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Open Pokemon Watch Heroes

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TepigTurtwig, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. Message to all Pokeheroes: Our world is in chaos. Ever since we, pokemon, formed into separate factions, our world fell. A legendary pokemon leads every faction, with others separating amongst them. The 4 deoxys lead the nation of power, desiring to conquer the world, and give those with the greatest power the highest rankings in government. Their admirals include groudon, kyogre, and rayquaza, who can use their respective megas and primal forms. The nation of peace is led by mew, who wishes to end this conflict, and have all be equal and have equal say in government. This plan may seem morally right, but that also leads to less wishing to follow it, as every living being is naturally selfish, other than the four creators. His admirals are mesprit, azelf, uxie, shaymin, and celebi. The final faction is the faction of anarchy, which wishes to remove technology and government from the pokemon world. This wayward faction is led by Keldeo, with his close ranking generals: the three swordsmen. They have a pretty close ranking to him, so they provide most of his tactics and control.
    So where do you come in? Well, you guys are the only thing that can end this. You could say a fourth faction. Your goal: End this war. No matter what that means. End this war. Any side you want can win, and you may end up fighting others of this faction for your own goals. But, in the end, someone has to end this war, and that should be you.
    OOC(ish): This rp won't follow game mechanics. Instead, your pokemon will have abilities that seem reasonable for them, and not moves. That is why legendaries like groudon and kyogre are so strong: they literally can reshape earth and sea respectively. You can't do that, but you can be a little creative. Now here's my application, and form yours like this.
    Name: Genji
    Species: Male Greninja
    Abilities: Carries two scrolls, large enough to be used as melee weapons. However, he can use them each for a different ninja technique: one summons shurikens made out of water for him to throw, while the other turns him into a shiny greninja so he can blend in the shadows better.
    Backstory(If there is one): Genji comes from a village of other greninja, where he quickly became their top ninja. He believes in team power's goal, as it would ensure peace the most.
    Personality: Serious, cunning
    Size: Medium
    BIC(ish): Genji stared at the battlefield. Like usual, groudon just obliterated the enemy, and if they got to the sea, kyogre got them. His job, like with any other pokemon in the power faction, was to pick off stragglers. Maybe there was one he could kill off in the rubble
    OOC: Yes, pokemon can die in this rp. If fainted, and not surrounded by able-bodied allies, it is up to your opponent to decide to kill, spare, or enslave you.
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Unauthorized legendaries, clearly not reading the rules, no actual RP material... Yeah, no.

    Thread locked.
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