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Ask to Join Pokemon World Journey (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Mar 28, 2020.

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    For years the Kanto region had been a peaceful place. Team Rocket had been defeated long ago, by a group of friends, so not much had gone on in the years that followed. The region had come to enjoy the peacful nature that had followed the fall of the nefarious team that wanted to take over the world. In the Years that have followed, a new professor as taken on the reigns of sending out new trainers.

    Grace Oak is what most would consider a new professor. She is the sister of Gary Oak, and has taken on the family legacy of becoming a researcher. Grace is around 27 years old, and seemed to be very versed in her field of research. The young professor has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She wore a sun dress that comes to her knees with a yellow flower pattern. Over this she wore a white lab coat over the dress.

    A loud crash could be heard from the lab in Pallet town. It seemed that the peaceful life of Kanto had just ended. When Grace made it to the lab, it was a werck, almost everything was in shambles. Taking out her phone, she made a phone call to the officer Jenny who was on duty. "Hey Officer Jenny, we have a problem someone broke into the lab. Yeah I think we might need to inform trainers. Yes the pokemon that I have set aside for new trainers are gone, well except for three, who I was saving for a three new trainers. Yeah I have their pokeballs with me."

    Akira had been in Kanto for a day now. He was in Viridian as that is where he landed. He was to meet with Professor Grace today. Though the message that he received from the local police department, was a bit concerning. It read as followed.

    "Dear Trainers and concerned young people,

    There has been a break in at the lab. Pokemon and research that is very valuable was taken. As such I have decided to send this out letter letting everyone know that I have a device that will help with keeping your pokemon safe. If you will come by the lab I can give you more information that that this letter might leave out.

    Professor Grace Oak of Kanto."

    Well seeing as Akira wanted to keep his pokemon safe, he decided to go see the professor. He made his way to Pallet town, with him was Sky, who was his eevee. Sky was on his shoulder as they walked.

    When they were at the lab, Akira looked around, it seemed that the place was in the process of being repaired. Walking in, Akira was greeted by Grace Oak, who asked him if he was there for a pokemon. Before he could say anything, a bulbasaur, rushed up to Akira, and hide behind his leg. It seemed that it was running from a mad pikachu, was ready to shock the poor grass type. "Hey little guy," Akira spoke to the pikachu. "I know you are mad, but there are other ways to deal with the problem then fighting."

    Akira knelt down to the bulbasaur, who was still scared. When he knelt, bulbasaur pushed into a hug. When he looked up to the professor, Grace had a smile on her face. "Well it looks like you have a way with bulbasaur here. She has been really sad that her friend was taken, do you think you want to take her with you. She needs someone who will look out for her." Akira smiled and noded to Grace. He had always wanted a bulbasaur, and now he had one of his own. He was handed her pokeball, which he put into his bag.
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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Alright Riolu! Let's go to the Lab" Ben said as he slung his backpack around his back. The qura pokemon responded with a nod, jumping on Ben's shoulder, his preferred mode of travel. Ben could not wait for his journey, and in a split second he had gone out the door after saying to his mother "Alritimgoingtolabgetnewmonloveyoumombye". He knew he was going to get a rake over the coals when he called her again due at his rushed farewell....but who cares.

    When Ben reached the Lab, he was surprised. "When did the lab get a redesign?" he mumbled. He noticed another boy and Grace together, the boy had a bulbasaur who was hugging the boy. Ben approached, "Um, are you all okay what happened here?" he questioned, before seeing a fire lizard, who looked both defensive but nervous.

    Immediately everything was forgotten "Oh YEAH! We get to choose a starter correct? We'll I'd like to choose" he paused as he contemplated his options, the boy had a bulbasaur so that was off the table...." I'd like to choose charmander" he said triumphantly.

    Suddenly he felt embarrassed "I'm sorry, was that insensitive? I didn't mean to ignore what happened here." he took in the room "What did happen here anyway?"
  3. Charlie was on Route 1 when he got the message from the Pallet Town Police Department, luckily he was heading to Pallet Town anyways, so he quickly made his way to the scene of the crime. Upon his arrival, he quickly spotted the professor with two other trainers, he approached the small group and began questioning them on what had happened. "Professor! I got the message from the local department, is everything alright? Was anything stolen?" He asked, being a fellow researcher he had a lot of concerns about research being taken.
  4. Amethyst Dupeble was in Kanto because of a contest. She had flown out from her home in Kalos, stayed at a hotel, competed in the contest, and placed fairly well. But even though her performance had been called excellent, and even extraordinary, she knew her mother wouldn’t be happy. She knew she should call home, but she wasn’t ready for that.

    And so she had walked from Viridian City down route one, trying to clear her mind. Her Fenniken, Ren, trotted alongside her. He was happy, with his tail shaking briskly and a small twig in his mouth. It was a Fenniken’s favorite snack, after all. But Amethyst hardly noticed her happy companion. She herself was upset, and walking to calm herself, to avoid what awaited her, to put off the inevitable.

    She suddenly found that she had nearly cleared the forest, and that Pallet Town lay before her. She glanced down at Ren, who was sniffing at a small bush. The girl sighed and waited for her companion. She had plenty of time, anyways. But then her Pokedex rang. She fished it out of her pocket, and saw that she had a message:

    "Dear Trainers and concerned young people,

    There has been a break in at the lab. Pokemon and research that is very valuable was taken. As such I have decided to send this out letter letting everyone know that I have a device that will help with keeping your pokemon safe. If you will come by the lab I can give you more information that that this letter might leave out.

    Professor Grace Oak of Kanto."

    Amethyst wasn't sure how this 'Professor Grace Oak' had gotten her number. However, she knew that the lab couldn't be that far away, and indeed she thought she saw several trainers heading there already. She thought for a moment, and eventually decided she should go. If the professor was offering something that would help keep her Pokemon safe, then she might as well go see it.

    A minute or two later, she stepped timidly into the lab. Three others her age had already arrived, and she felt a bit shy. Ren, however, was shaking his tail happily.


    Meanwhile, at the Viridian City Airport

    David yawned. It had been a long flight from Unova, and even though he had been able to sleep through a part of it, it had been far from comfortable. Now he was sitting at a bench, ready to leave. He wasn't ready to let either of his Pokemon out quite yet, not while they were still inside the airport. It wasn't as if he didn't want to, but he deemed it best to wait. But as soon as Alex was ready, they could go out into the city.
  5. Tony calmly walked past the entrance into Pallet Town with his hands in the pockets of his coat. His usual expression showed clear indifference about what happened, although when it came to Pokemon, that was something that ticked Tony off, behind Tony was a Black fox like Pokemon who tailed him with a smile on her face, a Zorua. "You sure you don't wanna go in your Poke ball lil' guy?" Tony asked his four legged companion who shook her head in response. "Suit yourself, just be careful. We're nearly there." Tony said as he made his way closer to the lab, already he could see that something terrible happened as it looked to be in quite a mess.

    "Professor Grace? I got that message, there anything else we should know?" Tony asked as he stepped in to the lab alongside Zorua who looked around at everyone with curiosity, yet remained close to her beloved trainer, clearly she didn't want to leave her side.
  6. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Neo sat at his desk, feet raised up, as he watched the television. Airing on one of the channels as was a championship battle between Raihan and the Galar’s undefeated champion Leon. Raihan was always trying to claim the title as champion but never succeeded. The eighth gym leader was strong and more than enough times proved himself for that position, but Leon always seemed to be in a league of his own. One day, Neo planned to travel to the Galar Region and challenge Raihan and Leon.

    While he was watching the battle, Dahde, Neo's Dedenne, was resting on Neo's bed, curled up into a ball. Volt, Neo's Elekid, was resting in its Pokeball. Dahde was jolted awake when Neo's Pokegear rang from its charger on his desk. He put his feet down and grabbed the device. There was a notification on the screen: “URGENT MESSAGE.” He opened up the message and read it to himself. He frowned as he finished reading and stood up from his chair. Dahde sensed his trainer’s rustling and awoke from his slumber, stretching in the bed. “Ne ne?” Dahde chirped inquisitively.

    “Something happened at the professor’s lab,” Neo told his partner. He strapped on his poketch on his watch and grabbed his blazer. “Let’s go.”
    Dahde bound and jumped onto his trainer’s shoulder. They walked downstairs where his mother was in the living room watching tv. “Mom,” Neo called out. “Something happened at the professor’s lab in Pallet Town. I’m going to go check it out.”

    “Okay,” she replied. “Be careful and let me know when you get there and are safe”

    “I will.” And with that he left his home in Viridian City and headed to Pallet Town. The trip wasn’t too long and eventually he made it to the small town. He saw the Pokémon lab and made his way over. Dahde was perched atop Neo’s head as they entered the Pokémon lab. “Professor,” he called out as he entered. “Everything okay?” He then noticed the other trainers there. “Oh, hello all.”
  7. "Thank you for taking the time to come to the lab. I know you guys probably have more important things to do, but I wanted to make sure that all trainers and others with pokemon were aware what happened here last night. If you will follow me I will show you what happened." Grace led the trainers to the back room. It was a forest like room that used to hold pokemon that were not native to the region. It now had a massive hole in the wall, and all of the pokemon were gone. The tree that were around the room, were damaged, and some even fallen. "Last night a group unknown to us, broke into the lab, and had taken all of the pokemon that was stored here. Some were very rare to this region, and a few had been in this lab since they were born. This is not only what concerns me either, as some of our equipment was taken as well. I do not know what they plan on using it for, but I wanted to make sure that you all were safe in case they try and come after everyone with a pokemon. That is why I want to give anyone with a pokemon this."

    With that Grace walked back into the main room of the lab. She pulled out a key to a very large cabinet, and opened it. Inside was a collection of different colored devices that seemed to be same. "This is something that I have been working on for awhile. It will allow you to secure any pokemon that you have. This device can be used as basically a portable pc to hold onto pokemon that you have. It is all password protected, so the only person who can get into it would you. There are a few other features as you can trade pokemon as well with others of the same system, so I will give each of you an instruction manual for it."

    Turning to Ben, Grace smiled at the boy. She was glad to see that younger people were happy to be starting out in their journey. When he expressed interest in the charmander, she knew that the match would be perfect for the both of them. "I will be glad to let you take Charmander with you. It will have a lot of fun out with you then stuck here with me."

    Akira was happy to have a new friend. He decided to name her after one of his favorite tree, Willow. When Grace started to explain why she wanted them there, he knew that the device would be useful to him. He had to travel for the contests that he wanted to compete in the region. He would have competed in the contest that was in Veridian when he got there, but sign ups had passed when he got to the stage, so he was not able to do so.
  8. It was a nice warm day on Cinnabar Island. Actually it felt a little too warm. Almost as if someone nearby had used sunny day to brighten the sky. Friedrich could feel the overwhelming heat beat down on him. He didn't mind too much as the heat. Didn't bother him much. He looked over at his magby Vulkan who looked especially comfy sitting on a large boulder. He then turned to his cubone Geister who was napping in the shade. And snoring too. You would think Geister was a snorlax the way it was snoring. Friedrich just leaned back and continued enjoying his rest up until the point when he heard the sound of many footsteps. He looked around to his immediate horror as a large furry monster was running straight for him. Friedrich spared not a fraction of a second to panic, Vulkan! Burn it with fire! Hyaaaa!!! He yelled as he ran from the monster. Vulkan recognized instantly who the monster was. As soon as Friedrich saw Vulkan's reaction he stopped to see it was just his brother's arcanine. Friedrich tried to play it off as he knew it was arcanine the whole time, "Wow... your so fast. I wanted to see how fast your pokémon had gotten" Friedrich said to his brother. "Fritz I'm your brother. I know you too well. Your my crybaby little brother. Your tough guy act won't work on me ,but enough of that. Have you heard about that break in in Pallet Town? Crazy news. I'd go to check it out ,but I'm expected to be in Johto tonight. You think you'd check it out? You do plan to be a Professor one day don't you?" His brother said.

    Friedrich wanted no part in no criminal activity. But they needed help. But they didn't need his help. However what would an aspiring researcher do? These and many other thoughts flooded his head, "Whatever. Don't go. They don't need losers anyways. They need real heroes to help. Not wannabe Professors" His brother continued knowing Friedrich would eventually cave which he did ,and then some. He returned Geister to his pokéball and carried Vulkan in his arms.

    Friedrich was extra motivated to prove his brother wrong now. His brother smiled offering him a ride on his lapras to Pallet Town. Friedrich wanted to so desperately take a boat instead ,but he knew boats didn't travel from Cinnabar Island to Pallet Town. He reluctantly accepted his brother's offer. Despite his brothers seemingly mean personality he genuinely cared for his brother and was excited to see him take the offer. As soon as they arrived his brother headed back to Cinnabar Island where he would stay until he decided he was ready to head to Johto.

    Friedrich looked around at the small humble town as he knew instantly where he was. He took a deep breath to evaluate his alarming circumstances, and to put on a brave face before attempting to make contact with the people within the vicinity. He looked confident. Felt confident. For all tenses and purposes he was a new man ready to help. He saw some other people had arrived, "Let's bring the heat Vulkan!" Friedrich said. "Mag maag!" Vulkan cheered.
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  9. Tony silently followed the professor in to the desecrated nature reserve and widened his eyes in surprise before he gritted his teeth. When the professor made her way back to introduce these new devices, Tony picked one up to have a closer look, the one he picked was black. "Sounds like these things might come in handy. I didn't say this before, but the name's Tony Mercer." Tony said as he looked at the professor. "Am I to assume you want us to train, get stronger, find these stolen Pokemon and try to bring 'em back? I hope you'll forgive me, I tend to be a lazy reader." He added with a clear tone of indifference while his Zorua curiously walked around the place and smiled cheerfully at the other Pokemon.
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  10. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Alyssa woke up to the, well, annoying sound of her alarm in the comfiness of her hotel room. She woke up quite immediately, and began already getting ready, for, well, nothing in particular. She was a tourist from Kalos, and she brought her Pokémon with her, just in case she wanted to battle. But she got a new message from the current, rather new professor of Kanto, which read:

    Dear Trainers and concerned young people,

    There has been a break in at the lab. Pokemon and research that is very valuable was taken. As such I have decided to send this out letter letting everyone know that I have a device that will help with keeping your pokemon safe. If you will come by the lab I can give you more information that that this letter might leave out.

    Professor Grace Oak of Kanto.

    She best decided to come as this new device seemed promising; as one time her mom was almost robbed of her Pokémon. As she was in Pewter City at the time, it wasn’t too far, but far enough for her to take a taxi. After getting ready and having a small but filling breakfast, she took a taxi to the lab.

    After a little while of driving, she paid the taxi and ran to the lab. She didn’t notice anyone at the entrance, so she looked around until she saw a group of trainers. Alyssa decided it was best to go over there, but when she arrived, she saw the “damaged” area of the lab that was reported that way since a little while ago.

    “Er.. is everything okay here?” Alyssa asked the group of trainers.
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  11. Amethyst followed in silence. The sight of the destroyed Pokemon habitat made her feel strangely sad, and although she tried to hide it, it still showed on her face. She lingered at the door a moment longer as the others followed the professor, and then turned to catch up. She caught up just in time to hear the professor's explanation of the strange devices. She murmured something under her breath in kalosian and just stared. She didn't move forward to take one of the devices. She was too shy to go up before a few others did. Besides, she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to trust the professor. For all she knew, this could be a way to steal Pokemon and not to prevent theft. There was no reason why it would be, but still....

    Ren stood at his trainer's heel, just as he had been trained. He saw the other foxlike Pokemon, a Zorua, walking around, though, and his tail began to wag in greeting.
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  12. "Actaully I mainly sent this out to make sure you guys were safe. I want to make sure that anyone who has a pokemon with them are safe. This will keep the pokeballs that you have safe, while still accessible to you." Grace had a soft smile about her. She was a kind person, who would help anyone in need. Looking over the group, she knew that they might not believe her, so she decided to talk to them. "I know it might not be much, but this is the best I can do at the moment. These are of my own making, and new. They have been tested by me and a select few trainers in the past. I have decided to pass these out as a begining trainers. I remember when I was younger. I feared for the safety of my families pokemon. My grandfather is a great researcher, and I hope to take over his legacy. I want to help young people reach their goals, and be the best they can be. I would do anything to make sure that their saftey is my top concern, so that is why I am giving these out to you now. I want to make sure that anyone who has a pokemon, has a chance to defend themself and their partner." After Grace stopped talking, a Ninetails came in the room, with a tray balanced on her head. She had pots of tea and coffee, and with one that seemed to be the professor's, as she took the cup, and began to drink. When Grace had her cup, Ninetails went to the group of trainers with the offer of a drink.

    Grace sat her cup down when a new person came into the lab. When she spoke she addressed the new arrival. "Come on in, we were just talking about what happened. The short story is that some group broke into the lab, and stole pokemon and equipment from the lab. I am giving out a device that will help keep pokemon safe."

    Akira being curious, he walked up to the cabinet, and picked up a pink PC box. He loved the color as it was one of his favorites. He was glad to have it, especially since it would help keep his friends safe. He noticed on the side that their was a fingerprint scaner that is needed to get into the device. He thought it was a great idea to have that, as it meant that only he could get into the device.
  13. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Yes!" Ben celebrated as he grabbed onto the blue device, it's instruction manual and charmander pokeball. He realized he sounded insulting again Pokemon were stolen you idiot!. he chided himself.
    Awkwardly clearing his throat Ben said "I mean, thank you and I hope the pokemon return to safety"
    Riolu sighed as it jumped of Ben shoulder, then began exploring the lab too. It sat in a spot in the wreaked habitat and began to meditate. Ben already knew what the pokemon was doing. Studying the others aura as to discern any threats. Geez, he needs to lighten up.
    Ben nodded at the professor and faced the growing group of trainers.
    "Um, hi. I suppose I'll introduce myself. My name is Ben, I'm a pokemon ranger-now-trainer, and that is riolu." he pointed at the aura pokemon "Nice to meet all of you" he smiled brightly.
  14. Since several others had grabbed theirs, Marigold stepped forward and picked up a soft purple one. She liked the tint. While she still wasn't entirely sure about it, the professor's further explanation made her more accepting of it. But as she looked at it, it brought back to her mind that she still had to call home. She pushed it out of her mind, tried to forget the competition. She hardly noticed Ren take a few steps away from her, towards the Zorua. She really wouldn't have minded, even if she had taken notice. But they both had a lot expected of them. That was the problem, and Amethyst didn't know how to fix it. And since she couldn't, she might as well focus on the moment. She began to fiddle around with the handheld PC, trying to figure out some of its features. She wasn't planning to put Ren in there yet, but she could still work out what its functions were.
  15. Charlie stepped forward and grabbed a red one. He held it up to has face and began fiddling around with it until he found the on switch, he flipped the switch, and as it turned on with a white glow, he went and grabbed one of the instruction manuals just in case he needed it. He quickly setup his fingerprint scanner with relative ease, and pocketed the machine after turning it off. He didn't want to put any of his Pokemon in just there yet. "Well, thank you for the gift, professor. I'll be sure to use it when I get some more time. Is there any other reason you called us all here?" He asked.
  16. Friedrich happily stepped forward grabbing a maroon one. "Thankyou Professor, I'll be sure to put this to good use" Friedrich said, "Magby mag!" Vulkan cheered. Friedrich looked to the others to see how they were doing before activating his, "very interesting" he said. Friedrich looked at the device rather excitedly until he realized he hadn't introduced himself yet, "How silly of me... I'm Friedrich by the way. But my friends call me Fritz" Friedrich said cheerfully.
  17. Dante was lounging on his sofa in the comfortability of his home. His little Houndour, June, asleep on her even smaller doggie bed which was supposed to be pink but was overall charred and had black burn marks scattered around it. Dante was tired of his stupid monotonous life inside Pallet and wished he could go out and make a name for himself, but at the same time he was scared deep down that it could all be for nothing. Nevertheless, he wasn't going unless he had some sort of sign. Fortunately, the TV in front of him abruptly switched from Dante's usual binge of cooking shows to a local news channel reading aloud some sort of message from the professor. Intrigued, Dante sat up and leaned forward, his brows furrowing as he listened intently.

    Dear Trainers and concerned young people,

    There has been a break in at the lab. Pokemon and research that is very valuable was taken. As such I have decided to send this out letter letting everyone know that I have a device that will help with keeping your pokemon safe. If you will come by the lab I can give you more information that that this letter might leave out.

    Professor Grace Oak of Kanto.

    Dante continued to stare at the screen and blinked for a brief moment to process the situation once more. He turned to his little pooch still snoozing on her bed. "You're the only one who still cares for me. I am not gonna lose you, too." He whispered to June. He technically hasn't even officially caught her in a pokeball so he gently woke her up and leashed her so they could quickly see the professor to inquire about the theft prevention.

    He hastily arrived only to find numerous trainers had already arrived to the wreck that is the research lab. "Yeesh" Dante thought to himself. "There's too many people here." He silently complained to himself as he neared the professor. He skipped the formalities and went straight to the point. "Do you still have those devices that prevent theft?" He asked bluntly with a neutral glare. June was sniffing around and was interested in the other trainers and pokemon around them, wagging her tail and tilting her head to signify a curiosity to meet them. Dante of course ignored it, and didn't find any other trainers worth speaking to at the moment.
  18. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Ah, thank you for the round-up of everything. And, well, thank you for the device.” Alyssa said as she immediately grabbed a white colored device which she began to setup, all the fingerprints and other security measures were installed. Alyssa then put her Poké Balls in, and then turned attention to other trainers introducing themselves.

    “Hi, I’m Alyssa. Alyssa Stevens. Nice to meet you all.” she said.
  19. "Yes I do still have them. They are right here. You may pick any color you wish. The instruction manual goes along with it will be help to understand how it works. If you like to kerp your pokemon out of their pokeballs, then you can store them in the device until needed. If the device is taken from you, or is lost, you can contact me, and we can set you up with a new device, and any pokemon that are stored within will still be there." Grace was glad to see so many young trainers come to talk to her. She had not set many of them out on their own journey, so this was very rewarding for her to do. "If any of you do not have pokedexs, I can set you up with one as well. Just let me know and I will grab the ones I have stored."

    Akira was a bit startled when Sky jumped down off his shoulder. Sky ran up the hounder and started to try and get her to play. It seemed that Sky was happy to see a pokemon looked so happy. At one point, Sky began to chase her own tail, but stopped at looked at June. She then greeted the fire puppy. "Eeeveh!"
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  20. Dante flashed a rare and subtle grin at the professor. "Thank you." He said sincerely yet casually. "I'll go with purple, oh and I don't have a pokedex or pokeballs, so if you could help me out with that, I'd appreciate it." He said as he pocketed his new device. "Man who would have thought the lab getting robbed would be the best thing to happen to me?!" He thought to himself. "I can finally be a trainer and start to-" His thoughts were interrupted by a cute Eevee playing close to June. June herself let out a cheerful bark and tried to chase after Sky but forgot about the leash and ran until choked her neck with her collar briefly. Which resulted in her letting out a small yelp and a tiny ember which was accidentally directed towards Sky! Dante looked down at June with concern while she grumpily walked back to her owners legs as she couldn't play with the Eevee.
  21. Tony looked at the Ninetales who offered everyone drinks and immediately took one. "Thanks." He said before he took a sip and looked around to see where his Zorua had gone, it appeared she already went off to try and make some friends as she immediately started to run around the Pokemon that approached her like an active puppy. "You don't need to worry about giving me a Pokedex, I... still have my own." Tony said as he got a Pokedex out of his pocket and decided to use this opportunity of many Pokemon to scan them for their Pokedex entries.
  22. "Well anyone who has not been able to get their pokedex follow me. I will set you up with one, and get you started." Grace was not phased by the small flame that came out of the hounder. It seemed that as it hit the ground, it sputtered out and did not cause any damage to the floor. It seemed as if she had planned for something like that happen, so it was easily taken care of by the coating on the floor.

    Grace walked to another part of the room. This one was a glass case that was a little shaken up, but mostly unharmed. It held an assortment of pokedexs in many colors, and styles. Some of them were very small chips, those would be the type to slot into a phone if the trainer had one. "I have a couple of different types for you to choose from. My personal favorite is this one." With that she pulls out the chip, and held it up for them to see. "This will slot into any compatable phone, or pokenav, this will send an updated pokedex to the device. Though most trainers prefer to have a pokedex, which is why I still have them here."

    Sky seemed to not be affected as the flame came at her. With one swift move, she gracefully jumped over the ember, and landed perfectly near June. Who she rubbed with her tail to try and comfort her. "Eeeveh, eeve." It was as if she was saying it will be ok, don't worry about it.
  23. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Neo took a look at the devices the professor had set out to protect the trainers’s Pokémon and grabbed a dark green colored device. He saw Ninetails offering drinks and took a cup of coffee from the tray and thanking it. Neo then followed the professor into another room where she kept the Pokédexes for trainers. After Professor Oak explained a small bit about them, Neo walked forward and looked at the different styles. The one that caught his attention was a black one, model HANDY910. “I think I’ll take this one,” he said as he picked up the device. Neo opened it and started up the device. He registered himself as the owner and began to explore the features. “Hey Dahde, let’s see what the Pokédex says about you.” His Dedenne hopped off his head stood on a table as Neo pointed the Pokédex at the electric mouse.

    “Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon,” the device spoke. “Dedenne communicates long distance with other Dedenne by sending radio waves through its antenna-like whiskers.”

    “That’s pretty cool,” Neo reacted, closing the device and putting it in his blazer’s inner pocket. “Thank you, Professor.”
  24. Dante listened to the professor as she went over her variety of pokedexes. He decided to take a chip to insert into his pokegear phone to save space. "Well that takes care of that." He looked down once more to see that same dumb Eevee who wouldn't leave June alone. June herself was sniffing Sky to identify her scent. "Hey who's Eevee is this? Call it off, I don't have the time for this!" He coldly remarked staring at the crowd of trainers behind him with an annoyed frown. He turned back to the professor. "So is there anything else you need to give or tell me before I can ditch these other trainers?" He asked in a casual manner.
  25. Amethyst came forward and took one of the chips. She inspected it for a moment, considered it, and decided to use it. She plugged it in to her phone, and a spinning Pokeball appeared on the screen. She assumed it was just loading, or syncing, or something of the sort. The person next to her, who had also taken a chip, began speaking rather rudely. Amethyst glared at him. She already didn't like him. Of course, she had barely met anyone there, but him... she didn't like the way he talked.
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    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Ben shook his head. "Thank you for the offer, but my styler already does the job" he faced his riolu and said
    "pokedex scan"
    "Searching Loki pecks sand..." said the voice Nav.
    "What? Cancel! I said pokedex scan" Ben said
    "Searching Diarex stand" offered the styler
    "Pokedex scaaaaan"
    "Scanning for pokemon... Riolu, the emanation pokemon. It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves."
    Ben sighed in relief "I'm sorry, it's voice activation is kinda sucky." he sighed." But it's quite nice to use....kinda." he scratched the back of his head, embarrased.
  27. Akira was mad. This was the first time that he had ever been mad enough to actually say something like this to someone. "Listen here you! Sky has not done anything to your hounder. She has only tried to make a friend with her, I am guessing that she does not have many, as if you were watching her earlier you would have seen that she wanted to play with Sky, as well." As Akria came down from his anger, he turned to Professor Grace and bowed to her. His words took on the soft tone that he normally had. "I am sorry for making a sceen Professor Grace. I will be heading out now, after I choose my pokedex." Akira picked up a light purple pokedex, and started to set it up as he walked. Sky walked by his side as he left. The only thing that could have made the normally very happy boy, mad was someone who treated others like that guy did. Which was a fast track to Akira not having a favorable opinion on the guy.

    Professor Grace was not surprised that thr young man was mad. It was understandable when his pokemon was treated as such. Though her face did not show her emotions, as she got box of pokeballs that she hands out to new trainers. There were two different kinds that were shown, ten in total, five regular pokeballs, and five friendship balls. "Here are the pokeballs I pass out to new trainers. If anyone else needs them as well let me know, I will be glad to get them for you."
  28. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alex drummed her fingers on a table, getting bored. "What are we even doing sitting here, I'm getting bored!" She gave a pouty face and hopped up with an idea. "Listen David, this is a new chance, a new beginning. This is our chance to completely rid ourselves of our past! How about we go out there and do whatever trainers do!" Many passersbys gave her a wierd look before shaking thier heads at the new trainer. She, quite honestly, didn't notice thier reactions as she then blindly wandered around the airport, looking for the exit without asking for help.

    A researcher overheard Alex and grew interested. She thought Professor Grace could benefit from more trainers. And she was sure to bring in her apparent friend. She nodded to her Luxury to keep an eye on David while she followed Alex. Her Luxray bounded over to David and gave him a sniff.
  29. As soon as more people began arriving Friedrich began immidiatly regretting his decision to come to pallet town. Despite this he managed to hide his fears behind his mask of confidence. He smiled at Vulkan, "Everything is going to be okay!" Friedrich said cheerfully. "EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OKAY! I'm this close to finding an exit! How in the world am I s'pposed to figure out what I'm to do now?! My brother should have known better than to let me come here!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! Stay calm... deep breaths. These are people. They will not unprovoked attack you. Calm down. Do not let Vulkan see you panic" Friedrich thought to himself.

    Friedrich decided he'd sit down with Vulkan sitting on his lap as he used the device provided by Professor Grace Oak. Both Friedrich, and Vulkan were pleased to see the screen light up as well as the features. As he looked through his device he noticed a seemingly small squabble had broken out between between a blonde boy with an eevee ,and another kid with a houndour, "Nope. Not getting involved in this. I've seen how these arguements turn out. As soon as a bystander jumps in they both tag team him... Though It probably wouldn't hurt to help, right?" Friedrich thought. And just like that Friedrich felt brave enough to come forward.

    Luckily the situation didn't escalate as Friedrich didn't really want to involve himself in the situation. He smiled at Vulkan putting his device away he got up. He smiled and waved at the professor, "Thankyou for everything!" Friedrich said, "Mag! Magby!" Vulkan said cheerfully. He looked around wondering what to do next. There wasn't much in pallet town to offer. Was he to just head on the road to Viridian City? He smiled at Vulkan as if he needed to do anything that would probably be the best course of action. But first he would need to go on the road to Viridian City.
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  30. David nodded and got up to follow Alex. "Sounds good. Does that mean we're gonna go challenge the gyms?" He had to follow her before he could get his answer, though, and he wandered around the airport with her. He kept pausing to read the signs, but this made him have to run in order to catch up with her again. During one pause he felt a brush against his leg, and behind him to see a large feline Pokemon he didn't recognize. It was sniffing at his leg in what he took to be a friendly manner, so he slowly reached out to pet it. He had barely brushed its fur, though, when he realized that Alex was still going. He turned and hurried after her. He was a little out of breath once he caught up, but he tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

    "The exit should be that way."

    Amethyst watched the boy who owned the Eevee's angry response to the trainer. She inwardly approved. He deserved what he got. Then she thought better, and felt a bit sorry for him. He was rude, sure, but perhaps he had something else going on. She certainly did.
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  31. Dante merely scoffed as Akira left after snapping at him. "Whatever, man. If it's anything but a battle, it isn't worth my pokemon's time to bother with yours!" He remarked rudely. He collected his pokeballs from the professor, the only person he seemed to respect in the building. "Sorry about that chump and his poorly trained Eevee, hopefully by next time I see him he can keep is Eevee from nosing around." He apologized obnoxiously, not taking an ounce of blame for that interaction. He took a pokeball and rolled it to June who pawed the small button on its center, enveloping her inside with a red beam of light. The ball began to shake on the ground. One....Two.....Three! Dante had finally officially owned his pet as a pokemon trainer.

    He debated whether or not to continue to keep her out of her pokeball, but decided to leave her in there as to not attract any more trivial encounters with other trainer's pokemon. He placed June's pokeball and her leash into his backpack and made his way out of the building. He gave a despicable smirk towards the remaining trainers crowded in the lab. "Most of you got all that you need and you're still standing around playing with your pokedexes like its a toy?!" Dante chuckled for a brief hysterical moment at what he thought to be pathetically humorous. "Real trainers get to work and get on the move, not like any of you would know what being a real trainer is! Later, losers!" He shouted before turning the corner on his way to Route 1.

    "Well it's time to back up my talk." He thought to himself, hiding his worry under a determined expression. He clutched June's pokeball as he neared the Pallet town outskirts that revealed the grassy fields of Route 1. "Alright, girl. Hope you're ready for some training!"
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alex looked the way David pointed out. "Oh. Now I feel stupid." The researcher caught up to them at this point. She looked out of breath, hands clasped on her knees and dark brown hair secured in a ponytail tried to obscure her vision. After a few seconds, she stood up fully and gave the two a smile, green eyes sparkling. "So, you two are new trainers. Do you have a Pokedex yet?"
    Alex looked at her with obvious confusion. "A what?"
    The researcher frowned. "You don't know what a Pokedex is?" She shook her head and then gave a huge smile. "Well, if you don't know what a Pokedex is then that you don't have one and means Professor Grace can give you one! I work for her, well she sponsors my research on shiny Pokemon. Anyway, I'm Sera, a Pokemon scientist, which you already knew. I study shiny Pokemon, which you already knew that as well. Huh. Oh! This is Sparky, my loveable Luxray!" Sparky laid down and licked his paws, cleaning them. Alex took a step back from the enthusiastic scientist as the woman spoke.
  33. After years of training, intellectually and physically, Poito finally felt that he was ready for his journey. Being the excited little man he was, he and his Skorupi, who also shared the same enjoyment, were practically bouncing off of their chair as they ate their last good meal for breakfast for a while. Poito then had Skorupi climb up on his backpack and he set out for his journey, hopping on his mother's guardian Pidgeot and taking flight. He could feel the wind coursing through his hair and skin, his body feeling light and airy as adrenaline coursed through his veins and youthful energy made him feel like carbonated soda. This was a new day, a new adventure, a new him. He had always wanted to grow, but this was a godsend. He was actually able to experience something all of his other siblings had done. He was alone and they had each other, but that was either here nor there. He was actually able to experience something some people would be afraid to do.

    His Skorupi, Skorpi, was enjoying himself, as well. He seemed to be bubbling with energy, as was evident in his smooth dancing motions often done by his species when mating season came. Of course, the other side of the mating season behavior was fighting for the females, but there was none of that here. Just happiness.

    Poito made it to Pallet Town in record time, but found the lab he was destined to go was in the middle of repairs. Confused and a little apprehensive, he got off Pidgeot as soon as she landed. Patting the big bird, he sent the bird flying back home and he walked up the steps to the lab. Walking inside, he saw lots of computer terminals. He heard voices in the back and walked inside the room-turned habitat. There were quite a few people here, and one blundered past him. Apparently, this guy gave everyone a sour taste in their mouth as he left. Did he say something bad? Nevertheless, he walked up to Professor Grace.

    "Hiya, Professor. I'm Poito. I just noticed your lab is a wreck. What happen-?" That's when he saw the hole in the back part of the room. Now, his blood was beginning to boil. Whoever done this was going to pay! Feeling his trainer's anger, Skorpi pat his head with one of his pincers, trying to get him to calm down. His eyes were still intense with a fury that broiled inside him, but he looked back to Grace with kindness. "Ah, right. Anyway, I'd like some PokeBalls. I'll make sure to get your Pokemon back, miss." I mean, he had to be right, there would be no other way this habitat was for anything else than to make Pokemon feel comfortable indoors.
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  34. Gamingfan

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    Ben sighed as he saw everyone leave. T'was a shame, he wanted to get to know them a little more. Oh well, he needed to get out there as well.
    First stop, Viridian city.
    He'll see who he'll catch along the way.
    "C'mon riolu" he called his pokemon "Time to train our newest member."
  35. David was set off balance by the enthusiastic scientist. First she asked if they knew what Pokedexes were, (he did), then mentioned a professor, and then introduced herself and her Luxray. He recognized it as the one that had approached him just before, and he smiled. While Sera was a little hard to understand, he found himself liking her. After a moment, he noticed that Alex had stepped back, and decided to introduce them both. He extended a hand for a shake.

    "Nice to meet you, Sera. I'm David, and this is my friend Alex."
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  36. "Well Poito, last night someone broke into the lab. Not a lot was stolen, but enough to have an emergency sent out to trainers. Welcome to the lab, I know it is not much now, but it will get better as repairs are done. Now if you will follow me I have a device that I am giving out to new trainers. It is something that can help to protect your pokemon." With that Grace opened her storages to pull out ten pokeballs. It was the same configurment as before, where there were five regular pokeballs, and five friendship balls. She then led the young tainer to the locked cabinet where she had the portable PCs. "This device is like a portable PC. It has a few other built in feature, the best if the device is broken or lost, a replacement will still have your pokemon inside. Another thing is that it will keep pokeballs that are your team as a trainer, while still allowing pokemon to be out of them. With all that happened here, I thought it might be best to give these out to new trainers. After deciding on the color of your device, we can set you up with your pokedex."

    Akira was not one to stay angry, so as he left the lab, he was back to being himself. It showed in how held his eevee to him. He was a bit upset with himself for getting so mad at the man. It was not like him to be so mad. With little effort, Akira was on route one.

    Akira decided to get in a bit of training for an up and coming contest. He wanted to make sure that Willow was up to speed with their performance. Touching the button on her pokeball, Akira let Willow out into the grass. "Hey Willow I was thinking that we could do a bit of training. What do you say?"

    Willow noded her head. It seemed that thr grass type was excited to perform. Taking out his pokedex, Akira studied the moves that Willow knew. It seemed that Willow had a few moves that most bulbasaur did not know. With a smile, Akira asked. "Hey Willow use petal dance!"

    Willow noded and sent out a spray of flower petals. They seemed to be in array of colors. The petals began to follow the wind, and created a vortex that surrounded the grass type. The effect caused Willow to shine in the glow of the sun.
  37. Seeing how various people had already made their way on the road to Viridian City. That combined with the fact that there was not only nothing for him left in Pallet Town ,but there was also no way for him to sneak back to Cinnabar Island. "What did I do to deserve this?! Honestly... what if a trainer looks at me?! How am I supposed to run from a trainer battle??" Friedrich thought to himself.

    Friedrich took a full handful of sand ,and as soon as he makes his way down the road, "I see you! Let's battle!" A voice went. Friedrich quickly reacted throwing sand in the boys eyes he turned tail ,and ran towards Viridian City. "My eyes burn! Why did you do that?!" The boy yelled. Within moments he snapped back into reality as Vulkan tugged onto his shirt. Friedrich realized he still hadn't stepped foot on the road to Viridian City.

    "I got a plan Vulkan" Friedrich said with a cold lifeless expression picking up a handful of sand. As soon as he began walking down the road he was so amazed by the smell of the trees, the wind blowing gently through his hair, the way the dew sparkled as it sat on the tall grass. The whole area was just fantastic. Within an instance he remembered why he liked science so much ,and why he inspired to become a researcher. At this moment he wasn't afraid at all. So much so he slowly started dropping some of the sand within his grasp. "Hey! Can we battle?!" An actual voice emerged. Friedrich was so startled he threw the remaining sand straight into the air leaving the challenger with a bewildered look. Friedrich reluctantly accepted. The girl sent out a ratatta ,and Friedrich responded by looking down at his Magby, "Ready to bring the heat Vulkan?" Friedrich asked, "Mag maag!" Vulkan responded.

    Vulkan lept from Friedrich's arms taking up a fighting stance, "tackle attack ,and follow it up with bite!" The girl yelled. "The ratatta came in quickly closing the gap, "use ember and follow it up with headbutt!" Friedrich said. Vulkan engulfed the rat in flames ,but it emerged persistent to win the fight. Its tackle was met with a headbutt which knocked both pokémon down ,but only Vulkan got up, "Ah man... looks like I need to keep training! Maybe next I'll catch a pidgey!" The girl said as she ran towards the Viridian City Pokécenter.

    Friedrich knew he should probably do the same with Vulkan even though he didn't really need it much. He headed down to the center where Nurse Joy healed his pokémon ,and he headed out hoping to figure out what he was going to do in the grand scheme of things. As he didn't really have long term plans yet. For the time being he still wasn't all too happy about leaving Cinnabar Island ,but there was no use for regret now as he might as well try his best to make the best out of his current situation.
  38. Charlie opted not to take one of the chips, he had his own Pokedex anyways, and transferring the data would just be too much of a hassle for just some extra convenience. "Alright, well it seems everything is cool here... besides the hole in the wall, obviously, so I'm going to go attend to some business in Viridian. Thank you once again for the gift professor, and I wish you luck in finding out who did this." He said, before exiting through the hole he'd came in.

    Charlie's trip through Route 1 was not at all eventful, he spotted a few Rattata and Pidgey, but nothing really of note or interest to him. As Charlie arrived in Viridian City, he noticed it was much smaller than his imagination had perceived it, but that didn't really matter. He was just there to make a quick pitstop at the Pokemon Center, then be on his way. He entered the Pokemon Center and attended to his business, which was really just buying food and water for the long road he had ahead of him, and left as he began to walk toward Viridian Forest, where he thought it might be a good idea to do some training and gather some research.
  39. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Riolu was waiting at the viridian city pokecenter with an oddly smug smirk on his face.
    Suddenly Ben crashed through the doors. At his side was a charmander and a newly caught pidgey on his head. Ben and charmander were panting.
    "Geez dude. I know you're fast and all but did you really need to leave us in the dust like that? At least show some sportsmanship in a race." Ben complained as he went to the counter.
    "Hi miss, could you heal these two?" he said as he held both his charmander and pidgey toward the nurse.
    After she took the pokemon he sat next to riolu and relaxed "Ugh, I'm tired. Wish healing humans was that easy." he groaned
  40. Tony calmly walked around the lab to see if there were any interesting books and took another sip of his drink, meanwhile, he heard his Zorua cheerfully greet a Fennekin and run around them a few times as if she wanted to play. He made sure that the device he was given was safely hidden in the inner pocket of his long, black coat.

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