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Ask to Join Pokemon: Web of Lies

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by |:| DarkPast |:|, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Sign Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-web-of-lies-sign-ups.21524/#post-801332

    "I've called you all here to discuss one thing...The lies."

    Jayden stood at a small table. A round table, his fingers grazing over an Ultra Ball. His green eyes shut tightly as he holds back some anger. He looks at the device on the table before turning his attention to the holograms. The blue translucent figures of his fellow guardians stood before him. He clenches his fist. "I know what is happening. It's a lot to handle and It's something I can't say right now on here. Meet me in Vermillion City in about 20 minutes." He said to the figures. "Any questions?"
  2. ~~~Talia, Kanto Airport~~~
    Talia exited the airport into Vermillion City, stretching her arms lightly. She was wearing a modest outfit and none of her signature accessories, although you could recognize her if you looked close enough.
    Brushing her hair out of her eyes, she looked up at the blue sky, dotted with white puffy clouds. She found a bench to sit down on, leaning back.
  3. Akali and Sneasel walked along the streets of Vermillion. She was told to arrive to this city for a mission, but was unaware of what it was yet, for security purposes. She wanted to waste some time meanwhile. She noticed a trainer sitting down.

    "Excuse me, do you have the time?" She asked with a sweet voice.
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  4. Keeping her typical composure, Talia stood up. Jolt crawled onto her shoulder, curious about the stranger.
    "I do, yes. Is there anything I can help you with?" she replied calmly. She gave Jolt a small pet behind the ears, causing the Electric-type to squeak with joy.
  5. Akali laughed. "I'm sorry, I meant if you could tell me what time it is. I lost my Pokegear and I'm suppose to meet with someone at 3 pm."

    Sneasel stood with her arms crossed and nodded to whatever Akali said.
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  6. Jayden had turned off the holograms before he slid the device into his pocket. He decided he should head to Vermillion early. Pulling out a bright blue pokeball with yellow designs upon it, Jayden tapped his finger on the orb in the center of it and had threw it into the air. A blue light shot out of it as a Pidgeot chirped to greet him. "Come on ol' girl. Let's head off."

    The Leader of the Guardians leapt onto the large bird as they flew to Vermillion City. They landed at the PokeCenter, Jayden returned the bird into it's pokeball before he walked inside and talked with Nurse Joy. After the conversation, he strolled to the airport area to check in for any sightings of the Liars in the town. Seeing as it was peaceful, he opened his backpack to pull out a white baseball jersey with a pokeball on the heart area and on the back in black letters

    ' Leads Them '
    with the number '01'
  7. Talia laughed. "Ah, I misunderstood. It's..." She checked her watch, her eyes darting down and back up again. "Three thirty-four."
    A white flash of light formed at her side, and Melody emerged from her Pokeball. The Humming Pokemon glanced around with curiosity, before settling on the bench.
  8. "Well that's a bummer!" Akali said and laughed while she scratched the back of her head. She noticed Jayden out of the corner of her eye and pretended she didn't see him. She kept her attention on Talia. "That's a nice Pokemon, you a trainer?"
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  9. Talia chuckled softly. "Indeed I am. This is Melody. She's been my partner since.. almost the beginning of my journey. Not my starter, mind you, that spot goes to my Togekiss."
    Melody nodded. "Tarrrii."
    Jolt's cheeks sparked in annoyance. "Pipipi!"
    Smiling, Talia picked up Jolt and set him on her lap. "Oh, and this is Jolt. He's not one of my registered Pokemon, he sort of just tags along. Found him in my bag one day and he's been with me ever since."
  10. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    A strange sight was on the streets of Vermilion City as Loki Primus, native of Mahogany Town, was trying to navigate his way down the large city. Loki's Alolan Sandslash ran below his legs, getting noticeable stares from the natives. He looked flustered with the map he was holding, which had tears from opening and closing it all the time. "Well it says here that... Wait, no!", he corrected himself while looking at the map. Professor Elm sent him on a quest to capture a live Beedrill so he could test if it was better to evolve your Kakuna into Beedrill or to catch your Beedrill in the wild. He was possibly the more eccentric professor, always thinking of weird ideas and sending trainers on quests. He sighed, knowing this popular city was just too large... He sat down on a bench, which was located next to Talia's. He stuffed the map in his backpack, looking down at his Alolan Sandslash. Petting the Pokemon, it seemed to have it's own unique type of purr. "Oh, Permafrost... I'm not sure we'll be able to help Elm this time...", he said honestly, talking to it like it was a human. It sighed as well, looking quite stressed. Loki quickly took note of that, feeding it a spare PokePoffin. It munched down eagerly, clearly enjoying the pastry. Loki took a quick glance to the left, seeing two people talking, then looked back. Wait! Was that... He looked back at the one sitting on the bench. Is that... Talia? It couldn't be... He looked away. It was, that was actually her! He'd always wanted to battle a celebrity, though they would probably outsmart him in an instant. He took out a PokeBall, knowing it was Arthur's, his Ledian. He never really used Arthur come to think of it... A Bug and Flying Type isn't the best combo out there, after all.
  11. She was ordered to meet at Vermillion City for a meeting she could say. She was aware of "The Lies" but remained quiet about it until she arrived in the city of Vermillion. A shiny Umbreon had sat beside her looking up at her with her gold eyes curious about what Jayden had said. She pulled out a Luxury ball until it opened revealing a Flygon as she got on her back. "Let's go Gem, we have to meet Jayden at Vermillion city, no time to waste since it's best we get there early," she told her. "Flygon!("Alright JC")" Gem said before flying off to Vermillion city. Gem landed in front of the Pokemon center before letting JC and Blue off her back. "Thanks, Gem, return," she told her as a red beam sucked her back into the black, red, and gold Pokeball before she put it away. She wore a white wolf blue-streaked mask at the moment to hide her face to not let "The Lies" figure out that she was the Second in Command of the Guardians. She walked in being aware of her surroundings as Blue followed her lead. She caught a glimpse of those green eyes as she could see a bit of..."anger" in them. She knew at this point that it wasn't going to be good and she knew it. She remained calm and approached the Leader of the Guardians who was looking at a shirt he had pulled out.

    "I came as you requested, Jayden," she said crossing her arms against her as Blue sat down beside her. Blue felt the anger Jayden had inside of him but remained calm like her partner did and waited patiently for him to answer. "I can tell it's not something good, your eyes show that emotion of anger you have" she added.

    Naga had arrived in Kanto curious about what the Kanto region holds. She looked at the map she had in her hands holding it firmly to see how big Kanto really was. She smiled gently to herself as she felt a long ribbon wrapped around her wrist like something was holding her. In this case, something was, she had looked down at her right side to see a Sylveon standing beside her smiling up at her sweetly. Her name was Ribbon who was also her partner. She had been her partner ever since she started her coordinating career. "Let's go Ribbon, there is another region we have yet to explore and let's hope that we ended up finding a friend or friends to talk with," she said to her. "Sylveon!" she cried happily agreeing as she followed her once she began to walk away from the airport.

    @|:| DarkPast |:| @EmoKitty21
  12. Paratmos and Rotie arrived at the Vermillion docks and decided to go to where he saw 2 other trainers. "Hello" Paratmos said to the group whilst pulling out his 5 other pokeballs "do you mind if I let my pokemon out of their pokeballs?"
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  13. Jayden looked at the woman he grew to befriend over the years as he adjusted his jersey. "Look Vermillion City is never safe. I mean come on...You never know who you will meet here. For all we know, we could run into the Liars or Team Rocket. Kanto is where it begun for many including myself. It's a base for so much trouble..." The young man ran his hands through his hair before he rose and held onto his backpack. A small Luxury Ball popped open as Sparky (his Raichu) shot out. He looked around, his tail wagging a bit. "Just be on guard. We can't afford anyone getting hurt." He whispered to the woman before turning to the girl who looked at him. "She looks suspicious..." He whispered quietly to his friend.

    @LunarSilvally @Hecotoro
  14. Akali began to feel uncomfortable with all the trainers arriving. What if they knew who she was? Plus the one with the Raichu seemed to recognize her somehow, or that's what it looked like.
    "Well thank you for telling me the time. I might as well keep on going my way. Have a good day." She smiled at Talia and began to walk away.
  15. "...Spirit..." He reached onto his belt and pulled a green pokeball. "After her." A blue light shot out as a Gengar manifested from the light. The Gengar had dove into the ground and became like a shadow, before he chased after the woman at a steady pace. The trainer did a salute before he walked over to the girl and sat beside her.


    He said to her, tugging at the sleeves of his jersey shirt.

    @Hecotoro @EeviumZ
  16. Talia glanced at the woman who'd just left, slightly confused momentarily, before turning to Jayden.
    "Greetings. Who was she?" she asked with curiosity.
    She pulled the sleeve of her jacket over her Mega Bracelet, hoping no one had noticed it. She could sense that something was wrong here - she didn't know what, but she wanted to take precautions anyway.
  17. Akali stopped walking. She looked at her Sneasel. "Are we clear?" She asked her.

    The Sneasel looked at it's claws and then pointed at Akali's shadow.

    "Really now?" She said upset. Akali marched back to Talia and the other trainee. "Excuse me! Do you mind telling me why your ghost Pokemon is stalking me?!"
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  18. She raised her hand in a calm gesture. "Calm down Jayden, I am well aware of this situation just as much as you are but you can't judge a person right away by appearance unless...they run at a fast pace like that girl did..." She sighed. "I know Kanto is not safe that's why I have been cautious around here as of late...Blue here seems to sense it more then I do which is...concerning but, what do you suppose we do Jayden?" She asked him as she leaned against the wall as she looked to him keeping her arms crossed against her. Blue sat beside her as she kept her eyes and ears open for any sort of suspicious activity or movement.

    @|:| DarkPast |:| @EeviumZ
  19. Jayden gave the small girl a sad smile. "I suspect she is one of...them." He says more to himself before he stood up and walked to his Raichu, who stood beside JC. Gengar rose out the ground and chuckled evilly before it decided to fly back to its trainer. "Sorry. I don't know who to trust now and days. Spirit return." The trainer had said as he held up a large green pokeball and a red light swallowed the Gengar.

    @EeviumZ @Hecotoro @LunarSilvally
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  20. Akali gave Jayden a glare. "Go stalk someone else you creep."

    She walked away, again. There was no point in getting in a fight with them. She had no clear advantage, besides the fact that they couldn't prove anything. She looked down at her Sneasel.
    "We clear now?" She said as they entered a park.
    The Sneasel nodded.
    "Good. How annoying." She kept walking, waiting for the instructions she was suppose to receive.
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  21. "I know who you are." He whispered when she walked away.

    Jayden stood beside his friend. Raichu and Jayden watched the woman walk away. "Alright...Come on. We have a job to do." He turned to JC. "Alright. It's time we discuss a plan I made recently." He looked onward, watching the other young girl who didn't appear to look familiar.

    @EeviumZ @Hecotoro @LunarSilvally
  22. She just noticed his Raichu next to her before giving a pat on its head before she looked up at Jayden again. Before she could say anything, she pulled out another Luxury ball until it opened revealing a Dusk Lycanroc with a golden collar around her neck filled with evolution stones in the slots that was created as they were worn like gems. "Wolfa, spy on that girl with the Sneasel in the shadows, report back to me once you confirmed something" she whispered to her as she reached out to remove the collar that was around her neck and took it off before putting it away. "Quickly now Wolfa" she added. "Lycan!("Of course JC")" Wolfa said before running out of the Pokemon Center. Wolfa saw the girl in a far distance before noticing a tree as she leaped up onto it as she watched the girl in the shadows.

    She turned her head back to Jayden. "Go ahead explain, I'm listening loud and clear" she said calm but stern. Blue focused her eyes back on Jayden waiting for him to explain the plan he had made recently.

    She and Ribbon continued on a route to find a Pokemon Center at least. The thing she learned was that she can't just friend everyone even if she wants to because some of them maybe "The Lies" and deceive her. She was "The Rebel" as she was trying to seek out the truth. She didn't know where to start as this left her to become confused. Ribbon noticed this as her light blue eyes looked up at her in concern while one of her ribbons remained wrapped around her wrist as she looked at the map. "This is...hard...Ribbon...do you have any idea where to start?" She asked the Sylveon. "Sylve..." She said nodding her head no. She sighed. "Well...I guess we have to still keep trying...." "Sylve!" Ribbon said agreeing as they continued to walk together while looking around for any sort of clue or sign of anything suspicious.

    @|:| DarkPast |:| @EeviumZ
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  23. Paratmos looked at Talia and asked, "aren't you that famous trainer?" while pulling up a picture of her on his phone. he then went to return his pokemon but left two out. The two he left out were Rotie his Rotom and Jolty his Eevee, he then asked Talia to a battle.
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  24. Talia raised her eyebrows. "A battle?"
    She knew her Pokemon were objectively stronger, and that it would be nearly cruel to battle. However, he'd challenged her, and she couldn't decline.
    "If you really wish to have a battle, then certainly. Over there seems like a good spot." She pointed out a nearby battlefield, currently unoccupied.
    She motioned for him to follow and walked up to the battlefield. Harmony and Melody trailed behind her.
    Talia took her spot on one side of the field, and glanced down at her belt. Taking a moment, she nodded to Melody. She returned Harmony, while Melody floated to her spot on the battlefield.
    "The first move is yours," she told the Trainer.
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  25. Paratmos then told Rotie to use toxic not at the opponent but on the field and then asked for both Rotie and Jolty to electrocute it. Jolty then used nuzzle on Rotie while Rotie used an electro ball.
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  26. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Loki thought of piping in a request for a battle, but he heard a new trainer already say it. He put Arthur's PokeBall away, knowing he couldn't beat her with his little Pokemon. After a deep sigh, he got up from his bench, rather curious of the battle. He walked over to watch the battle in the distance, his Alolan Sandslash following in pursuit. Maybe Arthur could learn a little... He grabbed the PokeBall out of his backpack and sent the Ledian out. It flew in front of Loki, confused. "Well, Arthur, I thought you could maybe learn about battling today!", he said, trying to sound energetic. The Five Star Pokemon had a look of disgust, shaking it's head no. Loki looked at Permafrost, who seemed to be nagging at his shoulder. "Oh, stop it, Arthur's part Flying-type, you'd beat him in an instant!", he exclaimed, much to Arthur's offense. It seemed to be rethinking it's thoughts a little, then gave a challenging cry to Permafrost. He laughed," Fine, but we'll have to do this after we catch the Beedrill. The two Pokemon have an affirming nod to each other as they made their way to the neighbouring route to help Elm's research.
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  27. She saw a battle that just started as she stood where she was at the moment to watch it. "Look Ribbon, a battle is going on, want to watch it?" She asked looking down to the Sylveon. "Sylve!" She smiled gently before turning her eyes to the battle that was going on as she sat down next to her.

    @|:| DarkPast |:| @EeviumZ @Paratmos Maple
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  28. The field did not affect Melody, as she was flying in the air anyways. Talia gave a small eyebrow raise, finding the Nuzzle and Electro Ball to be quite the creative combo. Still, she had the perfect way to counter it.
    "Destroy the Electro Ball with Steel Wing!"
    Melody did as she was told, flying towards the electric orb. She cleanly slashed through it, not experiencing much of the shock due to her wing being coated with steel at the time. The sphere exploded into tiny yellow sparkles.
    "Draco Meteor!"
    The Altaria raised her wings, summoning a storm of glowing yellow orbs from the sky, hurtling towards the Eevee and Rotom.
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  29. Paratmos quickly told Rotie to use a substitute and Jolty to use a quick attack to dodge. At that exact moment, you can see a small yellow glint from Paratmos left arm.
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  30. Talia glanced down at her wrist. There, a multicoloured stone set in a silver bracelet glinted in the sunlight. She considered it for a moment.
    No, not now. Not yet.
    Moonblast and Dragon Pulse!”
    As Melody released a melodic cry, the illusion of a moon floated overhead. Pink rays beaded onto Melody, who began charging a massive pink sphere. At the same time, she charged a Dragon Pulse, energizing the orb with a purple energy. She flung it at the enemy Pokémon, not wasting a beat.
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  31. Paratmos then revealed a Z-ring and activated the electrium-z and told Jolty to stay behind Rotie and use z-nuzzle while Rotie combined the usage of his Discharge and Night shade into one attack.
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  32. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Acacia waltzed casually into Vermillion with his Blastoise following close behind. He was surprised to see his old friend Talia battling some rookie trainer. He walked over to the sidelines and made sure to catch the eye of the celebrity, hoping to surprise her. “Maybe we can get a battle in after.” He chuckled to his partner Pokémon.
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  33. She and Ribbon watched in amazement as the moves collided with one another like coordinating moves coming together into one to make a beautiful performance. She smiled gently as she and Ribbon continued to watch the battle.

    @EeviumZ @Paratmos Maple @|:| DarkPast |:|
  34. (O.O.C - Here we go! My first time using Talia's Mega Pokemon!)
    Talia knew Z-Moves were near impossible to fully block with Protect, so she went for something rather unorthodox.
    "Melody, Cotton Guard!"
    Melody crossed her wings, creating a massive ball of fluff around her. Most of the attack was blocked, although some did manage to harm the Humming Pokemon substantially. The Z-Move created a huge explosion, and dense smoke covered the arena.
    To any trainer, it would appear that Melody had been K.Oed. Only Talia and Melody herself knew better.
    Through the smoke, a bright glow could be seen. When the smoke cleared, Talia's hand was on her wrist, touching her now-revealed Key Stone.
    "Let our song reach the heavens above! Melody, Mega Evolve!"
    Multicolored beams of light cast from the Key Stone, connecting to Melody's Altarianite. Melody began to glow, and change form.
    When the blinding light faded, Melody's fluff had grown substantially. Her skin was now a slightly lighter shade, and a pink tinted her fluff. She had transformed into Mega Altaria.
    The Mega Evolution symbol appeared in front of Melody for a moment, bursting into multicolored sparkles. She released a powerful melody, echoing through the entire battlefield.
    "Melody, Hyper Voice!" Talia commanded, pointing forward.
    With grace and elegance, Melody released an enchanting cry, creating massive shock waves of sound that flooded the arena. However, these waves were not a white color like normal. They were pink and sparkly, signifying their change to Fairy-type. This was because of Melody's new ability: Pixilate.
    The waves had incredible power, even breaking the ground when it hit. They flew towards Jolty and Rotie with incredible speed.
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  35. Jolty gets directly hit by the move and faints but, Rotie dodges it due to levitate and how fast he is. Paratmos then returns Jolty and tells Rotie to use Toxic.
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  36. Talia smiled, realizing Paratmos's mistake. She didn't command Melody to dodge, neither did Melody move at all. She simply allowed the glob of poison to hit her, poisoning her instantly.
    "Now, Melody! Final Facade!"
    Melody's eyes narrowed. Suddenly, she was cloaked in a blinding pink light - courtesy of Pixilate. While using Hyper Voice once again, she launched at the Rotom, cloaked in a pink glow. The move was boosted both by Pixilate and the fact that Melody was Poisoned.
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  37. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Loki walked back into Vermillion City, holding the temporary Beedrill's PokeBall in his hand. "I wonder if-- Gah!", he exclaimed, looking at the Mega Altaria. He's never seen an Altaria in person, let alone a Mega Pokemon. He put the PokeBall in his backpack and ran over the battlefield in aw. He was just in time for it's final move, gazing at the attack. He HAD to challenge here! Arthur and Permafrost gave a death glare to each other, wanting to try and see who could beat the Pokemon. Loki held them back, wondering what it even was. He noticed a flow of energy coming from Talia that went into her Altaria, probably some form of bonding...
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  38. As Rotie took the final blow Paratmos returned it to its Pokeball and thanked Talia for the battle. Paratmos then sat on the bench as he watched the next battles ensue. He healed Rotie and let it out of its Pokeball to watch.
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  39. She was mindblown when she saw the Altaria mega evolve as she has seen many others but the mega Altaria caught her interest greatly. "Ribbon did you see that!" she asked the Sylveon. "Veon!" she said smiling happily. "That was...amazing!" she said smiling to herself as she pulled out a notepad to write notes on how she saw a mega evolution with her very own eyes. Ribbon smiled but had her eyes still on the Mega Altaria. She made her way to a bench as she sat down sketching out the Mega Altaria's form as she did with the others she had seen. Ribbon followed after as she sat down next to her with her body at the side of the bench looking to Naga.

    @EeviumZ @Paratmos Maple @|:| DarkPast |:|
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  40. With the battle conceded, Melody reverted to her normal form, exhausted from the use of Mega Evolution. Talia ran over, kneeling down with her Pokemon.
    "You did incredibly well, Melody. Please take a good rest," she said. Melody gave a light chirp before Talia returned her.
    She turned to Paratmos, smiling. "Not bad! Your Pokemon are very strong for their species."
    Talia then noticed two people watching her, looking at her in awe. Indeed, it appeared she'd drawn some serious attention.
    Well, looks like Melody's Mega Evolution is out of the bag now.
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