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Pokemon WiFi Board Rules

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Linkachu, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Please read and follow these rules and guidelines when using this forum.

    Trade Topics

    1) Please post trade requests in one topic - your own. Try not to create a new topic for each new trade you are looking for unless it's a completely different style of topic. For example, it's alright having both a breeding services topic and a general trade request topic but don't make multiples of either topic type.

    2) Do not hijack another person's trade thread. This means offering and sorting out trades with people that are not the owner of the thread. Keep all of your trade requests to your own thread and post offers to the thread owners only.

    3) You may not offer any Pokémon for trade if you got them from the GTS unless you tell people that's where you got it. You also cannot tell people that it's not hacked. Not all Pokémon on the GTS are hacked, but there's absolutely no way of knowing if they are or not, and the GTS is notorious for having many hacks.

    4) All hacked, cloned, or modified Pokémon (through any means except in-game) must be declared as such when offering them for trade.

    5) If you are offering RNG'd Pokemon please state so up front.

    Battle/Tournament Topics

    1) Do not post topics asking "Does anyone want to battle right now?". Instead ask if anyone would like to battle you and, if someone accepts, arrange a specific time/date for the match afterwards.

    2) All battles on Pokécharms default to Game Freak's official Wi-Fi Battles rules (Singles) or VGC format (Doubles/Triples). You may use a rule set that you've made up yourself, but both you and your opponent must agree on such before the battle begins.

    3) If you want to set up a Tournament, please only post one topic for it. Be specific about your own battling rules and guidelines for this tournament - standard rules will apply by default, unless stated otherwise.

    3) Intentional rule breaking and disconnecting is not allowed. Don't use hacked Pokémon or hacked moves, don't whine if you lose or gloat if you win, and don't disconnect if the battle isn't going well for you. Anyone doing any of these things should be blacklisted, but it's up to you guys to report them. That said, make sure you find out if a person's connection is simply bad/was acting up before attacking them for disconnecting. It happens to us all sometimes.

    Other Rules and Guidelines

    1) Do not post your teams here. If you're looking for someone to rate your team or give advice, post it in the Clinic.

    2) Questions like "Where do I find a Timburr?" or "At what level will my Bidoof evolve?" will be deleted on sight. Use an online PokeDex to find those answers. Anything not answered by the PokéDex (or a quick google search) should be asked on the Pokémon Games Discussion board.

    3) Do not post Friend Code centric topics. This means topics made simply for people to post their Friend Codes. Instead, post your Friend IDs in your personal trade/battle threads, your signatures and, when the option is available, your forum profiles.

    4) Do not Private Message random members asking for a battle. If you want to battle someone specific, post in their battle topic. If they don't have one, chances are they're not looking for random battles - so don't bug them for one. It's considered rude and very annoying.

    5) If you are seeking trades or battles, make sure you post the times when you are available with your timezone included. I can't stress this part enough.
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