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Private/Closed Pokemon XY RP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. This is the RP Discussion for Pokemon XY RP. This is where you post all your characters bios, the behind the scenes for the RP, and where we discuss what will happen. Just discussing things in general, lol

    Bio For Characters:




    Gym Badges:
    Princess Keys:
    Pokemon Team Currently:
    All Pokemon Caught:
    Pokemon To Catch In The Future:


    I need to keep track of all the RPers in this RP XD
    Almas Rei
    Mikaela Strange
    The Ultimate Ghoul
    Leo Akuzarii
    SylvieTheSylveon (MEH! XD)
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  2. Name: Sylvie Rosette
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Family: Sylvie has a twin sister, Elle, an older sister named Chloe, her mum and dad, and her two little brothers.
    Home: In an apartment in an apartment complex in Lumiose City

    Personality: Sylvie is a very shy girl, and feels awkward and/or embarrassed very easily. She will normally stay away from crowds, unless her curiosity takes over her, and she will only talk to people if something has happened and she should talk to them. etc. if they need help, Sylvie would help them. Sylvie is very passionate and doesn't give up. She is also a little stubborn, but she is learning to stop this. Sylvie's goal is to be Kalos Queen, as she loves expressing herself and likes to be unique. She also likes putting smiles on people's faces. She also wants to be Kalos Queen because she hates to see Pokemon hurt, hence why she never battles. She will have the occasional battle, however, but will never make her Pokemon fight until they faint, and returns them at the first sight of them being injured. Sylvie is very polite, and will never turn down a person in need. She doesn't fall for tricks very easily, and reacts badly to pranks, as she thinks they are cruel and selfish.

    Appearance: Sylvie is a small girl for her age, and she has braces, wears glasses and has freckles dotted on her face. She hates being regarded as a 'typical school nerd', as people sometimes call her, as she wants to be unique. She has long, waist length dark-golden hair, which she likes to either put into two long braids or in bunches above her ears, causing her hair to flow down to her hip and down her back. She always wears a dark coloured baggy hoodie with baggy dark coloured trousers, as she hates tight clothes, and also hates wasting money. She likes wearing baggy clothes anyway - and she also wears fingerless gloves, her special roller skates which you can easily pop in the wheels or pop them out for normal shoes, a thin, soft scarf and ankle length white socks. However, she doesn't dress like this for Pokemon performances. She has a special outfit she wears for it - a soft, smooth dress made out of cerise pink satin, matched with a frilly cerise pink bow in her hair and soft, padded ballerina-slipper like shoes, (also a cerise pink satin). For performances she also brushes her hair into two elegant french braids, one on each side, along with a small but frilly pink ribbon to keep them in place. She loves this outfit and keeps it very safe, however she forbids herself to wear it anywhere else apart from performance related events. She would also never wear it right out in the normal public, as she knows she would look to girly and young to even be handling a Pokemon, which she hated.

    Gym Badges: 0
    Princess Keys: 0
    Goal: Kalos Queen
    Pokemon Team Currently: A Fennekin (Soon)
    All Pokemon Caught: A Fennekin (Soon)
    Pokemon To Catch In The Future: Scatterbug -> Spewpa -> Vivillon. Egg ->Eevee -> Sylveon. Egg -> Eevee -> Espeon. Egg -> Eevee -> Vaporeon. Swablu -> Altaria -> Mega Evolving Altaria. Fennekin -> Braixen -> Delphox.
    Future Team: Delphox, Vivillon, Espeon, Mega Evolving Altaria, Sylveon, Vaporeon

    ANY OTHER: (I haven't got anything I need to put here at the moment XD)
  3. I laughed so hard at the NO CRAZY THINGS XD I knew you deleted that thread because of us but since I like the first I'll try to keep things into minimum. So same rules applies, or did you exclude other non-Kalos Pokémon?


    Name: Asra Mikaela Jones (AMJ)
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Family: Rachael Jones (Mother)
    Apollo Jones (Father)
    Saffi Jones(lil sister)
    Home: Melemele Island, Alola (previously)
    Snowbelle City, Kalos (currently)

    Personality: She's the type of girl that loved to play games and read books, mostly horror and fiction, because of her passion at playing games most of her energy were wasted and acts like a zombie towards people making her anti-social but honestly she blames the people that exaggerated things about her, in a negative way. She's often called a genius but a lazy bone. She's kind and caring for partners and friends, extremely loyal to the point where she can sometimes hurt others, mostly those who hurts her friends.

    Appearance: Chin length messy maroon hair, pale complexion, short height, and passive amber eyes with prominent eye bags. She wears red framed glasses, simple plain tee, umbreon glow-in the dark hoodie, black pleated kilt skirt, leggings, and red boots. She also owns a dark green Decidueye logo headphones, red gloves and a shiny charm that she wears as a choker.

    Gym Badges: 0
    Princess Keys: 0
    Goal: Travel the world
    Pokemon Team Currently: A shiny Froakie (soon)
    All Pokemon Caught: A shiny Froakie
    Pokemon To Catch In The Future: Riolu - Lucario, Morelull - Shiinotic, Noibat - Noivern, Espurr - Meowstic, Houndour - Houndoom, Shiny Froakie - Shiny Frogadier - Shiny Greninja
    Future Team: Shiny Greninja, Lucario, Shiinotic, Noivern, Meostic, Houndoom

    ANY OTHER: Has skates similar to Korrina but mostly use skateboards.

    EDITED: I change my team a bit.
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  4. Name: Haise
    Age: 11 (almost 12)
    Gender: Female
    Family: All deceased
    Home: Apartment complex in Anistar

    Personality: She is very energetic and doesn't take anything seriously she is a very fast and quick thinking trainer that is always looking for a challenge

    Appearance: prof pic

    Gym Badges: 0
    Princess Keys: 0
    Goal: To complete her Pokedex
    Pokemon Team Currently: Froakie (soon r.i.p)
    All Pokemon Caught: None yet (again r.i.p)
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  5. btw i hope you know all Pokemon are level five because they have a problem getting suited for the region
  6. You do know that were going to follow the anime not the game so any moves will not be deleted and no levels at least that's what they said.

    And your unfair, being experienced and all. Why dont you cut it down a notch, hm~? Cause as far as I know this RP starts off as a trainer starting their journey. No offense or anything, Juzo~
  7. oh yea lmao i forgot about that part lmao
  8. I know you're not going to believe me cos this is a very old and used excuse, but my dog ate the Rps...im sorry...
  9. Your houndoom really hates us thats what
  10. XD No, I deleted them cos I just felt like the RP was, i dunno, kinda broken if thats the way to describe it? Also, I wasn't directing the "No Crazy Things' at you XD I just felt like you'd made it a bit wierd...I mean, Rachel's mother freaking kicked PK XDDDD
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  11. Oh yeah, and the Pokemon Summer Camp, I kinda just wanted a redo, cos it was like people were getting bored of it. Nobody was replying, it felt boring, and yeah. I'm gonna make a new RP thread for it later tonight or tomorrow :3
  12. I'm sorry, I just hate it when I'm doing a RP with people and it gets crazy silly/wierd or people aren't enjoying it :(
  13. What's wrong with being crazy. All the best people are crazy. And you cant argue with the knee of justice. Every mother Kushinas will do the same.
  14. Oml you gave me a heart attack whenever I get a notification in this web my computer buzzes and i was typing and it just scared the flip outta me.
  15. Sorry bout all the posts, cant be bothered to edit it into one, and this is a discussion so it doesnt matter XD Non Kalos Pokemon is fine, just have an explanation for Alolan Pokemon appearing in Kalos XD Also, if the Pokecharms rules let you have two Shinies, then sure XD And if you're allowed a Mega Lucario? Sure! If Pokecharms allows it! And of course your still allowed in the RP XD

    @TheUltimateGhoul Yeah, this RP is based on trainers just starting their journey XD Cool character though!
  16. XDDDD I turn off sounds for every single website I go on unless I'm watching a video on it XD And yeah, crazy is okay, but wasn't there a part in the old RP where one of the mothers got a frigging knife? Thats TOO crazy, thats insane. XD
  17. lmao mmk XD I'll change it up the base will be the same tho
  18. That was PK's idea I just go with the flow!
  19. Oh and I just realize something... why does people choose froakie and Fennekin more often than Chespin?
  20. Oh, sorry then Mikkey Mouse! XD

    Okey dokey pokey Da Ultimatato Spoopy Ghoul!

    (I'm not making fun of your usernames, just being silly XD)
  21. Well, I have read MANY DISCUSSIONS and MANY VIDEOS on why people hate Chespin, and its because of its awful evolution, because apparently it has a TERRIBLE moveset and is very ugly, and I agree on the ugly part XD
  22. Yeah, they mess up badly. Its like they intended it to be that way. But dont you think Kalos starters were base of on mage, ninja, and brawler.
  23. Yeah, it probably is, but still, they could've had some sort of craz cool design like Greninja's - like, people have suggested its spikes when it evolves into its final evolution were little daggers, or its massive spiny back was replaced with a shield design, with ivy on it. Just two examples of suggestions i've seen
  24. And why Mikkey Mouse of all things?
  25. My little brother is actually watching Mickey Mouse rn XD
  26. Anyway are I and Juzo-chan accepted or what?
  27. Ok this is freaking weird we posted the same time twice
  28. Yah, you're accepted XD Did I not say that? lol
  30. Sorry to be da impatiente personne, butte canne we startte da rollaplaye?
  31. Maybe I should blow my trumpet to summon two more idiots how does that sound, @SylvieTheSylveon? You do know who the other idiot is.

    @TheUltimateGhoul I take it your favorite character is Juzo but I like Chi because of her fearless demeanor and ya know being a information broker.

    By the way, Sylvie. I did tried to be normal once in RP thread.... and it was boring.
  32. Dont ask me why i typed like that i have no dang idea XD
  33. We'll make it interesting! :3 And you don't have to be a Normal Norman, just not absolutely insane XD
  34. Also, yah, plez use dat magik trampet! XD
    When/if we do have two more people I might close this RP though, cos I can't handle too many people XD
  35. There it is again!!!! The posting at the same time thing

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