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Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I've figured out Flint's relation to somebody else. It's Buck, from Stark Mountain. He says he has a relative in the E4, and who looks at least semi like Buck? Flint. Oh, and about the jackals, I had thought I had typed Anubis, I did in the original post, but then my computer froze. So my mind was on a one-way track thinking I had typed Anubis. Oh well. Oh yeah, another thing is, you know how in DP the things get bigger as they move towards the bottom of the screen? Not everywhere. Some places (mostly indoors) always stay the same size. About the Buizel part is because in French, you pronounce "ui" like "we", and considering how the Anime move pronounced it, I figured it was French. I bet nobody knew this: Mesprit has a French root! Esprit (pronounced "espree") is French for spirit. And, the guy that lets you dress up at Jubilife TV speaks French. What the heck is with the over-excess of French?!? I know the French because: a. My mom loves French, and b., I am taking French, and I actually pay attention for some reason. Dusknoir has French too, noir is black in French. Makes perfect sense, as Dusknoir is a ghost.

    EDIT: I just remembered, when you get the National Dex in DP, the PC changes to Oak's PC instead of Rowan's PC. And, Rowan will no longer grade your PokeDex, but Prof. Oak will. For those of you who don't know where he moves into, he is in a southern house in Eterna (didn't I mention that before, though???) Also, after the credits in Pearl (maybe it's just mine, but I haven't used cheat codes, and maybe it happens in Diamond) the screen displays "Fin" instead of "Finish". Other people, tell me if this happens to you!
  2. The Japanese name for "Aerial Ace" is "Swallow Ace". Interestingly enough, two of the only three Pokemon that learned that move naturally in Gen III were swallows.
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Actually, the origin of Aerial Ace is even more obscure.

    Aerial Ace's original Japanese name was literally named Tsubamegaeshi. It's more literally translated "Swallow Reversal" or "Swallow Return". Tsubame Gaeshi, the Turning Swallow Cut, was the favored sword technique of the famous swordsman of Feudal Japan, Sasaki Kojiro (Eternal Rival of Miyamoto Musashi).

    Quoting Wikipedia on this:

    This technique was named so because it was mimicked the motion of a swallow's tail during flight as observed at Kintaibashi Bridge in Iwakuni. This cut was reputedly so quick and precise that it could strike down a bird in mid-flight. There are no direct descriptions of the technique, but it was compared to two other techniques current at the time: the Itto-ryu's Kinshi Cho Ohken and the Ganryū Kosetsu To; respectively the two involved fierce and swift cuts downward and then immediately upwards. Hence, the "Turning Swallow Cut" has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey.

    So that would explain why it was Taillow's signature move.
  4. *shoots self in head* Thanks, Stel >> Not sure what I was thinking, I knew Jackals weren't native to egypt, did I say they were? >> And we all know I can't spell. And nobody knows why Inpu (Anubis) had a black head, I just happen to like that explaination best ^^'

    eheheheh. . .

    Personally, I doubt Gio is Ash's father. But it does make me wonder where he is. . . .
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Trapped in a telephone =D

    *A cookie to anyone who gets that reference*
  6. OK, since I got PokeCharms to work today, I have more.
    *When you use the Calculator app, if the answer is the number of a Pokemon you've at least seen, the cry plays.
    And for the Ash-Gio debate, I'm thinking maybe. But, it will probably never be revealed unless Pokemon is shutting itself down (shudders) and wants the public to actually know something. You know, P.U.S.A. doesn't reveal anything. That's why I'm almost glad they're website it broken for me.
    Dang, I forgot the other notices while typing that Ash-Gio bit. Sorry!
  7. All of the Legendary Trio Pokemon have a base stat total of 580.
  8. But... do we ever see Ash save his game?
  9. Yes, that's one of the most amusing things in Pokemon...But just wait, soon they'll be making one that looks like Mario!
  10. Quite personally, I think that Plusle and Minun are supposed to be like our Mario and Luigi duo.
  11. no, they're red and blue. and they're cheerleaders, for the record
  12. Well, a Shiny Minun is green, so to you!
  13. When the hero from D/P is riding her/his bike and stops, she or he puts one foot on the ground instead of the bike mysteriously staying upright as in past generations.
  14. Slaking's base stats have a sum of 670, which is the highest amongst non-legendary Pokemon.
  15. i might of misheard but in the manphy movie james says.

    "look diamonds and Pearls"
    To which meowth replies
    "Lets get through this season first."

    like i said i might of misheard but a nice little reference if i didn't.
  16. You didn't mishear it, those lines were in the movie. Earlier in the movie; either Jessie or James say that they'll be "sweeping up all those diamonds and pearls" and Meowth comments by say "Hey, that sounds like a good name for a game!"
  17. There is pixel overlap when you go downward from SunyShore's beach.

    The only two Pokemon Half-Normal, thats not Half-Flying, is Girafarig and Bibarel.

    You get a fan in Pal Park after you get a good score.

    When you knock out Cheryl's Chansey, like your Pokemon, its mysteriously healed.

    MissingNo. means Missing Number.(If you don't know, you'll get eaten by Manta Rays)

    Piloswine needs the Move Tutor to evolve.
  18. Ive noticed that the first 3 profesors are trees
    Oak,Elm and Birch Is rowan a tree?
    Arecus looks like a croos bree with an Absol and yellow unown
    Dailga`s cry sounds like a dying animal
    Plakia`s Cry sounds like a old guy who fell of his beed
    Chatot is the only pokemon that says its name as its cry
    Skuntank and stunky`s cry is them farting
    Thats what noticed
  19. Yup! I just googled Rowan tree and this picture came up.

  20. No it doesn't! Ancient Power is a Level Up move for Piloswine in D/P.

    Post something that isn't common knowledge, like this. I believe that #7 on this Switched at Birth article provides an adequate explanation as what Dialga is supposed to look like.
  21. Thankyou ;D This only proves my point
  22. gastrodon's cry was most likely based off a chicken. (no lie.)
  23. Wow I lsitened to the cry and your probally right wow thats desprate to have to use a chicken for a cry :-\
  24. Gastrodon doesn't have a chicken cry. It's just some random squishy/slimy noise.
  25. After all it is a sea slug.

    For whatever reason, trainers on the east side of Sinnoh still use pink Gastrodon. Why not blue ones? Pink ones are native to the west Sinnoh. There are wild blue ones on that route. Oh, I'm referring to the route west of Sunyshore City.
  26. Don't know if this was mentioned, but when you hit the Master ranked Contests, you'll either have Jasmine (I know she was mentioned), your mother Johanna, or Fantina the Gym Leader also participating within the contest. ​
  27. yeah, i remember hitting masters with my blaziken and seeing some of those. unfortunately, the 3rd gen contest movesets don't work as well in this gen.
  28. Yes, and another thing about the Pokemon's cries:

    In Pokemon Fire Red, the cry for Caterpie is exactly the same as the cry for Goldeen in Ruby/Sapphire. O.o
  29. when you max out the step counter, to 99999, if you take one step it resets to 00000.
  30. The Cry for Vileplume and the one for Aerodactyl are very similar. The games seem to have an anti-fire bias. Out of the four regions, three of them start with rock type gyms. Personally, I'm waiting for a grass type first gym to make starting with the water type harder.
  31. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    And I'm still waiting for a grass type gym to be the eighth and therefore present, you know, some type of challenge.

    Grass-types ALWAYS get the short end of the stick and I'm sick and tired of it.
  32. In Gold/Silver you talk to someone on the Lake of Rage they tell you that there is a pink butterfree
    while there is one in the anime, there is not one in the games
    the one in the game has light fuchsia wings and green eyes along with pinkish purple limbs
  33. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This might have been a vague anime reference. Also, take into account the limited color pallet of the Game Boy Color. So maybe to them it's pink.
  34. http://ww.freewebs.com/howtosprite/
    there are the sprites
    i guess when they say pink i think the body or main color
    but in those days the color did kinda suck
    it's like saying my avatar is green
  35. I know just one more reason i love marowak ^^

    also,about the ??? arceus,i believe you can get the ??? plate with gameshark.The only ??? type is curse

    This is a what if,speed deoxys has the highest base speed of all pokemon,not including abilities.

    umm...as for notices...anyone know that mew and mewtwo get exact jap translations?

    Myū and Myūtsu

    also Mew and Deoxys are the only pokemon that take intense coding to get without an event (they wont be loyal if you use simple encounter codes)

    also,theres two versions of Firered and Leafgreen

    You can find out using the opening screen

    if after Gamefreak theres "Presents" its version 1.1,if there isnt,its version 1.0
  36. Has Anybody noticed this in the game of D/P *i dont know if its in both*

    When your in the old chatou, i dont know if it matters of time or something, when you go the the upper part an thru the door were you have the mutiple doors, and when you go to the seacond to last door, you your in the room, you can see into the other room, and there was this little girl in there then she left a pokeball there *me and two other friends noticed this. please see if its true
  37. yeah, i noticed that. don't know what it's for, though. prolly just to creep us out. and make us waste hours searching for her.
  38. It's a wee little ghostie. And no I'm not joking. The guide book mentions it. After you beat the E4 and get the nat dex there will the ghost of a butler dude who'll glide away.
  39. it was a little girl trainer for me..not a butler
  40. Oh I did see a little girl but she disappeared and the butler guy took her place after I beat the E4.

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