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Open Pokémon Worlds Academy - Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GoldInTheDark, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Actual RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-worlds-academy.21428/

    Bio formats should be like this:

    Home Region/Town/City:
    - Pokémon:
    - Nickname:
    - Ability:
    - Gender:
    - Moves:
    Amount of Gym Badges:
    Other Info:


    Name: Maxwell (Max) Seacrest
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Unruly, untameable mop of brown hair, fairly pale, dark brown eyes. Fairly lanky. Usually wears a T-Shirt accompanied by jeans, with his Pokéball Belt strapped around his waist. He has an orange one-strap backpack.
    Home Region/Town/City: Johto, Goldenrod City
    - Pokémon: Roselia
    - Nickname: Petal
    - Ability: Natural Cure
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Toxic, Venoshock, Grass Whistle, Magical Leaf

    - Pokémon: Togetic
    - Nickname: Jubilee
    - Ability: Serene Grace
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Fairy Wind, Tailwind, Thunder Wave, Extrasensory

    - Pokémon: Mareep
    - Nickname: Mary
    - Ability: Static
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Cotton Spore, Take Down

    - Pokémon: Croconaw
    - Nickname: Irwin
    - Ability: Torrent
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Water Gun, Bite, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, Rage

    Amount of Gym Badges: 2
    Other Info: Mildly Socially Anxious.
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  2. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Name: Amelia Rodriguez

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Amelia has long black hair tied in a ponytail, she has a pair of brown eyes, she wears black glasses with them, she also wears a grey hoodie with jogger pants as bottoms, and she wears red sneakers, she carries around her trusty messenger bag full of pokeballs.

    Home Region/Town/City: Hoenn, Petalburg Town

    - Pokémon: Swampert
    - Nickname: Bubble
    - Ability: Torrent
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Waterfall, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Hammer Arm

    - Pokémon: Mantyke
    - Nickname: Jet
    - Ability: Swift Swim
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Water Pulse, Headbutt, Wing Attack, Aqua Ring

    - Pokémon: Chinchou
    - Nickname: Tiny
    - Ability: Illuminate
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Spark, Bubble Beam, Confuse Ray, Water Gun

    Amount of Gym Badges: 3
    Other Info: Amelia is an introvert and has social anxiety.
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  3. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Name: Jude Sharp
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Jude has brown hair that he keeps braided and tied, and red eyes. He also has pale skin. He always wears goggles. His casual outfit consists of a red jacket, a black shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.

    Home Region/Town/City: Kanto, Lavender Town.
    - Pokémon: Charmander
    - Nickname: Mel
    - Ability: Blaze
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Scratch, Ember, Smokescreen, Growl.

    - Pokémon: Absol
    - Nickname: Abby
    - Ability: Super Luck
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Quick Attack, Bite, Double Team, Night Slash.

    - Pokémon: Noctowl
    - Nickname: Colin
    - Ability: Keen Eye
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Moon Blast.

    Amount of Gym Badges: 1
    Other Info: Jude is reasonable, a little shady, and very obedient.
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  4. Name: Sylvia Turner
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, and stands at a height of 5'6. She wears a pink t-shirt beneath faded denim overalls with pant legs that extend to her mid-thighs. On her feet, she wears simple white running shoes with pink laces, and she wears a pink headband on her head.
    Home Region/Town/City: Azalea Town

    - Pokémon: Happiny
    - Nickname: Happy
    - Ability: Serene Grace
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Charm, Copycat, Helping Hand, Metronome
    - Note: Unknowingly, she has an Everstone tucked into her pouch. If it falls out, she will evolve after finding a replacement - which coincidentally will turn out to be the Oval Stone that Sylvia has in her bag (also unknowingly).

    - Pokémon: Lucario
    - Nickname: Azure
    - Ability: Justified
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Aura Sphere, Counter, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance

    - Pokémon: Meowstic
    - Nickname: Miao
    - Ability: Prankster
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Psyshock, Charm, Helping Hand, Energy Ball

    Amount of Gym Badges: 5
    Other Info: N/A
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  5. Name: William Howell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: William has brown eyes, black hair and dark skin. He wears a red shirt and a pair of gray jeans and gray shoes. He has a bright red backpack slung across his back at all times and sometimes wears sunglasses.
    Home Region/Town/City: Kanto, Cinnabar Island
    - Pokémon: Magmar
    - Nickname: Spitfire
    - Ability: Flame Body
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Smokescreen, Flamethrower, Low Kick, Confuse Ray

    - Pokémon: Seel
    - Nickname: Sailor
    - Ability: Ice Body
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Hail, Ice Shard, Waterfall, Rest

    - Pokémon: Koffing
    - Nickname: Sulfur
    - Ability: Levitate
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Self-Destruct, Haze.

    - Pokémon: Ponyta
    - Nickname: Nitro
    - Ability: Flash Fire
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Stomp, Double Kick, Fire Spin, Quick Attack
    Amount of Gym Badges: 3
    Other Info: William is a very deft swimmer, despite his love for Fire Types.
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  6. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    okay, we need to discuss some things clearly, first of all WHERE ARE THE DORMS, second of all WHERE IS THE NURSES OFFICE, third of all WHERE IS JUDE'S CHARMANDER!?, okay i'm asking you guys this because we clearly don't know the answers to them(obviously).
    but... what if one of amelia's pokemon leads William and Jude to the nurse's office while Amelia went to find Mel the charmander, and while finding the charmander she found the Dialga Hall, what do you guys say?
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  7. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Yeah, lets do that! Good thinking, lol!
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  8. Ah. Where should I insinuate my character?
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  9. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

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  10. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    oh, how about your character can bump into William or Jude while going to the nurses office, and you-

    i was just about to say that.:(
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  11. Sorry for not being here lol, I was on a 12 hour flight. Anyways the dorms are in Giratina, Dialga and Palkia Hall. Each hall has 150 dorms. The nurse’s office (including pokecenter and pokemart) is in the recreational area. And I don’t know where jude’s Charmander is.
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  12. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Lol, The Charmander thing is in the story my dude. And I'm glad your done with that crazy long flight...
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  13. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    This is Jude! I just wish he was wearing the goggles NOT on his head. He also looks like he's 18!
    Image made with a Charat avatar maker. His design was inspired by Kidou Yuuto from Inazuma Eleven.

    ADMIN EDIT: I've edited your post so it complies with our rules regarding the use of images in the RP forums. You should review those, please.
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  14. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Hey you guys. I was just letting everyone know that I was going to be joining in. Here's my app.

    Name: Roxanne "Rocky" Morelock
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Rocky stands at 5' 7'' with fair skin, black hair with a streak of pink on her right side, and green eyes. She wears a black t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts that go to her mid-thigh. As well as a pair of white high-top sneakers.
    Home Region/Town/City: Kalos, Cyllage City
    - Pokémon: Axew
    - Nickname: Trixie
    - Ability: Mold Breaker
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Dragon Rage, Poison Jab, Assurance, Iron Tail

    - Pokémon: Rockruff
    - Nickname: Zeke
    - Ability: Vital Spirit
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Bite, Rock Throw

    - Pokémon: Fletchling
    - Nickname: Belle
    - Ability: Big Pecks
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Quick Attack, Agility, Peck, Growl

    Amount of Gym Badges: 1
    Other Info: Roxanne has a relatively poor attitude, and not just because she's in school.

    Also, I do have some questions as well since I don't exactly know much about this rp so far.
    I know it's a school, but where is it located? Are we in high school or some university type of thing or what? Additionally, If we're tallying gym badges on our app then does that mean that our objective is to beat all the gym leaders rather than learning in a school setting? Just some basic world building questions so that way this rp doesn't seem so rinse and repeat for me. I don't want it to die out because I love Pokemon rp's in a school setting. Thanks! and hopefully the char I presented was enough.

    Additionally, do the dorms our chars stay in have any relevance to skill, or is it just wherever we feel like staying?

    ANOTHER EDIT. I feel bad for asking at this point xD, but are roommates a thing. I assumed since in Max's post there were 2 beds.
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  15. The school, PWA, is located in a non-canon city, named Bayleigh City. It’s next to the sea, and has a beach, a forest, plain grasslands, and an icy mountain. Bayleigh City also offers an airport, and a train station. Students may leave the school to go out to restaurants, or shop. The Gym Badges are just a stat to use to rate how powerful your character actually is, and the main focus of the RP is to learn and grow as a Pokémon character. Also, dorms are honestly random. Pick a random number. Finally, yes, your chars should have roommates.
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  16. @CrazedWhiscash First years are supposed to be in the school gym, and you might want to edit the time you're writing in. RP posts should be in the past tense, not the present. Just a heads up for later.
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  17. Here's le character:

    Name: Loki Primus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Loki's eyes shine a brilliant emerald green, which always show a sign of weakness in them. Loki's black hair is commonly covered by a black-and-white snowflake embroidered chullo, which looks like it is store bought, though his grandmother hand-knitted it. His neck is usually covered by a tri-coloured scarf, which consists of black, thn dark grey, then white. He wears a white winter jacket and jeans, which is common for his town. He wears black winter boots, horse riding boots, and a camo backpacking backpack for his adventures.
    Home Region/Town/City: Mahogany Town, Johto
    - Pokémon: Alolan Sandslash
    - Nickname: Permafrost
    - Ability: Slush Rush
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Gyro Ball, Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Frost Breath, Hail, Aurora Veil, Slash.

    - Pokémon: Furret
    - Nickname: Patches
    - Ability: Run Away
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Surf, U-Turn, Baton Pass, Focus Blast, Headbutt, Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Skull Bash, Iron Tail.

    - Pokémon: Sudowoodo
    - Nickname: Derail
    - Ability: Rock Head
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Wood Hammer, Hammer Arm, Head Smash, Double-Edge, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Brick Break.

    - Pokémon: Mismagius
    - Nickname: Craft
    - Ability: Levitate
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Shadow Ball, Wil-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Magical Leaf, Phantom Force, Mystical Fire, Psychic, Calm Mind.

    - Pokémon: Quagsire
    - Nickname: Hydrogen
    - Ability: Water Absorb
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Mud Bomb, Whirlpool, Surf, Dive, Amnesia, Earthquake, Aqua Ring, Blizzard.

    - Pokémon: Dodrio
    - Nickname: Serengeti
    - Ability: Tangled Feet
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Tri Attack, Drill Peck, Swords Dance, Thrash, Roost, Fly, Substitute, Agility
    Amount of Gym Badges: 24 (Complete set from Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh)
    Other Info: Loki has no Pokedex, instead he uses a sheet of paper and a book titled 'Pokemon Field Guide, 2008'
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  18. Name: Nathan Lionheart
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Looks quite young for his age and very short. Also quite thin. He has messy blonde hair, Hoddie with Blue sleves and hood with everything else being white and a blue great ball design on the front. He has a matching cap too with light blue jeans
    Home Region/Town/City: Goldenrod City Johto
    - Pokémon: Qwilfish
    - Nickname: Quill
    - Ability: Poison Point
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Poison Sting
    Aqua Jet

    - Pokémon: Dunsparce
    - Nickname: Dumpy
    - Ability: Serene Grace
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Headbutt
    Defense Curl
    Ancient Power
    Trump Card

    - Pokémon: Murkrow
    - Nickname: Merteuil (Props if you get the refrence
    - Ability: Super Luck
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Wing Attack
    Feather Dance
    Amount of Gym Badges: 2
    Other Info: He gets severe motion sickness sometimes. Sadly he has to fly into this region by a plane
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  19. I can limit his Pokemon to four moves, though I was thinking more of how the anime shows moves.
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  20. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Oof, no one has posted...
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  21. Name: Mercury Dusk
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Mercury stands at 6 foot 1 inch and has long black hair that shadows his indigo eyes, he is commonly seen wearing a black leather bikers over a dark blue shirt. He wears Jet black trousers over with them covering the top of his brown leather boots
    Home Region/Town/City: Kalos, Geosenge Town.
    - Pokémon: Houndoom
    - Nickname: Blaze
    - Ability: Flash fire
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Flamethrower, Nasty plot, Crunch, Shadow ball

    - Pokémon: Sharpedo
    - Nickname: Jaws
    - Ability: Rough Skin
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Agility, Taunt, Aqua Jet, Surf

    - Pokémon: Honchcrow
    - Nickname: Qrow
    - Ability: Super luck
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Dark Pulse, Swagger, Ariel Ace, Nasty Plot

    - Pokémon: Drapion
    - Nickname: Lash
    - Ability: Battle Armor
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Toxic Spikes, Cross Poison, Dig, Hone Claws

    - Pokémon: Pangoro
    - Nickname: Tremor
    - Ability: Iron Fist
    - Gender Female:
    - Moves: Hammer Arm, Sky Uppercut, Entrainment, Vital Throw

    - Pokémon: Hydreigon
    - Nickname: Hydrious
    - Ability: Levitate
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Dark Pulse, Dragon Rush, Work Up, Outrage

    Amount of Gym Badges: 8
    Other Info: Want's to become a Dark type gym leader in the future, He loves to go fast.
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  22. I kinda wanna see if I can get in. Soooo....

    Name: Riv Mardy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Tanned skin with green eyes and brown curly hair. Short but slim build. 5'2'' to be exact
    Home Region/Town/City: Hoenn, Mossdeep City
    - Pokémon: Golurk
    - Nickname: Gorem
    - Ability: Iron Fist
    - Gender: None (gonna refer to it as Male)
    - Moves: High Horse Power, Shadow Punch, Dynamic Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Phantom Force

    - Pokémon: Drilbur
    - Nickname: Kussaku-Ki/ Kuki
    - Ability: Sand Rush
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Sandstorm, Dig, Drill Run, Metal Claw

    Amount of Gym Badges: 4
    Other Info: Does catch more Pokemon but for now this is all he's got

    I hope this is ok
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  23. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Good remembering that Golurk doesn't have a gender.
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  24. Hopefully I can still join....

    Name: Slack
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: He has smooth hair with a few popping spikes here and there. His eyes are a deep brown and he is dark skins, much like he’s younger brother, Jet. Slack wears blue jeans and a short sleeved shirt with a Pokeathlon symbol on it. His shoes a mix of red and black, with black socks. He has a gray one-strap backpack, with a fishing rod sticking out in the back, a notepad, and a lunchbox inside of it. Five pokeballs also are present on the side pockets.
    Home Region/Town/City: Twinleaf Town

    - Pokémon: Pachirisu
    - Nickname: Chip
    - Ability: Pickup
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Spark, Super Fang, Double Team, and Quick Attack
    Naughty and enjoys pulling pranks. Slack’s most loyal partner.

    - Pokémon: Turtwig
    - Nickname: Nat
    - Ability: Overgrow
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Bite, Razor Leaf, Substitute, and Synthesis
    Lethargic at times but caring, taking care of the team.

    - Pokémon: Swellow
    - Nickname: Swoop
    - Ability: Guts
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, and Steel Wing
    Giant ego and enjoys fighting.

    - Pokémon: Kingler
    - Nickname: Pinchy
    - Ability: Hyper Cutter
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Crabhamer, Harden, Mud Shot, and Guillotine
    Usually lost in thought and air-headed.

    Amount of Gym Badges: 3
    Other Info: Enjoys eating and taking naps. His dream is to be the best and expose his brother to the world of Pokémon.
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  25. I wonder if I can join

    Name: Luna Soxter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Pigtailed black hair, with a natural peach color, accompanied with blue eyes. Quite skinny. Wears oversized zipper jackets with shorts. His Pokéballs are stored on a string in his sketchbook, which is in his jacket pocket. Carries a white school-like backpack.
    Home Region/Town/City: Hoenn, in Sootopolis City
    - Pokemon: Totodile
    - Nickname: Toty
    - Ability: Torrent
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Water gun, Ice Fang, Crunch

    - Pokemon: Karrablast
    - Nickname: Gilly
    - Ability: Shed Skin
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Peck, Fury cutter, Fury Attack, Bug Buzz

    - Pokemon: Cryogonal
    - Nickname: Cryzee
    - Ability: Levitate
    - Gender: Genderless (Referred as He)
    - Moves: Night Slash, Rapid Spin, Ancient Power, Ice Beam

    - Pokemon: Ralts
    - Nickname: Helbram
    - Ability: Trace
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf, Psychic

    - Pokemon: Gible
    - Nickname: Moon
    - Ability: Rough Skin
    - Gender: Female
    - Moves: Tackle, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm

    - Pokemon: Sableye
    - Nickname: Confu
    - Ability: Prankster
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp

    Amount of Gym Badges: 4
    Other Info: Luna is a male, even though having a more feminine name. He loves water types. Oblivious to crushes. All his pokemon have high intelligence and can easily evolve at any current state, but choose not to, only if they see Luna is in a strain during a battle.
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  26. The failure

    The failure Previously The Lovable Artist

    'Ello lads, it's your favorite failure here to join in the action! As my roommate says, congrats love, you've just initiated an intrusion from the failure!
  27. The failure

    The failure Previously The Lovable Artist

    Let me get my Bio from my Google docs, and add his team! My Adolph will be joining the fun, ha ha!
  28. The failure

    The failure Previously The Lovable Artist

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/10EmOCi10g2Bm8Q6zawVNs1h3yw-yR9x4xJyS8yrYdVo (Adolph's OC information.)


    Leader: Blitzer Raze.
    Species: Luxray.
    Gender: Female.
    Ability: Rivalry(This makes far too much sense, as you may find out, Blitz is very jealous of other trainers or Pokémon, specifically Females, getting close to Adolph, through friendship or otherwise, and it takes a lot to earn her trust enough to let said Female near her trainer. She really does love him.)
    Personality: Extremely loving and protective to those she cares for. Usually Adolph, but sometimes, others can earn her protection.
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Charge, Volt Switch, and Crunch.

    Second in command: Evilane.
    Species: Cybernetically enhanced Leafeon.
    Gender: Female.
    Ability: Chlorophyll(In case you did not know, Leafeon's ability set is not just Leaf Guard, Chlorophyll is a hidden ability)
    Personality: Extremely loyal, somewhat naughty~, and slightly robotic, but in all, very caring towards Adolph, his team, and those who befriend her.
    Moves: Leaf Blade(I know I am pushing it a bit, but in Evilane's case, she sharpens her tail in a fashion where it becomes a viable weapon, and she uses it to slash at the enemy), Shadow Ball, Flash(Where she uses her CyberTech NanoEye(basically a fusion of organic matter and synthetic mechanics) to light up an area around her, like a strong flashlight), and Thorn Whip(also pushing it, but Evilane can basically extend vines from her back, for combat or movement/interation purposes. For combat, the vines extend painful thorns, which turn Vine Whip into her signature move, Thorn Whip, having base accuracy of 95 and a base power of 90. Being grass type of course.)

    Adolph's third protectee: Luftschiff(German for Airship.)
    Species: Staraptor.
    Gender: Female.
    Ability: Intimidate.
    Personality: Very strong headed and quite a fighter, but at the same time, protective and caring of her trainer, even if she may not listen to him some of the time.
    Moves: Close Combat, Aerial ace, Fly(Obviously, for being Adolph's main mount for flying, she NEEDS this move, canonically), and Feather dance(Not completely sure if Staraptor can learn this move, but fuck it. She has it.)

    Adolph's Protector: Lady.
    Species: Gardevior.
    Gender: Female, as indicated by her name. Notice the pattern? His team(including the two human companions he usually has with him, but are not going to be here, for canonically, one is training to become the champion in Unova, and the other is too busy with work,) isn't known as NanoCorp's Phoenixes for no reason!(A play on Charlie's angels, FYI).
    Ability: Synchronize.
    Personality: Extremely loving, and very motherly, even willing to help members of quite a few evil teams when found injured, a habit that usually works in the team's favor.
    Moves: Heal Pulse, Thunderbolt(Pretty sure Gardevoir can learn this move, somehow), Telekinesis, Psychic.

    Adolph's final comrade: Verizon.
    Species: Virizion(Just kidding, Virizon is a Lucario)
    Gender: Female(No, Adolph is not a weirdo for having a full team of Females, it's a canonical joke made a few years ago when he canonically only had three pokemon, Virizon, Blitz, and Evilane. The joke basically is that he is like Charlie from Charlie's angels, and it stuck, to the point where his team is referred to as NanoCorp's Phoenixes, a reference to it. But it goes deeper, there is a canon reason to his team being all females, and it involves three of his pokemon, being Lady, Virizon, and Blitz putting themselves in harm when they were much younger(think young teenager in pokemon standards) when he was near so that he would save them, and eventually joined his team, to be close to him. The other two were simply found fainted and very hurt, which he nursed back to health. It was Evilane, when she was just a young Eevee, barely a toddler by Human standards, who helped him become a trainer, so that he could protect pokemon from harm, while others would abuse them in battle, so he felt.)
    Ability: Inner Focus.
    Personality: While most Lucario are hard fighters, Verizon is quite soft and gentle, using her strength for uses other than combat. After combat, she will make sure both parties are alright, using a special aura to heal them and bring them back to health.(Pretty sure Lucario can learn heal pulse...)
    Moves: Heal Pulse, Psychic, Extreme speed, Aura Sphere.
  29. The failure

    The failure Previously The Lovable Artist

    Thank you, comrade! Much appreciated! The NanoCorp phoenixes will fit in here well, hopefully!
  30. I was interested in joining in on this, are there still some available slots left? Quick question the academy is located away from all regions correct? Does the academy have beginner/advance classes for low or high level, never sure what to set pokemon levels at.

    Is there a limit to starters on the team? Like if i wanted all 3 starters from a single region?
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  31. no problem Green Hoodie person
  32. The failure

    The failure Previously The Lovable Artist

    Umm, the name is Ralsei, and it's a mage robe, not a hoodie, ha ha!
  33. Name: Paratmos Maple
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Tall, lanky and pale. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Black glasses and Light blue shirt, orange zip-up hoodie, blue jeans, and black and white shoes.
    Home Region/Town/City: R=Genso T/C= Aerogen City
    - Pokémon: Rotom
    - Nickname: Rotie
    - Ability: Levitate
    - Gender: N/A
    - Moves: Toxic, Substitute, Electro Ball, Shadow ball

    - Pokémon: Eevee
    - Nickname: Jolty
    - Ability: Adaptability
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Nuzzle, Gnaw, Baby-doll eyes, Quick attack

    - Pokémon: Magnezone
    - Nickname: Magny
    - Ability: Sturdy
    - Gender: N/A
    - Moves: Gyroball, Zap cannon, Electro ball, Iron defense

    - Pokémon: Greninja
    - Nickname: Greninja
    - Ability: Protean
    - Gender: Male
    - Moves: Ice beam, Extrasensory, Water pledge, Hydro cannon
    Amount of Gym Badges: 32
    Other Info: He is studying to be a pokemon professor and is looking for Magearna.
  34. Name: Ambrella Ryes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Black jacket, grey jeans, black boots, blonde hair. Wears a pink scarf regardless of the weather.
    Home Region/Town/City: Unova/Nimbasa City
    - Pokemon: Has 3 Pokémon. A Snivy, Pidove and Eevee. Eevee is shiny.
    - Nickname: Snivy has none, Pidove is named Sparky, and Eevee is named Milky.
    - Ability: Snivy has Overgrow, Sparky has Big Pecks, Milky has Adaptability.
    1. - Gender: Snivy is female Sparky is female, Milky is male.
    - Moves:
    Snivy has Tackle, Leer and Vine Whip.
    Sparky has Growl and Tackle.
    Milky has Growl and Tackle.
    Amount of Gym Badges: 1(Basic Badge)
    Other Info: Let me know if I gotta edit it, felt like I done this wrong somehow.
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  35. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Name: Edward Cotheran
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Edward has blonde hair and his hair is brushed to the left side of his head. Contrasting this he has ocean blue eyes. He has some of the more fancier clothing. He will commonly wear dress pants, white Button down shirts, A white T-Shirt underneath, black socks, and black dress shoes. Of course the Iconic thing about Edward is his white top hat that has a feather that has colors for a mega stone.
    Home Region/Town/City: Lumiouse City, Kalos
    Number of gym badges: 5

    Pokemon: Bisharp
    Nickname: Roland
    Ability: Sturdy
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Paycho Cut, Thunder Wave, Night Slash, and Stone Edge

    Pokemon: Gallade (His leadermon)
    Nickname: Althalos
    Ability: Steadfast
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Night Slash, and Thunder wave

    Pokemon: Empoleon
    Nickname: Giradin
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Surf, Drill Peck, Ice Beam Grass Knot

    Pokemon: Beedrill
    Nickname: Melchior
    Ability: Swarm
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Poison Jab, Tailwind, X-Scissor, Brick Break

    Pokemon: Aegislash
    Nickname: Excalibur
    Ability: Stance Change
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Swords Dance, King's Shield, Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword

    Pokemon: Escavalier
    Nickname: Lancelot
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Iron Head, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Toxic

    Other: Edward is a rich kid but unlike a spoiled rich kid, he will help others out even if it means getting himself in hands way.
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