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Pokerus =D

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Pokasus, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Guys when i read about pokemon i was exciting because i saw that power up 2x of effort points and your pokemon become more powerful than the normal status.But i began the Pokemon SoulSilver and i from the day it was released i didn't have come in touch with pokerus i have do many many battles but nothing :(.My cousin when he was to beat elite four he was training his pokemon in Victory Road and he saw that he had pokerus and his Ho-oh has 208 attack and defence 180 and it fits nice to a pokemon like that because Ho-oh has more Attack than Defence and it has big differnce between them and his ho-oh is better than my lugia at the same level :( my lugia has 169 attack and 223 defence and i want more attack and i do ev training but attack points are 1 or 2 and i battle nidorino that gives 2* attack points.I want your advice about pokerus.Thank you :)
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  2. And explain me the ev training.I have saw the effort points that gives every pokemon at serebii.net and how to train your pokemon with ev training but nothing and i have try the braces that gives more effort points at each status attack,defence,speed,special defence and special attack.
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  4. i didn't know it sorry :(
  5. You're not going to see any major changes right away with EV training...which it says on Serebii, too >> And, as stated there as well, the most notable differences are at Level 100. Of course there's a major difference between Ho-oh's and Lugia's stats even at the same level: they're not the same pokemon, and moreso, they have their own base stats, which are close to being on opposite ends of the scale on every stat. Ho-oh was built for attacking, Lugia wasn't, so his Ho-Oh will usually always have more attack than your Lugia.

    On a side note, why train Lugia in attack? Sure, it's physical and special attacking base stats are the same, but Lugia has a much better special attack movepool, and the majority of the Uber Tier would be better suited for attacking. Better yet, Lugia makes a hell of a wall both physically and (definately) specially, and has a wide range of support moves to enhance that. I won't try to dissuade you from making your Lugia an attacker, just putting that out there so you know.

    Anyway, Pokerus is random; you never know when you're going to get it, but when you do, create a plague with it :3
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  6. My lugia is 70 level and i have other 30 level left and i think if i train it at the attack points and i put that item which it gives more attach points but there wasn't any difference.And the macho brace what it does ? because i haven't understand :/
  7. Macho brace lowers your speed and doubles the amount of EVs you earn after a battle, cutting the time it takes to EV train in half. Macho Brace stacks with Pokerus, so if you would normally earn 1 Ev Point from a Pokemon, you'd earn 4. but the Power Items work even faster, giving 10 Ev Points per Pokemon that give 1.
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  8. wow i am mad about pokerus i am very clever how to play pokemon and all the stuff and my brother who was playing my emerald and he did a new game when he had catch a walmer he got pokerus and he don't like pokemon so much like me and he got pokerus.the same my cousin he is not excited about the heartgold and he got pokerus.guys who don't like so much pokemon obtain that we want and we who want to get pokerus for example we haven't luck.
  9. Pokerus is like finding a shiny pokemon, it's completely random. :) Sometimes it doesn't seem fair. If you can trade pokemon with your brother or cousin though, they can spread Pokerus to one of their pokemon and then give that pokemon to you. Then you can spread Pokerus to your pokemon and get the benefit. :)
  10. It might piss you off, but my brother got the Pokérus from an Abomasnow he had gotten through Wi-Fi XD Maybe worth looking for it there? Besides, your stats won't jsut jump up when you've EV trained, you'll see the results after it gained a few levels. The stats you've EV trained will get more points then the others and after 10 levels, you'll clearly see the difference. Btw, try vitamins, they are 1BP each at the Battle Frontier and if you use 10 on a stat, you'll start with 100 EP already. Then use the power item for the stat, fight 30 pokémon that give you 1 EP for the stat you want (it''ll give you 5 EP per Pokémon cause of the power item) and now you've 250 EP. Now take the power item from the pokémon and defeat another 2. Now you'll get 1 point per Pokémon and voila, you've maxed out a stat with 252 EP ^^
  11. [move]i've got pokerus. my thyphloision plaged it hehe[/move]
  12. I have pokerus too. Got it in diamond with my dialga near the fight area. I went to pokemon center to heal and im sure everyone just goes in there and button mashes the A button til your pokemon are healed. Well i did that and i noticed it was taking more mashing than normal so i looked at my screen and read that nurse joy said something about a virus. I thought it was part of the story so i just went on not knowing. And two years later i was looking at my dialga in the box and comparing it to a dialga i got on wifi. I saw that mine was wayy stronger and had a purple box with PKRS in it so i searched it on google and voila stronger pokemon for me and easier ev training. Man im glad i put him in the box
  13. I convinced my brother to let me do a playthrough on his Sapphire version, since I only have Ruby out of the Hoenn games. I somehow managed to get Pokerus before I even left Rustboro. I always seem to have good luck with Pokerus.

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