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Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Eevee Lover, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. This is a topic for those things you notice in Pokemon Games, Anime, etc.

    I have noticed:
    *In Sunyshore City, in Japanese Diamond, one of the ladies that walk around goes through a gate and gets stuck in a rock wall. But, if you leave, she goes back to her default spot.
    *In R/S/E, if you do a contest, Jasmine (from Johto) is in the audience.
    *Jasmine is in every main line game since G/S/C- see above for R/S/E, in D/P she is in Sunyshore City.
    *Prof. Oak is in the audience of D/P contests, but it is only the back of his head.
    *Jasmine enters Sinnoh contests with her Steelix.
    *In Mystery Dungeon, humans were obviously at that region at one point. Reasons: A sunken ship, an abandonned lab, and abandonned power plant.
    *All regions have a clearly pronounced "o" sound. Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh.

    EDIT: Any Anime mistakes are gladly accepted. So if you notice those or any other mistakes you may post them here. And things you notice made by fans too.

    And my list keeps going:

    *Paul is based off of the G/S/C rival, mostly called Silver. You know, the guy with red hair who absolutely hates you?
    *The pink badge for Sinnoh (has 3 circles, the 5th one) actually should have the middle gray, because in D/P that's how it is. And, the red marks on the 6th badge actually should be orange. But, what the heck, it must be hard to make mini badges.
    *You can (and should, as they get dirty over real-time) clean your badges from Sinnoh. The badges from Sinnoh, if physically tapped, make a metal note. If you have them all, and they are all the same amount of clean, they use the Do-ray-me etc.
  2. Doctor Oak

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    Moving to Pokemon chat since it's... well, about Pokemon.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    When you say things you've "noticed" in the Anime, would dub mistakes count for this? Because the list of those is seemingly ENDLESS x.x

    One old tidbit of Anime knowledge that I've always loved, though, is that the father near the beginning of the 3rd Pokemon movie and Entei at the end of the movie both say the same line ("Just keep me close in your dreams", or something along those lines) to Molly. Haven't seen the Japanese version so I'm not sure if a similar thing is done, but the dub has its moments ^^
  4. The episode that featured Girafarig was dubbed as the lost episode. Did anyone notice that?

    That whole episode was one big mistake. First, they said that Psychic Pokemon were effective against Ghost types. True, Psychic attacks are effective against the Gastly line, but only because they're Poison types. They only do standard damage against pure Ghost types.
  5. The National Dex numbers for Jynx, Electabuzz and Magmar are: 124,125 and 126

    The National Dex numbers for Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon are: 134,135 and 136

    The National Dex numbers for Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are: 144, 145 and 146

    Even though Slaking is supposed to be lazy, it has a base Speed Stat of 100!
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Officer Jenny [to Growlithe]: Arcanine, Flamethrower!
    Growlithe: ARCCCCCCCCC!

    Classic ^^

    And it's too bad that sequence failed for the legendary beasts, David. Would've been better if Vap was an Ice-type, too, but close enough ;)
  7. Another Growlithe/Arcanine mistake:

    Remember when Claybon Speilbunk said he won the Growlithe Award? That trophey was topped with an Arcanine, not a Growlithe.--Another classic.
  8. Arceus has a sprite as a ???-type, yet no ???-type plate exists!
  9. OK over the down time I have received many more notices, but I forgot a lot of them, so here are some I remember.

    *Fantina, from Sinnoh, speaks French. I wonder what she'll speak in the French DP?
    *You can meet every Sinnoh gym leader, except Maylene (well, maybe), in the outer world than their gym. Probably for realistic edge, I mean, who stays in one place all of time, especially famous people. This is where you can meet them:
    ~Roark: Sinnoh underground, first trip.
    ~Gardenia: Eterna Forest, sometime after E4
    ~Crasher Wake: Near the house that's near Stark Mountain.
    ~Fantina: The contest hall entrance.
    ~Byron: At his house on Iron Island after you heal the boy with nightmeres.
    ~Candice: After E4, she runs to the Snowpoint Temple after you try to enter.
    ~Volkner: At Sunyshore Lighthouse.
    These were in the Japanese game, and may've changed. I am looking to see if you can meet Maylene somewhere.
    *Prof. Oak moves into a small house down at the Cycling Road entrance of Eterna City.
  10. While Speed Form Deoxys does have base speed stat of 190, it's not the fastest Pokemon. The fastest is actually Floatzel. How's that possible? Floatzel's base Speed stat is 115, but it also has Swft Swim. So when Rain Dance is in effect, Floatzel's speed doubles to a base of a whopping 230!
  11. I've noticed that sometimes in R/B/Y, the Old Man misses catching the Weedle, and goes to get more
  12. When you tap the Poketch on the touch screen, the player character looks at his/her wrist.
  13. Porygon 2 is the only Pokemon that's both smaller and lighter than the Pokemon that it evolves from.

    Roost temporarily removes the users traits as a Flying type after being used. Guess this means we won't see a pure Flying type.
  14. This is courtesy of my brother:
    *In the Suite Life of Zack & Cody, a metal PokeBall trophy is on their shelf when their mother is telling them to clean up. Later, it is in a freeze-frame suring the credits. I bet The Pokemon Company paid for that.
    My notices:
    *Cyrus lived in Sunyshore City! Thank god I moved here after that...
    *Riley, the guy who looks like Sir Aaron, would've been a Gym Leader, if he didn't consider taking Roark's place a bad thing.
    OK, I gotta go now... I'll add my others when I get back!
  15. A Marowak holding a Thick Club and a Nature that's benefical towards attack can have its Attack stat maxed out to 568 and can go over 1000 point with a single Swords Dance. Attack Form Deoxys can only reach a 504 attack stat.
  16. I've got more!
    *Bertha from Sinnoh and Agatha from Kanto are most likely related. It wasn't revealed in the English game though... Hmmm...
    *I think Aaron from Sinnoh is Bugsy's brother. They look similar and train the same type.
    *Cynthia is probably related to Karen from Johto. They both dress and look similar.
    *Lucian actually looks like Harley in his Ken Sugimori pic. Though they're probably not related directly, because the Anime and games only inspire each other, not relate to each other.
    *Flint-Mirror B? Probably not...
    *Gardenia is scared of the Old Chateau.
    *And speaking of the Old Chateau, many Pokemon things in English have French as well. Buizel, Gardevoir, and a few others just name a few. I wonder why the huge emphasis on French? Why not Japanese? Oh, and if you want to look for French roots, look for "ui", "oi", "eau", and I few other I am forgetting.
    *Most people think Lucario is only oracle spelled backwards and a little bit changed, but it has something else. Cairo, the city in Egypt, is another thing mixed in there. As a reference to jackels, which Lucario is based on, come from Egypt. (They don't exist, though).
    *Many people in Sinnoh talk about Johto. Hint to the G/S/C remake? Because a lot more references to Johto are made than to other regions. And they even brought someone from Johto!
    *And talking about Johto, maybe Jasmine won't be in the remake, or they'll make her come back during play-time from Sinnoh. Just a thought. Or maybe you have to go to Sinnoh because Amphy's sick again and tell her, or just go there to convince her to come back.
    *Most people don't see the change between day and afternoon. But if you look closely, day has white buildings a bit green for some reason...
  17. Not sure if Dex numbers count on this, as i'm too lazy to check, but. . .


    My spanish is a little rusty, but if i'm not mistaken, that's what we call a pun. ;D

    one, two, three. :)
  18. I think Fantina looks like Tucker's wife and Ribbon (Sunny Park Colloseum Leader from PBR) is supposed to be their daughter.
  19. Um. . . I'm pretty sure jackels exist. They just aren't black. It's just a bit of a mis-direct. . . Inpu (Anubis) was the egyptian god of death, shown with the head of a jackle, only his head was black. It was black to represent the colour you turn when you are mummified. Actual jackels are usually golden-brown or tan. ^^ Wikipedia it.

    Did you just pull the list from somewhere?
  20. Those are also the only Legendaries to have been completely renamed. Mew and Mewtwo are more like respellings of Myuu and Myuutsu (note: There is no "Tu" in the Japanese alphabet). I haven't taken into account any Diamond and Pearl Legendaries, though, because I don't know what they all are.
  21. No, I come up with these when I find these. But, if there is a list, please tell me as I would like to see it!
    And these new things come to mind.
    *When you get massaged at the Resort Area place where you can only get in with a certain amount of ribbons, there are a couple of things. One, sometimes they use an oil with melted diamonds. And, a foam with pearl extract. The other treatment is aromatherapy, a possible reference to Shaymin.
    *Pokemon games are mixed up and wierd sometimes. Some of the in-game characters relate to real-life, and others haven't even heard of other regions. Like, some will reference to people all around the world, and some think the whole world is their region. Hmm?
    I forgot a couple that may come to mind later. Maybe...
    Oh yeah...
    *The SecretPotion is the same as in G/S/C when you use it to heal Amphy.
    ~Oh, and I just checked. The item description proves it, it says:
    [quote author=D/P Item Bag]A fantastic medicine dispensed by the pharmacy in Cianwood City. It fully heals a Pokemon of any ailment.[/quote]
    *That also contributes to my "So-many-references-to-Johto theory.
  22. Yes it was. XD

    Something I noticed in my Normal Pokedex book:

    If you flip the picture of Dunsparce upside-down, it turns into something that resembles Shedinja. XD
  23. Doesn't anyone here think that Whiscash looks like Wario? I mean it has a long mustache, saucer-like eyes, and a "W" on it's forehead. I mean it's like "I'm-a Wiscash, I'm-a gonna win!"
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I know I have. I think it was one of the first connections I made when I first saw Whiscash XD

    Anyways... Something I find amusing. That Pokemon stage play they did in the US said Giovanni was Ash's dad, yet it was generally assumed that Silver in G/S was Gio's son. Unless Ash is supposed to have a long lost brother, they just love being confusing :p
  25. Well, Silver never did show up in the anime... maybe the anime and the games take place in two separate timelines - the anime takes place in a timeline where Giovanni shacked up with Delia, resulting in Ash. The games (and the manga) took place in a separate timeline where Giovanni sired Silver instead.

    Or maybe they're long-lost brothers. :p
  26. I think Silver, or some equivilent, was in Legend of Thunder. He was the main character, with the Typhlosion. I forget what his name was, though.

    And now something from the game:
    If you quickly and rapidly tap the button the Poketch, the screen stays dark and numbers appear in the upper right corner.

    In the underground, you can bury spheres of the same color in the exact same spot. This will combine them into a larger sphere.

    I suppose this goes without saying, but if you block the exit to your underground base, you won't be able to get out. The "Go Up" option doesn't work in your secret base.
  27. That was the equivalent of Gold, not Silver, if I'm not mistaken. Gold tends to refer to the hero of G/S, while Silver tends to refer to the rival, much like Red refers to the hero of RBY and Blue to the rival.
  28. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Aye. But either way, I meant the rival, not the hero ^^;
  29. Yeah, I kinda figured. There is that guy in FR/LG who says that Gio's kid has red hair. Given the evidence so far (as well as the fact that Silver actually is in the manga), I'd be inclined to say that it's pretty set that Silver is Gio's kid in the game. On the other hand, I'd also say that, in the anime, the hints are there that Ash is Gio's kid. This just lends more support to my alternate timeline theory. :p
  30. Like what?
  31. There's the play that Katie mentioned, and that ties significantly more closely to the anime than the games. Other than that, the main one that sticks out to me is that the writers have gone out of their way to ensure that Ash and Giovanni never, ever meet face-to-face. That rings suspicious to me, and, at least for me, that suggests that there's a relation there. And since the most realistic relation Ash and Giovanni would have is father-son, that's what I choose to go with. I mean, I'm assuming they're not brothers or something. :p

    Also, it's a pretty standard thing nowadays - if someone's father is cloaked in mystery, it's a good bet that they're one of the main villains. I call it the 'Star Wars corollary'. :p
  32. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Ash... I AM YOUR FATHER!"

    "Really? Let me check my PokeDex!"



    As I've said before, though, I won't believe anything about the so-called relation between them until it's actually STATED in the Anime. A lot of people are also connecting Shinji/Paul to Giovanni in the Anime because he seems like a copy of Silver/the GS rival. But only time will tell with that revelation...
  33. I can respect that; any evidence now is circumstancial at best. I just think that out of all the current possible candidates for Ash's father, Giovanni's the most likely.
  34. What about that guy Ritchie was with in "The Search of Legend"? He seemed to have Ash's face, a Chikorita on perched on his shoulder (not unlike how Ash's Pikachu stands on his [Ash's] shoulder) and I heard someone say that he acted like a 40 year-old version of Ash.
  35. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Here's a few observations on various Notices mentioned here.


    First of all, Richie is hardly a new appearance. While he may have some similar facial qualities to Ash (and a Pikachu), Richie has been introduced in the Kanto series, and he and Ash became friends during the Indigo League saga (In fact, Ash lost to him in the Indigo League because his charizard was being a sassy insubordinate biyatch. :p). Obviously he was intended to be a recurring character, considering his appearance in various Japanese intros of the series - however, much in the manner of Bakura, 'He's not even a main character!'.

    He did get a few more appearances (Including a few special eps dedicated to him as a 'Friend of Ash').


    The Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres IS a Spanish number pun. And, indeed, the only legendaries that haven't kept their names in some way or another, other than the three legendary birds, are the Psychic Midget Patrol/Legendary Emos, Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf (originally Yuxie, Emurit and Agnome. Although I suppose Uxie can still be pronounced Yuxie).

    While it can be argued that Sheimi/Shaymin also had a name-change, it's still close enough.


    While Gardevoir definitely is, 'Buizel' is not a reference to French but rather a bad romanization. A more appropriate name would have been 'Buoysel' - which is obviously what the Japanese intended it to be, as it is the official romanization of the Japanese name (which is curiously enough written as Buizel/Buizeru). Curious that the PokéMon's Japanese name is English and the English name is Japanese, eh?

    Also, it's spelled Jackal, not Jackel, and damn straight they do exist (I've actually seen a lot of Jackals in my day >>). They are small-medium canine scavengers/lesser predators. Several species of Jackals exist - and they are NOT enedmic to egypt, but are rather common throughout Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe - where they fulfill an ecological niche similar to that of Coyotes in North America.

    Their ecological role as scavengers which is probably what has given them the association with death in Egyptian Mythology - which probably lead to the concept of Anubis, being a god of death and embalming, having the head of one.

    Also, as difficult as it may be to believe, Lucario is not necessarily a reference to Anubis. :p


    The Pokétch numbers thing is simply a quick navigation menu, allowing you to access features of the Pokétch more rapidly than by shifting through them one by one. Each function has a different number.


    PokéMon Live does NOT say that Giovanni is Ash's father. It simply said that Giovanni and Delia were close, but they drifted when Giovanni became the leader of Team Rocket and Delia met Ash's still mysterious father. And really, since it's an American-only piece of crap, it can therefore hardly be considered as canonical as far as anything else in the anime continuity goes.

    Honestly, I think they wrote it in just to cash in on the Star Wars factor. :p


    And a little note about the Legend of Thunder special - Yes, a guy that looks somewhat like Silver DID appear, as a rival of Kenta (fuck his English name, whatever THAT may have been). The Japanese introduction to the Legend of Thunder special shows Kenta and his Cyndaquil being pwned by that guy and his Nidoking, then does a quick (what may be considered as) a Training Montage, showing Cyndaquil's eventual evolution into Typhie, which then pwns the Nidoking. :p



    That is all.
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  36. Am I the only one thinks that it doesn't makes sense that the Machop line doesn't learn Superpower?
  37. actually, if you read the pokefan magazine that had the manaphy code in it, apparently some of the people in nickelodeon shows are quite into pokemon, complete with mini-interviews. i'm guessing one of them is a fan, and just had the trophy for no good reason, and nintendo just paid to have the freeze frame there.
  38. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Except, The Suit Life of Zack and Cody isn't a Nickolodeon show. :p Its Disney. So unless it says something in there about Disney then no... that wouldn't work.
  39. It's my understanding that Buizel is spelled that way to maintain its proper pronounciation. Apparently, a buoy isn't called a buoy in a lot of places.
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  40. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Amusingly 'Bui' is NOT the proper pronounciation of 'buoy'. :p Silly Japanese...

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