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Ask to Join Pokemon Wildlife Reserve and Safari Zone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. "Welcome, everyone, to the grand opening of the Pokemon Wildlife Reserve and Safari Zone!"
    Cheers echoed through the small pavilion, packed full of people, overpowering even the roar of airplane engines that filled the air, delivering more and more people to the small island in the middle of the ocean
    "I doubt anyone can wait much longer, so I'll keep this brief," smiled the man that stood before the crowds. "For years, Pokemon preservation agencies all over the globe have dreamed of a paradise for Pokemon, a place where all Pokemon could go to be safe, somewhere far away from the threats that endanger the wonderful creatures that populate our planet. A place where Pokemon and People could interact without any fear or harm,"

    He turned to face the group of people standing beside him, "well, with nearly ten years of dedication and the contribution of the world governments and our incredibly generous funders, our dream has finally been achieved. Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you, the Pokemon Wildlife Reserve and Safari Zone!"

    He smiled as he watched the people cheer, looking at the proud faces around him. So many men and women had spent the last nine-and-a-half years working towards this dream, and it was finally here. He was actually beginning to tear up.

    "Beyond the gate in front of us, is the rest of the island that is separated from us, and as soon as we open the gate, the park will officially be open to visitors," he smiled as he walked to the gate, at a quickened pace that showed his excitement. "So, without further ado, I bring you, THE SAFARI ZONE!"

    He pushed on the gate, and froze for a minute as it didn't as much as budge. Perhaps two large carved slabs of steel weren't the smartest choice for doors that had to be pushed open. But his worry was only momentary, as the others heading the project hurried to the door, and through their combined effort, pushed it open. He looked at the people beside him, and he felt tears of joy begin rolling down his face. They had done it.

    He was pulled out of his daze as their first visitors began rushing past him, and he stepped back, allowing more people through.
    "Ladies and gentlemen," he said quietly, still feeling a bit overwhelmed, and his voice quickly drowned out in the chatter. "Welcome to the Safari Zone."
  2. Sapphire was on the other side of the gate when he heard the cheers, he looked at the get and then turned, almost scared of these people, he had only ever seen workers and was used to that, but this many people was unbearable for the miscoloured umbreon. He was about 200 meters when he stopped and realised he would never truely be able to avoid them, for a while maybe, but not indefinitely. Sapphiredecided to embrace it so he sat down looking at the gate where all the new people would soon flood in from
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  3. The Nicaong lied in a comfortable crib with a light blanket covering most of his body. He hastily wrote in his small notebook he had, as the page read:


    I don’t know what’s going on, but at least the girl with the pink hair isn’t too rough or anything... I can’t even think to myself after what happened yesterday!

    There was this loud bang, and then a lot more right after that! I had to get the hell out of there and run for my life! The only thing I can remember after that was seeing this red stuff after these guys in those blue suits with the guy in the hoodie on the ground with the red stuff on him too...

    I don’t know what to do here! Nobody can understand me, only Dargo can... and I gotta find someone I can talk to...

    I’m just going to have to hope that nothing too bad happens over here...

    The Nicaong clutched onto his dragon plush, while a Toiroca went through the walls of his room. The Toiroca panted and climbed onto the Nicaong’s crib while stating, “Yeah, I’m not exactly wanting to be out there... and that cyber Pokémon is trying to override the mainframe or something like that so we can get out of here I guess.”

    The Nicaong wrote in his reply, “Okay... just try to be careful since the place is going to open I think. I have something in case if someone has a gun. We should be safe hopefully... and I know a good hiding spot in case if anything happens. There’s a door that leads to this place called boiler room, and the code for the door is 4927.”

    “Well alright, I guess we have a way of hiding or even running away if there’s anything we can go through in that room. I’m just hoping that not too many people show up...” The Toiroca responded while lightly shaking his golden bracelet.
  4. The opening of the doors led to, predictably, a massive horde of people running in. Nearly twelve hundred people had attended the official opening, leaving their homes and flying to this isolated island in the middle of nowhere. This wasn't even including the people arriving in planes right now, and those that would be slowly trickling in through the next few days.

    As would be expected, a majority of people instantly gravitated towards the Pokemon near the gate. One of these people was Will Whitman, moving towards a strange Umbreon that had caught his eye. He slowly approached the Pokemon and bent down.
  5. Sapphire looked at will and smiled a tiny bit, he then purred as if to say hello back, sapphire then put out his paw and scratched his nose, interested about this new person who had approached a abomination such as himself
  6. A swift glance at the window from both the Nicaong and Toiroca revealed the hundreds of people rushing in like a pack of raging bulls wanting to destroy any sign of red they could get their hands on. The Nicaong wrote, “Let’s just stay here... there’s no telling what could happen if we go outside. At least I have a good reason to not even go out there in the first place...”

    The Toiroca looked over at the Nicaong, noticing both of the his hands, stomach and the top part of his head were all covered with a liberal layering of bandages wrapped with love. The Toiroca could not help but attempt to resist the urge to let off a huge giggle after taking a brief inspection at the Nicaong’s sky blue bonnet, mittens and socks he had on; not to mention the cloth-like garment comfortably secured on his bottom from the transparent, adhesive tapes likely from the help of the lady nearby.

    “What’s with that funny look? If it’s about what I have on... please don’t laugh or anything... I’m just barely a little over a year I think,” The Nicaong hastily wrote while quietly groaning.

    “I wasn’t going to laugh like someone else probably would, it’s just that I’ve never seen anyone else that looks so young... you might be even younger than me!” The Toiroca replied while turning towards the lady carefully scooping some clear powder into a bottle filled with juice. He decided to focus his gaze back at the window while the Nicaong yawned and lied next to the Toiroca.
  7. Krystal was wandering about near a cave looking for rare minerals, her eyes caught towards a glowing green crystal stuck between two rocks. She ran towards it and picked it up. "This looks nice, maybe it can go into my collection. . ." she thought. As she turned around she noticed flocks of Pidgeys and Fearows and other birds flew away from fear. Krystal got worried as she saw the flocks of birds flying away in fear. Her curiosity lead her to finding out what scared them. She snuck into the bushes and went closer to the scene. When she got up she shivered as she saw a lot of humans in the safari zone, throwing green colored pokeballs at hopeless Pokemon. She tucked down to avoid attention and slowly backed up, her jaws on her head got annoyed and started screeching "It's ok. . . I know it looks bad but. . . We'll make it out" she said as she slowly backed away from the humans.
  8. The Nicaong turned towards the lady after she finished mixing the powder in his juice, as the lady stated, “They’re supplements, baby friendly to be specific. I kinda have to give them you since you need it.”

    The Nicaong nodded and slowly drank his bottle after the lady handed it to him. The lady looked down at the Toiroca, as she asked, “Not wanting to stay outside I see?”

    “It’s alright if you don’t want to be out there, some people are quite rough... I’ll admit. Anyway, I don’t really see you often, so I suppose you should know that I’m Nurse Joy. The name is actually for family, since well... there’s quite a lot of us in that to be honest. Anyway, if you want anything to drink, then ask or I’ll give you your own notebook and pencil,” The lady added after explaining to the Toiroca.

    The Toiroca quietly snapped his fingers, as a black orb appeared on his left hand. He spoke into the orb for a brief moment, as the orb was slowly directed towards the nurse in a harmless manner. The orb’s voice said, “Just m- milk... nothing else if possible... p- pl- please...”

    After the orb disappeared seconds later, the nurse went over to the table and made a fresh batch of warm milk with the baby formula suitable for little Pokémon like the Toiroca and Nicaong. She gave the bottle to the Toiroca and went back to the table to analyze a peculiar book she received earlier today. The Nicaong continued to drink his bottle while hoping the day would not last too long with the people inside the Safari Zone.

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