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Pokemon XD 2: The Rise of Cipher

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nivedevino, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. This is a sequel to Pokemon XD.
    It starts out with you the son/daughter of Micheal becoming 10 tomorrow and you have been wanting a pokemon for a very long time and hope that a pokemon is what you get and then go to sleep.
    The next morning you go to play outside while your mom and dad are decorating your house for the party. When you get home it is dark and you turn on a light and all of your friends and family jump out and say "Surprise!" and you jump in shock. When the time comes for presents your parents gift go first and you open it to see two Pokeballs and your dad says "Choose wisely," and you have the choice of Eevee, or Riolu. Once you choose Cipher barges in to take your mother hostage and tell your dad "If you want her back you have to give us the technology that Professor Krane gave you," and leave. As soon as it happens your dad gives you the Snag Machine and Pokeballs he once used and says "I am to old to fight and I need you to stop whatever Cipher is up to." You accept and a Cipher grunt comes in to pick on someone and chooses you and you battle with your brand new starter and you see a shadow Whismur and your dad tells you to use one of the Pokeballs and you catch the Whismur.

    End of Part 1
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