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Open Pokémon Wonder Cruise RP (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Le Marsouin, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Alright, if you have signed up and have my approval, the RP is now up!


    Hello and welcome to the cruise ship of Pokémon Wonder! It is a huge ship that you will be embarking as a Pokémon, as it is enormous at a length of 1,007 feet and a width of 103 feet. The ship will be sailing from Camtonia to Kalos, and all the way back for a round trip. Please remember to read everything down below, especially the rules and filling out the OC form template before coming aboard to have a safe, and wonderful experience. We hope that we will see you on Pokémon Wonder!

    1. You can only RP as a Pokémon, as humans are strictly prohibited in this RP.
    2. You are allowed to have up to three characters, and they can be introduced later on in the RP if you so desire.
    3. If you wish to have one of your characters be part of our staff, please discuss it with me. (You can't be the Ship Captain though, as one of my characters is that already.)
    4. Absolutely no legendaries, generation seven Pokémon, or mega evolution allowed.
    5. Fakemon are allowed, but if you wish to use a Fakemon that isn't yours, you must obtain permission from the creator and have concrete evidence that you have. If you wish to use my Fakemon, you must obtain express permission from me.
    6. Please DO NOT have one liner posts in the RP, and having a huge prior history to violating rules in prior RPs will result in immediate rejection for this RP.
    *All restrooms are located on each deck, and the lifeboats are located on Decks 3 and 4. The balconies are all located at decks 4 to 10, and they are on both sides of the ship. The elevators will also go from Decks 1 to 10, as they are mainly located at the Bow (Front area), Middle area, and the Aft (Back area).

    • Deck 1: Staterooms 1000-1999, Pokémon Center A
    • Deck 2: Staterooms 2000-2999, Private Conversating Areas
    • Deck 3: Resturants (Talonflame's Grillsby, The Trident's Cove), Gift Shops, Cooliant Lounge, The Cappi Café, Entryway into the ship, Pokémon Center B, and Reception
    • Deck 4: Poké Theatre, Retail Shops, and the Programmer's Palate (Resturant)
    • Deck 5: Staterooms 5000-5999, Historia Theatre, Audino's Nursery
    • Deck 6: Staterooms 6000-6999, Pokémon Center C
    • Deck 7: Staterooms 7000-7999, Private Lounges
    • Deck 8: Staterooms 8000-8999, Private Lounges
    • Deck 9: Three pools, Resturants (Garden Café, Collation Station, The Wonderous Buffet), Pokémon Center D, Arcade Area, and a huge Training Area
    • Deck 10: Sports Deck, Shuffleboard Area, Outlook Café (Floor 1, This is for Older Pokémon to relax), Broadcasting Center, Captain's Quarters (Floor 1)
    • Deck 11: Outlook Café (Floor 2), Captain's Quarters (Floor 2)
    Roommates: (If you have none, please leave this out.)
    Fakemon Creator: (If you have a Fakemon, leave out if using an official Pokémon.)
    *Please note that I will be starting the RP tommorow or the following day, to give everyone a grace period to come sign up while the ship and the crew are preparing for the big day. If there are any questions or issues, please feel free to discuss it with me. If I'm offline for any reason, especially if I'm knocked out, I'll try to get to you as soon as possible.

    First Character:

    Name: Athena
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 Years old
    Species: Pyravi
    Type: Fire/Flying
    Appearance: She has colorful feathers on her body that represent the rainbow in reversed order; tiny flames on her wings and body if angered; has a short, black beak with yellow eyes; head is tiny and has three feathers that represent her home region's flag.
    Personality: She is timid, soft-spoken, afraid of strangers, but she is slightly more open around her friends.
    Other: Wears an orange scarf around her neck.
    Stateroom: 7560
    Roommates: She is with Ari. (The Pichu)
    Fakemon Creator: Me (I'm still working on her since my illness is seriously getting in the way.)

    Second Character:
    Name: Ari
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Pichu
    Type: Electric
    Appearance: He is a normal Pichu, nothing unusual.
    Personality: Timid around strangers, open and outgoing to friends, tends to express himself throughout the music he plays from his ukulele.
    Other: He carries around a ukulele that can play to different sounds and rhythm based on his mood.
    Stateroom: 7560
    Roommates: He is with Athena. (The Pyravi)

    Third Character:
    *Note: I might not interact with him as much.

    Name: Anthony
    Gender: Male
    Age: 43 Years old
    Species: Aqubruin (Final evolution of Hydopup)
    Type: Water
    Appearance: He is rather tall, towering over the average Pokémon at 5'10", as he stands on two legs while he has a muscular build. He has dark blue eyes, loose ears, while he has at least ten teeth that can be seen when he opens his mouth. He has a large, light blue shield marking on his chest that symbolize protection. He has four retractable claws on his paws, while his feet have three claws each. He has a curly, fin-like tail that extends outward, as his body is covered in a light layer of oceanic blue fur.
    Personality: Brave, outgoing, leader-like, sometimes takes risks in order to protect everyone else while risking his life.
    Other: He is the Ship Captain, as he oversees everything that goes on and makes sure that everything goes well and safely for everyone.
    Stateroom: 8572
    Fakemon Creator: Me (Yes I'm also working on him still.)
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  2. This sounds so cool! I'm going to bring the characters from my first three roleplays into this, if you don't mind.
    Name: Blooey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Species: Swablu
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Appearance: Just a normal Swablu
    Personality: Very outgoing, perseverant, sometimes, well, usually obnoxious, very expressive
    Other: Won't hang out by the water, as then she might get waterlogged and either drown or not be able to fly for the next week or so. Also, does not tolerate anyone even pretending to commit a crime or act in an inappropriate behavior. Sometimes dresses up
    Stateroom: 6348

    Name: Kyki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Species: Combusken
    Type: Fire/Fighting
    Appearance: Your average, everyday Combusken
    Personality: Timid, unsure, slightly insecure, but opens up to friends. Very naive
    Other: Sometimes carries around a basket of berries
    Stateroom: 3826

    Name: Bubble
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Piplup
    Type: Water
    Appearance: Has a small scar on the left side of her head
    Personality: Loyal, slightly hotheaded, quick to be on the defensive
    Other: Likes wearing hats
    Stateroom: 4673
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  3. You're accepted, I'm going to make the RP a little later today most likely.
  4. Name: Naya
    Gender: female
    Age: 21 years
    Species: Persian
    Type: Normal
    Appearance: She looks like a normal Persian.
    Personality: Battle-hating, Showcase-loving, and friendly toward mostly everyone, Naya despises anything that has to do with pain, be it her own or someone else's (especially someone else's). Not being the fastest of them all doesn't mean she's not the most graceful, and she will show off her dance moves whenever she has the chance, but she doesn't use the phrase "show off" under any circumstances.
    Other: You'll rarely ever find her without a flower crown she made herself on her head.
    Stateroom: 7070

    ^^ I was wondering if she could maybe be a worker on the boat? ^^

    Name: Waer
    Gender: male
    Age: 15 years
    Species: Stalaquese
    Type: Ice/Dark
    Appearance: I'll link his pic when I can.
    Personality: Fairly shy, independent, and tired, he hates anything that has to do with warmth. Usually found in the pool whenever he's not inside somewhere, he actually wouldn't mind meeting some new people.
    Other: Here's his PokéDex entry: Found deep inside caves and caverns, it enjoys curling up into an icicle ball as protection while it sleeps. When outside, it will find shade wherever it can.
    Stateroom: 5768
    Roommates: If anyone wants to be his roommate, just tell me!
    Fakemon Creator: Moi! You can find a pic of him in my artwork on this site.
  5. Yes she can be part of the staff on the boat, and you're accepted!
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  6. Well alright, there's no rush here, I'm not starting the RP until later on today. I'm going to start it around the evening maybe at pacific time.

    I will also give another grace period break since the ship will not depart right away, and well it might be a little hard to introduce a character while the boat is at sea.

    EDIT: I might allow others to bring along more characters, but please ask me about it first. The only condition I would have is you have to be able to manage it. I might add more later on in the RP, but I am still thinking about it.
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  7. Name: flower
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Species: Flareon
    Type: Fire
    Apperance: smaler than the average
    Personality: Shy but is friendly.
    Other: likes small places and her sister is hunter
    Stateroom: 5574
    Roommates: hunter

    Name: hunter
    Gender: female
    Species: leafeon
    Age: 17
    Type: grass
    Appearance: smaller than average
    Personality: kind and is social
    Other: likes to sleep and her sister is flower
    Stateroom: 5574
    Roommates: flower

    Name: Fred
    Gender: male
    Species: noivern
    Age: 17
    Type: flying/Dragon
    Appearance: just your regular noivern
    Personality: social butterfly
    Other: bff is hunter
    Stateroom: 5576
    Roommates: has none.
  8. Alright you're accepted.
  9. Name: Keiko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Sawk
    Type: Fighting
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Loves to socialise, not violent at all, but gets sad when people find him intimidating
    Other: N/A
    Stateroom: 1001
  10. You're accepted, I'm going to start the RP soon!
  11. Name: Do
    Gender: Male
    Age: 9
    Species: Pando
    Type: Grass
    Appearance: http://pokecharms.com/works/fakemon-idea-pando.27071/
    Personality: Young and Shy, Do is easily scared.
    Stateroom: 7580
    Roommates: Flare
    Fakemon Creator: Me

    Name: Flare
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Species: Heatah
    Type: Fire
    Appearance: http://pokecharms.com/works/fakemon-idea-heatah.26869/
    Personality: Rebellious and Unafraid to speak her mind, but is very Protective of Do
    Stateroom: 7580
    Roommates: Do
    Fakemon Creator: Me
  12. Alright, well you're accepted! I'm going to start the RP in about two to three hours, the crew are making their finishing touches while the Captain is making sure everything is in place.
  13. Name: Lala
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9 (in the role play)
    Species: Eevee(Shiny)
    Type: Normal
    Personality: Nice,Calm,Easy going
    Likes: Friends and the cruise ship
    Hates: Someone being super hurt
    Appearence: Shiny eevee with diamond eyes
    Stateroom: 6841
    Crush: None (Yet)
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  14. You don't have all the info @Lady Lala
    Edit: Ok never mind
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  15. Name: Chariria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9
    Species: Eevee
    Type: Normal
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: She is the probably the shyest person you have ever met. She'll attack any Pokemon or human that will stalk her. Very rude, doesn't pay any attention to anyone. Once she gets used to the character, she'll become good friends. When you are her friend, she will protect the friend.
    Stateroom: 7000
    Roommates: None

    Name: Nikia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Furret
    Type: Normal
    Appearance: Shiny
    Personality: She is very nice, passionate, she hopes for great things in the future. She wants to go outside in the world to explore it.
    Other: None
    Stateroom: 5901
    Roommates: None, ask
  16. Hmm, this OC sheet is interesting, though it does look a little different. I'll accept it, though the spacing is just kinda a bit off with everything...

    Alright, you're accepted! I'll be starting the RP very soon.
  17. Thanks and sorry,I've just woke up from a two hour nap...
  18. Name: Scotty
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Species: Snover
    Type: Ice/Grass
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Very introverted, gullible, and anxious. He's not used to being around others, and socializing is very difficult. Be prepared to watch him flee from a conversation.
    Other: Nothing for now.
    Stateroom: 1627

    I might edit this post when something comes up in the roleplay, or have inspiration for another character!
  19. Well alright, you're accepted! I'm alright with introducing characters in the middle of the RP, but try to do it to where it flows along.
  20. Can I join are shinies allowed
    Name: Sparks
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Species: Shiny shinx
    Type: Electric
    Appearance: Shiny with blue eyes
    Personality: Focused
    Stateroom: 8263
  21. I am very hesitant on if I should accept you, as I have heard from others and also seen that you have a rather unsatisfactory history of one-liners and also infringed other people's RP rules from prior RPs you were in...

    (I am still deciding as this has made me ponder around quite a bit, I am sorry for the inconvenience here. I am starting to become more strict as there was a person who had bunnied the RP by doing a huge time shift.)
  22. Dude I can change and I won't do one liners I promise
  23. Hmm, but only on one condition. You cannot violate the promise or rules. I'll give you a chance here, but if it breaks, then it's done, there would be no going back... I shall accept you, and it's a done deal.

    -shakes hands with you-
  24. Ooh, snazzy! This seems fun.

    : Princess

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Species: Purugly

    Type: Normal

    Appearance: Princess is a regular, non-shiny female Pokémon.

    Personality: Princess is rather rude and snobby, and has a hard time admitting defeat. She had a big ego and often tends to show off when she wins or defeats somebody. Princess holds grudges and doesn't easily forget when someone angers or embarrasses her, and her pride is one of the things she can get hurt most.

    Other: Not that I can think of!

    Stateroom: 7314
  25. Well alright, you're accepted.
  26. First Character:
    Name: Jolene
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 Years old
    Species: Liepard
    Type: Dark
    Appearance: Normal Liepard
    Personality: Jolene is fun-loving, occasionally flirtatious, friendly, and clever.
    Other: Wears a mint green scarf
    Stateroom: 2299
    Roommates: Yugi

    Name: Yugi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16 Years Old
    Species: Fennekin
    Type: Fire
    Appearance: Normal Fennekin
    Personality: Sweet, kind, shy, loyal, and encouraging.
    Other: Wears a navy blue fireproof band around his left front leg.
    Stateroom: 2299
    Roommates: Jolene
  27. Alright, you're accepted!
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  28. I was wondering, can i still join? if so here is my character.

    Name: Ty
    Spieces: Piplup
    Gender: male
    Age: 11
    Type: (I think you know but just in case.) Water
    Apperence: A normal Piplup
    Roomates: None
    Personality: Very energetic and need to take the wonder ship to get to where ever its going to get to a speical place.
    Other: Nothing much, a bag of food to eat is all he has.
  29. Yes you can still join here. You're accepted.
  30. Yaaay! thank you. one question, has the ship sailed yet? :/
  31. No, it has not sailed yet. It is sailing once the next day comes.

    There will be a huge party at decks 9-11 to commemorate the voyage of the ship when it starts to sail.
  32. OK, Thanks!

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