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Ask to Join Pokémon Wars

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ollijay, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Sorry, Brand Sir!” Clara saw a Poliwrath attack Brand, and she charged at him. She gathered all of her power in her mouth and shot a Hyper Beam at the Poliwrath. After that she looked at the sky as it turned purple, and comets fell down towards the Poliwrath. Clara had just used Draco Meter.
  2. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Poliwrath dodged the hyper beam. It then jumped off the meteors and used body slam on Clara. He then shot water gun at Clara. And cause of Clara being wet from water gun it was easy to freeze Clara with ice beam.
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  3. Ringo quickly supplied himself with more berries. He stopped and noticed someone is here. He hid from a certain Pokemon. He waited until it leaves the area.
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  4. Brand dodged the Double Slap, but wasn't expecting the Hydro Pump, and was hit full force. He roared in pain as the super-effective move took his health down to almost zero. He lay on the grass of the geyser field, panting harshly, unable to pick himself up. He was too exhausted even to shout for help.
    Feeling very, very tired, he rested his head on his paws and silently wished for his army to come to his aid...
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  5. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    She dodged the Ice Beam, and then saw Brand fall onto the ground. “Brand!” Clara shot an angry glare at the Poliwrath before flying to her Leader. “Sir, I-I-I can help you!” This was the first time she ever stuttered, but Clara wasn’t going to let her Leader die. She frantically searched around and found an Oran Berry bush from before. Clara grabbed as much as she could and brought the berries to Brand. “Come on, you can’t Faint!” She gave Brand some of the Oran Berries, hoping that he was still alive.
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  6. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Aura continued to run slowly toward the flower field as two other pokemons chasing her, "i got to keep running until i will get to the flower field and find bloom, even if hea not there he will see me when he go there" the sylveon muttered to herself as the two pokemons trying to attack her, "i cant use wish anymore and the poison almost fainting me, if one attack will hit me im done" she continued muttering and start to speed up a little as she carring the three fainted pokemons on her back.
    "Give up! You cant run forever" one of the pokemons said, it was a mudbray, "never!" Aura shouted back at them, she knew that she got to escape them before entering the flower field or bloom will have to fight with her.

    Aura got more tired but she didnt gave up, she contine to ran without stop, but the pokemons behind her start to slow down.
    "Wait!" The mudbray yelled, "come back!" The other pokemon with him shouted, its was a Cranidos, they both stopped and huffed as the sylveon run away from them.
    Aura huffed as well as she continued running, "almost... There" she said to herself, she start to feel dizzy as her legs start to shake, she start to see the flower field and kept running the far she can before she faints, "bloom!" She shouted as she getting closer and closer.

    Bloom watched the peacefully until he heard a familiar shout, "whos there?" He said and looked around until he saw sylveon running toward him with three pokemons on her back.
    "Aura! Long time no see!" He shouted with a smile back to the sylveon, but his happy face turned info worry as he see aura falling near the flowers in pain, ."aura!" He yelled in panic and fly toward her.

    Bloom saved the questions for later and used floral healing on the sylveon, he used the power of the flowers to heal aura again. after aura got recovered bloom noticed a part where she got poisoned, "wait, youre poisoned!" He said in a little panic and used aromatherapy too, he released a shooting scent from the flowers on his body, making the poison disappear.

    "Thank you" aura said slowly as she start to stand up, "what happened?" Bloom questioned, "I heard theres a war in your new faction" bloom in worried.
    "There is a war, and i almost fainted because of the toxic, thank arceus i found you" she said a little cheerfully, "i was out of wishes so i couldnt heal myself anymore, maybe i should have learnt heal bell" she said in embarrassment.
    "You still know protect, and its a useful move" bloom said to aura, try to cheer her up, he then saw the three fainted pokemons on the ground, "who are those?" He said.

    Sylveon turned back and saw the three fainted pokemons she carried all the way, "i couldnt heal them so i took them with me, it was quite hard to carry them all the time" she said and sighed.
    "I think if they were fainted for a long time they start to recover, use your wish and i will use the floral healing, that should recover them" bloom said, aura nodded and start wishing, meanwhile bloom using the flowers to heal them too.
    "Its look like it working" aura said in excitement as she sees lightning and wailmer seem to recover, "how i didnt got crushed by the wailmer all the time, i didnt relized how heavy he his?" Aura thought to himself as she saw lightning and wailmer asleep.
    "the ampharos soon recover as well" bloom said happily.

    Meanwhile bloom and aura in the flower field the mudbray and the cranidos Almost reached the flower field, "there she is" the mudbray saidas he continue to huff, "she is with another one" the cranidos said.
    They both ran and hide in a bush that was a little far from the flowers, "the other pokemon is from the grass faction" mudbray said in rage, "and the sylveon look healthy now" he continued as they keep watching aura and bloom.
    "That mean one of them is healer" cranidos said and continued, "should we attack them? If we will faint the other one with the sylveon the grass faction may go against us" cranidos continued in anger.
    "If we will defeat all the healers in the water faction the commander would be proud, and the sylveon can be healer" mudbray said evily as he smirking a little, the cranidos nodded a d said: you have a point, lets attack them when they let their gaurd off so it be sire win" the cranidos said as he and mudbray watching the sylveon and the comfey, waiting for the perfect time to attack.
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  7. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    It’s been awhile... hasn’t it? Stop being so weak, you were a burden to Aura...

    Mary opened her eyes, but didn’t see any light. She was still unconscious, so the little voice inside her head took this chance to talk with Mary. ‘What do you want now?’ Mary said, and she looked around, but all she could see was darkness.

    The voice laughed softly, I just want to talk about your... mistakes. Mary, you are pathetic. You know that, right? You instantly lost against an Emboar, an Emboar for crying out loud!

    Mary sighed, ‘Can you just leave me alone? It knew EarthQuake, and that’s a Ground Type move...’ She knew the voice wouldn’t care, it took any chance to poke at her for losing against something or Fainting.

    The voice grew more stern, Quiet! You are going to wake soon... don’t fail again...

    Mary sighed, ‘Okay...’


    Light entered her vision, and Mary opened her eyes. She shouldn’t let the voice make her sad or unconfident. The young Ampharos sighed, and looked at her surroundings. “I’m sorry Aura... for Fainting and making you have to take care of me...” She spoke quietly. Mary stood up, and then noticed something. “Why are we in the Grass Faction’s territory? We could get in big trouble.” She saw another Pokemon here, “And who is him?”
  8. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Aura saw mary start to wake up, she was filled with happiness, she was confused a little that mary apologize for something she not ashamed of, she then answered her questions one by one while bloom waiting behind her.

    "Relax, Youre not in the grass faction, sadly im not allowed to go inside that faction anymore, we're in a path between the water and the grass faction" aura explained with a smile, then she continued to explain her next question about who is bloom, "this is bloom, hes a healer like me" she said and pointed on the comfey, "we're friends since i was an eevee in the grass faction" she said without noticing what she just said, bloom levitate toward mary, "nice to meet you" he said with joy.
    "I got poisoned badly so i had to go and cure myself, i almost fainted from that emboar" aura explained to mary, "we'll be back soon, after light and the heavy wailmer will wake up" she continued.

    "Its was good to see you again!" Bloom said with a smile, then the smile turns info a curious face, "when was the last time we saw each other? It was a long time ago" bloom questioned curiously, aura looked with joy at bloom after his question, "i think the last time was when i left the grass faction, but im not sure" she said joyfully.

    Meanwhile the mudbray and cranidos kept watching and noticed the ampharos.
    "Theres another one?!" Mudbray said in surprise, cranidos looked with a worry face on mudbray, "maybe we should come back" cranidos said.
    "Forget it!, theres no regrets now!" Mudbray said immediately, "the more we beat the more the commander would be proud" he said in rage.
    "Youre right, but dont you think we should attack now, or at least call because theyre three and we're two?" Cranidos said in worry, mudbray sighed, "alright but we got to return fast before they leave" he said.
    The two sneaked away and ran to get more pokemons to help them.
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  9. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Oh, I thought we were on the Grass Faction’s territory...” Mary sighed and looked at Bloom. “Nice to meet you too...” She sat down next to the two Pokemon as they both started talking about their childhood. Mary looked at the ground, still thinking about what the voice told her.

    -~-Mary, you are pathetic. You know that, right? You instantly lost against an Emboar, an Emboar for crying out loud!-~- She shivered at the thought. What if the voice was right? No, she isn’t weak... right? Mary shook her head to take away the thought. Don’t let the voice mess with your head, Mary... She thought quietly to herself.
  10. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Bloom noticed that mary shivering, "is something wrong?" He questioned curiously her.
    Aura meanwhile noticed that Lightning and the wailmer start to wake up, "w.where am i?" Lightning said as he waking up, he looked around in confusion to see aura, mary and bloom, "its look like i failed to protect" he said sadly after he relized what probably happen.
    "Dont feel so sad, you did your best. Sorry that i was too late" aura said sadly, but trying to cheer lightning.
    Aura turned to bloom, "meet light, hes my partner in the water faction" aura said cheerfully, bloom smiled on understand, "nice to meet you" he said.
    "Nice to meet you too, i guess you know aura from before" lightning said, bloom nodded, "thats right" he said.

    A little after wailmer woke up as well, he looked around, "strange, the last thing i remember is that dragon leader attacking me" he said suspectly, "if i woke uo here i guess one of you is healer, thank you" the wailmer said to everyone, after that he left.

    "Its look like we all healthy again" aura said to mary and lightning, "we should be back to the war" she continued.
    "It was nice to see you again, take care on yourself" bloom said to aura then turned to mary and lightning, "and it was nice to meet you too, aura's new friends and good luck on your war" bloom continued with joy.
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  11. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Poli Shot a hydro pump at Clara’s back and grabbed Clara and used seismic toss. He then kicked Clara away and shot more hydro pumps at Brand. “I....will.....end....this!” He started using a full power hydro pump on Brand.
  12. Ringo noticed one of his allies is down. He quickly ran down and sees that it is Clara, and she is injured. He put over his shoulder and attempted to drag her back to the base safely.
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  13. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Clara dodged the attacks and blocked the Hydro Pump from hitting Brand. “YOU WILL NOT HURT OUR LEADER!!!” She roared in fury and the sky turned purple. Loads of huge powerful Comets fell down. Clara was using Draco Meter.
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  14. Brand was silently grateful to the Flygon for giving him some berries which helped to get his strength back, although it seemed it would make no difference when the Poliwrath charged up another Hydro Pump. Brand didn't even have time to react before Clara blocked the attack which damaged her a lot.
    A growl built up in Brand's throat. Enough was enough. He used Thunder Fang on Poliwrath, which was supereffective. He bounded over to Clara and dropped the rest of the Oran Berries so she could heal up.
    He cast around, searching for the Water Commander. He'd lost sight of his main target, but now it was just a case of taking out as many of the enemy as possible.
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  15. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    She smiled when Brand was healed and could get up. Clara silently thanked him and ate some of the Oran Berries. Once her health was back up, she flew back into the air and targeted the Poliwrath. Clara flew above him, and after she was high enough, she started to fly back down. She used Fly on the Poliwrath, knowing the move would be Super Effective on him.
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  16. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    This died.... ;-; Does anyone want to help me revive it?

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