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Pokémon X & Y E3 Presentation Reveals New Pokémon And Featur

  1. Demelza

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    The Pokémon X and Pokémon Y E3 presentation has just ended and as the official Pokémon Twitter account was tweeting from the event we've rounded up the few details that they've revealed.


    A new system allowing Pokémon fans to search for other players to trade and battle via local wireless and Wi-Fi was revealed. It goes by the name of the Player Search System (PSS) and will also sync with your 3DS friend list, however this won't be taking over from the GTS for trading as that feature will still be around. Two brand new type of battle were also revealed, the first of which being called Horde Encounters which sees you taking part in a 1 vs 5 Pokémon battle. The second type of new battle style is Sky Battles which sees Flying Type Pokémon and a few others battle it out in the sky. It has also been revealed that when you're battling with a friend you will be able to choose the music that plays during the battle. Apparently a lot more battles features are still to be revealed, so we can look forward to those!


    The presentation also revealed three more new Pokémon; Skrelp, a Poison and Water Type Pokémon who is seemingly based off of a seahorse.


    Talonflame, a Fire and Flying Type Pokémon based off of a bird. Talonflame is the evolved form of Fletchling.


    And lastly we have Clauncher, a Water type Pokémon.

    However, apparently there was one more Pokémon revealed during the presentation when they showed off some more of Pokémon-amie, however the official Pokémon website has yet to reveal it. Apparently the Pokémon looks like a lion cub and is a Fire Type. Some more details about the benefits of Pokémon-amie were revealed and state that the feature can make your Pokémon more likely to land critical hits or dodge more oncoming attacks.

    It has also been stated during the questions and answers that you'll be able to borrow certain Pokémon so as to explore certain parts of the Kalos Region, and thus expending how much of the region you're able to explore.

    A short trailer has been released showcasing some of the features mentioned which you can find right here.
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    1. Linkachu
      Re: Pokémon X & Y E3 Presentation Reveals New Pokémon And Fe

      Dropping this here as well:

      It's a brief video review of the X&Y presentation and includes some extra details about the new Player Search System feature, such as how it has an always online option and allows players to battle/trade with others on the fly. Apparently more announcements regarding the features of the PSS are coming, so stay tuned~

      Personally I'm very happy to see battling additions like the Sky Battles and Horde Encounters. The Sky Battles in particular look really cool visually, and I can't wait to see 'em in full 3D on my 3DS screen. ^_^
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    2. Keleri
      Re: Pokémon X & Y E3 Presentation Reveals New Pokémon And Fe


      I forget where, but someone posted a screenshot of a friend roster and it looks like there's some good customization options. I like the new pokemon designs a lot although I'm annoyed that Noivern isn't Poison/Dragon (or anything else other than Dragon/Flying, really) and I've always felt weird about Normal/[type other than flying] (Girafarig excepted since it's something weird).

      The only thing I'll complain about is that "Talonflame" doesn't really sound like a pokemon name, it sounds like someone's sparklewolf OC.

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