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Pokesona Requests (I Will Draw Your Pokesona) [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Lithium Quartz, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Heyo.

    When I discovered what Pokesonas were I was kinda ear to make my own. Now I will draw yours! Just leave a pic of them down in the comments and I will draw them free!
  2. I've got two only one I have a pic of. a Glaceon with a bit of purple cloth on her front left paw (see pic for the cloth). IMG_1865.JPG And black snowflake patterns on her ankles down.

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  3. The slakoth is the other one btw
  4. Hey can you make me a Raichu with a hat please
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  5. Or a cap
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  6. @Ulises112605 U got it! It will be done soon cuz i gotta gtg to school
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  7. I'll try to be as specific as possible. If you may please make an Arcanine that resembles the one that I'll put below with this japanese word:
    フー・ドッグ And if you may, please write the words in a traditional fashion. Thanks. ♥
  8. Oh. I did say Glaceon =B
  9. This might be hard to draw because I failed when I drew it myself. But my request is a Solgaleo, Lunala, And The Alola final evolution starters playing around and having fun
  10. Possibly no, I'm not on pc so I can't draw pokesonas myself....
  11. You don't need to be on a pc to draw, you can draw them on pen and paper and then take a picture on your device, then go to creative corner and select upload art: choose a file: and then the one you took a pic of.
  12. Naw it's fine, I've got a Vapoureon pokesona too, She just happens to be the Glaceon's Sister.
  13. Could you make a gengar with a Dunkin' Donuts shirt that is very fat and with a mischievous look in his eyes? Also an Xbox controller in his hand.
  14. Can you please draw a zorua with a gray hoodie and it's wearing glasses
  15. pokesonas.png
    How about drawing these guys
  16. Hey I have been wondering when you will work on the art
  17. Can you draw an Absol with a red bandana around it's neck?
  18. Can ya draw one shiny umbreon with one blue scarf and a Battle Scar on the eye?
  19. @Lithium Quartz Hey! Could you draw a Zoroark without the hair bead thingy (Tie?) so her hair is free flowing?
  20. can you make a green eevee she have is a flower on her head
  21. Professor Owens

    Professor Owens Previously Poke¥π|×✓®™Mon

    Could you draw a Blastoise and a Charizard fighting. Please and thank you.
  22. Ohhhh~ that's so neat from you

    I actually never drew my pokesona, because I'm bad at drawing Pokemon, but it will be a fem Aipom with a dark blue bowtie and curly hair
  23. This thread is probably no longer active. :/

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