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Ask to Join Pokemon XD: Return to Shadows

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Evenir, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Main Thread

    Welcome to the Orre region, a fairly small region that does not fall within the large League based region alignment. Here, pokemon champions are made in tournament style battles, set in coliseums for nearly the whole region to watch. However, many years ago, a group known as Cipher had threatened the balance of this old fashioned region, as well as the world, as they found a way to infect pokemon with a strange, mystical power that would give them incredible power, but sway them towards evil and chaos. Worst of all, they converted the legendary sea god Lugia to aid their cause, using a supposedly ucurable process and nicknaming the result XD001. Thankfully, a young hero using an odd device that allowed him to steal the pokemon of others, was able to purify not only these shadow pokemon, but XD001 as well. Now the region could go on in peace.

    Now, present day, the sudden death of the regional elder, Michael, has stricken many with grief. A local hero and renowned as one of the regions greatest trainers at one time, few would suspect foul play as a cause for his sudden heart attack. However, there is little time to grieve. The same day, the old lab is burned to the ground, and it is believed that much of the technology there disappeared from the ashes. A few talked about the sighting of a strange, dark shadow in the night sky just after, but none are certain of the exact cause.

    You are a young trainer, just beginning your training to become a coliseum battler with your partner pokemon. However, awaiting your first beginner level battle and watching two of the greatest trainers in the region battle it out, a strange man walks into the middle of the fight and steals the battling pokemon in the broad daylight. He claims that Cipher will rise again, and leaves several underlings to terrorize the spectators and steal the high level pokemon of trainers who try to stop him. You may be young, but it might just be up to you and your friends to stop the organization from destroying our world.

    Here's just a bit of information to keep in mind:
    • Please keep in mind all rules of pokemon roleplay!
    • Shinies are INCREDIBLY rare. Unless you have a REALLY good reason for wanting a shiny, all pokemon will be of normal coloration.
    • Mega Evolving is INCREDIBLY rare and EXTREMELY difficult. To obtain a mega evolving pokemon, you will have to jump through quite a few hoops to get everything you need to mega evolve, including: a mega accessory, a mega stone, and a mega capable pokemon with a strong enough bond to its trainer.
    • No Sun/Moon pokemon, and this includes after the games release. I'll take a while to get the game, and even after that I need some time to learn the pokemon, so until I'm comfortable with them, please keep it to pokemon XY and earlier. This includes Alolan forms.
    • I will be playing the part of all Cipher grunts and villains for battling purposes. I will give all information on their pokemon team before you leap into a fight with them, so we can pick which character gets to battle.
    • On the topic of battles, I'll be using a simple level up system, where for every pokemon your pokemon battles against (and given you win the battle over all, whether they are passed out or awake), they will gain 1 level. If in the odd scenario you end up in a battle with an opponent much stronger than you (which I will discourage), but someone how come out on top, I will award more level, at my discretion. And don't worry, I'll keep track of each pokemon's level in the character quick guide for your character~
    • To evolve pokemon who require stones, the pokemon must be at least level 30 before your character may find a stone to evolve them. If they evolve via trade evolution or happiness, they will need to grow by at least 15 levels from their previous evolution (or starting level) before they can evolve. Your pokemon does not have to evolve at their minimum evolution level also, you can wait and have them evolve later.
    Want to join? Please give me some information on your character! (You can remove anything in parenthesis)

    Age: (generally, trainers don't start coliseum battling until about age 16 or later)
    Pokemon: (only one to start, should be unevolved and no higher than level 10. With each battle they participate in, they will level up once. Each pokemon can only learn 4 moves at a time, and if you capture an unpurified Shadow pokemon, any moves they may have are replaced with a Shadow Move with similar effect/damage type)
    • Species (gender)/Nickname/Level/Shadow? (starter pokemon will not be shadow)/Move Set (no more than 4)
    Personality: (include any relevant backstories in here)

    Here's my character as an example!

    Name: Alexis "Alex" Parker
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Alex has short cut, medium brown hair that's fairly thick and tends to hang in her golden brown eyes. Her skin is a medium beige with a splattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, though she doesn't burn often and tans fairly easily. She stands about 5'10" and is of a fairly thin, but generally average build. Generally, she wears a slightly oversized brown hooded jacket and straight legged jeans with high topped sneakers, and often some kind of neutral colored t-shirt.
    • Rhyhorn (m)/Ryan/10/No/Horn Attack, Tail Whip, Stomp
    Personality: Alex is fairly reserved but generally rather kind, easily making friends, especially with younger persons who she often takes under her wing like younger siblings. She's extremely loyal and protective of all her friends and family, and is unafraid to risk herself to help others. Despite all this, she's generally pretty introverted and needs her time alone every so often to recharge. It's rather hard to get her mad, rarely getting annoyed and being incredibly understanding, however she turns ruthless if someone harms her friends or family.

    Here's a quick guide to characters so far!

    Alex Parker (f)-Ryan the Rhyorn (10)
    Isaac Flast (m)-Pixel the Porygon (10)
    Kathleen Chaser (f)- Grace the Snivy (10)
    Quint Heverta (m)- Patton the Chespin (8 )
    Leon Castle (m)- Mirage the Eevee (10)
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  2. Name: Isaac Flast
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Isaac is actually quite short for his age, resulting as him being seen as someone younger. His appearance? Well, see this trainer card, best way to explain it. http://pokecharms.com/data/attachment-files/2016/11/403846_trainercard-Isaac_Flast.png
    /Pixel/10/No/Psybeam Conversion Conversion2 Tackle
    Personality: Isaac always wanted his own Pokemon, spending all of his time planning and thinking about it, watching battles and learning strategies. As soon as his parents had finally been convinced he was straight off to become a trainer, no matter how dangerous it was. He is fascinated easily, by any Pokemon and Shadow Pokemon, always researching any Pokemon he can find. Despite being a bit of a nerd around Pokemon he is generally calm and keeps to himself, becoming snarky and rude when angered.
  3. Isaac and Pixel are accepted! I'm assuming Pixel is the Porygon, that probably got accidentally deleted on your post. ^-^
  4. I accidentally pasted in some text, probably removed that in the process of removing it.
  5. Name: Kathleen (called lee by friends) chaser
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5' 2", always wears a brown oversized hoddie( i did not steal it i always have an oversized hoddie for my characters). Her hair is brown , short, and always covers her eyes but she can see (anime syle hair cut). She is a slightly taned person and has blue eyes. She also wears slacks and worn tenashoes. At times she will were a navy blue hat.
    Snivey (f)/grace/10/no/tackel, vine wip,leer,wrap
    Personality: most of the time she is calm but can get angry. She likes to be outdoors and active, since she grew up on a farm with brothers. She is ok with kids but can get easily flustered with them if only left alone with them. She always keeps a pocket knife on her at all times just in case of emergencies of when she needs to threaten anyone. She wants to be a pokemon journalist and likes to get to know pokemon and see what there personalities are like. Her father was a journalist before he became a farmer and her mother was born a farmer and a hot head.
  6. Kathleen and Grace are accepted~
  7. Name: Quint Heverta
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Quint's skin is a dark tanned color, complimented by his long auburn hair, which is tied off into a ponytail. He is unusually tall for his age, standing at six foot, but is thin as a pencil to compensate for this. His eyes are a shade of brown, very light brown. His clothes are rather fit for where he lives, being a maroon t-shirt , a pair of cargo shorts, and pair of plain brown sandals.
    • Chespin: Male/Patton/8/Not Shadow/Vine Whip, Tackle, Growl, Rollout
    Personality: Being a young boy in Gateon Port, Quint saw many many battles occur in his childhood. His interest in battling only grew after observing several Colosseum matches, and culminated when his parents presented him with a Chespin, which he named Patton. Quint was quite excited to go and battle his heart out through the region.

    Of course, until the recent Cipher incidents.

    His parents were quite worried about this, rightfully so. They even considered revoking his Chespin, to keep him out of trouble. Luckily for Quint, he promised to stay out of trouble in exchange for keeping lil' Patton. Of course, Quint probably will end up breaking his little deal here.

    As for his actual personality, Quint loves Pokemon with a passion, but is a little nervous with them thanks to the recent resurgence of shadow Pokemon. People is another story; He can't really put his finger on them. Despite being one of their species, he doesn't understand why they all have varying weaknesses and personalities. Why they have desires that are different. In essence, human behavior isn't just a simple given to him.

    A couple other things about him: He hates human violence. He thinks most situations can be talked down or out of, and will try to prevent it at many costs. He has a great optimism about the world, still hoping everything will be a-okay, despite the circumstances. He's not easily angered either, and is probably gonna just raise his voice instead of violence.

    Will that work?
  8. Works perfectly~ ^-^ I'll add Quint to the quick list
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  9. IMG_0178.jpg
    Name: Demitrius Price
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Demitrius himself is 6'2 but the appearance is the,sprite over my text.
    Pokémon: Kyi (Kee-Yee) the Frokie
    Personality: Demitrius is always active and on the go. He been studying battles since age 5 and was given a Frokie at age 10. Now he studied almost everything about battles and wants to give it a go. Other than that he trains Frokie up.

    Is this enough?
  10. Under the pokemon section in the form, there's more information that you're missing.
  11. Name: Leon Castle
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark-skinned with blue-ish green eyes and jet-black hair. He wears a baggy white T-Shirt and dark blue jeans. He also has a black hat with a green and white Pokeball on it, which is usually either sideways or backwards.
    Eevee(M)/Mirage/10/Not Shadow/Shadowball, Iron Tail, Dig, and Quick Attack
    Personality: Leon is always cool, calm, and collected. He never loses his cool in battle or when talking to people., except his step-parents He lost his parents six years ago, and moved in with a foster family, that treats him like trash.

    They almost took Mirage away from him, which he had hatched from an egg, when he moved in. Caleb had managed to talk them out of it, though. Now that he is Sixteen, he's left the house to participate in Pokemon Colosseum Tournaments, much to the happiness of his foster parents and himself. The loss of his parents made him talk less to people, but he's still good at it. He never takes his friends for granted, especially after what happened with his parents, and is always quick to jump to their defense.
  12. Leon is accepted~ I'll be posting the opener some time today, hopefully ^-^
  13. For plot reasons, I'm editing the rule against mega evolutions. I will say that if you want your character to have mega evolution in the future, it will take a great deal of time for you to be able to obtain: A mega accessory, a mega stone, and a pokemon capable of mega evolving. Basically, you won't be getting a mega accessory probably until you have a fully evolved pokemon that has a mega evolution, and the mega stone for that pokemon will be yet another quest. Still then your bond with the mega-capable pokemon must be strong enough as well to be able to use the ability, generally implying they'll need a few levels post their final evolution.

    If all that sounds confusing, it's pretty much meant to be. I wouldn't really count on getting a mega-evolving pokemon, at least not without a TON of work.

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