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Open Pokemon World: Shadows of the Past (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Justalonelyaxew, May 10, 2017.


I want this Roleplay to take place in...

  1. Kanto.

    1 vote(s)
  2. Johto.

    0 vote(s)
  3. Hoenn.

    1 vote(s)
  4. Sinnoh.

    2 vote(s)
  5. Unova.

    6 vote(s)
  6. Kalos.

    1 vote(s)
  7. Alola.

    1 vote(s)
  8. A completely new region.

    1 vote(s)
  9. It doesn't matter for me.

    9 vote(s)
  1. It's been a long time since the last human's war. Our ancestors suffered a lot too. The only thing we know it's that there are no more humans. They disappeared; they eradicated each other. A small group of us, well... The Pokemon that lived after that war... Managed to leave and spread all across the world. We were free, no more fights unless we wanted. Now we could go wherever we wanted, do what we pleased. Now we live in the ruins of the cities that humans built long ago. Life was easy until something went wrong. We started to attack each other. A small group of Pokemon, known as "The Ancient Echoes", rebelled and started to attack other Pokemon. They also investigated the technology humans had. They wanted to gain power, and they were becoming unstoppable.
    That was, until the day, a small group of humans woke up in a small lake. But... they were no humans, they were Pokemon. What was wrong? What happened? Will they return to their world? Or will they stay in that world? Will they be good.... Or bad?

    Link to the actual Roleplay:

    This is the main plot of this Role Play. So... Yup. Humans got destroyed and Pokemon take over the world, that's the main idea. In this Roleplay, you can choose between being one of those humans turned into a Pokemon or play as a normal Pokemon, being neutral or evil. Before going directly to the rules:
    • The second one is about "The Ancient Echoes". It's basically just like one of the Teams of the Pokemon Series. That means, it has a leader and three "admins". you can be an evil minion, but I'd like to talk to you about several things with the admins and, especially, the leader. So, send me a private message before you create your character (just if it's evil).
    • The Swords of Justice also needs a leader. If you want the role, just contact me via private messages, just to give him some ideas about the character.
    • You don't have to ask for permission if you want to be a human.
    • Well, the main characters will be the humans turned into Pokemon, yet still, I'd like to keep it as a small group, so no more than 3 of those characters.
    For the moment, here are the main roles taken:
    The Ancient Echoes are essentially the evil guys of the Roleplay. They are interested in having as many human machines as they can, and they will not hesitate if they have to get them fighting or not. They are the evil faction:
    On the other hand, "The Swords of Justice" is a recent organization that fights against the Ancient Echoes and defend the other Pokemon. They only have an important figure, the creator of the organization, that also commands the instructions for the troops. It is the hero faction:
    • Leader:
    The other Pokemon will be considered as "neutral". And I have to add another thing to them, and it's the point of view with the human technology. Not all Pokemons will have the same ideology about it: some Pokemon will consider them as sacred, others will not hesitate in manipulate them, others will hate it...

    Well, let's go with the rules:
    1. The Pokecharms rules apply here too, so respect them.
    2. Try to have a good grammar, orthography...
    3. You can have a maximum of 4 characters (at least for the moment or if we are few people). But try to not to forget the ones that you are not using at that moment.
    4. No megas, no Z-moves... At least, for the moment, if the Roleplay keeps active, then I'll reconsider this idea and ask for permission.
    5. Also, no legendaries.
    6. Try to be regular. At least visit the roleplay each 2 days in order to check that other characters don't need your character to interact with.
    7. No Fakemons allowed, but...
    8. ... Feel free to create your personal "Regional" Form (I say regional because I still don't know where it is going to take place). Alolan forms are allowed too.
    9. Write "Hello" on the Other Section to make sure that you are reading the rules.
    10. You don't have a maximum of lines, but always try to write at least three lines in your replies, unless there is a good reason to write less.
    11. Please, no Mary Sues.
    12. I think that it's all for now, but if I have to add more, I'll add them here, saying it in future replies.
    13. Romance is allowed, but not sexual content.
    14. Violence is allowed, but don't make it all gore and all of that.
    Character Sheet (the underlined sections are not obligatory)
    • Name:
    • Nickname:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Species:
    • Type:
    • Appearance: (some special traits, something remarkable of your clothes (if so), some ornaments?)
    • Personality:
    • Abilities: (some special ability? If not, just write "-")
    • Weaknesses: (not obligatory if you don't have a special ability; this is in order to avoid overpowered characters; if not, just put "-").
    • Backstory: (not obligatory, but I always enjoy reading these things).
    • Crush?:
    • Alignment: (Neutral, evil or, possibly in the future, hero).
    • Other:
    I'll add my characters later, I hate when I start creating the characters for nothing at all (it's one of my favorite things of Roleplays). As always, I am open to new ideas and to discuss them in here, so don't be shy! And as always, if you are joining, then, I hope you have a great time :D
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  2. Name: Anubis
    • Nickname: the costumed crusader
    • Age:
    • Gender: male
    • Appearance: He is just a normal fennekin. However normally he goes around wearing a costume of another pokemon. Visually when he is wearing a costume you cannot tell a difference. He normally goes around as either a male vulpix or a female deerling.
    • Personality: He acts differently depending on the costume. No he doesn't have multiple personalities it is just an act. When himself he is very timid. When he is the vulpix, he goes by the name of chris. He will bravely defend those he considers friends in this costume. When he is the deerling he goes by the name of autumn, and he is very caring and will act almost like a mother towards those younger then him.
    • Abilities: His costume he makes are very potent disguise. Their is no visual difference between him and the pokemon he is disguised as. He also knows grass knot.
    • Weaknesses: He still smells like a fennekin. This means pokemon with a strong sense of smell can realize he is in a costume. He isn't a very strong pokemon. Also he can be emotionally manipulated if promised a family.
    • Backstory: He has always loved wearing costumes. He never had a family that he knew. He once had a zorua friend named illusive, though the two got separated.
    • Crush?: none
    • Alignment: neutral at the moment, however if someone adopts him he would change in alignment to the alignment of that pokemon. So he could end up evil or a hero depending on what happens.
    • Other: Hello
  3. Well, this seems interesting, I suppose that I shall be using one of my more newer characters that I have made for the roleplay.

    *All unknown information may be revealed in the roleplay with the correct action and/or conversation triggering it.

    • Name: His name is Joel.
    • Nickname: N/A
    • Age: His age is unknown, though he does appear to look awfully young.
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: Joel is a small, quadruped Pokémon that bears resemblance to the ankylosaur, as he has some distinct features in his coloration. The lower half of his body is lightly white, while the upper half is in a darker shade of black. His baby blue eyes are big, as the large, heart-shaped scale on his head is darkly blue. His teardrop-shaped, loose-hanging scales that form a semi-ring around his shoulders and upper body are black and are dark blue on the outside edge. A small, solid dark blue scale is on the tip of his black tail, as his paws and feet each have three dark blue claws. (If this is too hard to visualize, simply think of it as his negative coloring. Negative colors are the colors are flipped around in their respective spectrum; i.e. red shifts over to blue, white shifts to black, Et al.)
    • Personality: Joel is a Pokémon that should not be taken lightly for his young appearance, as he has a very short temper and minuscule patience with others. He often gets into fights with others, as he always likes to have things his own way. He cannot seem to reason with others, as he typically uses force to solve problems. Although he may seem unruly to some, he can still be somewhat befriended at first if given proper time and care.
    • Abilities: Joel is able to dodge and counter against most frontal attacks with ease, as he is able to perform some questionable actions, such as being able to hold a projectile and crush it with ease, and even executing supersonic movements to elude group attacks.
    • Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Joel does tend to get tired out easily when he is pressured into constantly countering and dodging attacks. He can succumb to the state of tunnel vision while in the midst of battle, since he is often focused on a particular target before moving onto the next; even if the target is protected by defensive moves. He can also be manipulated rather easily if one takes advantage of his predictable nature, since he often falls for trickery.
    • Backstory: A few days ago, Joel was on his own suicide mission to get an isotope known as Lunormium−J782. He was alone near a laboratory, as he snuck in the laboratory after eliminating an outside guard and using his ID card to get past security. He eluded the guards and mechanic that went to investigate an earlier alarm malfunction, as he took three scientists hostage to unlock the security gate that required three key cards and six passcodes to get inside the deeper areas of the laboratory. Unfortunately, he did not seem to realize that wearing a special lab coat was required past that security point, since he was immediately recognized by the infrared lasers that he unknowingly tripped. After hearing the sirens go off like screeching protesters, he hurried onto the freezer area and quickly snatched the needed isotope. He quickly made his way out of the laboratory after fighting off guard after guard, as he hijacked a helicopter that was originally delivering supplies for his escape. Alas, his helicopter was shot down by two of the five RPG-32 rockets that were headed straight for him, as he was forced to jump off before it exploded in midair. This was the last thing that he saw before witnessing the soundless, pitch-black darkness, as he has no idea where he is and even what happened to him now after some time from being knocked out.
    • Crush?: N/A at the moment.
    • Alignment: This will be unknown for the moment. (I do not want to spoil this!)
    • Other: Hello!
  4. Ok. I wrote this so fast yesterday that I forgot a pair of things.
    • No legendaries.
    • I added in the Character Sheet the section "Species", just to clarify the Pokemon you are for those who are new (how could I forgot about that? :'|) and "Type" in case you create a Regional Form that it's different from his original type.
    And... Yeah, both of you are accepted.
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    • Name: Marcus
    • Nickname: Mark
    • Age: 18
    • Gender: Male
    • Species: Pachirisu
    • Appearance: Wears a Bandana, and glasses
    • Personality: Calm and collected most of the time. Is a pretty fast learner. Good with mechanics.
    • Abilities: Tail can be used as an extra hand to him. His glasses have an X-Ray feature, a Map feature, a Tracker feature, a feature that can gain knowledge of the Pokemon, and can predict incoming attacks.
    • Weaknesses: The tail can be grabbed like an arm. Also his glasses are not the most durable. Also, the information it gains are not always correct, it makes connections through their actions, so if well hidden, it cannot take information. Same thing with the future attacks.
    • Backstory: Most of what Marcus is doing is a mystery. Only he knows what his plan is. What is assumed is that he is going to the past to make this happen sooner, so he can collect more technology and stuff. So he created a team of Pokemon to help him, called the Ancient Echoes, and created his base in the Castelia Sewers. Why did he want the technology? Maybe to become the ruler of this new Pokemon world.
    • Crush?: None
    • Alignment: Evil
    • Other: Hello!
  5. First of all, sorry for keeping you waiting. I am having a horrible month not having too much free time :'|.
    Ok, the majority has spoken. At this moment, Unova is winning, and since it seems quite difficult to any other option to win, the Roleplay will take place officially in Unova. We'll wait for another roleplayer and then I'll start the official thread. Well, I think it's time for posting my characters. Since we need one of those humans, at least fo getting started, one of my characters will be one of them, and the other will be one of the evil admins.

    • Name: Aiden Afton
    • Nickname: Kestrel
    • Age: 19.
    • Gender: Male.
    • Species: Rufflet.
    • Type: Normal-Flying.
    • Appearance: Kestrel is just a normal Rufflet, but his gray feathers are slightly darker, his tail is something bigger too and his beak is slightly sharpened too. He has a dark bandana with a small dragon embroidered on it. His dream was always to become a Pokemon, so probably he will struggle between stay in that world or return (if he finds a way).
    • Personality: Kestrel is kinda talkative, but shy when he meets someone. He normally shows a pessimistic attitude, but just because he likes to think that it's going to happen the worst, just to relieve himself when that doesn't occur.
    • Abilities: as a Rufflet, he has a good sight, so he is able to see some things that are quite small or that are pretty far from the place where he is.
    • Weaknesses: since he is a Rufflet, he can fly, yet he will probably end crashing, bumping other Pokemons or being forced to make an emergency landing since he is inexperienced; at least until he wins some experience.
    • Backstory: Born in Unova, Aiden was a trainer back in his time. He used to have a good team: an Axew, a Servine, a Venipede and a Rufflet, each one with his own nickname. Several months before, he decided to start his journey on Kanto, trying to see new Pokemon and beating the gym leaders. But his journey came to an end when he woke up one morning and saw that he was a Pokemon. What was happening?
    • Crush?: Not now.
    • Alignment: Neutral.
    • Other: Hello!

    • Name: Venen.
    • Nickname: (more like a title) Venen, The Toxic Fog.
    • Age: 23
    • Gender: Female.
    • Species: Unovan Salazzle.
    • Type: Poison-Dragon.
    • Appearance: Unovan Salazzles are very similar to normal Salazzles, but with a few exceptions. Their bodies are slightly blacker than normal Salazzles, and their belly, instead of being lilac, it's an intense dark blue in color. Their ornaments and the underside of their tail are from a lighter blue, but still with a purple tone. Their claws and muzzle are slightly sharpened too, showing some spikes on their head, shoulders, elbows, back, legs and tail. Venen carries a black pamela with a huge purple feather on it and a small handbag with her. She also has a little scar on his left shoulder.
    • Personality: Venen is very stubborn, proud, bossy and dominant. She is fascinated with the human ruins and technology, though she doesn't know a lot about it. She is quite intelligent, but most times it's shadowed by her impatience. She likes to be in control of the situation. She hates getting dirty. She always expects to test some of the human technology.
    • Abilities: She uses her pheromones. She normally mixes them with poison in order to intoxicate other Pokemon, other times she uses them in order to make the other Pokemon do what she wants. She likes to play in a team (that's the reason why most of the times she is accompanied by some of Unovan Salandits, that are very similar to the normal ones, but with a darker skin and fewer ornaments, being only poison type). She tends to attack by surprise, sending some of her Salandits hiding in the place, that will create a Poison Fog when their objectives are in the middle, attacking when they are confused and poisoned.
    • Weaknesses: Venen overestimates her abilities, so probably she'll accept missions or do things that totally surpass her. She is impulsive, so, in moments of stress, probably she'll do inadequate things or will be lead by his first instincts. She can produce poison indefinitely, but pheromones is completely another thing: thanks to that pheromones, she can control the other Pokemon willingness, but she can produce them at a very slow pace, not being able to produce them for a long period of time, and having a great delay between uses.
    • Backstory: when she was still a Salandit, she used to play happily near the Dragonspiral Tower, until the moment she was bullied by a bunch of local Pokemons. She was still too young and weak to win the fight, so he fled away. For years, he wandered through the mountains, but eventually went to the ruins of Nimbasa City, and got fascinated with the old human inventions and machinery. When she evolved, she came back to the Dragonspiral Tower and took control of the local Unovan Salandits, forming her personal army. When she heard about The Ancient Echoes, she didn't hesitate and looked for Marcus in order to join his troops, becoming one of his officers.
    • Crush?: Not now.
    • Alignment: Evil.
    • Other: Hello! Unovan Salazzles and Salandits got used to living in the surroundings of the (now even more in ruins) Dragonspiral Tower, somehow, obtaining the power of the Ancestral Dagons that appeared there long ago. They still can use fire-type movements, yet still, their fire is less powerful due to the less hot climate.
  6. Sounds fun, can I join?
    • Name:Roswell
    • Nickname:N\A
    • Age:Unknown
    • Gender: Male
    • Species: Beheeyem
    • Type: Psychic
    • Appearance: A normal beheeyem, but it wears a small blue glass visor over the eyes.
    • Personality: Serious, clever and intelligent, try to always be calm and focused.
    • Abilities: He is super clever and so makes him to be able to figure things out quickly, such as finding hiding places or predict the next enemy move, also, his glass visor works like a scanner, letting him scan multiple informations about multiple things.
    • Weaknesses: He can't really think fast when nervous, and without the visor he can't have much power in a battle.
    • Backstory: Roswell was in the mission of looking for an specific pokemon in the earth, but as his space ship got crashed he was the only pokemon left in the crew, after a few weeks, with scraps of the ship, he made to himself a special visor, that would help at the localization of the pokemon.One day, he finally found the dead corpse of a golem(not the pokemon golem) looking pokemon, and noticed he would need technology to bring him back to life and make another ship, so as he was in his journey he discovered about a group called The Ancient Echoes, and offered help to the leader, Marcus, in trade for a place to make his machines and a place in the staff.
    • Crush?: None
    • Alignment: Evil
    • Other: Hello!
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  7. I think Sylvally is not allowed to be used for RP. Legendary rules
  8. Ok, thanks!Also, i noticed i didnt complete the personality thingo, now its done.And yes, he actually isnt allowed in the rp.
  9. Whether or not Silvally could be considered a legendary is a little subjective, but by the game's standards a lot of players don't consider it to be one; there's just a limited number of them due to the fact that they/Type: Null are man-made Pokémon just like how Porygon are manufactured by Silph Co.. They're allowed in battle facilities + the VGC 17 SuMo tournament, have pretty so-so stats, and your Rotom Dex doesn't log Silvally and Type: Null as legendaries, itself. I hadn't thought about it before, though, so I'll see what Justalonelyaxew thinks? If no, though, it's definitely not a problem to change his species! Before now, it had actually never occurred to me that others don't consider it a "normal" Pokemon outside of its backstory.
  10. It is a discount arceus clone I'm pretty sure that is enough to be considered a legendary. By discount arceus clone I mean it has arceus's whole gimmick of changing types depending on held item. However it has so so stats so only a discount clone.
  11. Maybe. I think I'll change it either way, though; partly for that, and for the sake of the RP, I suppose it would just be easier.
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  12. Yeah, sorry for having to deny it, but it's true, @Windowmaker , Silvally isn't allowed. I've sent a message to a moderator, but he denied the petition to have one here, so, if you still want to join the RP, you'll have to change the species
  13. No worries; it's totally fine! Thank you for double-checking it for me. I'll likely come back with another character later on, then, once I have a bit of time.
  14. So, can i be an admin please c: ?
  15. Alright then.
    I will add you tomorrow in the list.
  16. Just a notification that a character doesn't have to love Anubis for him to be loyal to them. He just has to think they love him. He would gladly accept Venen as a mother and make disguises for her and her underlings if he thinks she loves him like a mother. So if you want to go ahead and bring him in to the dark side. If he feels loved he would gladly convert.
  17. I think the reason Sivally is considered a Legendary, is not because its OP. Its just because there are only three known to exist. One is owned by Gladion, the other is by the Player. (Originally Gladion). Also, even if there were more than that, to get one it would mean to break into a heavily Guarded area, Aether Paradise.
  18. Yea, in the rules they say that technically silvally and ultra beasts are catchable, but there are almost none of them, and most of them are frozen and stuff, and you would need the beast ball for the ultra beasts, what isnt something easy to get.
  19. mike my oc was going to wait until everyone in the house fell asleep and act at night. You skipping to morning isn't appreciated
  20. Sorry, I will delete my post
  21. Well, I've introduced the hero faction, known as "The Swords of Justice". From now on, everyone can join the hero faction. I'll modify the first post of the Discussion for the new people that is interested in joining. I'll post more info about the organization there.

    And I think it's a good moment to remember that you can have up to three characters.
  22. Oc number two
    Name: Illusive
    Nickname: NA
    Age: 5
    Gender: male
    Species: Zorua
    Type: Dark electric
    Appearance: He is a normal Zorua except his tuft of fur at the top of his head is yellow. However he has a female vulpix costume that Anubis gave him. He has never taken it off since it was given to him. He goes by the name Elise in this costume.
    Personality: He would do anything for Anubis. He is only trust someone if Anubis says he can.
    Abilities: He is similar to a joltik in that if he can find electricity to drain he needs no food. He has very strong electric attacks.
    Weaknesses: He cannot use illusions like most of his kind. He is also very easily knocked out. Basically he is a glass cannon.
    He was being abused by his family for not being able to use illusion.
    Backstory: Anubis saw this and gave the Zorua the costume mentioned above and ran away with him. Since then Anubis has felt that he owed everything to Anubis.
  23. Sorry for not being active today, my battery gone down and I was in the streets almost all day today, didn't had any time to charge my cellphone.
  24. Don't worry. Feel free to post when you want.
  25. Ok, you can, just create the character with the character sheet you have above.
  26. Name:stygian
    Type: ground/flying
    Appearence:normal coloring of a gliscor,but has tons of scars across his body and has red eyes
    Personality: very calm and kind,but has social troubles
    Abilities:he can fly faster than most other gliscor,through tons of training and knows how to use the 3 elemental fang Moves (can we use more than 4 moves?)
    Weaknesses:he cares about others way too much and can't fight against an ice type
    Backstory:he was a gliscor born with red eyes,and people feared him and constantly beat him so he ran away,now he travels alone,not wanting to be with others due to fear of being rejected,but he has to survive by himself
    Alignment:currently neutral
  27. Ok, you are accepted. Feel free to post when you want. And, yeah, you can have more than 4 moves. I mean... I understand why they put a maximum of 4 moves in the games, but I think that is a nonsense here.
  28. Name: Mike
    • Nickname:
    • Age:13
    • Gender:Male
    • Species:Ninetales
    • Type: Fire Psychic
    • Appearance: Like a normal Ninetales except He has silver tips of his tails and pinkish orbs of energy levitating about an inch away from the tips of each of his tails.
    • Personality: He is a pacifist. He would never harm a pokemon. He would pin one down to prevent it from hurting other pokemon but that is about it. He loves the fact that he has been turned into a pokemon. He is very affectionate towards young pokemon. However he would probably be a bad choice too raise a kid because he is a pacifist. Even if one pokemon is attacking a bunch of baby pokemon he will not hurt them. Though if a young pokemon asked him to do anything that doesn't involve him hurting anyone he would do it in a heartbeat.
    • Abilities: He can use hypnosis to put pokemon to sleep. He can make things levitate.
    • Weaknesses: He will never protect himself. Children can be used to manipulate him into giving them anything that doesn't involve him hurting anyone. He cannot mind control like a normal Ninetales. Yes that is a thing that dex entries say ninetales can do. He is to trusting.
    • Backstory:He was once a human that loved pokemon above all else and wished he could be one to communicate with them. He would never hurt a pokemon even if it attacked him.
    • Crush?:
    • Alignment: Leaning towards heros though he would never fight. He would have to do task that don't involve hurting anyone.
    • Other: Hello
    • Name: Ben.
    • Nickname: That Guy.
    • Age: 14.
    • Gender: Male.
    • Species: (Was a Human) Haunter.
    • Type: Ghost Poison .
    • Appearance: He has a slight Pinkish color.
    • Personality: Ben was, and still is a nice guy. He would prefer to stay out of the action. He doesn't really want to hurt anyone.
    • Abilities: Well he can float through walls, since he is a Ghost Type. He just can do Ghost Type stuff.
    • Weaknesses: He is soft, so you need to make him feel guilty for something, then he is vulnerable.
    • Backstory: (not obligatory, but I always enjoy reading these things).
    • Crush?: No
    • Alignment: He is a Good Guy, he does Good Things
    • Other: Hello!
  29. Accepted! Since we are three humans now, the characters that can be human are closed now.
  30. I'm having an idea, @Carlos15342 Why don't you join the hero faction, so they can send you to Nacrene Town and help the other local Pokemon defending it?

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