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Pokemon World Battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by fatchubbs, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. All the best trainers gathered together for the Pokemon world tournament. This large tournament has as many trainers as it can fit in for battles. The first round, Josh and his team of Pikachu, Mawile, Charizard, Umbroeon, Empoleon, and Alakazam Fought a young kid with a bunch of Ratticates that lost. "For some normal types, their pretty strong" Josh said when he shook the hand of the young girl. He went to the resting area and saw the rest of round one battles.
  2. Flannery decided to come from her usual residence in her gym to see what all the buzz was about. She approached the crowd seeing a boy finishing a battle and decided to draw closer. All of the other trainers seemed baffled that Lady Flannery had traveled all this way. "Hey kid, how bout a battle?" she asked confidently before spinning a pokeball on her fingertip "I didn't come all this was for nothing, ya know" she chuckled to herself
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  3. Detsu made his way through the newly formed crowed to see what the big deal was. He looked up to see Flannery. "How did SHE get here." he thought. His deep red eyes squinted and before he knew it he was falling forward. "Wait what?! Why am I falling?!" He thought right before he went face first into Flannery's butt. He kept his face to the floor after impact.
  4. Flannery tensed up, her muscles contracted a bit as her expression displayed horror and embarrassment. Her face was almost as red as her hair. Once she gained control of the situation she quickly turned to look to the boy "Hey! What's the big idea?! Are you some little perv??" she called out as the crowd grew silent and eyes fell onto them
  5. (OOC: FatChubbs moved so he asked me to continue his character because he has no internet., and he left pokecharms.) Josh saw the commotion and walked up to them. He could tell they didn't like all the eyes so he threw out charizard and empoleon and yelled "put on a show" but when he did all eyes moved to his pokemon. When he saw the girl his jaw dropped. He thought she was pretty but quickly changed the way he looked and said "yeah battle" nervously. "3 or 6 pokemon"
  6. Detsu sat up "Oh Bother." He said silently. "Sorry I fell! I wasnt trying anything!" he turned around and spotted his Blaziken grinning. "I was trying to get a closer look before SOMEONE pushed me."
  7. Flannery glared at the Blaziken with a flame in her eyes that could almost match it's own "That's not very kind of you, you could've gotten him seriously hurt" I then turn to the boy "I advise training classes to show him positive behaviors, or maybe I could whip him into shape" she grinned deviously in a teasing manner to the Pokemon
  8. "Well Round two begins, choose your opponent, or we choose he/she for you." The intercom said. Turning his attention back to the boy and girl, he said:"Hi im Josh, any of you want to battle for round 2." He asked
  9. The Blaziken looked at Flannery challengingly as Detsu got up rubbing his head"He's been like this since he was a Torchic. I don't mind it, it adds a little spice to my life." he smiled a bit as his Blaziken walked up to his side. "He could use some training though I suppose!" he said jokingly. "So my name's Detsu! Sorry we got off on the wrong foot and all.." he then turned to the boy "I guess I will! What pokenon do you have? You know unless someone else wants to fight.."
  10. "Well first we must tell the battle director our names to start round 2" Josh went and registered their names. "If you want to see my pokemon then battle me.
  11. "I'm up for a battle at any time. Since you're already battling I'll watch then challenge the winner. And stop by my gym sometime. I'll help with your Blaziken dilhema" she nodded to Detsu before sending out her shiny Charizard "Ash and I await your challenge"
  12. Suddenly, Gold flew into the room.


    He planned on extending the Y for his 'grand entrance' but he was cut off as he tripped over a rock on his skateboard. He was thrown forward, and he landed in front of Flannery.

    "Long time no see!" He chirped, standing up, unfazed from getting his face smashed into the ground.

    "I heard there was a mini tourney here, and as I was in Hoenn, why not stop by?"
  13. Detsu smiled as his face lit up a Person around his age hit the ground face first before him. "Whoa, are you alright?" he asked as the person rose to their feet. "But yeah Flannery I'll accept your challenge!" he then turned to Josh."Let's Go!"
  14. "Alright? Yeah. I can't wait to see this battle!"

    He climbed some rocks around the gym, until he found a comfortable flat with a good view. He sent out Polibo.

    "Make sure to watch."
  15. Josh entered the arena and waited for detsu
  16. Flannery nodded and looked to the boys "Alrighty, give it all you've got! I wanna be inspired to battle you" she called out before looking to the boy from earlier a bit confused "Have I met him before?" She asked herself as Ash pressed his head to get chest, seeking attention
  17. Detsu ran into the arena ready to fight"let's go Josh! I've been itching for a battle!"
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