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Pokemonfreak's Sprites (Now taking requests)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by pfreaking unbelievable, Jul 20, 2010.

    Name: Thundersnake
    Species: Snake Pokemon
    Pokemon: Ekans & Raichu
    Type: Electric
    Entry: When an Ekans got shocked by a Raichu's thunder, it started to absorb the thunder and transformed.
    Ability: Thunder Slither. Electric moves do 1X damage ground types.
    New Moves: Thunder Dive.

    Name: Turtguin
    Species: Forest Pokemon
    Pokemon: Turtwig & Piplup
    Type: Ice/Grass
    Entry: Being part grass, it usually hangs around freezing areas. Also likes meadows.
    Ability: Frozen Solid. If it hails, grass, ground, rock, steel, and Bug pokemon get frozen.
    New Moves: Ice Drill. Leaf Bush. Leaf Wind.

    Name: Mewbaby
    Species: Baby pokemon
    Pokemon: Togepi & Mew
    Type: Psychic
    Entry: It is rare, but if a Togepi egg hatches, it may turn pink and out comes Mewbaby.
    Ability: Hatch Attack. If the user runs out of all it's moves, it will gain 10 PP afterwords.
    New Moves: Love shell.




    Trainer Sprites



    Trainer Cards



    More to come. Questions will be answered (if reasonable) Enjoy :)
  2. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Wow, you are pretty good! This makes another thread I will be stalking... The Mewbaby is so wiiin. The other s are well put together too, and the mugshots and sprites are cool too. keep spriting, for you'll become great.
  3. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rainbow Boy and Rainbow Girl​
  4. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Name: Lickikof
    Species: Tongue Pokemon
    Pokemon: Lickitung & Koffing
    Type: Poison/Normal
    Entry: This pokemon likes to lick almost anything it can find.
    Ability: Sweet Taste. The user will not get poisoned and will always have lick paralyze the opponent.
    New Moves: Tongue Bomb. Chomper.
  5. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites


    [​IMG] (Note: Bad Collar)
    [​IMG] (Two different sprites, one person)
    [​IMG] (Original)
    [​IMG] (Shiny)
    Name: Ms. Mime
    Species: Female Mime Pokemon.
    Pokemon: Mr. Mime & Jynx
    Type: Psychic
    Entry: With the DNA of a Mr. Mime, this pokemon was created with nearly 100,000 female DNA's.
    Ability: Break Through. Can break through any barrier (Light Screen, Barrier, etc.)
    Sp. Raise. Everytime the user is hit with a special attack, both sp. ATK and DEF is risen.
    New Moves: Ice Kiss. Special Force. Physical Force
  6. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Wow, your new sprites are pretty cool. Sid is pretty cool, and the Rainbow kids are cool too. Lickikof looks like a gum ball.. sort of. Yum... that migshot and sprite is really good, regardless if the collar is bad. And it's about time Mr. Mime got a good-looking wife. good job!
  7. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Hello to all my viewers, (That or Kerauno) I have now decided a 3 day contest to vote for what sprite looks best. To decide, I am not doing a poll, you have to reply vote. At 7/24/2010, I will announce the winner. Reply Vote Now
  8. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    the vote is unanimous. The Mewbaby. It is epic. 'Nuff said.
  9. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Im agreeing with Kerauno. Mewbaby ftw!
  10. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    IT'S OVER!
    The winner of my sprites are:


    And only 2 voted over all, so this was just a waste as usual.
    Anyway NEW:

    Name: GolemDfense
    Species: Defensive Pokemon
    Pokemon: Golem & Shieldon
    Type: Rock/Steel
    Entry: When a Shieldon died, a Golem decided to where the face shield for more protection.
    Ability: Dfense. The user will start in battle with 3X the normal defense.
    New Moves: Face Plant. Face-off

    Evolves: at LV. 60 into

    Name: Defgolemrazor (Fail. I suck at evolutions)
    Species: Attack and Defend Pokemon
    Pokemon: Golem, Shieldon, & Staraptor (or GolemDfense & Staraptor)
    Type: Rock/Steel
    Entry: With even stats, it is known to be a pokemon that doesn't change height or weight after evolves.
    Ability: Dfense. The user will start in battle with 3X the normal defense.
    New Moves: Tear-up.
  11. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Name: Diggaplume
    Species: Flower Pokemon
    Pokemon: Diglett & Vileplume
    Type: Ground/Poison
    Entry: It can shoot poison gas and mud from the flower on it's head.
    Ability: Muddy. Fire attacks do 1/4 damage, electric does 1X damage, and grass does 2X damage.
    New Moves: Muddy gas.
  12. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Okay, these are really good. The GolemDfense is good, seeing that the Shieldon face merged well with the Golem face. But, the Defgolemrazor is... The same except the Staraptor crest. It doesn't merge well with it. It seems... To just sit on top of its head. If it was more on the sprite it would be better. ANYWAYS...

    The Diggaplume is very good, the flower makes it look like a plant. Haha, plant... The mugshot and sprites are very nice. I see you used the Sprite and Mugshot for Blue from HG/SS. And this guy seems to be a fire type trainer. Intriguing... Overall, I'd give your sprites an... A-. Good job.
  13. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Here's my edited version. I used a Bastiodon this time, and The razor (or whatever) is like a bird's beak.
  14. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    On Today's sprites, I have something for my 2 fans.
    KERAUNO AND LORD ZORTN I will leave the Name, Type, Entry, ability, and New moves up to you guys. If you want, you may put it in your sig. I will have codes for them.
    For Kerauno (30% credit to Quashie for the Raichu Half)
    Name: (Insert name here)
    Pokemon: Lucario and Raichu Splice & Lucario
    Type: (Insert type(s) here)
    Entry: (Insert entry here. Please no more than 2 sentences)
    Ability: (Insert ability #1 here)
    (OPTIONAL: Insert ability #2 here)
    New Moves: (OPTIONAL: Insert new moves here)

    For Zortn (10% credit to GPX)
    Name: (Insert name here)
    Pokemon: Lucario and Raichu Splice & Lucario
    Type: (Insert type(s) here)
    Entry: (Insert entry here. Please no more than 2 sentences)
    Ability: (Insert ability #1 here)
    (OPTIONAL: Insert ability #2 here)
    New Moves: (OPTIONAL: Insert new moves here)

    Other credit: 5% credit to Pokemon Marriland
    5% credit to TinyPic
    10% credit to Paint (No link sorry)
    40% credit to me ;D

    Name: Weatherform
    Species: Mixed Weather Pokemon
    Pokemon: All 4 Castform forms
    Type: Normal
    Entry: Being what seems to be an evolution of Castform, it's powers change with the weather
    Ability: Weather cycle. Every 5 turns, the weather will change.
    New Moves: Evaporation
    #14 pfreaking unbelievable, Jul 27, 2010
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  15. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Wow, man, you're getting good! (looked at the first sprites, and kept going down and down) My favorite was the EPIC Bastiodon/Golem/Staraptor. That one is amazing! Mewbaby rules hands down too :3
  16. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    OMG WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. Thank you! You have combined my two favorite Pokemons! (And the revised Defgolemrazor is soo much better!) Humm, lets' see...
    Name: Raicario
    Pokemon: Lucario and Raichu Splice & Lucario
    Type: Fighting/Electric
    Entry: When a Raichu and a Lucario breed and their offspring is exposed to radiation, a Raicario is created.
    Ability: Thunder Strike: The user takes 1/2 damage from all Electric and Fighting moves.
    New Moves: Aura Thunder: The users Aura is combined with electricity and shoots it at the opponent. This attack never misses.

    Again, thank you sooo much, and you have gotten sooo much better! Keep spriting!
  17. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Name: Killgoose
    Pokemon: Zangoose & Zergoose sprite slice
    Type: Normal/Dragon
    Entry: When a Zangoose trained by Lord Zortn is released, due to it's overwhelming power, it mutates for vengeful reasons.
    Ability: Vengance: Raises all stats by one stage if hit by an attack with a power over 70
    New Moves: Z-strike: Hits all pokemon on the opponents side of the feild, may lower defence, high critical-hit ratio. (t's basicly a slash/crush claw morph)

  18. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    HEY! New subjects of sprites: Eggs and Poke balls.
    Here are 2 I made
    Egg: Diggaplume.
    Steps (Game): 5,160

    Name: Zig-zag ball.
    Effect: Has 50% chance of capturing Zangoose, Seviper, Zigzagoon, and Linoone.
    Capture: X106 (1/2 as max) X1 other.

    You may not see it, but there is a Z on the Zig-zag ball.
  19. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Me likey the Zig-zag ball! ESPECIALY because it helps me wit mah Zangoose capturing! ;D
    #19 Lord Zortn, Jul 28, 2010
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  20. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    I like eggs. your egg is awesome. I like new balls. your ball is awesome. these are basically flawless, but make the Z on the ball more evident. It will be better. Overall, your sprites get an A+. Keeeeeeeeep spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting!
  21. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Here's my edited Zig-zag ball: [​IMG]
    Uh... No offense but to me, that just sounded so wrong. :o
    #21 pfreaking unbelievable, Jul 28, 2010
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  22. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    I was gunna say the same exact thing, but i thought it wasn't approprate at the time. :p
    #22 Lord Zortn, Jul 28, 2010
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  23. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Oops. I didn't notice. :p What meant to say was that your Diggaplume egg looks fantastic. And your Zigzag Ball is awesome too. Good job in making the Z more evident. Sorry that I didn't make my comment more direct.
    #23 Kerauno, Jul 28, 2010
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  24. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    I thing the name for the egg is simply perfect. why? well my baby brother's nickname is Digga. ;D I'm serious too. when he was younger, he used to always say "diggadiggadigga" over and over very fast. Sorta like this:
    [move]diggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadigga....................*GASP FOR AIR* and repeat[/move]
    #24 Lord Zortn, Jul 28, 2010
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  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Lol really he did was he crazy for digglette???
    #25 Anonymous, Jul 28, 2010
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  26. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    No, he loves Infernape more. And he didn't know much about pokemon then. the only pokemon he knew off the top of his head was pikachu. haha DURRH.
    #26 Lord Zortn, Jul 28, 2010
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  27. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    I won't be spriting for a while. Just need a break. I'll come back on August 7th. You can wait that long can't you? If not, here is my most recent sprite
    Name: Tsumori (English: Battysnake)
    Species: First Flight Pokemon
    Pokemon: Tsutarja & Koromori
    Type: Grass/Flying
    Entry: Either Tsutarja evolved form or a distant cousin of it. It likes to make winds that blow leaves off of trees.
    Ability: Batty. The user will hit an opponent even if the opponent is gone (using dive, dig, etc.)
    Squeezer. Moves like wrap, fire spin, etc. will do 30 points of damage each turn.
    New moves: Vampire Bite. Green Wrap.
  28. Re: Pokemonfreak's Sprites

    Hey, I decided to continue spriting, but this time, I will be taking requests AGAIN! Eggs, Pokeballs, Splices, you name it.

    So have fun requesting :D

    Please request.
  29. In my games pokemon light and dark, there is a trainer you can battle via mystery gift. The gift is called The Champion's Medal. After winning the Elite 4 after obtaining this, you will find an extra room you pass by, in that room is:

    World Record Champion Clare
    Azumarill LV. 60 (70 Post)
    Fearow LV. 60 (70 Post)
    Machamp LV. 63 (75 post)
    Marowak LV. 65 (70 post
    Seel LV. 65 (79 Post)
    Togekiss LV. 70 (LV. 79 post)

    Here is the model.

    There are also other WRC around the region after the battle.
  30. Hm, interesting. Your game sounds interesting, and Clare's sprite is very nice. It's cool that she has a medal around her neck. And you can only battle her via Mystery Gift? That certainly is a cool idea. And, I would like to make a request. A Mightyena Pokeball, please? Thanks in advance.
  31. Here, not the best at "Cosplay" poke balls.

    Feel free to ask me if you want anything changed, or if you meant something else.
  32. Thanks. It looks really good. But, can you get rid of the white around the edges? If not, that's okay.
  33. If you mean the picture, sorry, can't make it translucent. If you mean the bottom then, what color do you want it?
  34. Hey just recently made the Mugshot of the World Record Champs.


    Just a redesign of my Sid sprite. Note: You can not battle any other champ until Clare is defeated. You don't have to battle Clare though if you don't want to.
  35. Hmm, very nice. i see that a lot of people are using Sabrina's mugshot for a lot of things. I like it.

    Oh, well. I wanted the ball translucent but this will do. And, I don't mean to be a pain, but, can you add ears? If not, that's okay.
  36. Sure
    And yes, sorry. Ever since I got windows 7, my computer won't do transparency. The ears, in my opinion, actually makes it look better. ;D
    #36 pfreaking unbelievable, Jul 31, 2010
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  37. Thanks. The ears do make it much cooler. It's a really good Pokeball. Again, thanks for the it.
  38. I'll see what I can do. I not so good at recreating sprites, but I'll try.

    EDIT: Sorry dude, can't. Like I said, not good at recreating sprites.
  39. What's happening 'Charms? Nothing? Well I got something, but I don't know if this is either sprite or art or... Pre-made sprite together. But here's what I call Poke Savior Teams

    This one you can see in my sig: [​IMG]
    Here's one for my sister: [​IMG]

    Also, I got something new, the first gym leader you fight in my Pokemon Dark and Light: LEE! [​IMG] (I'll post the trainer card Later.

    And also please if you want someone to recreate sprites into something else:
    So all you need for a Savior team is a Team Name, Sprite, Pokemon, and Slogan (The bottom quote)

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