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Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Yup. Nintendo REALLY like to plug themselves in their games.

    Because in the PokéMon world Nintendo reign supreme and there are no Microsoft or Sony to threaten their absolute rule of consoles.

    Dream on your little dreams, Nintendo. Someday, they may be reality. But right now you have to worry about Bill Gates' rampaging armies and Giant Enemy Crabs worth Five Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars. (RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!)
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  2. [quote author=Stellarwind Elsydeon]In my twisted mind, the PokéMon world is a different world to Earth - complete with its own ecosystems and biospherical equivalents to terran animals. Humans - Earth Humans - arrived from Earth long into the history of the PokéMon world - perhaps salvaging their ships for supplies - and settled down on the world. In time, they developed their own unique history (this makes sense as many ancient civilizations shown in the games and anime were more advanced, in some ways, than civilization in the PokéMon world today) - and probably forgot about the existence of their own homeworld. What brought them to seek another earthlike world suitable for colonization? dog knows. (shrugs)[/quote]

    lol hitchhiker's guide reference...there's a lot of that going around...

    The Pokemon world is a happy place, where Parents don't give a rat's *** where their kids are, where there is no government, and money is hardly something worth mentioning outside the convenience store. ;D

    to elaborate on Meowth's awareness of the real world I offer this quote from Pokemon 3
    -Hey Jesse, I got a question I shouldn't ask...do you think we'll get a bigger part in the next movie?
    Pokemon 2000 also ends in a scene in which Team Rocket complains about how no one knows they're heroes, to which Slowking points out that the audience has seen them.

    And a little something else from R/B/Y
    "Talk" to the tree near the old man in Viridian City, there's a potion there.
    There's an invisible computer in Celadon's Hotel, in the far right corner, similarly to the pokemon center's PC.
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    The Anime breaks the 4th wall quite a bit - especially in the anime.

    Hidden items are nothing new. As for the invisible PC, that is because the Celadon Hotel's internal coding was based on the PokéMon center, and they forgot to fix THAT glitch. It doesn't exist in the remakes anymore, thank god.
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  4. In episode 13 "Mystery at the Lighthouse" Professor Oak says Gary has caught 45 Pokemon

    While in episode 25 "Primeape Goes Bananas" Ash calls Oak to show that he' earned his 4th badge and Oak tells him that Gary has 5 badges and 30 pokemon.

    how can this be unless Gary gave some of his away?
  5. Blame the writers on that one...
  6. Yeah, that doesn't seem smart for a writer to write...well he should keep going on the storyline of other episodes,...do you know what I mean?
  7. The writers make many plotholes and errors in the anime,Its really not the first mess up.Even today i had to see one...

    Piplup takes a thunderbolt...then is still strong enough to fight team rocket when its assumed he should be level 1?
  8. plot devices....like Ash beating Brock with Pikachu and all those Taillows (in an attempt to stay true to their dex info) resisting pikachu's thunderbolts when Pikachu should possibly be level 99 after going through 3 pokemon leagues. (which brings up the subject of pikachu getting pwned by gym leaders, again thanks to plot devices)

    The Pokemon series is all about struggling to follow your dream, and if Ash and his Pokemon Godmoded the rest of the regions, we would have to find new heroes (May and Dawn are half-hearted attempts)

    The series doesn't mean to be accurate, it just wants viewers to like Pokemon more...
  9. However...the problem with the plot devices is they make no sense.It sorta hurts the story to me if things happen for no explainable reason
  10. The GS ball in my opinion was the biggest/worst plothole EVER. The Legend of Dratini thing runs a close second.

    You can now run inside buildings in D/P. :)
    There is money on the floor of the Game Corner in R/B/Y and FR/FG. Use the itemfinder.

    Teh Coolness.... I wish that was in the remakes.
  11. There's a story? ;D I've always thought of the series as an Ad for the games, which would explain why every episode is alike in which they talk about a certain Pokemon, Team Rocket kidnaps it, and they blast off. On those grounds anyone can go to the middle of the series and suddenly understand everything. There are moments, like when Ash battles a gym (thankfully Team Rocket doesn't intervene in those moments) But otherwise the series is ultimately a statement that says "go play the game."

    On Topic: Just how uneducated can Ash be? He doesn't know a lot of fairly common words, like carnivore (as he asks what it means when an aerodactyl is carnivorous) and meteorite (when he asks what ti is Team Aqua and Magma were after on Mount Chimney)
  12. The series is seperate,an example of proof is Pokemon Yellow was built after the anime.The main issue with what you said stems from the fact the series has just gotten more and more repetetive after the first season,with many of the "threats" now becomming harmless.

    And actually they do intervene in gym battles,such as cerulean Gym and actually FIGHTING for viridian gym

    all the series gets from the games anymore is names and data,and even then it twists it in ways that really didnt have to be done.
  13. Here's something easily noticed.

    Nintendo releases New Pokemon in this cycle....

    a. The list always has the three starters in this order: Grass, Fire and Water
    b. The list has all the more powerful and legendary Pokemon towards the end
    c. Just before the last legendary pokemon there is a powerful 3-stage pokemon (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross and Salamence, although in gen 4's case, it's mostly just additions to the evolution chain)
    d. A few months after the game is released they add one more legendary to the mix, and it's usually a small, cute and rather powerful one (mew, celebi, jirachi, although generation 3 sort of breaks this chain with the addition of Deoxys. Who is Gen 4's mystery legendary?)

    And speaking of starters,
    One of the starters is faster than the others in terms of stats and moveset (Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Chimchar)
    One of the starters is stronger than the others (Charmander, Totodile, Torchic, Piplup)
    One of the starters is tougher than the others (Squirtle, Chikorita, Mudkip, Turtwig)
  14. There is one thing that has always bothered me.Its the GS Ball.Why the hell didnt they ever mention what is in the that ball?
  15. All i really remember about it,is that in japan it was an event item needed to catch Celebi.It just sorta disappeared i think in the anime
  16. I'm back from the dead! Anyways, I've noticed something, and kept forgetting to put it here.

    *Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos. There is something about that order. A, M, and Z, the first, middle, and last letters of the alphabet.
  17. Adding to that, I'm sure everyone knows about uno, dos, tres reference.
  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    A, M and Z is probably just a coincidence, as Moltres appears third in the numerical order rather than second (not to mention that there is no true middle letter in the English Alphabet - there are 26 letters, meaning that a true middle point would be somewhere between M and N.
  19. In what appears to be a misunderstanding of how names are displayed in the beginning of a Double Battle, the Cowgirl/Farmer duos sport four names. I'm not talking "Billy-Joe and Anna-Sue." The names were something like "Beth&Pa and Pa&Beth." I forget what they were exactly, but it seemed kinda odd.
  20. Something I noticed when playing Mortal Kombat the other morning..

    Machamp looks a lot like Goro with the fact they both have 4 arms, both wear the same clothing basically, and are both incredibly hench... the only real difference between the two was that one is orange and one is blue/green/whatever
  21. That's as obvious as the "Uno, Dos, Tres" thing concerning the Legendary Bird Trio.

    Hitmonlee's JP name (Sawamular) refers to the first kick boxer, Tadashi Sawamura. Hitmonchan's JP name (Ebiwalar) is based off of the name of a championship boxer, Hiroyuki Ebihara.
  22. Actually,i didnt know it until someone told me.I don't really think of bruce lee or jackie chan much...meanwhile spanish most of the US knows (at least first 10 numbers).fighters arn't really as obvious as lanquage

    sorta cool i think...Eevee in beta was called "Eon" (based on Wiki).So the evolutions were originally all bearing their preevolution as a suffix
  23. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've been wondering about Ebiwalar and Sawamular, to be honest. Nice to have THAT mystery cleared off.

    Another interesting note is that Hitmontop's Japanese name can be romanized as 'Capoelar' - and indeed, its battle style is reminiscent of Capoeira. When it's not being a Beyblade wannabe.

    Which means that all Hitmons' Japanese names end with 'lar'. ^^
  24. Hey all, recently I watched that one episode where Misty takes on the roll of the little mermaid. I noticed, and it's actually pretty obvious, that there are real-world fish at the cerulean gym. Pikachu and Togepi were looking at them. ^^

    It is of course apparent that back then, the Pokeworld wasn't completely made of POkemon and Humans...
  25. I noticed that too. And I also notice that, after some point in time, there are no real world animals shown in Pokemon. There definitely are not any in the Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier and I doubt there will be any in Sinnoh.
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  27. In Pokemon: The Movie (the first one) when the clone Pokemon are made, it shows the Pokemon on the screen. Team Rocket say "Alakazam!"

    There not a clone Alakazam, it was a Scyther.
  28. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    The English dub of the anime is full of delicious little glitches. Like Ekans and Arbok being mis-identified several times and don't even get me started about Growlithes/Arcanines. >>
  29. There was an episode where in the commerical break they asked who evolved into Seviper. They said the 'answer' was Arbok... ::)
  30. I do declare that there seems to be only 5 monosylabbically named Pokemon...


    And that ever since Gen 1, there hasn't been another...:[
  31. #1- Rofl is a 'word' you can choose to answer T.V Interviews In-game

    #2 - It's heavily suggested that people and pokemon used to get married in the olden times, or at the very least; lived together in a relationship closer than modern day people. (Canalave City Library)

    #3 TM 25 in all Pokemon games is Thunder. Pikachu is pokemon #25.

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