, Pokémon from any region are allowed.
    4.) Feel free to add any little (with emphasis on little) quirks that would fit in this universe, as I don't have the most creative of minds.

    If you have any questions, PM me and I'll be happy to answer them.

    Of course, this is an open RP, so feel free to join in any time! Just fill out the form below and pop right in:

    Monster/Human Name:
    Type of Monster (if applicable):
    SOUL Colour (if human):

    Pokémon Name (If applicable):
    Pokémon Species:
    SOUL Colour:

    *EDIT: The "other" category doesn't have to adhere to what the example puts. It is an other category for a reason, after all.


    Monster Name: Often referred to as Tech Dog Lab Dog (though usually just the first part of each). She doesn't have a preference.
    Type of Monster: A bipedal dog monster
    Appearance: A very literal lab dog (as in Labrador retriever) with short to medium length light yellow-brown fur. Typically dresses in very generic clothing such as jeans and some sort of t-shirt, occasionally wearing a jacket (though it is completely unnecessary because… dog). Lab is always barefoot. She wears her glasses at all times, which are literally taped to the sides of her face due to the unfortunate fact that dog faces can't really support glasses.
    Abilities: Dealing with technology and creating small devices that usually don't work as intended, assuming they function at all. Also doodling… if that counts as a skill.
    Other: Has no relations with the main canon characters aside maybe knowing their names.

    Pokémon Name (If applicable): Just Espurr
    Pokémon Species: Espurr
    SOUL Colour: Light blue
    Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary.
    Other: N/A

    Wake up…
    Wake up!

    The dog monster jolted awake with a start. She sat bolt upright, letting out a cry of pain as her head connected with a shelf as opposed to empty air. "Espurr… haven't I told you… not… to… ugh…" lack of sleep from the previous night was already beginning to set in. Five more minutes of rest couldn't hurt… could it?

    "It's noon."

    Sure enough, upon checking the clock on her phone, the time read 12:07. She'd overslept… again.

    The espurr sighed as his trainer's expression went from groggy to wide awake in an instant upon seeing the numbers on the digital screen. Using his telepathic prowess, he communicated with his trainer once more. "I waited to wake you. I was hoping your internal clock would function. Apparently, I was wrong."

    The lab groaned. She appreciated Espurr's patience, but sometimes it was almost to the point of idleness. She gave a tired smile to the cat Pokémon. He'd tried his best.

    The monster yawned. She had only gotten a total of about five hours of sleep, including the fact that she'd slept in. The poor dog had sentry duty too for the day, to 'relieve the stress from the royal guards', supposedly, though she honestly thought whoever was recruiting (her memory failed her at the moment) just had a thing for watchdogs. Very funny.

    Quickly dressing herself into something resembling decency (a simple t-shirt and wrinkled blue jeans) and grabbing her laptop along with her phone and some quickly-made coffee, the monster scrambled outside to the official looking sentry station, praying that she hadn't dropped anything.

    The Pokémon followed close behind, often stopping to briefly observe a fallen pine needle or footprints in the snow before moving on.

    Finally, the dog had made it, carelessly plopping down all of her various "equipment," if you could call it that. Upon taking a sip of her rush-job java, she discovered that it was much too bitter, but that wasn't really a priority at the moment. Right now, it was staying awake. Then again, it's not like anything ever happened around here anyway. If she was lucky, maybe, just maybe, she could snag a few minutes rest.

    This was going to be a long day.

    @Blu Ace
    @Johnman (you're the original roleplay creator, so)
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  2. OH YES...

    I was waiting for somebody to reboot this. Here's to a better run!

    also im totally worried about how this character will do

    Monster name: Sleek
    Type of monster: Spider
    Appearance: Unlike most spider monsters, Sleek's not very fancy. About as large as Muffet, he normally wears a T-shirt with extra holes and some kind of baggy pants. His main body is black, with brown legs/arms. And for some reason, spiders have hair, so Sleek's is normally black and quite messy.
    Abilites: Sleek can.. um.. Well, he's too relaxed to ever do much. However, he has a strong spot for battling.
    Other: His only relations with canon are that he talks to Sans and Papyrus sometimes, as he lives in Snowdin.

    Pokemon Name: Wells
    Pokemon species: Pinsir
    SOUL Color: Purple
    Appearance: Nothing unordinary.
    Other: Sleek's partner

    Pokemon Name: Jumper
    Pokemon Species: Lampent
    SOUL Color: Dark Blue
    Appearance: Wears a Shell bell
    Other: None


    "Jumper! Shadow ball!" Echoed through the town as a battle raged. One of the kids challenged Sleek to a battle, and he wasn't one to decline a fight. This one, a rabbit, had sent out her Growlithe. The small pokemon ran around Jumper, trying to reach it with a bite attack. However, the Ghost pokemon quickly built up a ball of energy and aimed it at the other pokemon. Before the rabbit child could assess what was happening, the dog was threw across the field into her arms. "Good game! You get better every time," Sleek quickly said, tossing the girl a revive and bidding her farewell.

    Let's see. Anyone else want to fight?

    There were many people out in the snow at this time, a battler was bound to be here. However, most people were just out for a walk, or weren't looking to fight. "Heh. Guess I should go outside the town, see if anyone's there," Sleek said to himself. The spider monster walked past the Librarby, as well as Grillby's, before exiting the town. Two Ice Caps were fighting to see who's cap was better, despite them being the exact same hat.

    Sleek looked around at the big clearing he had just walked into. Pine trees surrounded the area, with a bridge across to the other side. Rocks were about 3 feet below, but were painted to look like trees. It wasn't very convincing, as it was very messy.

    Nobody had showed up looking to battle yet. He wondered when and if anyone would come, but people normally flocked this area. It was known for its silence, but there were normally a couple monsters to marvel at the sights and maybe have a relaxed battle with.

    It wasn't until Wells pointed out a dog monster that had walked into the clearing that he lept from his thoughts. The dog seemed to be on guard duty, a sentry of some kind. Sleek slowly treaded over to the dog and her partner Espurr, before saying,"Hello! Whatcha doing here?"
  3. The monster, despite having acute hearing like any self-respecting dog, couldn't help but be surprised at the stranger's voice, especially in her drowsy state.
    "Who are you…" she started, before the fact that a random monster had sauntered up to her, a spider nonetheless. The lab almost screamed at being addressed, just expecting a passerby. Boy was she horrible for this job.

    "Don't yell, you'll wake the entire town. Oh wait, you're the only one sleeping in."

    The dog, shifted her line of sight to the espurr, who seemed fairly unfazed, still examining a nearby rock that was adorned with a horrible depiction of a red flower. Taking a deep breath, the monster decided to try again, this time without freaking out at the fact that another living creature was in front of her.

    "I'm on sentry duty today. It's not exactly official, but according to the king we're almost out of this mess, so I'm just here to keep extra watch," come to think of it, it didn't make much sense to Tech, but whoever was in charge of this whole fiasco had their reasons, she assumed. "Just got to keep watch for humans, I guess. Apparently they assume dogs are good at the whole 'stand here and wait for something interesting to happen' thing."

    Tech took a sip of the coffee laying out on what could be considered a desk, wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste. Boy did she regret multitasking and neglecting the drink.

    The lab took a glace up from the java to look at the spider monster once more, not paying any attention to his more rugged appearance (after all, who was she to judge?). "What are you doing here, if I might ask? I don't see too many spiders in Snowdin, and most of them just complain about their freezing legs before heading back to where ever they came from," she glanced back at the spider monster's many brown limbs for a moment, realizing what she'd just said. "No offense," Lab quickly added afterwards, hoping that Espurr wouldn't give a sarcastic slow clap while looking in a completely opposite direction like he usually did.
  4. The dog monster seemed quite surprised to see Sleek. After looking over to her partner, they turned to face him again.

    What are you doing here, if I might ask?

    "Well, I kinda live here. Guess I'm just used to it," Sleek quickly replied,"and I just like it. It's always a bit chilly, but I can shrug it off." After hearing the comment about the other spiders, he just laughed. Next, he commented, "I just came out here looking for a battle." However, sentrys had to have atleast one pokemon fully healed at all times, so they probably couldn't be fought right now.

    He turned back to face the trees. It was very beautiful at this time, the forest. The pine needles were at thier greenest, and just starting to fall. This train of thought was interrupted when a squeaky voice broke into the clearing. An Ice Cap, one from earlier, had walked in. "Hey you! My cap and my Rattata are the greatest! Fight me!" They squealed. Ice Caps were annoying- their ego was almost to Mettaton levels. "Sorry kid, not right now." Sleek quickly retaliated.

    After the child left, he turned back to the dog. "Sorry, I just can't stand that living pile of ego. It's not me to turn down a battle," Explained Sleek. "Anyway, I didn't get your name. I'm Sleek."
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  5. Human Name: Kai
    Appearance: Kai is 10 years old, and he is smaller than normal. He has blue eyes and blonde hair of which is combed to the side, and a T-shirt with a strange taco with a cat head in space on the front. And then he just has normal jeans.
    Abilities: He is good at making friends, and he is very acrobatic.
    SOUL Color: Green/Kindness
    Other: PUNS, DIE IN A HOLE! (he hates puns)

    Pokemon name: Brownie
    Pokemon species: Eevee
    SOUL color: Green/Kindness
    Appearance: Nothing unordinary
    Other: Was Kai's 10th birthday present because his classmates all had pokemon.


    It was a bright sunday afternoon. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, on days like these, kids like Kai, would be on a picnic with his friends on Mt. Pyre.

    Today, Kai was taking a new path up to the picnic spot. He though it was a shortcut, but really it was a long way. After an hour of climbing,walking,and jumping, he was tired. He wanted a quick break,but his eevee, Brownie, urged him on. He came to a spot with a wide hole, and he couldn't see a bottom. The only way across was a ledge, but he couldn't just walk to it. He had to jump. "Brownie, return!" Kai shouted as he held out a pokeball.

    Three. Two. One. Kai ran forward, but just as he was about to jump, he tripped on a vine. A thin one, at that. He fell into the hole, but his foot was caught on the vine. And then, SNAP! The vine had broken, and Kai was falling to his death. Or so he thought. He held Brownie's pokeball to his chest, he hit the ground, and unconsiousness took over.
    "Ngh... what happened?" Is the first thing Kai says as he gets up. His head hurts, but he still focuses on collecting his thoughts. He jumps up as he remembers about putting Brownie in their pokeball. "Where is it... no... no..." And then he notices something at the start of the hallway. "There it is!" Kai shouts as he runs forward to grab it, but the just falls back to the ground as a great pain rises in his left leg. "Ngh... I should walk..." Says Kai as he gets up again. He walks toward the red and white sphere as a smiling flower pops up.

    Smiling flower? What? Wait... A Monster! What does it want... "Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey The Flower!" The flower explained. "Uh... Hi." Kai said. "You're new to the underground, arent'cha?"

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  6. The dog monster awkwardly chucked as well at the sarcastic snide comment about stereotypical spiders, glad that the spider monster wasn't offended in the least. However, it was the remark about battles that invoked a verbal response from her.

    "I would, but Espurr has to be fully healed in case a human comes along, not to mention that he's…"

    The cat Pokémon was entertaining himself by watching some form of butterfly monster with almost petal-like wings flutter about, preforming acrobatics in the nonexistent breeze. Apparently his parents hadn't told him anything about the impoliteness of staring, as he was doing so unblinkingly as the butterfly dance among the painted stones.


    However, the mood was broken completely, as was the Espurr's stare when a tiny snowman like monster, an Ice Cap, rudely barged in. He stood proudly, cockily proclaiming the excellence of his most likely subpar Ratatta all the while shouting "Fight me!"

    It was bad enough that the creatures constantly bickered among themselves constantly, often at inconvenient hours, about who's hat was better, (no one wanted to relive the Bowler Cap incident), but apparently that cocky pride carried over to Pokémon battling as well.

    Tech had been about to shoo the minuscule ego maniac away in a subtle fashion before the spider did it for her… sort of… seemingly having opted to ignore it.

    Lab chuckled, legitimately this time, at the statement about the Ice Caps. "I don't blame you. I don't think anyone cares much for them, but I can think of worse," immediately images of Jerry popped into her head, invoking an involuntary shudder.

    Changing the subject completely, the lab adjusted her glasses, securing the tape with a fur-coated finger, and turned to face the spider once more. "I'm Tech… or Lab. That's what almost everyone calls me anyway. I'm not picky about which. It's nice to meet you, Sleek."

    Unfortunately, she knew the conversation most likely couldn't last much longer, but it wouldn't hurt to chat for a while more, could it? After all, it's not like a human was just going to fall out of the sky and saunter up to her sentry station…

  7. "Golly, you must be so confused!" Flowey exclaimed. someone ought to teach you how things work around here! I guess little old me will have to do. Ready? Here we go!" When Flowey said that, he felt something come out of him. And then he saw it. A green soul, in between himself and the flower. "See that heart?" Flowey asked. "That is your soul, the very culmination of your being! Your soul starts off weak, but it can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV," Flowey explained.

    "Whats LV stand for? Why, LOVE of course! You want some love, don't you?" "Uh, no. I just want to get past." Kai Said, but the flower kept talking, like it was ignoring him. "Don't worry, I'll share some with you! Down here, LOVE is shared through... little white... 'friendliness pellets.'"
    "Are you ready?" Kai shook his head no, though he knew he didn't have a choice. "Here we go! Run into as many as you can!" But they looked suspicious, so Kai just walked around them, grabbing his soul and returning it. "Hey buddy, you missed them. Lets try again, shall we?" His soul comes out again, but he repeats what he did last.

    "Is this a joke? Are you braindead? RUN. INTO. THE. BULLE- friendliness pellets" Kai knew what Flowey was going to say, so he jumped around the scattering bullets, soul in hand. "You know what's going on here, don't you? You just wanted to see me suffer," says Flowey as he surrounds Kai with bullets. "Die." As they close in, Kai wishes they would go faster. And then. The bullets drop. A ball of fire comes at Flowey. A huge pain screams in Kai's head. He falls. Everything goes back.
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  8. Monster/Human Name: Sahara
    Type of Monster (if applicable): Cat
    Appearance: Bipedal brown tabby she-cat that usually wears a fiery orange shirt, jeans, and a blue jacket on occasion.
    Abilities: Strong battler, has good aim.
    *Other: She can be shy. She is also smart and funny.

    Pokémon Name (If applicable): Lloyd
    Pokémon Species: Mienfoo
    SOUL Colour: Aqua
    Appearance: Normal
    Other: Kai is literate and can read and write. He carries around a notepad and some pencils. Kai usually communicates through his writing.

    Pokémon Name (If applicable): Azuna
    Pokémon Species: Houndoom
    SOUL Colour: Orange
    Appearance: Wears scarlet bandana and has a red tail tip.
    Other: N/A

    'Same old, same old.' Sahara thought. The bored cat monster walked around in search of a battle. She ended up getting one. "Azuna, Ember." Sahara said. The attack hit the bunny monster's Pikachu and knocked it out cold. "Good game." Sahara said. She tossed him a revival and walked off. Sahara spotted a dog monster and a spider. She slowly approached them. "Um. So what are you two up to?" Sahara asked them.
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  9. Kai wakes up in a house. Where am I? He asks himself. He lifts himself up, and slides his legs out of the bed. When he stands up, through his blurry vision, he sees a plate with a pie on it. I hate pie... Kai thinks, but he is starving, so he decides to eat it anyways. On the first bite, his eyes sparkle. "BEST PIE EVER!!!" He shouts, and then he digs in.

    A few minutes later...

    "My child, how are you feeling?" This goat named Toriel says. "Not good... I think I ate too much pie... I'm gonna be sick..." Kai says. "Well then, you should get some rest, My Child." "Okay..." "Oh, wait! I put your pokeball on the dresser by your bed, just so you know." "Thanks..."
    "If you need anything, just call my name." "Okay..." With the talk over, Kai went back to his room and grabbed Brownie's pokeball. He then went back out, and he walked toward the stairs.

    "My child, don't go down there." Kai went anyways. Toriel followed, and kept trying to stop him, until they reached a big door, like a gate. "This is the end of the ruins. A one-way exit to the rest of the underground. If you leave, they... ASGORE... will kill you." Kai stared at Toriel, who is now blocking the door. "You want to leave so badly? Hmph. You are just like the rest." The rest? "There is only one solution to this. Prove to me you are strong enough to survive."

    And everything goes dark.
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  10. "Heh, I catch your drift. Nice to meetcha," Sleek quickly replied. Guard duty was a big responsibility, after all. Slowly strutting out of the clearing, across the bridge and up a bigger opening. Greater Dog was normally here, and he seemed to be in his disproportionate doghouse. Walking past the field of snow poffs, Sleek and his pokemon slid through the woods on some ice, passing a pre-solved puzzle and past as large snow-dog.

    Passing through a few more puzzles, he walked through Dogamy's and Dogeressa's stations, Sleek spotted a small snowball course. Wells decided to hop on and give and give it a try. The Pinsir studied the ball, then nudged the snow with their horns. It seemed to struggle with getting past a small ice patch, but seemed to think for a moment. This ultimatly lead to it nudging the ball into the hole, causing a bright purple flag to pop out of the hole.

    After another game, Wells got up and decided to leave, his owner agreeing. After going past what Papyrus called "THE INVISIBLE ELECTRICITY MAZE", even though it wasn't on, the group decided to take a rest, and maybe get a challenger. After all, there were always a couple of monsters, and maybe even those skeleton brothers. Even though they may seen weak, Sleek's seen Sans battle seriously before. It wasn't pretty. Papyrus was interesting, to say the least. He was strong as well, just in a different way.
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  11. Monster Name: Zen
    Type of Monster: wolf
    Appearance: brown anthropomorphic wolf with green eyes, medium short brown hair, black jean shorts, and a white t-shirt, although optional
    Abilities: Claws(?)
    Other: him and Ryu share quite a few things in common, such as DETERMINATION

    Pokémon Name: Ryu
    Pokémon Species: Riolu
    SOUL Colour: Navy Blue
    Appearance: normal Riolu, and has a green bandanna-like scarf around his neck
    Other: he can read the auras of others nearby

    Zen and Ryu were just a little beyond the entrance to the snowy area of the underground, more specifically before the bridge. This was their favorite spot in the underground to train each other when they felt like having a little fun. Zen's shirt was thrown about on the ground on some snow, so that was probably lost in it, but he had no problem with that. After a little bit of warming up, they began to spar each other.

    After a few minutes, there were some noticeable wounds on Zen, most of them from successful Force Palms from Ryu. On Ryu, however, were a few scrapes and scratch marks from Zen's claws. Zen didn't need to worry about Ryu. Ryu did not like to give up, and neither did Zen, so they would keep at it until they both saw fit, or until the preset time had elapsed. They didn't mind the wounds and injuries they delivered to each other, and did not hold anything personal against each other. They had a strong bond, and were quite...DETERMINED.

    After a while, they heard a commotion other than from their own battle. They both stopped to listen to it. It sounded like it was coming from...behind the door that led to the ruins? The two wondered what in the underground could be going on behind that door...
  12. Monster name: Melly
    Type of Monster: Lynx
    Appearance: Stands on two legs and her fur is a light ginger brown shaded with darker brown and pure black spots, She wears a thin grey jacket and wears black short shorts.
    Abilities: Can jump very high.
    Other: Has a thing for chasing things? (like dogs)

    Pokemon Name: Shiver
    Pokemon Species: Zoroark
    SOUL Color: Yellow
    Appearance: Ordinary but has short shorts like Melly.
    Other: Can fool many people with his "Tricks."

    Melly was walking with her partner Shiver to a entrance where Melly saw snow everywhere, "Hey Shiver, This place calls out your name doesn't it?" Melly said with a smirk of laughter but Shiver just sighed and kept walking with Melly to this snow covered place. Shiver then tripped on a sleeping white dog thing that kept on sleeping with a bone in its mouth, Shiver kicked it with anger and it woke up and ran away into the outline of trees.

    Melly calmed him down and she continued on their walk but the dog came back with a group of other dogs with bone-like spears in all their mouths getting ready to charge, Shiver was a bit surprised but just clam a tree that Melly just leaped on sitting on a branch. The dogs where trying to clime the tree but kept failing with their little chubby paws. Melly climbed back down and chased the dogs away with her cat like speed.

    "Phew.. See Shiver that why you need to just ignore little things like that when you trip on some one" Melly said with a angry frown, They stopped and went into a inn where they were greeted by a Pidgeot made out of fire?
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  13. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Pokémon Name: N/A (He has the nickname 'flame cooker')
    Pokémon Species: Hakamo-o
    SOUL Colour: Orange/bravery
    Appearance: He has Princeton scales and Pantone (orange) eyes
    Other: He can light his fists on fire at will, the flames won't go out even if his fists are in water, he knows sans and papyrus because he works for Grillby due to his fire abilities (I came up with this just because, i ain't gonna use it for teaming up with any canon character... yet, by that i mean if someone goes mad with power like flowey becoming omega/photoshop flowey, and taking over something, maybe if sans goes ultra (even tho it ain't canon) and flowey combines with it to form ultra photoshop flowey or something (idk and idc)

    Flame cooker was serving a customer "how would you like your steak sir" he asked "I wants my steak bunt and chewy " the customer said "coming right up sir" Flame cooker said as he threw a steak in midair and caught it on his hand scale, he then lit his hand on fire and cooked the steak for a couple of seconds before deactivating his fire, the steak was charred and steaming "here is your steak sir" he said before handing him his bill, just as he did that Sans and Papyrus walked in "heyyyyy, my two favorite customers. Sans and Papyrus" he said in a friendly tone "I'll have the usual, please" sans said mocking Flame Cooker's way of speaking, which was in a bartender tone "that'l be two ketchup bottles, and you papyrus?" Flame Cooker asked papyrus "ummm, i'll have... Sans, do they have..." papyrus was cut off by Flame Cooker "Spaghetti?" Flame Cooker said "yes, we do have spaghetti, so... two bottles of ketchup and a plate of spaghetti?" he asked "yep" sans said.
  14. Wow. I completely forgot about this, haha.
    This roleplay is from what, 2016?

    Needless to say, as it is over a year old, this roleplay is long dead.
    @kingoflettuce if you would like to create a reboot based upon this reboot, please be my guest. Just write your own intro, tweak the rules if you'd like (within the website's allowance), and you're golden. You have my full permission.

    However, I think it would be best to let this particular thread lie peacefully in the roleplay graveyard—no further necromancy and/or other forms of black magic required.
    @StellarWind Elsydeon, if you could lock this, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    By the power vested in me as admin, I hereby seal this thread for a thousand years.

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