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Pokenapped! (take two)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Pyxis, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: Because my old account is gone (I won't say deleted because it wasn't), my RP is gone with it. So, here's the beginning... again. PM me if you want to join with a sample... post or whatever. If I say you're in, you're going to have to follow the rules I give you. That's that. Sorry if this isn't acceptable... and sorry to those people that were in the original. If you want to join again, PM me, but you won't need the sample post because, well, you just don't. But it's for those people that were in the original only. And only 4 people in this RP, me included.))

    [glow=red,2,300]BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEE...[/glow]
    "Alright, I'm up, I'm up!" Kylie shouted as she banged a fist onto her alarm clock.
    "The time is 6:15 ay-em. Good morning!" it replied back.
    "Yeah, like any morning is good," the girl mumbled, more to herself than to the clock, as she quickly changed into her traveling clothes: an orange-red jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. It wasn't cold or anything, but Kylie just liked the feel of her jacket. It made her feel a bit more... secure.
    As she picked up her Pok
  2. "Niii...Ni?"
    "OSA?" the foreigner jumped awake, scratching his messy hair. "M...Megami....Yami....Not in the morning..." The boy said, following up with a yawn. Apparently he had dozed off writing something in the small notebook that now rested next to him on the hillside. "Ni! Nii!" Megami the Lopunny tugged at him, pointing at something in the sky. "Eh?" he said confused, before his eyes jolted wide open. "Galactic? Out here!?" Chaos said in surprised, jumping up from his spot. He quickly stuffed his tiny notebook into his black and white jacket, then let out a loud whistle, keeping an eye on the quick moving balloon.
    From the nearby trees, A Infernape holding a Drifloon jumped out, followed by a Scizor from a far off tree. The Lopunny that had tugged at him, now latched onto him tightly, while Yami the Luxray sat in his spot. "Five....Where's Chi!?" He yelled, looking around. He saw not the bee pokemon's Red tint nor her beating black wings. Akatsuki, Chaos's scizor, didn't respond to this question well either, frantically joining Chaos's search. All of them split to search the forest.
    [Time pass]
    Meeting again at the hillside, they all came up short. Akatsuki, again, did not take this well. It wasn't before long before one of the nearby trees were uprooted and sent flying in the direction of the escaping balloon. "Goddess..." Chaos cursed under his breath, just before thrusting out his left hand. A net ball rolled up from his sleeve and spun into his palm. With a beam of red light, the raging pokemon returned to it's ball, "Calm down, calm down..." he muttered, before looking back in the direction of the balloon. Many flying Pokemon had scattered with the crashing of the tree, and some even began to fly overhead, as if to seek the reason of their scare.
    ".....Pack up, were taking a trip to Veilstone."
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Kylie quickly gathered all her supplies: her diary, spare Pokeballs, potions, her portable bike, a map, spare food, extra clothes, grooming stuff, her Poketch, and a doodling pad to pass the time when she got bored. After she stuffed everything into her bag, Kylie looked around to see if she had missed anything. She confirmed herself ready, though there seemed to be something missing, other than a Pokemon. The first thing that popped into her mind was a quick note to her parents saying where she had gone. She quickly wrote it something like this:

    [size=8pt][shadow=red,left]Mom, Dad, and Ninetales,
    I'm going to be away for a while, I don't know for how long, but I'll be gone for a while. It's for Rechec: Team Galactic has captured him. Don't worry about me; I have Kiyu and Carina still by my side, and they're as good as human companions, if not better. I still love you guys, but don't worry, we'll be fine. I love you guys, too.

    - Kylie Richardson[/shadow][/size]

    She still felt as if something was missing, though. After a lot of thought, she found that her eyes had landed onto her violin case, battered, but still somehow pretty.

    Kylie, hurry up! came a thought/voice from behind, no doubt Carina being impatient. The girl quickly grabbed her violin case and sprinted out to meet her two remaining Pokemon. Carina saw her holding a lopsided case, and asked, What's that for?

    "I have a handgun in there," Kylie said sarcastically. "Okay, let's move it!" she exclaimed as she returned Carina into her Pokeball. Kiyu stayed out because, well, he had a good nose and a sharp sense of hearing, and he wasn't as talkative as Carina. Kylie petted him before walking out into the full sun (before, they were in the shade of her house), though it wasn't much because the sun was just rising. Giving one final wave to her house, the two, along with Carina in her Pokeball, set off towards Veilstone.
  4. (Ooc: Thank you for letting me join ;D I hated it when my account got deleted.)

    Two girls lay slumbering peacefully in a grassy clearing. One was about 12 with a Sinnoh cap over her head, the other was 14 and wore almost all blue. The younger one, Flora, snoozed peacefully until she felt something tugging on her belt. "Wha? Mornin' already?' She mumbled, sitting up. Suddenly, something shot off into the woods as if whatever it was had just seen a Hauntar. "What the heck was that all about?" She asked. The other girl, Ishtar, sat up too.

    "Ugh. I think that was someone from Team Galactic." Ishtar mumbled.

    "WHAT?!" Flora screamed, jumping up. Instantly she felt her belt. Five pokeballs, one was missing. "Hey! They stole one of my pokeballs!" She shouted. The makeshift camp the girls had set up began floating in mid-air. Ishtar had psychic powers and could use them extremely well, so she was a good compainion to have around. Especially if you needed answers.

    "Which pokemon was it?" Ishtar asked, making the tent they set up fold itself up and squeeze into a backpack.

    Flora made a quick count. "They stole Pine!" She shouted, noting her Sceptile's pokeball was not there.

    Ishtar walked to her side, "Come on," she said, "if we start now we'll be able to catch up with them at the Veilstone." Flora nodded and both trainers set off following the person's tracks.
  5. ((By the way, where are we starting?))
    It wasn't long before the entire team had packed up the camp they had fixed up last night. With the last of equipment tucked safely away in Chaos's backpack, he returned the entire group to their respective poke`balls, then turned toward the road, following the balloon. He was once again scratching away in his small notebook, making plans for a break in to the galactic headquarters. His first plan of action, filling in the missing space on his team. That would mean a brief visit to the Pokemon center and a call to Prof.Oak. Chi had been his team's training beacon, and was in-training herself. Not only that, she had become the only thing that would calm down Akatsuki recently, the reason just a little out of Chaos's reach. ".......That reminds me....The hell am I?" he asked aloud, looking around. He had just arrived in the area by stumbling around last night, and decided to make camp and do some star gazing for the first time in months, pondering the meaning of life as he did. He looked around, as if to search out for a sign of some kind or a person.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: We're starting when and where I say so, end of story))

    Kylie had only jut stepped out of her house, though, when Kiyu started tugging at her jacket. Not wanting to take her eyes off the floating balloon, Kylie ignored it, until he felt a sharp pain nag at her brain.
    "Would you stop that for once!?" she snapped at once to her Vulpix, finally tearing her eyes off the balloon. "It's not like I already have enough trouble on my min..."
    What's that? he asked tentatively, nodding towards somewhere out of the horizon.
    Kylie shrugged. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
    Look, get closer to the.... oh, just come on! Kiyu suddenly burst out as he ran to the opposite way from the balloon.
    Sighing, Kylie decided that she had no choice except to chase the Vulpix until he stopped. The girl ran after her Pokemon, stopping abruptly when a small camp came into view. Looking around, Kylie saw that Kiyu was no where to be found. Oh no, could it be a Galactic trap? Kylie wondered. If not, then Kiyu must've wandered off into, somewhere, most likely into the camp. Wanting to investigate, Kylie reached for her Pokeball. "Carina!" she whispered as she threw the Pokeball. After a flash of bright light, Kylie told the slightly confused Ralts, "Go into that camp and find Kiyu. Don't let yourself be seen, though," she warned.
    Carina nodded. You can count on me! the Ralts said a she teleported away from her trainer.
    "Be safe, all of you," Kylie whispered, more to herself than to her Pokemon.

    ((OOC: Yeah, jumpy as usual. Sorry about that.))
  7. "Oh dear! It'll take us all day to catch them now!" Flora shouted as both her and Ishtar came into a clearing and saw the Galactic balloon floating a few miles away.

    Ishtar whipped her head around. "Something is following us." She whispered. A pokeball detatced from its belt, floated in mid-air, and opened to reveal a Togekiss. "Sugar," Ishtar began, "go back there and see if you can find out who is tailing us."

    Yes Ishtar. The Togekiss replied telepathly(sp?) and floated away.

    Flora turned back to the balloon, which looked farther away than it did before. "Well, Sugar better be back soon because I'm not-HEY! What the heck was that?!" Flora shoued as a Vulpix suddenly burst through the bushes right into her feet. Sending the trainer sprawling to the ground. Not a few seconds later, Sugar reappeared.

    Oh Ishtar! She shouted, I did what you told me to do, but it was too fast for me to catch! The Togekiss helped Flora scramble to her feet while Ishtar tried to see where the Vulpix had gone.

    (Ooc: I'm kinda jumpy too. Not much to post.)
  8. ((-.-''' I meant as in What region/City/Area/etc?))
    Chaos sat down and thought for a moment. His Poke`gear was out of service, he didn't have a map, and his laptop was almost out of battery, so getting a Satellite up-link was out of the question. "Hmmm...What to do...." he muttered, before hearing rustling from behind him. "Sa?" he turned around, only to be greeted by a the paws of a Vulpix. "What the-" He fell back as the Vulpix collided with his face. "..........." several pidgeys comically circled his head. 'Today's not my day...'
  9. "What was that about?" Flora asked as Sugar helped her to her feet. Ishtar shrugged and turned to the floating balloon.

    "That balloon is about 10 minutes away if we fly there. If we continue walking then we should get to its exact spot in about 5 hours." She said, calculating the entire distance, time, and speed in her head. Flora shook her head in amazment.

    "Well, I don't know about you but I'm taking the quick way there. Is there another open space nearby where Whirlwind can take off?" Flora declared, brushing a few scraps of dirt off of her skirt.

    Ishtar raised her eyebrows. "Well if your using Whirlwind, then you're going to need a pretty big space." She said, knowing how big Flora's Flygon was. "I think about 30 yards to our left would be pretty good."

    Flora nodded and began heading to their left (which is west at the moment). After taking a few steps, suddenly the trainer tripped over something on the ground. It was a trainer, sprawled on the ground for some reason unknown to either of the trainers. "Oh I'm so sorry!" Flora exclaimed, helping the trainer up. "I didn't see you there! Are you hurt?"
  10. Chaos stood up with the help of the female trainer, rubbing his head under his turban. "I would think so. Judging by this paw print on my face, however..." he continued, glancing down his face, toward the print on his right cheek, "I've been mowed down by a Vulpix." He said with a chuckle.
    "Anyways, have you guys seen that galactic balloon that had past over here a little over an hour ago?" he asked, looking at both the girls. The girl that had tripped over him was fair bit shorter than him, minus her Sinnoh hat, and faired brown sholder-length hair.
    Her companion, presumably her older sister, sported very LONG blond hair and mostly blue clothing. She was several inches shorter than himself, But seemed to emit an aura, similar to Sabrina, Anabel, and Marley ((;D)).
    'This one's a lucky child'
  11. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: Oopsies.... *goes to edit post* I'll still call it a camp, though. It doesn't have to have a tent, right? Anyways, for the time being...))

    Kiyu dashed around curiously, trying to find what he was trying finding in the first place. He knew he had ran off for a good reason, but he didn't know why. He was so deep in his own mind, he didn't even seem to notice that he had ran past two girls, tripping one in the process. The "camp" ((heh heh)) came closer and closer, and Kiyu suddenly remembered what he was trying to find. Looking around, the Vulpix saw a young male human standing about, trying to figure out where he was. Ah, perfect, he said to himself before sprinting down and crashing into the boy.
    The two girls that he had passed by earlier suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Afraid, Kiyu backed away quickly, only to be met by a Ralts hiding in the Shadows.
    Carina! he nearly shouted out, but was imediatly hushed by her.
    Quiet, we don't know if they're friends or not yet, Carina whispered she watched intently, occasionally intruding into the human's minds to see what hey were really thinking. One of them seemed to be psychic, like herself. She'll have to be careful around that one. After a while, she said,They seem safe enough, though I don't trust that female in blue.
    Okay, so now can we please go back to Kylie? the irritated Vulpix whined, but the trainer was already dashing down to see why they were taking so long. She paused when she saw the boy and the two girls, hesitant to start speaking. She had to start somewhere, though, she she quietly mumbled something.
    Speak up, Kiyu suggested, which she reluctantly did.
    "Hi, erm, my name's Kylie, and, um, sorry about my Vulpix's rude behaviour," she said, almost whispering. She was usually shy and slightly timid when she met someone new, but meeting three people nearly made her broke down. Her stomach became increasingly queesy, and she suddenly burst out, "Have you guys seen a Galactic balloon? My Mudkip's been kidnapped by them!"
  12. Flora sat up instantly at the mention of the balloon. "Yeah, we're chasing after that balloon also!" she said, pointing to the balloon in the distance. "My Sceptile's recently been stolen and we've been chasing that balloon ever since."

    Ishtar turned back to the balloon, "Yes, it does seem we're all here for the same reason." she said, then turned to Chaos, "Oh and by the way Choas, I'm NOT her older sister. Merely a friend."

    Flora stared at them, "My insane sister and my two older cousins are back in the Kanto region, competing in the Pokemon League Championship." She explained, brushing her remaining pokeballs with her hand. She wished she was lucky enough to attend one, but her pokemon had a listening problem.

    Sugar, Ishtar spoke again, I want you to circle above this forest and find the best place to hold a group of pokemon. We'll need to fly soon.

    You can count on me Ishtar! Sugar replied cheerily and zoomed off above the treetops.
  13. ((Mmmmm...Cup Ramen))
    Chaos chuckled, "So I was right. You learned my name and hear my thoughts without one spoken word from me." He said, grinning. "You may do that as you wish, but don't dig to deep in there, you might scare yourself." he advised, rubbing his forehead, the red gem with it. "Forgive my mistake by the way." he continued, with a slight bow.

    "So we're all after the same thing. My precious "Chi" was stolen by those fools." the boy stated, not wanting to be the only one without an explanation. "Do you guys have any Idea where the nearest town is? I need to make a stop by the pokemon center." Chaos asked, remembering the empty space in his team.
  14. Ishtar smiled, "No, I just go in deep enough to learn the basic information. Such as someone's name, age, their opinions about us. Other than that I leave it alone, I respect people's secrets and besides, some things are better left unsaid."

    Flora piped up, "No, I don't know if there is any town nearby. We recently got into this forest looking for one in fact." She ground her heel into the dirt, "But is it really necessery to change your pokemon? I mean, I don't think you'll need six to rescue one, and plus, once you rescue your pokemon you'll have seven pokeballs."

    Ishtar's eyes seemed to suddenly cloud over for a minute and her face went blank. After a few seconds she resumed her natural look. "Sugar just contacted me." She explained, "It seems as if there is a large clearing a few hundred feet to our left." She shifted from one foot to the other.
  15. "It may very well be a must. The pokemon I kept with me was a training team. Two of them were still underleveled to handle most of the work I do." Chaos explained with a smile, "And If we're heading toward Veilstone in an case, I'll be needing some help: Cyrus and I have some unsettled business." the boy darkly muttered this last part, rubbing his back uncomfortably with his left hand. "And If we're flying, I'm going to need someone stronger than-", at that moment, the premier ball in his jacket burst open to reveal Azrael, his Drifloon. The balloon pokemon made a crooning sound, then began to circle Vulpix and Ralts, "ohayougozaimasu!" He greeted his fellow pokemon, happily dancing in the air.
    "Someone stronger than him." Chaos finished shaking his head with a smile.
  16. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Kylie's eyes lit up when she discovered that she wasn't the only one with missing Pokemon. Well, I'm not a loner, she thought to herself. Then, a sudden flash of light distracted her from her thoughts, and in front of her stood a playful Drifloon, which immediately took up to circling Kiyu and Carina.
    The Drifloon seemed to say something to them, but Kiyu ignored him. Carina, on the other hand, replied in a slightly scared tone (using private telepathy to the Pokemon), I don't speak Japanese, but yeah, good morning to you, too. Kylie guessed that the Ralts was scared of getting beaten up by the flying-ghost type Pokemon, since one of her weaknesses was ghost-types.
    Don't be afraid, she told her Ralts with her thoughts (she was afraid of speaking in front of these people, even though she felt quite sure they weren't her enemies). He won't hurt you, he just seems... happy.
    Speak for yourself, you won't even speak in front of them! Carina said as she read Kylie's thoughts.
    Kylie shook her head when Carina finished her sentence. She was right, but she just couldn't bring herself to talk. The boy, Chaos, mentioned flying to Veilstone. Kylie shook her head again. "I don't have a flying type, or anything with wings. And I don't think Carina will want to teleport all of us to Veilstone; it'll be.... too much for her," she said, almost mumbling to herself. And anyways, all my Pokemon are probably way weaker then theirs, she told herself.
    Too true, the Ralts interrupted. I don't think that psychic over there would approve of me teleporting everyone to Veilstone, anyways. When Kylie returned a puzzled look to her, Carina said, You know, that one in almost all blue. Her name's Ishtar.
    "Anyways," Kylie said as if she hadn't heard anything Carina say to her, "Do you guys happen to have some spare flying types? Or something that can fly? Or are we just going to walk there the whole time?" She seemed to become more comfortable in speaking in front of these strangers.
  17. [size=8pt]ooc| Thanks for letting me join :3 I added a bit more on the end to get Belle incorporated a bit better. Hope you don't mind c:

    It had been a quiet night.
    Had been.
    But to her misfortune she found that the site she had picked to spend the night was not as serene as it had first appeared.
    At unholy hours of the night, nocturnal pokemon would start their mewing and purring and howling and growling- A number of hours ago she may have sat with her team in the midst of it all to listen to it's soothing hum, but now at the night's darkest hour the noise was not so pleasant. In fact, she even heard her thoughts describing it as a nuisance, though she would have been the only one to think of it in such a way. The tiny yellow body lying at her side seemed undeterrred by the noise, sleeping peacefully while her trainer lay silently writhing in her sleeping bag.
    When at long last it reached the point where Belle had gotten to tired to try and ignore it, she finally started digging around her sleeping bag and pulled a single pokeball from it's midst. Releasing it's captive, a sleepy-eyed dragonite turned its great head to give her a questioning glare, as if to ask why in the name of all things good and delicious had she woke him?
    Shaking off the blanket and bag, she pulled off her shoes and went to him, rubbing his shoulders when he was in reach.
    "Noble, I can't sleep. Can you fly me around until I do?"
    Her cheeks flushed at the childish request, but the dragonite's eyes smiled as he crouched, holding out a paw to give her a leg up onto his back.

    She didn't know when she had actually fallen asleep, or how Noble had managed to slip her back into her sleeping bag, but those thoughts were not her first when she awoke to Rusty's agonized yelps.
    Quite literally forcing herself to her feet, she could only stumble around groggily as the pokeballs in the bottom of the bag tumbled about her feet.
    Tripping, righting herself, and tripping again, she fell to the ground with a dull thud before rubbing her eyes and pulling herself out of her flannel prison.
    "Rusty.. Goodness, what is it?"
    Giving a whiny KAAAA! in response, the pikachu leapt onto her back, using it's paws to forcibly turn the trainer's head in the direction of a.. a.. Balloon.
    "Uh. Yes, Rusty. That's a balloon. People tend to use those for travel."
    Befuddled, she turned back to where she had abandoned her sleeping bag, only to find the yellow pokemon worming it's way around inside.
    Exhausted, she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards the animated bag, propping her cheek on her hand when her face was beside the opening.

    "What are you doing..?"

    Slightly agitated, Rusty burrowed it's way out of the black mass, the silver bell tied to it's tail ringing madly. Having found what she was looking for, the pokemon presented Belle her belt- Less one pokeball than normal.

    She could have choked.
    Or, she did. Sort of. On her words.
    Snatching the belt from the pikachu, she threw it over her shoulder and began madly searching the site for any sign of the missing dragonite.
    And of course, when it clicked that Rusty had been trying to tell her just where Noble had disappeared to, her breath caught in her throaght and she turned to look at the quickly fading balloon.
    "Oh Rusty! I'm sorry, I didn't realize- We have to leave, now." The sentence came out a complete mass of noise, practically inaudible, but as quickly as was humanly possible she managed to cram all of her belongings into her bag and clip her remaining pokeballs around her belt, pulling one free and releasing the pokemon inside.
    Heaving her bag onto her shoulder, Belle scooped the pikachu into one arm and mounted the abnormally large absol who chirped curiously in response as she urged him into the wood. Grabbing two handfuls of fur to stable herself, she wiped her cheek on her shoulder to rid of any evidence of sorrow for the lost poke. She had to keep her wits about her. The situation was grave, but she was strong, and she could feel the grim attitude her pokemon had been overwhelmed by.

    Of course, as these things tend to go, it wasn't long before the thicket began to thin, until a small clearing came into sight. A bit too suddenly, for the speed they were travelling at..
    The absol had just a moment to shift it's weight to his hind legs, the eerily lethal claws on the pokemon's dew-toe grazing into the soil as it slowed to a halt. The momentum of the entire ordeal was enough to send his trainer nearly over his head, though only succeeding in shooting her into the pokemon's back, effectively smooshing the pikachu in her lap.
    A pained grunt and a dazed look escaped her as she took a second to assess the situation, managing to catch the last bit said by the trainers.

    "Do you guys happen to have some spare flying types? Or something that can fly? Or are we just going to walk there the whole time?"

    Unsure of exactly what their troubles were, she dismounted Kodent and slung the smaller, yellow-er, dazed(er) pokemon over her shoulder where it would recuperate.
    "Ah.. Sorry. We're just ah.. Just trying to follow that balloon." She stammered, the words of the other trainers finally registering.
    Her charizard was still in her party.
    Why hadn't he come to mind earlier..?[/size]​
  18. "Seems Galactic had a roll last night." Chaos said keeping his smile. "Kylie, I can lend you one of my own, if no one else has a spare." the boy said, looking back at the Vulpix's owner, whom was emitting a similar to . "Anyways, do we go to this clearing first, or do we head into town first, then lift off from there?" he asked, shifting his sight back to the rest. "Oh, I forgot something, What are your names by the way?" he once again asked, scratching the back of his neck.
  19. Flora turned to Chaos, "My name is Flora, and this is Ishtar if she hasn't told you already." She smiled shyly at Kylie, "Whirlwind, my Flygon, is the only Flying type I have, but he can hold two people. Ishtar however, her pokemon can just use telekinesis to fly."

    Ishtar nodded and turned to Belle. "Yes, we're following that balloon also. It seems as if Team Galactic has had a successful hunt."

    "Yeah," Flora inquired, "everyone has had a pokemon stolen except you."

    "Well, psychic pokemon are one of the harest pokemon to catch." And my pokemon are a lot smarter than Team Galactic could ever hope to be. She added silently to herself, knowing that it might offend Flora if she spoke it out loud. Suddenly, a familiar white face poked itself out of the bushes.

    Hey, are you going to stand there all day or are we going to go after Team Galactic?! Sugar demanded, agitated. Oh, who's this? She hovered in front of the Drifloon and Belle.
  20. [size=8pt]Glancing from the two girls to the boy and then to the red-head, Belle started to piece the situation together.
    "Er, I'm Belle. And ah. I still have my charizard with me, he's more than capable of taking two or three people if any of you don't have flying types. Point is, I think we should be leaving as soon as we can instead of loitering and waiting for something to happen.."
    Her tone was firm though she did her best to keep her voice soft. She was starting to get concerned for the well-being of their pokemon, and though she'd never admit it, finding out more about these Galactic people. Because they sounded a lot like the clowns from Kanto she had grown up hearing reports about.

    Pulling two pokeballs from her waist, she held the first out to the absol as he disappeared in a flash of red light. Tucking it away, she tossed the second one into the air, releasing a cloud of red flame as the orange dragon was loosened into the air.
    "It's nice meeting all of you, but I think we should be on our way. If you two" she turned to Chaos and Kylie, "Don't have any flying types, you're welcome to ride with me, or Flora as she already offered."
    She managed to smile at the group before her, keeping a friendly demeanor despite the grim depth of the present issue and grateful that there were others to work with. Because goodness knows she may not be able to re-take her pokemon on her own.

    Rusty, having finally come-to, pushed herself into an upright position on the trainer's shoulder. Dizzy, but still able to start making sense of the situation, the pikachu sniffed curiously at the Togekiss before her and watched as the drifloon buzzed about, happy as a lark.[/size]
  21. The Drifloon turned to greet the larger white pokemon, "ohayougozaimasu!" he greeted crooning and once again dancing. Azrael, was in any case, still a child. Almost anyone seemed like a friend to him, and the disappearance of Chi seemed like a game of hide-and go-seek to him. "Are you playing too?" he asked, circling Sugar.

    "You'd probably "feel" one of your pokeballs being stolen, wouldn't you miss Ishtar?" Chaos asked, slightly knowing the extent of a Psychic's power. Kylie herself was emitting an aura similar to Ishtar's, but Chaos's own perception on how strong such an aura is was next to nothing. "Um...Thanks Belle. I really don't mean to intrude though, I don't want to be a burden." he said, staring at the ground.
  22. [size=8pt]"I don't want to be a burden."
    Her shoulders slumped as a feeling of guilt spread through her. Being the compassionate person she was, she couldn't bear listening to the sort of rebuttal that Chaos had given without her heart sinking.

    "A burden? Of course not, I.. Wow, I feel really bad now, but please don't worry yourself. Charme is ready and willing to take me to Veilstone, and he wouldn't give a second thought to letting you and.. Kylie, was it?" she bit at her lower lip as she recalled the boy referring to her as such. "He'd be happy to take all of us if he could fit everyone on his back."
    Having been listening to the girl's explanation and wanting to show some sort of response, the charizard swooped down to the treetops, and slowly lowered himself below the canopy. Landing tentatively beside his trainer, he gave a confident snuff in greeting.[/size]
  23. Shiny Pyxis

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    "Well, I might just be able to walk there..." Kylie started, but was interrupted by Carina's telepathy.
    Just fly with her, the Ralts said. She doesn't mind at all, and you'll really hurt her feelings if you object. Anyways, you did ask if someone had a spare flying type. You can fly with her.
    "Fine," she mumbled, then, turning to the newcomer, Belle, she said, "I guess I'll just fly on your Charizard's back."
    But what about me? Kiyu whined, pawing on Kylie's jacket. He was never really captured in a Pokeball, but he didn't need to be. He was always by Kylie's side, and no trainer could make him turn away from his loyalty to Kylie.
    Well, that is a problem, Kylie said as she returned Carina into her Pokeball, and you don't have thumbs, so you won't be able to grasp the Charizard. And even though your speed is higher than the rest of your stats, you'll never be able to catch up with three or four flying Pokemon.
    How about you send Carina back out, then we'll just teleport to Veilstone?
    No way, what if Galactic takes you along with Rechec? Kylie said.
    Well, how about just really capturing me right now?
    I don't even want to think about it! You're too close to me to put into a cramped-up Pokeball! the girl objected, making Kiyu back away a bit. She shook her head. Then, to the others, she asked, "Does anyone have a Pokemon that can fly or float to Veilstone while carrying Kiyu, my Vulpix?" she automatically turned slightly red, then added, "I've never really captured him in a Pokeball because I never needed to. And I don't want to do it right now." She must have been the weirdest trainer around, having a Pokemon that was never caught in a Pokeball.
  24. "Makes you-OH! Forgive me, please. I never meant to make you feel that way. Its a small bad habit of mine." Chaos began, breaking into a weak smile and waving his hands around like a Mr.Mime. He looked back toward Kylie while she once again asked for a pokemon to carry her vulpix, whom was an uncaught pokemon. 'Reminds me of Ash and Red....though, they did "capture" both of their pokemon at one point in time.' he said in his head. "Kiyu shouldn't be any heavier then the three of us on- Charme was it?- Charme's back. If it's too much, you guys can drop me off over the nearest town. I can catch up to you guys after that in a little moments time." the boy said, scratching his neck.
  25. Ishtar smiled slightly, "Kiyu is free to ride on Sugar if he wants. Sugar can carry a heavy load." The Togekiss stopped hovering in front of Azrael and nodded (which looked kind of weird because she doesn't have a neck.)

    Flora smiled shyly at Chaos, "Okay, I think we should take off. But I'll drop you off at the nearest town first." She told the trainer, almost instantly she regretted it though. She blushed an even deeper shade of red. Oh, what am I SAYING?! She thought in embarrasment. (sp?)
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    Yays! Thanks, Ishtar, and you too, Sugar! Kiyu said as he pounced onto the Togekiss's back. Kylie nearly laughed: the two Pokemon looked funny together. She almost wished that she had a camera to take a picture, but she never saw the use in those things (if she really wanted a picture, she always used her parent's).
    "Well, that solves that," Kylie said as she climbed onto the Belle's Charizard(named Charme, she believed)'s back. She felt some sort of nagging in her brain. What? she asked in an irritated tone to her Vulpix.
    Kiyu responded, I think Flora lurves someone. Her face is all red.
    Quit it, you rude Pokemon. It's not nice to stare, Kylie said without even glimpsing at Flora. She didn't want to make the girl feel bad, and anyways, Kiyu was, as usual, jumping to conclusions. "Well, let's get going!" the orange-headed girl exclaimed.

    ((OOC: Don't ask about the orange hair, read my character bio))
  27. ((I think it's spelled "embarrassment" with two "S"s))
    "Thank you, that would help me quite a bit actually." Chaos replied, keeping that warm smile of his. "So let's get to this clearing and head off." Chaos said, turning in the direction Sugar had appeared from. "It was over there, right Ishtar?" he asked, pointing in that relevant direction.
  28. [size=8pt]Belle smiled as Kylie clambered onto Charme's back, the pokemon clearly pleased as being of good use to his trainer.
    Putting a foot into the clawed paw that the pokemon had extended to support her, she turned back to the ther three.
    "I'm assuming that you have a reason for wanting to stop in the next town." She directed the statement at Chaos, before biting timidly at her lower lip. "Ah.. I don't think I've heard your name mentioned yet. I've heard Ishtar, Flora, and Kylie" she began, nodding at each girl respectively. "But not yours yet. It's this weird thing with me, I like to be able to put a name to each face. If you can understand that, it doesn't really make much sense."
    As soon as she had finished speaking she put her hands on the charizard's sturdy shoulders, heaving herself up and seating herself behind his neck.
    Reaching up to remove Rusty from her shoulders, she turned to look at Kylie.
    "If you could do me a favor and just hold onto my pikachu, that'd be a great help. She's really not too fond of heights, but it's a personal preerance of mine to keep her out of the pokeball. I'm sure you know the feeling." She gave a warm smile, certain that Kylie, with her uncaught vulpix, would understand best.

    "If you all want to take off from the clearing, Charme will probably gain plenty of height right here. Yu can head into the city and we can keep tabs on the balloon until you're finished. What do you think?"[/size]
  29. "Sure!" Flora called back, only she was already disappearing into the woods. She heard the other trainers following her and she suddenly ended up in the clearing Ishtar mentioned. She took a pokeball off her belt and threw it in the air. "Come out Whirlwind!" She shouted and in a flash of light, a Flygon stood in the middle of the clearing.

    Ishtar nodded at the approval of Whirlwind, and she turned to Sugar. You know what to do. She told her.

    Of course I do! Sugar replied, Kiyu was still on her back, and she closed her eyes. Suddenly, a wind pcked up from beneath Ishtar's feet, and the air around them shimmered. Then, both pokemon and trainer floated off the ground, the only sign to show that they weren't walking on air was that the air was still shimmering madly under Ishtar's feet as is some huge heat wave was caught in it.
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    Kylie took Belle's Pikachu ."She won't shock me, will she?" She asked, tentatively.
    Kiyu looked up from Sugar's back. I like that Pikachu already. She stays out of a Pokeball, just like me. She's also...
    Don't tell me anything else! Kylie said. I don't want to hear that you want to mate with her or whatever, or that you think she's cute. Just be quiet and concentrate on holding on and not falling off. Of course, it wasn't possible for Kiyu to like some other Pokemon; he doesn't know love, only close friendship at most. But almost definitely NOT love. She smiled at Belle and replied to her, "I know what it feels like. Slightly annoying at times, but you can really grow close bonds between you and your Pokemon if you keep him or her, or in some cases, it, out."
    "Okay, let's just get going to Veilstone! Those grunts must be miles away by now, if not they must've already landed," the girl said.
  31. [size=8pt]"She won't shock me, will she?"

    Belle grinned at the question, shaking her head in reassurance.
    "No, no. She enjoys the company of people, I'm sure she'll be just fine. Won't you Rusty?"
    As if to respond, the pikachu gave a little purr and nuzzled at the shoulder of the girl holding onto her. Taking her seat in Kylie's lap, the pikachu yawned lightly and pulled the silver bell around her tail more into her line of view, shaking it tenderly as she beamed up at the girl. The bell tinkled brightly, bringing a grin onto Belle's face as she tapped at Charme's shoulders.
    "I couldn't agree more, Kylie. I just wish there were more poeple who thought the same way. Anyhow, let's go buddy."

    Giving an enthusiastic hum, the beast lashed it's great wings out to their full length, beating them steadily as the ground began to move away at a rapidly growing pace.
    From her perch behind his shoulders, Belle felt her spine straighten instinctively as the fresh air swam around her, tousling the untied chocolate ringlets around her face.
    Ah.. This was the life.[/size]
  32. Flora walked over to Whirlwind and scratched him on the neck. He purred and arched his back, like a cat. Flora giggled and climbed onto her pokemon back and waited for Chaos to do the same. Whirlwind spread his wings, "Not yet Whirlwind." Flora said, "We have to wait for Chaos."

    Ishatr nodded at Sugar again, this time they rose higher. Ishtar's hair whipped around her knees as the strange trio of a human, Togekiss, and Vulpix ascended steadily into the air.
  33. ((Whoa, I'm the late, time to make up why he's taking so long! Oh goody.))
    "No, I understand." Chaos said waving his hand, "I'm Chaos, see you at Veilstone!" he called back, also returning Azrael in the process, running after Flora and Ishtar. On his way, he stopped, a headache suddenly overcoming him. "....Whats this?", he muttered, stumbling forward for a moment and dropping the premier ball in his hand, before finally regaining his balance. The headache subsided, but the question was, what caused it? Usually, only when he remembered his life in his homeland did he get the punishment every exile or run away had. "Cas....huff.." He leaned against a nearby tree, shaking his head as he slowly recovered. He walked over to the pokeball on the forest floor and slowly picked it up, returning to his previous pace.

    "Sorry for the wait, Ms.Flora." He said, as he entered the clearing. "Mighty fine Flygon you have here." He said, giving it a small back rub, before joining Flora on the pokemon's back. "If we may." he said, notifying her that he was ready.
  34. Shiny Pyxis

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    It might have been her first time flying on a Pokemon, but she could already tell that flying was way better than riding a bike. Kylie smiled, no, grinned, as she felt the air rush through her hair. She could tell that Belle was also enjoying the ride as much as she was, if not more, if that was possible. The fluffy Pikachu in her arms felt like a warm pillow in her arms, except for the fact that it was alive and breathing. The bell on her tail tinkled every so often. Ah, the sound was bliss, way better than the continuous wailing and complaining from Carina and Rechec.

    Rechec... that was what brought her with these people, huh? Complete strangers to each other (well, except for Flora and Ishtar, who were friends), united because of one cause: Team Galactic had stolen each of us one of their Pokemon. Kylie shuddered a bit as she recalled the thought. She couldn't read others' minds, but she could bet almost anyone anything that she might've been the only one thinking about that. She shook her head. Why was she even thinking about these things? Why couldn't she just think about happy things. She tried to turn her mind back into the sensation of flying, but a small part of her mind kept nagging to her about Rechec. Where was he? Was he okay?

    Meanwhile, Kiyu was having fun burning everything in his path (besides Ishtar and Sugar). A small Starly flew by, and the Vulpix playfully blew a small ember at it. Shrieking, the Starly quickly dodged it and turned itself away from him. Kiyu laughed with amusement. He wasn't really trying to burn it, but the feeling of flying was so fun that it made him giddy enough to do stupid things. Wow, this is great! Kiyu said, mostly to himself, as he looked around the flying scenery.

    That's when he saw it: a balloon, probably a hundred miles or so away from him, floating slowly to the direction of, not Veilstone, but... huh. He couldn't really see where it was heading to, but it seemed too off course to be heading to Veilstone. Wrong balloon, he told himself, and turned his gaze away from the balloon to the flashing trees and stuff around him. "Vulpix vul," (this is great) he repeated, this time aloud, as he sighed.
  35. [size=8pt]It was a small motion, almost insignificant now that they were airbourne, but Belle could just feel the girl behind her give a small shudder.

    "He'll be fine."
    Turning her head to peer at Kylie over her shoulder.
    "I'm sure your pokemon is strong enough to take care of himself. I've been worrying about my Dragonite ever since I noticed he was gone. But he's strong. I believe in him. If your pokemon knows that you care, and that you're not going to stop at anything to find him.. He'll be strong too."
    She smiled and turned to focus once more on the balloon.
    Had her sense of direction been worth anything, she too may have noticed that it wasn't heading for Veilstone as they had all assumed. But it wasn't, so she didn't.

    Rusty, sensing the girl's concern (as pokemon do) turned it's face up towards her, reading Kylie's expressions as her trainer spoke. When Belle had finished talking, the pikachu released the soothe bell and curled up in the girl's lap, resting its cheeks on the sleeves of her jacket.[/size]
  36. Flora smiled at Chaos's comment. "Thank you. Yes, he is mighty. Whirlwind, now you can take off." Instantly she gripped onto Whirlwind's neck as she felt herself pinned against his back as he took off. She felt herself rising higher, higher, and higher. When they had gained some considerable height, Whirlwind stopped. Flora scanned the ground and suddenly saw what would have been a small town, she couldn't tell from this distance. "Whirlwind," she said, pointing to the town, "fly over there!"

    Ishtar watched as Whirlwind flew off in the opposite direction that they were traveling, Flora and Chaos riding his back. Suddenly an ember flew past her and hit a Starly. Ishtar smiled as she remebered how Sugar used to do that, once she evolved into a Togekiss. Ishtar counted seven Pidgeys, five Spearows, and two Fearows Sugar shot out of the air.

    Ishtar, are you sure we're following the right balloon? Sugar suddenly asked her.

    Of course we are. Why? Ishtar turned to Sugar, surely her pokemon wasn't losing her incredible eyesight already?

    Because it's not heading towards the Veilstone.

    "What?" Ishtar asked the last part out loud and relized that Sugar was right. The balloon was not heading towards the Veilstone. "Hmm. Either they never meant to go to the Veilstone in the first place, or that balloon is being flown by blind people." Ishtar remarked.
  37. "I can't thank you about this enough" Chaos said, holding tight to whirlwind's body. He hadn't felt the air like this in a long time. Last time he was this high, he was climbing the local mountain range. "......" Chaos's face hardened at this thought. That was also when he had his first encounter with Cyrus, the Galactic leader, a harshly cruel man at best. A lunatic at the most.
    '....Chi...Hang on...'
  38. Flora smiled, "It's alright. I'm kinda nervous, I don't really know what Cyrus is like and-WHOA!" Whirlwind had suddenly dived almost straight down to a small town. He went down and pulled up at the last second, hovering just a few inches above the ground. "Warn me when you're about to do that next time!" Flora said, straightening her cap. She looked and relized that he had landed in front of a pokemon center. "Isn't this where you needed to go?" She asked Chaos, turning to him.

    Ishtar and the two pokemon floated next to Belle and Kyliee. "Why do you think they're not going to the Veilstone?" Ishtar asked, knowing that they too had noticed that the balloon wasn't heading where they thought it was.
  39. [size=8pt]Turning to look at Ishtar, it finally dawned on Belle that her uneasiness was not unprovoked- and the girl was indeed correct, the balloon was not heading for Veilstone unless it was taking a very poor route.
    "I'll be honest, I hadn't really noticed it before, so I'm glad you've confirmed it.. I think we're getting ourselves in much deeper trouble than we thought. Cyrus is a relentless man, I know that much. I hope Chaos and Flora finish soon, we can't leave without them but losing sight of the balloon is the worst thing we could do, now that we have no idea where it's going."
    She paused and bit at her lip, concerning the pikachu seated behind her enough to wriggle out of Kylie's grasp and attempt to soothe her trainer. No longer sporting a wicked little grin, the yellow pokemon was grim and the tufts of soft yellow fur that had grown out were tousled much in the same way that Belle's hair was falling, making a distinct resemblance between the two.
    Unable to respond with words, the girl reached up to her shoulder to scratch at the pokemon's ears. Using her free hand to rub the neck of her charizard who was also expressing concern, she turned to glance back at her companion, who had been sitting quietly for some time.
    "...Are you okay Kylie?"[/size]
  40. (Yeah, I wonder what SE's thinking of doing with that balloon. But I have plans for Flora. :-X)

    Ishtar nodded, "I don't think we're going to lose sight of that balloon." she said, "But I wonder what is Cyrus planning? I know he's a lunatic but he has a few tricks up his sleeve."

    Yeah, but don't his tricks usually fail? Sugar asked, turning to her.

    "They do, but sometimes they put us through a lot of trouble before they do." Ishtar said, she had a feeling something bad was about to happen.

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