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Open Pokemon: World Championship Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Dapper_Cat, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. You've collected all the gym badges in your home Region, and now you're ready for the World Championship Tournament! The tournament will consist of multiple match-ups of trainers, battling for success and becoming a Pokemon Master! The fights will hard and long, and in the end, only one will be victorious! Will you succeed and become the ultimate Pokemon Master, or will you fail?

    RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-world-championship-tournament.15244/

    Trainer Sheet (*'s are optional.):
    Amount of Pokemon:

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet (Chances are, you'l need a lot of these.):

    Wild Pokemon Sheet:

    1. Follow the Pokecharms Community guidelines and RP Rules.
    2. Don't godmod, or force all your moves to hit.
    3. You need your Pokemon's moves in your description. If you want to teach it a new move, let us know in the discussion, and edit your post with the description, and change the moveset.
    4. Put a sentence involving "chocolate" in the "Other/Extra Notes" section of the character sheet, so I know you read the rules. You have to use the word "Chocolate."
    5. Keep shinies to a minimum.
    6. Swearing is allowed, but keep it T-Rated.
    7. Keep blood and gore really low, like, a cut being the worst.
    8. Keep the amount of your Pokemon to 18, at the most.
    9. You must have at least six Pokemon.

    If you want to be a wild Pokemon who gets caught during the tournament, or who interacts with participants and/or watches the tournament, you can. I will post my own form once at least three people fill in forms and are accepted. If you want, you can just start out with six Pokemon, and bring in more later, so you don't need to fill out a lot of forms.
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  2. Name: Danny Ibuki
    Appearance: he has Black hair with blue eyes. He often wears a black trench coat with a black dress shirt,black pants, with a blue tie. In warmer climates he switches to a blue hoodie with black gym shorts.
    Region: Kalos
    Hometown*:Lumiose City
    Amount of Pokemon: 15 I'll introduce the 9 others later, If that's okay, just tell me if I need them.
    Other: HE is Professor Sycamore's Nephew. He loves chocolate and only has one note about, Needs more salt.

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Saizo (M)
    Species: Greninja
    Moveset: Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Shadow Sneak, Acrobatics
    Ability: Protean

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Cherche (F)
    Species: Charizard
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash
    Ability: Blaze

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Kaze (M)
    Species: Sceptile
    Moveset: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Night Slash, Dragon Pulse
    Ability: Overgrow

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Yato (M)
    Species: Aegislash
    Moveset: Sacred Sword, King's Shield, Protect, Shadow Claw,
    Ability: Stance Change

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Lon 'qu (M)
    Species: Gallade
    Moveset: Poison Jab, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Protect
    Ability: Steadfast

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet
    Nickname*: Grima (M)
    Species: Hydreigon
    Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Flamethrower
    Ability: Levitate
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  3. Accepted. Only thing is, what's your Gallade's ability?
  4. crap, I forgot it. It's steadfast.
  5. Question. Are we going to have the battles in the RP or on Pokémon Showdown?
  6. Name: Henry Jade
    Appearance: Messy dirty blonde hair. Chocolate colored eyes. Tan skin. Slightly muscular. Wears a light blue t-shirt with white stripes. Wears white shorts and white running shoes.
    Personality: Very laid back. Very few things can disturbed his sense of zen.
    Hometown: Olivine City, Johto
    Amount of Pokémon: 13 but he rarely ever uses them
    Other: Nephew to Jasmine, the Olivine gym leader.

    Participants Pokemon sheet
    Nickname: AJ
    Species: Ampharos (M)
    Moveset: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Dragon Pulse, Thunder
    Ability: Static

    Nickname: Max
    Species: Feraligatr (M)
    Moveset: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dragon Claw, Scald
    Ability: Torrent

    Nickname: Sumo
    Species: Snorlax (M)
    Moveset: Belly Drum, Body Slam, Crunch, Giga Impact
    Ability: Immunity

    Nickname: Art
    Species: Arcanine (M)
    Moveset: Extreme Speed, Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, Crunch
    Ability: Flash Fire

    Nickname: Luke
    Species: Lucario (M)
    Moveset: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Close Combat, Flash Cannon
    Ability: Steadfast

    Nickname: Donald
    Species: Abomasnow (M)
    Moveset: Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Brick Break
    Ability: Snow warning
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  7. Ry is accepted, and, Hydreigon, I'm going with RPing the fights. I always find it more exciting and fun. Pokemon Showdown makes sense in a lot of cases, but since this RP is focused almost entirely on the battles, I feel it would be better this way.
  8. Name: Lamden Archen
    Appearance: He is slightly pale with deep blue eyes. Slighty lanky build, and dark brown messy hair. He wears an orange beanie, with a navy blue jacket. He wears a red Pokeball shirt underneath, with jeans.
    Personality*: Confident battler, sarcastic, and funny.
    Region: Unova
    Hometown*: Driftveil City
    Amount of Pokemon: 7, his team, and a Plusle that he keeps with him, since it rarely ever battles.
    Other: Eventually, CHOCOLATE will take over the world.

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:

    Species: Emboar (M)
    Moveset: Heat Crash, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Take Down
    Ability: Reckless

    Species: Braviary (F)
    Moveset: Brave Bird, Crush Claw, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing
    Ability: Keen Eye

    Species: Ferrothorn (M)
    Moveset: Power Whip, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Rollout
    Ability: Iron Barbs

    Species: Scolipede (F)
    Moveset: Poison Jab, Megahorn, Earthquake, Toxic
    Ability: Speed Boost

    Species: Glalie (F)
    Moveset: Hail, Crunch, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam
    Ability: Ice Body

    Species: Salamence (M)
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Thunder Fang, Stone Edge
    Ability: Intimidate
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  9. @EmperorBumpaDump Accepted. I'll post my sheet now, and put up the RP Thread later today. I'll link you all to it when it's made.
    Also, I forgot to mention something. In your Pokemon forms, can you put their gender, next to their species? M, F, or U.
    Name: Caleb Spencer
    Appearance: Dark skinned with blue eyes and jet-black hair. He has more of a lanky build. He's not super skinny, but he's definitely not of average size. He wears dark blue jeans with black and white shoes. He has a white sleeveless shirt under an open black jacket, with a green diagonal stripe. He has black finger-less gloves and a black hat with a Pokeball on it. He's 15, and stands at 6'1.
    Personality*: He remains calm and collected in almost all circumstances. Outside of battles, he's a friendly person, and not hard to get along with. He loves Pokemon, and dislikes any who abuse them.
    Region: Kanto
    Hometown: Celadon City
    Amount of Pokemon: 14
    Other: Caleb and his father always loved chocolate ice cream.

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Hepheastus
    Species: Charizard(M)
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Solar Beam, Brick Break
    Ability: Blaze

    Nickname*: Mirage
    Species: Umbreon(M)
    Moveset: Psychic, Shadowball, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail
    Ability: Synchronize

    Nickname*: Frittz
    Species: Raichu(F)
    Moveset: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Slam, Grass Knot
    Ability: Lightning Rod

    Nickname*: Bastet
    Species: Persian (F)
    Moveset: Slash, Night Slash, Play Rough, U-Turn
    Ability: Limber

    Nickname*: Water Hazard
    Species: Poliwrath (M)
    Moveset: Dynamic Punch, Bubblebeam, Hypnosis, Bulk Up
    Ability: Water Absorb

    Nickname*: Queen
    Species: Nidoqueen (F)
    Moveset: Poison Jab, Earthquake, Brick Break, Hyper Beam
    Ability: Poison Point

    Nickname*: Kazza
    Species: Alakazam (M)
    Moveset: Psychic, Future Sight, Toxic, Energy Ball
    Ability: Magic Guard

    Just realized I put seven here. Oh well.
  10. Trainer Sheet (*'s are optional.):
    Name: Gavin (Male)
    Appearance: Green t-shirt, green and black cap, blue jeans, and a pair of white shoes. He has black, spiked hair, and has blue eyes
    Personality*: Despite been very hard to deal with, he is actually very nice and caring for. He'll usually surprise people. He would be a bit bitter in battles, but he inside will be calm.
    Region: Kalos
    Hometown*: Lumiose City
    Amount of Pokemon: roughly 7
    Other: None... I mean Chocolate!

    (Pokemon #1)
    Nickname*: Destiny (F)
    Species: Sylveon
    Moveset: Moonblast, Attract, Draining Kiss, Light Screen
    Ability: Cute Charm

    (Pokemon #2)
    Species: Goodra
    Moveset: Outrage, Rain Dance, Aqua Tail, Thunder
    Ability: Hydration

    (Pokemon #3)
    Nickname*: Mythical
    Species: Delphox
    Moveset: Mystical Fire, Psyshock, Psybeam, Flamethrower
    Ability: Blaze

    (Pokemon #4)
    Nickname*: Aura
    Species: Lucario
    Moveset: Aura Sphere, Metal Claw, Dragon Pulse (I'm looking at pokemondb, and it says it
    can use this move. Sorry for anyone being confused..) Bone Rush
    Ability: Justified

    (Pokemon #5)
    Nickname*: Aerodin
    Species: Aerodactyl
    Moveset: Wing Attack, Ancient Power, Sky Drop, Smack Down
    Ability: Pressure

    (Pokemon #6)
    Species: Bisharp
    Moveset: Iron Head, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Assurance
    Ability: Inner Focus

    (Pokemon #7) (Sub #1)
    Species: Alakazam
    Moveset: Teleport (used to dodge) Psychic, Future Sight, Psycho Cut
    Ability: Sychronize
  11. It will be about 6:00 PST when I reply.
  12. Name:Lucy
    Appearance: brown hair, Pink and blue dress
    Personality*: Kind, Jolly,
    Region: Hoenn
    Hometown*: Littleroot Town
    Amount of Pokemon: six
    Other: Loves meeting new people and loves chocolate

    Nickname*: Leafy
    Species: Sceptile
    Moveset: Cut, Leafblade, Slam, Dragon claw
    Ability: Overgrow

    Nickname*: Salty
    Species: Swapert
    Moveset: Surf, Strength, earthquake, Waterfall
    Ability: Torrent

    Nickname*: Flora
    Species: Gardivoir
    Moveset: Psychic, Double Team, Thief, Teleport
    Ability: Synchroniz

    Nickname*: Dingle
    Species: Dragonite
    Moveset: Thunderwave, Dragon rage, Dragon Pulse, Wrap
    Ability: Shed skin

    Species: Relecanth
    Moveset: Sandstorm, rock throw, Dive, Take down
    Ability:Rock head

    Nickname*: Dingus
    Species: Absol
    Moveset: Rock smash, Ice beam, Reason wind, Dark Pulse
    Ability: Pressure
    (This is a real team. My emerald team! :) )
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  13. @SuperPokemonFan43 I would accept you, but you're missing something. Make sure to read the rules on this thread, and let me know once you think you've edited your post correctly.
  14. Sorry for the delay! I will post right now.
  15. Name: Brian
    Appearance: Black hair, black cap, yellow jacket, Black shirt, blue pants, and black shoes with thunderbolts on them
    Personality: Determined
    Region: Alola
    Hometown: Iki town
    Amount of Pokemon: 6
    Other: Travels a lot with chocolate

    1st Pokemon
    Nickname: None
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Moveset: Hyper beam, Spikes, Protect, and Thrash
    Ability: Download

    2nd Pokemon
    Nickname: Spooky
    Species: Mimikyu
    Moveset: Shadow ball, Double slap, Shadow Claw, and Shadow Sneak
    Ability: Disguies

    3rd Pokemon
    Nickname: None
    Species: Raichu
    Moveset: Thunder, Volt tackle, Focus Flash, and Iron tail
    Ability: Static

    4th Pokemon
    Nickname: Tank
    Species: Torterra
    Moveset: Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Ingrain, and Absorb
    Ability: Overgrow

    5th Pokemon
    Nickname: Dinosaur
    Species: Tyranitar
    Moveset: Knock off, Body slam, Crunch, and Roar
    Ability: Sand Stream

    6th Pokemon
    Nickname: Dragon
    Species: Charizard
    Moveset: Flamethower, Inferno, Aerial Ace, and Fly
    Ability: Blaze
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  16. Okay I really want to join this RP but I can't make a character bio at the moment, give me like a day and I'll have it up. So like save me a place if you can and want to @~@
    Also I love terrace chocolate oranges
  17. Trainer Sheet:
    Name: Eli
    Appearance: Dirty blond hair,Blue eyes, Grey and dark blue shirt, Jeans.
    Personality*: Loves to battle, always happy, and hard to get down.
    Region: Alola
    Hometown*: Heahea City
    Amount of Pokemon: 7
    Other: Him, and a few of his pokemon, love Chocolate. He entered the tornament just for fun.

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Stocking
    Species: Pikachu
    Moveset: Electro Ball, Volt Tackle, Thunder bolt, Double team.
    Ability: Static

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Root
    Species: Decidueye
    Moveset: Spirit Shackle, Synthisis, Leaf blade, Razor leaf
    Ability: Overgrow

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet :
    Nickname*: Chop
    Species: Haxorus
    Moveset: Dragon rage, Slash, Dual Chop, Dragon Claw
    Ability: Mold Breaker

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Bonk
    Species: Zweilous
    Moveset: Headbutt, Dragon pulse, Slam, Crunch
    Ability: Hustle

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Nega
    Species: Minun
    Moveset: Thunder, Discharge, Encore, Copycat
    Ability: Volt absorb

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Ri
    Species: Mienshao
    Moveset: High jump kick, U-Turn, Aura sphere, Detect
    Ability: Regenerator

    Participant's Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Ki
    Species: Hitmontop
    Moveset: gyro ball, Rolling Kick,Close Combat, Triple Kick
    Ability: Intimidate

    Wild Pokemon Sheet:
    Nickname*: Leo
    Species: Alolan Diglet
    Personality*: Loves to battle, and takes it seriously. Nice when you get to know him.
    Other*: Loves chocolate.

    Is this good?
  18. Name: Finion Charles (But Fin for short)
    Appearance: Red medium length hair, green eyes, blue fedora with orange ring. Orange T-shirt with a blue waist coat and denim jeans.
    Age: 16
    Personality*: Fin is quite a thoughtful individual, polite as he can possibly be however in the excitement of battle he can get a bit cocky (but in a sort of charming way) He likes to fight fair but won't back off from a fight unless he seems necessary.
    Region: Sinnoh
    Hometown*: Farm close to Twinleaf town
    Amount of Pokemon:
    Other: For every battle Fin's in he will use different Pokémon with the exception of Sparky, whom is always out his Poke ball no matter what. Also TERRACE CHOCOLATE ORANGES

    Nickname: Sparky
    Species: Pachirisu
    Moveset: Super fang, Discharge, Dig, Iron tail
    Ability: Volt absorb

    Nickname: Blitz
    Species: Infernape
    Moveset: Thunderpunch, Blast burn, Mach punch, Flamethrower
    Ability: Iron fist

    Nickname: Garfield
    Species: Garchomp
    Moveset: Stone edge, Dragon claw, Iron head, Earthquake.
    Ability: Rough skin

    Nickname: Frilly
    Species: Aurorus
    Moveset: Protect, Water pulse, Psychic, Hyper beam
    Ability: Refrigerate

    Nickname: Cal
    Species: Hawlucha
    Moveset: Flying press, Steel wing, Wing attack, High jump kick
    Ability: Limber

    Nickname: Coconut
    Species: Tropius
    Moveset: Sunny day, Solar beam, Synthesis, Steel wing
    Ability: Chlorophyll

    Nickname: Merlin
    Species: Heracross
    Moveset: Swords Dance, Night slash, Mega horn, Giga impact
    Ability: Guts

    Nickname: Helen
    Species: Lurantis
    Moveset: Leaf blade, Toxic, X-scissor, Aeriel ace
    Ability: Contary

    Nickname: Hop
    Species: Politoed
    Moveset: Hydro pump, Ice beam, Psychic, Earthquake
    Ability: Drizzle

    Nickname: BB
    Species: Ditto
    Moveset: Transform
    Ability: Transformation.

    Nickname: Niov
    Species: Noivern
    Moveset: Flame thrower, Boom burst, Steel wing, Aerial ace.
    Ability: Infiltrator.
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  19. Are Delta species Pokémon allowed?
  20. Woo, sorry for the wait, guys. Just bought two Fallout 4 DLCs and was playing them. @Fin 'n' Sparky and @Cutepikachu343, accepted. However, Fin, your Heracross is missing it's ability. Just edit it, and we're good. Hydreigon, no. As far as my knowledge goes, there are no Delta Species in Pokemon Canon. When you say Delta, I assume you mean the Pokemon from Pokemon Insurgence and it's predecessor. @ThunderScookie, wow, there are a lot of problems here. First of all, read the rules. Second, only one of your Pokemon has an ability it can get. Even then, Battle Bond Greninja (Ash-Greninja) can't be owned or RP'd as without explicit permission from an admin. Your Charizard doesn't even have it's ability down (which seems to be a trend in this thread, lol. So that part's not a big deal.) and the rest have incorrect abilities. I recommend going on to Bulbapedia to double-check the abilities your Pokemon can learn. Let me know once you've edited it correctly.
  21. I feel that we all keep doing it because there are so many Pokémon sheets we have to do! XD Or at least that's why I did it! There actually are Delta Species in Pokémon cannon, But, there in the TCG. I'm in a Pokémon Insurgence kick right now...
  22. That makes sense. By the way, Hydreigon, we're awaiting you in the roleplay.
  23. Oh sorry I had school and fogot!
  24. Thanks! I'll post.
  25. Eevee E I fixed my post just so you know. If there is anything wrong tell me.
  26. First of, Charizard doesn't need the ability Levitate. It's already flying type.XD
  27. I know that it's like that in the games XD
  28. Alright, there are still a good many problems. You got rid of Battle-Bond Greninja, which is good. However, Mimikyu is the only Pokemon of yours that I can really accept, the rest don't have those abilities. I'll even give you some examples for each one.
    Porygon_Z can have Adaptability, Download, or Analytic.
    Mimikyu is fine.
    Raichu can have Static or Lightning Rod.
    Torterra can have Overgrow or Shell Armor.
    Tyranitar can have Sand Stream or Unnerve.
    Charizard has Blaze or Solar Power.
    That's all the abilities each of them can have. For future reference, check Bulbapedia. Also, there's still one other thing. Like I said, read the rules.
  29. Also, It's spelled Porygon-Z, not Polygon Z
  30. There you go :3. I Fixed it
  31. Blaze would actually be a better optionfor your Charizard, consudering you have nothing that can create the Intense Sunlight weather effect. But, I mean,you don't have to listen to me.
  32. Time to start adding the other 9 Pokemon I have... Sigh...

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