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Open Pokemon: World of Wonders

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Lil Eliza123, Nov 12, 2017.


Where should we start the Rp?

  1. Star City

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  2. New wind town

    1 vote(s)
  3. Juniper town

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  4. Other (please post what your idea is)

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  1. Imagine a Pokemon world without the monsters you know today but instead inhabited by humans with a strange power, the power to call forth the aid of a pokemons spirit to give them strength. In this world humans have the ability to make a bond with a Pokemon spirit allowing them to fuse with the spirit combining there appearance with that of the Pokemon and gaining the ability of the Pokemon. Many used these powers to better their lives and further civilisation but the biggest thing to come out of this power was the start of a new fighting sport where people used their powers to fight others and worked their way too the top by competing in tournaments in the hopes of becoming a champion.

    This Rp is mainly the same as most other Pokemon RPs and will have groups of people exploring a new region to compete in many tournaments to eventually become the champion of the region. The main differences will be that you can't catch Pokemon and instead you can bond with a Pokemon spirit. There are also no moves and the battles can be more free instead of turn based. The Pokemon spirit also has a consciousness and can communicate with you.
    1. No Godmodding.
    2. No Mary Sues.
    3. You can only bond with 1 Pokemon so chose carefully.
    3. No legendary's
    4. You dont have to start with a first evolution.
    5. Have fun.
    Character Bios:

    Bond Pokemon
    Bond appearance (what you look like when you fuse with the spirit):
    My Bio:
    Name: June Fey
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: June has long brown hair and ruby red eyes, she wears a pair of black sneakers, a pair of blue denim jeans, a purple shirt with a white jacket, a black messenger bag, a golden necklace and a pair of black sunglasses.
    Personality: June is usually in a good mood and always tries to get the best out of any situation. June loves fighting but values her friends above anything else and if you mess with her friends June will make sure you regret it.
    Other: no

    Bond Pokemon
    Name: Mirage
    Species: Zoroark
    Gender: Female
    Bond appearance: When bonded June's hair goes black and increases in length while also fluffing up, a mask appears on her face resembling a Zoroarks face, June's hands begin to grow claws and her skin becomes a shade of dark grey as well as be eloping red markings throughout her body.
    Personality: Mirage is very laid back and doesn't care about much though she does love herself a good fight. Mirage doesn't always act it but she is quite fond of June and likes how she looks to find the best of any situation.
    Other: no
  2. I'm in, going to make a form later
  3. Ello!~
    Name: Adara Halloway
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Adara has tan skin and dirty blonde hair, which is usually pulled up in space buns (look it up). Her skin is freckled, mainly on her face. She even has a tattoo of a fire symbol on her shoulder, but it's very small and usually covered. Her eyes are simple, a light hazel. She wears a simple black tee shirt, as well as simple, faded blue shorts. She wears a simple copper necklace that bears an obsidian pendant and usually lies on her chest.
    Personality: Adara, whose name literally means fire, is surprisingly chill. Nothing really bothers her, and she's pretty laid back, not to mention friendly. She isn't scared of social situations, and tends to be a bit too bold. She's really caring, and maybe a bit too protective of her friends. However, if you do manage to piss her off, you'll have a bad time with her bonded form.

    Name: Akaor (Pronounced 'Ah-Kay-Or')
    Species: Arcanine
    Gender: Male
    Bond Appearance: When Adara and Akaor do fuse, chances are you've pissed them off. Adara's hair lightens a few shades to match the lighter tones of Akaor's fur, and she grows taller, by a few inches. Black markings dash across her arms, and her eyes, once hazel, darken so much they're almost black. Her fingernails sharpen to a point of claws. She also sprouts orange ears and a long, sharp-looking but surprisingly fluffy blonde tail.
    Personality: Akaor is, like, eternally salty. He's very protective and very loyal, willing to do anything to protect his companion. He's violently rude to everyone else, but coldly affectionate to his trainer. He does have a softness, but it doesn't get through often.
  4. Human
    Name: Randy Warren
    Gender: male
    Appearance: He is tall and slightly built. Randy has dark hair cut short, and dark green eyes. He wears a shirt that has a pattern similar to the one on Kabutops. He goes around barefoot. Around his neck is a necklace with a dome fossil on it.
    Personality: Randy is a fun guy, or as he would say, a fungi. Randy is a jokester, and likes to trick people up. That being said, he is quite nice and knows how to use his noggin.
    Other: For his personally, think of a hillbilly.

    Bond Pokemon
    Name: Blade
    Species: Kabutops
    Gender: Male
    Bond appearance (what you look like when you fuse with the spirit): Randy's hair grows into a hard shell, and he grows in size. His arms grow more lanky and his hands turns to blades.
    Personality: Blade is quite serious, and keeps Randy on task. He is quite competitive, and knows his limits. Blade knows to leave strategy to Randy.
    Other: He places his spirit in the Dome symbol on Randy's necklace
  5. Hey, this looks nice.

    Name: Silas Mystic
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Silas has long silver hair and cobalt blue eyes. He wears a pair of black sneakers, a pair of blue denim jeans, and a purple shirt with a white jacket.
    Personality: Silas is a selfless young man, indiscriminately expressing a willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need. Silas has altruistic intentions, so that one may see him revealing a stark discomfort at playing the role of confidant; when mocked for constantly seeking to aid others, Silas responds by admitting to feeling depressed when listening to their woes, owing to his inability to find the right advice to give them all the time. Although he wants to help people better themselves, he can also be very opinionated and a surprisingly harsh critic, occasionally being insulting without intending to come across as such.

    Other: N/A

    Bond Pokemon
    Name: Shura
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Male
    Bond appearance: When Silas and Shura fuse, Silas's hair goes light green, to match his Shura's scale color, and he grows taller, by a few inches. He grows a pair of large rhombus-shaped wings with a red trim, and grows claws. He grows a tail that has several dark green stripes and three small green rhombus shapes with red trims at the end.
    Personality: Despite his appearance, Shura is surprisingly honourable and has good intentions for his actions. H
    e is often a loner, eating away from other Pokemon. Because of his reputation as a rugged and emotionless Pokemon, he is afraid that he would tarnish the Silas's reputation if people knew he training with him. He feels that his past burdens others down.
    Other: N/A
  6. All accepted! I'll probably make the Rp thread in an hour or so.
  7. IT'S POKÉMON BUT WITH STANDS except it isn't because I'm the only person thinking of it that way.

    Also, it seems most "powers" is actually just a change in appearance, since Moves aren't involved in this and nobody's mentioned gaining any actual abilities yet. Might be something to change around a bit, perhaps by adding in a "Bond Abilities" entry on the form or just by bringing Moves back.


    Gall Revis

    Thirty years


    (Biker) Stout with a wide body and equally broad shoulders. Favors boots, trustworthy jeans and sleeveless shirts and jackets. Black hair is consistently braided into dreadlocks.

    Personality: Extremely rough and physically inclined. Could be described as 'thuggish'. Lives his life for little other than thrills, and is prone to causing street accidents and other such 'incidents' because of it. Considers himself to be a genuine gangster, but is not affiliated with any real gang.

    Bond Pokemon




    Bond appearance:
    Conjurs an image of Beldum and manipulates it remotely. Beldum is extremely strong and durable, but injuries successfully inflicted on it will transfer to Gall. Movements are exaggerated with distance.

    Lacks independent movement, and has thus not displayed much in terms of thought or preferences, though it can share senses and feelings with Gall, similarly to how injuries are shared when their Bond is active. Beldum has proven itself to be highly calculating and skeptical, which runs counter to Gall's hasty nature. Beldum often invokes its own wariness onto Gall, but is usually ignored. Disagreements often cause headaches, which vary in intensity.
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  8. Accepted
    Well, actually when the bond occurs the person who has bonded with the spirit gains the Pokemon's abilities. I probably should have been more clear about that
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  9. I’d like to sign up. I will post later today due to issues with my life and such.
  10. Is that a Mother Fucking jojo reference!?
  11. Character Bios:
    Name: Joey Ginjo
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: wear a dark purple shirt and grey pants and black shoes, wear a bandanna scarf around his neck has medium length white hair that is swiped above his right eye
    Personality: Usually Laid back and a bit lazy but very serious when needed, very kind and loyal to those he trust.
    Other: likes to pull his bandanna up after transforming

    Bond Pokemon
    Name: Skar
    Species: Drapion
    Gender: Male
    Bond appearance : Jonas' arms become that of a Drapion, he gets a tail and fangs, his hair becomes purple and grows to below his neck, the top of his hair is spiked to the right
    Personality: is an anime style badass, like looking cool in battles and when just hanging around
    Other: is quite edgy
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  12. character bios:1
    Name: Hedrick Salazar (I am bad at names.)
    Age: Late 20s
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (From head to toe)His skin color is dark tan. His outfit consists of a few simple things, he wears a purple hoodie with a design of what seems like a purple dragon wearing a skull on the back. His hair color is dark brown and he usually wear sunglasses. His eyes are strangely dark blue. On his lower body we wears some ripped jeans most of the time. His footwear is sandals and his socks are green with a design of a green dragon.
    Personality: Quiet and Calm, he doesn’t usually talk unless he is having a interesting conversation.
    Other: He likes dragons, but doesn’t believe in them (yet.).

    Bond Pokemon
    Name: Shade
    Species: Umbreon (Mysterious) got okay with @Lil Eliza123
    Gender: Female
    Bond appearance: When her partner and her bond, their minds combine and work together as ‘one’. Hedrick’s appearance change, like his sunglasses seem to break off every time they bond. His skin color changes from his original dark tan to a green-ish blue color. His eyes become pure dark and his hair turns white. Note that a mysterious aura seems to flow around him.
    Personality: Shade’s Personality is quite similar to Hedrick’s. She is calm, but at the same time, dark and aggressive. Sometimes when they both argue, things can go bad.
    Bond Abilities: Shade and Hedrick’s bond made them have the abilities to shoot purple, dark, ghostly Ball from the palms of the hand. They also gained the ability to focus, causing them to focus on his surroundings.
    Bond Weaknesses: When they is in focus on his surroundings, a surprise attack can weaken him if strong enough. One other weakness is when he gets tired, they loses his focus. So a hard hit when them is tired is what they both is most weak to.
    Bond Advantages: They is learning the ability to jump high in the air while shooting Shadow Ball’s below. (They will master it late on the roleplay.)
    Other: Has a high interest in Memes.
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  13. Sorry I've had to do some stuff. @Koopa6000 accepted
    @Sun and Moon this isn't in a game so there's no such thing as glitched Pokemon but other then that accepted
  14. I've accepted him. Look at my post after he posted his bio
  15. Hey everyone can you please take the poll before I start the Rp just so we can get a clear view of where were starting
  16. Edited my bio. Also can you tell me what is the towns?

    And how they look?
  17. I think i might change my mind and set the Rp in an already existing region. That way it's eaisier for everyone to know where we are. Is that a good idea?
  18. The Rp will start like in a few minuets... Sorry for the wait I haven't had a lot of spare time on my hands and well... Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out so yea... But it should be up soon
  19. if it isn't too late, is there room for one more?
  20. Pkmn USUM? What about it?
  21. Zeraora is my favorite electric type, that’s whats about it.
  22. No Spoilers!

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