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Pokemon World Masters' Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WillIsMyName, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. (alright, let's see how this goes)

    By the combined efforts of all the Pokemon leagues from all 6 regions, a new worldwide tournament has been established in order to determine who will become the members of the newest elite four, as well as who will be their champion. The tournament itself will take place on a massive island that has been specifically repurposed for this event. All trainers participating must have all their Pokemon as corresponding to one specific type. (dual type Pokemon are ok, as long as one of the Pokemon's types match the types of all your other Pokemon).

    The tournament is divided into 2 stages. The first stage would be a general random matchup tournament, where trainers are pitted against other randomly chosen trainers. However, the purpose of the first stage is to determine who will become the best trainer in a specific type. Once the best trainer has been determined for every single type, than the second stage will begin. The second stage will be a round-robin stye tournament, where every single selected trainer will play one another. Whoever progresses to the second stage, and whoever wins, will be determined by the amount of wins and losses they have. The top 5 trainers will become the new champion and elite 4.

    For the sake of simplicity, all Pokemon matches will be 3 v 3, however, you are allowed to have 4 Pokemon. Your first post must determine the Pokemon you have, your specific type, and any other important details about you.

    Good Luck!
    Will stepped off the ferry, carrying his bags. He surveyed all the other trainers that had arrived to participate in the tournament. He noticed, with a hint of dismay that nearly all of them were older than him. Everyone talked excitedly about the upcoming tournament, their odds of winning, and the opening ceremony, where it was rumored that all 6 reigning Pokemon Champions would be present. Hoisting his bag, Will stepped into the long line of participants, in order to register their names for the tournament, as well as to check in for the rooms that they would be staying in. As he stood behind an obese, bearded man, (who, by the looks of his sailor uniform, was a water-type trainer), he contemplated on his own chances of winning. He remembered receiving the invitation a week after his birthday, the elated look on his parents' faces, and boarding the ferry with all the other "hopefuls" from his region. Will looked down at the 4 poke balls containing his own Pokemon: Magnezone, Aegislash, Aggron, and Metagross, all of which he had trained intensively with just in the event of an opportunity like this. Once again observing the sea of faces around him, Will was confident that he would try his best to become the selected Steel-type pokemon trainer, and after that, Will pondered, anything else goes. Bored, Will looked back to observe the arrival of more ferries, and the trainers that all of the boats held.

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  2. Mei stepped off of the ferry enjoying the island breeze. Her Altaria cooed softly next to her as the young competitor gazed her eyes over her opponents. 'How many of these people can actually manage to master the hardships of dragon type training?' she asked herself. The girl had sky blue hair with a nice simple white dress on. The dress stops at her knees, but the overcoat on behind it goes down near her ankles. Mei also sported tall blue boots the same color of her hair. Next to Harmony her Altaria, they looked very similar in colors. "Melody, do you think that once we get to an open spot we should let Vern fly around? Last time he was kept cooped up in his Pokeball for too long, aunt Kallie's house almost burned down!" Mei joked happily. Harmony gave a soft laugh and gave the girl a hug. "Well lets go!" The duo ran to an open spot near the main stadium

    "Vern! Armory! Mirage! Lets go!" She called. Vern the Noivern popped out of the pokeball first. To be honest the dragon looked relatively happy to be released. However once his eyes fell onto Mei he blew a strong gust of wind in her face, making her hair fly everywhere. "I'm sorry Vern! Its not like I didn't miss you, its just that he captain would have liked to use his ship more than once!" Mei joked nervously. The Noivern calmed and then stopped messing around to her relief.

    Armory came out next. The Garchomp let out a very loud roar and Mei quickly hushed him. "We cant attract too much attention! Try roaring softer." She whispered and laughed as Armory gave a soft grumble was like a tiny roar.

    Finally Mirage her Flygon came out and gave Harmony a big hug. The two have been great friends since forever and they hated to be separated. "So are we ready to become the champion?"
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  3. While observing the oncoming crowd of people departing from the ferries, only a few Trainers stood out in his mind. Perhaps the most prominent of which was a young girl with blue hair, who happened to have released all her pokemon, and was now conversing with them on the dock. Judging by the Altaria and Flygon that were hovering listlessly near her, Will determined that she must specialize with Dragon types. Will Briefly debated whether he too, should release his pokemon in order to give them some exercise and freedom, but due to his confined position in the crowd, he decided against it. At long last, Will finally reached the front of the line, where a blue-vested woman with a ridiculous smile on her face issued him his Tournament ID Card, as an itinerary for the rest of the evening. Glancing at it, Will saw that the opening ceremony took place in the afternoon, at 7:30. Passing through the security gate, Will kept walking until he found a roomy, secluded area within the massive courtyard of the Tournament's central "hub" building. One by one, Will released all of his pokemon. His Aggron released a loud, gravelly, roar which attracted Will the patronizing looks of many passing trainers. Fortunately, his Metagross and Magnezone gave Will their typical friendly low, resonant hums, while the Aegislash made no sound whatsoever. Giving his Aggron a knock on his outer shell, Will looked around at the other trainers who had released their Pokemon too, and was shocked by the sheer variety of Pokemon he saw, with Pokemon of all types and from all regions being present.

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