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Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I'm not sure if anybody noticed it but in D/P in Sunyshore City near the light house there is a rock that looks like munchlax out in the ocean.
  2. yeah, one of the NPCs near it actually mentions it.
  3. Is that rock anything important though? The guide book points it out as major landmark.
  4. This one is actually a manga thing i saw,as well as somthing else

    The female trainer in the pokemon special manga is called Green in the US version,and Blue in the Jap version.This is because she was the 3rd of the three trainers,and so was named after the third color of the game series (US did not have pokemon green,so blue was the second name for the US,and therefore the rival's name in the manga)

    There is a JP only version of the first generation,pokemon Green.Its the first game in the entire series.It was later remade in japan as pokemon red,with improvements such as graphics (i believe ALL back graphics (As in the back of the pokemon) are from green,hence when u see the back of pokemon like charizard and mew they look weird compared to their front view) and i believe victory road is changed as well.Blue i believe was later made as well,however in the US only red and blue was ported (Noone really liked green anyway i believe)

    http://www.psypokes.com/dex/psydex/151/picdex a list of pictures to see the extreme changes in Mew between Green and red/blue.Only a few pokemon are hardly changed (Chansy is one i can think of off the bat)
  5. Maybe it will be something secret in the game! I love mysterious things like that!

    I also have a strange notice thing, Any pokemon fan thats been playing long enough has probably noticed MissingNo. Does anyone know what triggers/and why the apperance of MissingNo and that it can be found in EVERY pokemon game except Ruby/Saphire and to my knowledge FR and LG. I doubt it is in D/P either.
    What I've heard is that in the older game, its desiphers out to be a Khangaskan, or a Marowak...
    Also an interesting Connection is A mother Marowak was the killed pokemon in the Lavender tower.
    MissingNo= Prank, Glitch, Or vengful spirit of Mother Marowak XD..
    Im sorry if this is off topic, I didnt think it was so much though o.o.
  6. I posted this in another thread

    http://www.trsrockin.com/missingno4.html its amazingly interesting and gives most of all the info on missingno.Its basically a placeholder in slots that do not have pokemon,due to the fact that theres a preset space set apart for the pokemon.In the 1st gen this was 258 spaces i believe for pokemon.Since only 151 slots have pokemon the rest are missingno varients.

    And M' (a form of missingno) is the one that evolves to Kangaskhan,it is normally level 80 and evolves at any level.

    And besides those 3 graphics it can be the fossils or even trainers

    Missingno is much harder to find in other games since the reason missingno was found was removed.Most games past 1st gen require gameshark or action replay to find missingno,and the advance generation missingno CAN screw your game up

    and to answer somthing else you said,Missingno can be found in R/S/E (not sure about FR/LG but most likely).It is this missingno that is the most dangurous
  7. I've noticed that in the game Crystal when ever my togepi used metronome and it turns out to be the move transform it changes into the pokemon's shiny form
    it's done this and become a yellow marill, a purplish spinarak, and a purple/yellow wooper
    it could be coincidence, but what are the odds of that?
  8. Wow. That's cool but how long did it take you to figure that out? It sounds like you had to use Metronome a trillion times to discover something like that.
  9. heh, lucky you. shiny dittos transform into shiny other-pokemon, so you have a shiny togepi. congratulations.
  10. Are you sure about that? Someone on page three in this topic http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=581.50 said they had a shiny Ditto that would NOT transform into shiny other Pokemon. And for the record if you have a shiny Pokemon of your own battle a Ditto it will transform into the normal version of your Pokemon.
  11. I've noticed in the versions proceeding from RBY, that Ghost types are able to be hit by some physical moves. (Blaze Kick, Arial Ace, etc.)
  12. They're immune to normal attacks,blaze kick is fire aerial ace is flying.Also normal attacks can hit ghosts if you use moves such as miracle eye (i dont know if any normal users have this) or foresight,or odor sleuth

    in the same sense,Ghost is useless only on normal pokemon
  13. But Ghost pokemon, such as Gengar, shouldn't be able to ge hit by physical attacks (being ghosts).
  14. That would make them entirely too broken in terms of the game, so the designers made them only immune to Normal and Fighting.
  15. Yeah,gengar's already an incredible option as a pokemon in any lineup.If he was immune to near all physicals,having a dark or psychic would nearly be a requirement.
  16. if that were true, then it would be considered uber. *wonders why darkrai isn't a ghost type*

    probably the least used color on the trainer sprites in d/p: yellow
  17. Um, Miracle Eye removes a Dark-type Pokemon's immunity to Psychic types.
  18. i wasn't really sure if they removed specific types of immunities,thanks for clearing that up
  19. i checked and it's not a shiny :p

    and when it transformed it was a solid yellow and not green like in the game[​IMG]
  20. yeah, i'm clueless then xD maybe there's a difference between regular transform and metronome transform?
  21. I'm back again, I went camping (oh lord the grotesque amount of bugs...), so I couldn't post or even be around. But, I noticed something big.

    *You can transfer National Pokémon before you get the National Dex. My brother really wanted to borrow my shiny Charizard, and I decided "Sure, why not?", and he said he had the National Dex. Well, we traded, and it worked, but he admitted he didn't have the National Dex. Hmmmm... And, we tried with several other Pokemon to make sure my Charizard wasn't glitched like that, and they all worked.

    And for the Transform conundrum, shiny Ditto/Mew will transform into a shiny in R/S/E/FR/LG, and in D/P, it goes into the opponent's color. And I think the shiny transformations from the Togepi is because Metronome is a random move, thus Transform may be random in shiny transformations.
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  22. Yeah I think someone mentioned it elsewhere. It's perfectly normal; like trading old Pokemon to Ruby and Sapphire. The Pokedex number will be ??? until you get the national dex.
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  23. OK, well sorry if it had been posted. And yeah, I kinda already knew that in Ruby/Sapphire you can trade before hand, but that was because there was no in-game way to get the National Dex. Considering that you can get the National Dex in-game in Diamond/Pearl, I thought it was strange that you could trade National Pokémon before the National Dex.

    *This is what I keep forgetting, is that on Four and Five Island you can hear Azeala Town's music. Also, you can hear Olivine City's music on Six and Seven Island. I'm not sure, I haven't played the game in awhile, but are the Route-like (they're not actually Routes) there also with Johto music? Or was it just the main part of the islands?
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  24. Weird but true...

    And yes about the Johto music. For example the routes north and south of Seven Island play the music heard on the route leading from Mahoganey Town. In Icefall Cave you can hear the music found in Dark Cave. Yet more evidence that a Johto remake may be on the way.
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  25. Another notice:

    In the start-up menu, Dialga/Palkia's stones resemle the Prisim and Pale gems found in the Sinnoh Underground.
  26. i noticed in episode 9 of Pokemon "The School of Hard Knocks" the characters mention France, the country (Brock offers to make crepes). I thought Pokemon existed in the mythical lands of Kanto, Johto, Houen, and Sinnoh?
    yet Misty says she loves French things.
  27. I have something to say about that. The regions of Pokemon are supposed to coexist together. It also says Lt. Surge is an "All American Trainer" and in the Celebi movie somebody (don't remember who, was it Team Rocket?) mentions Mexican wrestling because of the masked guy's well, mask. And...
    *About the Master Rank people who join you in contests, they'll only join you after the National Dex. My brother got to Master Rank, yet he doesn't have the National Dex, so nobody entered with him. But, I have the National Dex, and so the "special guests" always enter with me. This is probably because Johanna (your in-game mom) enters with a National Pokemon, Kangaskhan.
  28. It should be noted while the series doesn't say anything of our world,the 1st generation i believe had more referances,most notably Mew is found in Africa i believe.Rather than have it be found in the anime,its DNA is found in ruins.Of course the game doesn't exactly say much about this mew,or what happened to it after the experiments that made Mewtwo (at least i don't think)
  29. actually i played a bit more and it happened two more times
    When it transformed the color was yellow everytime
    like with a snubbull, it was yellow and it's collar thing was pink
  30. OK, Ditto in G/S/C transforms into a purple-ish version of the opposing Pokemon. And there are some more real world places mentioned in Pokemon.
    *A Team Rocket member in Legend of Thunder mentions the Black Hills, those are in South Dakota if I remember correctly.
    *Mew was discovered in South America.
    *Poliwrath is said to be able to swim across the Pacific Ocean.
  31. In the anime, Team Rocket make remarks that refer to the fourth wall. Some examples include:

    -Meoth's 'I'd say something worse, but kids watch this show'
    -'We wasted this whole episode cheering for the good guys'

  32. ...I'm not sure what the second one means,could you elaborate?
  33. Meowth is aware that he is in a Pokemon episode and not real life.

    In by the way in South America, it says that Xatu's left eye views the past and the right one views the past or something like that. Another real world location.
  34. This double-whammy was in Mewtwo Strikes Back. Ash not only mentions a "real-world" location, but a "real-world" sports team: The Minnesota Vikings! :p
  35. a) that was an awesome quote
    b) let's leave it at they live in a parallel universe, 'kay?
  36. In the one episode where Bruno is introduced,(To Master the Onix'pected) the old lady talks about muskrats attacking her store and stealing her food. Is she referring to rattata, or perhaps real muskrats?

    My guess is that in the earlier series, Writers were planning on putting real creatures into the Pokeworld besides Pokemon, and than the idea got scratched as there would be complications since all humans in the Pokeworld describe all other creatures as "some type of Pokemon"

    And in the Episode where Max befriends a Poochyena (A Bite to remember), Brock explains how Eevee evolves, he shows a picture of eevee, then a picture of jolteon, vaporeon and flareon together. After which, a picture of umbreon and Espeon, after which, he quotes (or writes) a haiku with a background of a tree and a snowy mountain behind him...could this be a reference to leafeon and glaceon in the next game?
  37. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    The first and second generations were a mess, because the lack of bio-diversity on PokéMon in general - and the other real world references - who knows if the PokéMon world doesn't have equivalents of those? We really don't know much about the geography of the PokéMon world save for the regions exposed so far (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre and Fiore - and if the anime is counted, the Orange Islands).

    What's more, I believe that PokéMon were called that for their superficial resemblance to the terran phylum they resemble (as Torchics are capable of breeding, which suggests some type of sexual maturity, even though they resemble chicks - young forms of birds) or certain qualities of them (like Sloths were named in the real world due to their energy-conserving 'lazy' nature) Which suggests that humans on the PokéMon world do know of Terran phylum.

    In my twisted mind, the PokéMon world is a different world to Earth - complete with its own ecosystems and biospherical equivalents to terran animals. Humans - Earth Humans - arrived from Earth long into the history of the PokéMon world - perhaps salvaging their ships for supplies - and settled down on the world. In time, they developed their own unique history (this makes sense as many ancient civilizations shown in the games and anime were more advanced, in some ways, than civilization in the PokéMon world today) - and probably forgot about the existence of their own homeworld. What brought them to seek another earthlike world suitable for colonization? dog knows. (shrugs)
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  38. No, that was just a coincidence.
  39. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I believe I can shed some light on this.

    After the endsong of every episode in the Japanese PokéMon anime, there is a short segment involving Professor Oak, doing a brief 'Who's That PokéMon' segment on a specific species - showing anime clips of the species while talking about it, and often ending in Prof. Oak being mauled by the PokéMon involved. This is particularily amusing when Legendaries are involved (Because when a Lugia swoops through your lab faster than the eye can see, you KNOW you should lay off the Shroomish).

    This segment always ends with a Haiku, set against this exact background, written about the PokéMon in concern. Hence Brock in a lab coat against this background - Imitating Professor Oak. This is a joke often lost on the American watchers of the anime.
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  40. Here's something little.

    With every new region, you get the next newest game console in your room. (Except FR/LG)

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