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Open Pokepark RP: Wishes Granted (*NEW AND TRYING TO NOT BREAK RULES NOW!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheRealMew, Jul 5, 2016.

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  1. Ok! i have made a new thread for this RP! If you want to join just comment using this form:

    Kind of Pokemon: -Insert Pokemon Here-

    Name: -Name Here-

    Move 1: -First Move Here-
    Move 2: -Second Move Here-
    Move 3: -Third Move Here-
    Move 4: -Fourth Move Here-

    Backstory: -Backstory Here-

    Evil or Good?: -Your Choice Here-

    Passcode Plz: -Passcode Here- (Passcode is Mew)


    Also, these are my Pokemon:

    Kind of Pokemon: Charizard

    Name: Kenneth

    Move 1: Fire Blast
    Move 2: Hyper Beam
    Move 3: Protect
    Move 4: Sacred Flame (Special Move for Charizard only)

    Backstory: The Leader of The Pokelegend Army and Good Guys, (Someone come up with a name for them plz) had a HUGE role in the Pokepark War. Has a foot long scar on the tip of his tail.

    Evil or Good?: Good

    Passcode Plz: Mew

    Kind of Pokemon: Blastoise

    Name: (Secret, most people call him Blast)

    Move 1: Water Gun
    Move 2: Surf
    Move 3: Rock Smash
    Move 4: Bite

    Backstory: The Vice Leader of The Pokelegend Army and Good Guys, (Someone come up with a name for them plz) had a HUGE role in the Pokepark War. Has a 2-foot long scar on his head.

    Evil or Good?: Good

    Passcode Plz: Mew

    Kind of Pokemon: Gengar

    Name: No Nickname (His minions call him the Shadow Lord)

    Move 1: Shadow Blast
    Move 2: Shadow Rush
    Move 3: Tri-Shadow (Tri-Attack but a Shadow move)
    Move 4: Shadow Force

    Backstory: The Leader of The Shadow Army and Bad/Evil Guys. (Someone come up with a name for them plz)

    Evil or Good?: Evil

    Passcode Plz: Mew

    One rule: NO TAKING POKEMON ME OR ANYONE ELSE ALREADY IS ROLEPLAYING AS!!!! (Just seeing 10 Charizards in one place looks weird)
  2. Kind of Pokemon: Glaceon

    Name: Krystal

    Move Set:
    1: Icy Wind
    2: Bite
    3: Hail
    4: Protect

    Backstory: She is kind, and caring. Raised in Unova, she vowed to make many friends, and to help whoever needed it the most. She set off on a journey to do just that. She wanted to explore, and see many things, and do many things. She had been through a lot, but the journey there would be worth it. At last, she had made it to her destination since a few days since she started: the Pokepark.

    Good or evil?: Good

    Passcode plz: Mew
    Krystal entered the park, and saw the decorations everywhere, announcing that years National Psychic Day. She took a seat on a nearby bench, and admired the scenery. Then, she heard a loud boom come from behind her, followed by another loud boom. She looked behind her, and saw the most astounding fireworks, which are the like she had never seen before. She stared in awe at the amazing light show going on before her. She was so glad she had finally made it.
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  3. Thanks! Now we just need to wait for another Evil OC!
  4. ((OOC))

    Kind of Pokemon: Riolu

    Name: Rina

    1: Force Palm
    2: Feint
    3: Quick Attack
    4: Endure

    Backstory: Rina lived in Poképark all her life. She has no idea how she got there, though. She has many guesses, but she has no way to prove one of them are true.

    Good or Evil: Good
    Passcode: Mew
    Kind of Pokémon: Gothitelle

    Name: Gartha

    1: Feint Attack
    2: Psychic
    3: Psyshock
    4: Future Sight

    Backstory: Gartha had once tried to be nice. She tried to help others, but the others only laughed and slapped her. Angry, Gartha left her home in search for pokemon like her. She ended up finding a group of evil pokemon (is the name 'Rotten Roons' a good name? I don't know, I'm bad at names) which she thought she fit into perfectly. She became much stronger than before and changed quite a lot.

    Good or Evil: Evil
    Passcode: Mew

    Rina couldn't stop running around in excitement and delight. The year's National Psychic Day was always amazing, but that year, Rina felt as if something different will happen. She skid to a halt once she heard a very loud BOOM.
    'It's the fireworks!' she thought in her head as she looked up in the sky. The fireworks were only one of her favorite parts of National Psychic Day.
    Rina waited for the big finale, which was always amazing, but different every year.
    'This year will be great,' she thought while staring at the fireworks.
  5. (*little did everybody know, something quite....TERRIBLE was going to hapen that year's Psychic day....) Gengar: Gartha! We need to get the.....Um...(*Checks some Legend about the Creation Of The PokePark) There! We need the Orb Of Creation! The ruler of the PokePark has it.... Open the portal Gartha!
  6. Kind of Pokemon: Shiny Ninetales

    Name: Silver

    Move set:
    Move 1: Fire Blast
    Move 2: Zen Headbutt
    Move 3: Flamethrower
    Move 4: Hex

    Backstory: One of the generals of the Pokelegend Army and Good Guys (I was thinking of something like The Alliance). Silver was raised in the Kanto region, on Cinnabar Island. She was always fascinated by the natural beauty of the gems on the island, so she started adjourning her fur with some of the smaller gems she found.

    Side: Good

    Passcode: Mew

    Kind of Pokemon: Weavile

    Name: Creed

    Move set:
    Move 1: Ice Beam
    Move 2: Foul Play
    Move 3: Swords Dance
    Move 4: Shadow Claw

    Backstory: One of the generals of the Shadow Army and the Bad Guys. Creed grew up as an outcast. He was never loved or accepted into a group. Over the years of living in isolation, his rage burned. Eventually, he heard of a group called the Shadow Army, and he decided to join them to get revenge on everyone who wronged him as a child.

    Side: Evil

    Passcode: Mew


    Silver walked through the crowds on National Psychic Day, brushing past different Pokemon from Gardevoirs to Claydols on her way to the shop on the far side of the town center, she didn't truly care for this festivals, but some people did and she was cool with that. As she neared the edge of the crowd, a Gothitelle walked into her path and Silver bumped into her " Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" she blurted out.

    Creed leaned against a lamp post, leering at anything that came to close. He couldn't believe he had to come the ever-so-dreadful National Psychic Day. He couldn't stand things like this, Who in the world cares about one stupid type enough to make an entire event on it! Oh great, there goes the fireworks! Creed thought as he heard a succession of loud booms blast through the sky. Urggh this entire thing is so irritating!
  7. She looked around briefly, as to not miss the fireworks, and saw what appeared to be a Riolu. Krystal got up off the bench, and walked up to the Pokemon. "Aren't you just adoring these fireworks?!" She excitedly asked the Riolu, ready to make a new friend since she arrived.
  8. ((Hi, this is OOC.))
    Name: Kristina
    Species: Mandibuzz

    Move 1: Brave Bird
    Move 2: Roost
    Move 3: Foul Play
    Move 4: Defog

    Backstory: Kristina is a Mandibuzz that evolved from a flightless Vullaby when it fell off a cliff. Scientists are still trying to decipher what caused the spontaneous evolution.

    Evil or Good?: Goodie Goodie

    Passcode Plz: Mew (why is this here)
  9. Rina turned as she heard someone talking to her. It was a Glaceon.
    "Yes, they're amazing!" she said, her eyes sparkling. She paused for a moment, then said, "I'm Rina! What's your name? I haven't seen you around here before!"

    Gartha looked up at her master. "Alright," she told him as she opened the special portal to Poképark. She didn't really know why he needed the orb of creation out of all things, but went with it, as she was sure he had at the very least a plan.
    They didn't do anything interesting for quite a while, and spent their time plotting, but now she knew they were going to have some fun.
  10. Kind of Pokemon: Absol

    Name: Ares

    Move 1: Detect
    Move 2: Psycho Cut
    Move 3: Night Slash
    Move 4: Double Team

    Backstory: Ares is accustomed to the avoidance of others. Being born as The Disaster Pokemon isn't easy. Whenever Ares tried to make friends or settle down, disaster followed, ranging from the slightly mild humiliation to actual natural disasters. This has given him trust issues, and led him to be distant from others. Normally, Ares would prefer to side with nobody, but he has drifted towards the side of good. He wishes to make friends, but his fate says otherwise. Ares wants to break fate and finally make friends without it ending horrible, and he has realized the only way to do that is to join the good guys, and make friends.

    Evil or Good?: Good

    Passcode Plz: Mew
  11. "Nice to meet you, Rina! My name is Krystal. I just arrived here not too long ago; about a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact." She told Rina, eager to make a new friend. The light from the fireworks reflected off her glistening fur. "Of all days to arrive here, I would have never guessed it would be on National Psychic day!"
  12. "I guess you're very lucky!" Rina told Krystal. Krystal seemed very nice. She glanced up at the huge colorful firework in the sky, which filled her with excitement. "The finale is about to start!"
    She then remembered Krystal was never there before. "The finale is one of my favorite parts of the whole day! It changes every year, so it's always surprising!"
  13. "I guess I must be." She said happily. She gazed upon the fireworks, as the different colors shined upon her face. "Ooh, I can't wait to see this finale!" She said in reply to what Rina said. "I've actually only seen fireworks one other time in my life. It was when I was just a little Eevee." She told her. "It was the day when my bigger sister evolved. She had evolved into a Sylveon, and my parents were clearly happy about that, so they threw her a huge party, which included fireworks. They didn't nearly do the same when I evolved, though..." She said, her tone dropping to more of a morose mood. "My sister is one of those big, snooty, rich-girl kind of girl, except she's not rich, but still! She never acted as if she cared for me. I don't think she did at all..." She decided to stop the story there, as to not ruin the mood with sullen sadness.
  14. (*the portal was opened.) Gengar: HAHAHAAHA! Minions!...Wait! We need somebody else to help us get The Orb Of Creation! (*Notices Creed) Gengar: Hey! You! The Weavile! (*Gengar Uses Hypnosis on Creed) Gengar: Heh heh! Now! MINIONS! GO AND DESTROY THIS "PARTY" WHILE I GET THE ORB!
  15. A party, huh? It's against my better judgement, but I shall enter.

    Ares walked into the park to see the finale of fireworks start. He hadn't seen fireworks before, so they were sttange and new to him. He also noticed a couple of Pokemon, a Glaceon and a Riolu. Creeping up behind them, he silently waited until they were close enough to speak. "So, those lights are pretty cool, huh?" Ares spoke in a low, almost menacing voice, as it was his normal voice.
  16. Rina jumped, startled. She turned and saw an Absol. It took her a few seconds to calm down. Once she did, she said, "Yes, they are, but now that I come to think of it..." Rina watched as the fireworks in the sky began to look smaller and smaller, "The finale should've started by now! And those tiny fireworks aren't part of the show! I wonder what's going on..."
    She suddenly heard a different sound. Not the sound from the fireworks, but a mysterious swishing sound she never heard before.
    "Did you just hear that?" Rina asked, hoping it had something to do with the finale.
  17. "Yes, I did..." Ares replied, surprised that nothing went horribly awry just be being near the Riolu and the Glaceon.

    There was a swishing sound, almost like some kind of water swirling about, and Ares didn't know what it was. He couldn't put his paw on what exactly the sound came from. In fact, he couldn't even identify where the source was. He skulked around a bit, not finding anything pertaining to the noise. Eventually, he gave up. "I didn't find anything. Maybe it has to do with the finale?"

    He sat down beside the Riolu and Glaceon before realizing he had failed to introduce himself. "Oh, right. I never told you my name. My name is Ares. It's a pleasure to meet you both." He held out his paw to give a handshake.
  18. "I'm Rina, nice to meet you!" Rina said, shaking Ares' paw.
    She really hoped it was part of the finale – whatever that sound was.

    Of course, the little Riolu had no idea what the swishing sound was, but Gartha did. It was the sound of the opened portal, the portal which the minions were going through to Pokepark in order to destroy the party.
    Obviously, Gartha wasn't a minion, but had a higher position, and therefore awaited further instructions.
  19. (*Gengar left his minions and Gartha to destroy the party to distract everybody so he could run off and steal the Orb Of Creation to rule over BOTH the Shadow Realm and The Pokepark.) (*Then, everybody hears a HUGE EXPLOSION.)
  20. (*Just then, a huge explosion appears!) Kenneth: BLAST! WHAT WAS THAT?! Blast: Its Gengar's Troops! (They are lead by Commander Gartha, BTW.)
  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Okay. Clearly, TheRealMew has failed to read the RP forum rules, because every post made by them is entirely NOT how we RP around here. RPs here are third person, past tense, story format. Not whatever the hell that is - and they have been warned about this before.

    As such, TheRealMew's access to the RP forums has been revoked until further notice, and I am shutting down this RP, as it obviously cannot go on without its creator.
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