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Ask to Join Pokémon Wars

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ollijay, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    "something wrong?" Aura said to mary, "they may in another faction but not all of them are about to attack us, at least not those that light befriended before" she said, then stood up.
    "I think we given him enough time, lets hehelp him" she said cheerfully, "you will why a lot of the grass faction are less attacking us".
    Aura's ribbons start to head towards mary arm, then tied a little mary's arm, "lets go!, It'll be fun" she said and start walking slowly toward the frozen pokemon.
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  2. Ringo woke up from his nap and getting ready for his duty. "Uh when is this sea trip is over", he mumbled. He always hated being boats and preferred to be land. He walked to his post for his shift. He started on the lookout for any enemy faction to attack them.
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  3. Brand had met with the Tacticians that evening. They planned to attack in two directions: some by boat directly into Monsoon Harbour, and the majority would trek around the mainland and get behind the Water Faction Base.
    They'd spent months building two huge ships to carry Soldiers and Healers. Those ships had left early that morning and would soon arrive in the harbour.
    In order to get there on time, the army would have to start the journey across the mainland soon. It would take several hours at a brisk pace.
    "Let's go!" he said as loudly as his ruined voice would allow. His Leaders passed on the message down the ranks, and then they all set off. A huge force of Fire Faction warriors, ready to take on their enemies.
    Sorrow checked everyone was doing their job. Barricades were raised but she doubted it would be enough. They would have to rely on their natural advantages against the Fire Faction, play to their strengths and avoid showing weakness. She had faith that Kingsly would command them to victory, but it was still terrifying that the threat was so imminent. She began to practice her Ghost type attacks, even though they didn't have much of an advantage against any of the Fire Faction.
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  4. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Claza let out a roar as she flew forward, she had prepared for this day her entire life. “Where are those Water Faction scum?!” She growled, Claza was desperate for a battle against their enemies.


    Then the ice broke. Nia was free once more, and then she ran off. “Got to gooooooooo!” She didn’t want to be frozen again. Soon she got to her grassy area, and Nia hid under a fallen tree trunk.


    Mary stopped when the ice broke, and the Scolipede ran away. “Huh.” Then she heard something. It was the Water Faction preparing for something. “We have to go back! The Fire Faction is going to attack soon!” She ran back, her eyes filled with determination. Mary saw the Water Faction preparing for a battle. She ran up to Sorrow, “Sorry that I was gone, what is my job?”
  5. “Yeah yeah, the big dog said for ya’ll to move it! Hey you, little fire tail... GET MOVING PUNK!” Kenny roared, as some of the lower-ranked Pokémon squealed and sprinted away from the Krookodile!

    “Hey you... little teddy kid, COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” Kenny shouted at a small, dinosaur-like Pokémon!

    “I SAID COME HERE... RIGHT THIS INSTANT PAL!” Kenny vociferated, as he stomped towards the young Pokémon!

    The temporal Pokémon clutched a teddy bear in his right hand, as he shook his head at the huge, crimson red, crocodile Pokémon. The young Pokémon backed away, as he heard the Krookodile screeching, “YOU’VE JUST EARNED A HUGE BEATING BOY!”

    The baby Pokémon gave a loud cry of fear, as his eyes started to water in front of the leader. A sky blue sigil in the vague shape of a clock suddenly appeared below the little Pokémon. A series of loud, shallow breaths were taken in an attempt to increase concentration for the young Pokémon. Suddenly, a spherical field of mystical energy rose from the sigil!

    “Ack! I- I can’t move! Augh! Somebody... SOMEBODY STOP THAT BRAT!” Kenny yelled, as the baby Pokémon swiftly rushed away from the Krookodile with short, unsteady steps! The young Pokémon continued to emit cries of terror, as a small trail of tears were left behind.
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  6. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Hey kid! Come back!” Clara zoomed after the Pokemon, her wings flapping repeatedly in the air. She flapped her wings harder, and Clara finally caught up with the Pokemon. “Kid, you got to go back! We are going to war, and you have to help out!” She growled, her tail swinging from side to side.
  7. On a mound overlooking the bustle of war preparations, in the middle of a pond, a wrinkled and scar littered Slowking was gripping his knotted wooden cane. The time had come. Sorrow was busy setting up barricades, this would be a defensive battle after all, which he felt pride for. She was a good Leader. “Hatori! Soul! Other leaders! Please see me as soon as possible for orders! Where are my tacticians? We need to plan for the upcoming battle.” Kingsley yelled out, his voice hoarse from both a lifetime of doing just that and age. “We need scouts to give us numbers! Assassins to give us plans! Healers, gather your supplies and standby! Soldiers, prepare yourselves! Train, rest, whatever your need may be! But do not forget your type matchups! It could be the difference between life and death on the battlefield! Good luck my children, I will speak to you all again when the hour draws nearer. Please see me or the other leaders for any concerns” He finishes, retreating into a cave flanked by two waterfalls.

    Domino was practically vibrating with excitement. This was it! It was his time to shine! To prove that he was a great soldier for the Fire Faction, and show those pesky Water guys that humans were evil! This had been the young Riolu’s dream ever since he was rescued as an orphaned egg by the Fire Faction, never mind he had never even seen a human before. But he believed in their cause with all of his heart, despite a few of his fellows worrying about him being a soldier. But he wanted to make Brand proud, and this was the best way of doing it. From the corner of his eye, Domino noticed Clara, a fellow soldier doing something. “Hiya Clara!” He said cheerfully. “You need help with some- wah!” He had just noticed the Krookodile and sprang into a salute. “Leader Kenny! Soldier Domino reporting for duty!”

    Far away a from there a little Shuckle was scooting along a forest floor. Suddenly the Scout paused and looked around, dropping one of the berries it was carrying. “Huh? Where did Nia go?” Mars wondered, then shrugged and continued to try to find berries, protection or no protection.
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  8. The baby Pokémon shook his head at the Flygon, as he attempted to make the most comprehensible sound in his response. Only a slight string of hastily strung-together babbles came out of his mouth seconds later. He attempted to utilize the ability of telepathy towards the Flygon, though even a supernatural way of communication did not seem to come through. The young Pokémon continued to clutch onto his teddy bear with his right hand. He raised his left hand for a brief moment and cupped it into the best fist he could.

    A slight breath was taken, as his body became surrounded with a thin, violet aura. A small, mauve orb appeared beside the baby Pokémon, as it quickly shaped itself into a fist that pointed sharply in the Flygon's direction. The fist slowly counted its own fingers, from one to five. The little Pokémon slowly toddled away from the Flygon, while he hoped the prepared move would at least buy himself some distance from the Flygon.

    "YES! That's the spirit there Domino! Let's show those puny liquid freaks who rules this war!" Kenny shouted once he turned towards the Riolu.

    "Finally... someone that actually... listens for once," Kenny muttered to himself, before he slowly pointed in the direction of the path the other soldiers took for war.

    "Augh! I still can't like... move my legs! I bet that little brat has something to do with this! Dammit!" Kenny thought, as he struggled to break free of the strange force his body attempted to fight against.
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  9. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Hello Domino! And now I have to go!” She continued to followed the Pokemon, and the baby Pokemon replied in a strange way. “What are you saying?” Clara then noticed a purple fist in front of her, and it counted it’s fingers. “Huh?”


    Mary nodded, and bolted to a training spot. She let lose a Discharge at a dummy, and the dummy was fried from the powerful attack.


    Nia was still shivering under the tree trunk, her body still cold from being frozen. She sighed, “Why can’t we all be at peace?” Nia then heard something, and she saw Mars nearby. “Mars?”
  10. The baby Pokémon slowly made the gesture of a handgun with his left hand. A split second later, the mauve fist performed the same task. The thumb slowly inclined itself towards the index finger, which was pointed straight at the direction of the Flygon's location. A snap came from the baby Pokémon's hand, as a sudden barrage of small, violet orbs were fired at the Flygon! The hand quickly disappeared after the swift, eighth shot came along with the others.
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  11. "Yes sir! I'm super pumped sir!" Domino cheered, not noticing the trouble the leader was having some trouble. He did notice the odd-looking Pokemon though. "Huh? Is that a new recruit? Isn't he a bit young to fight?" He questioned, then backtracked. "Uhhh, not that I'm questioning your orders or anything Leader Kenny! Or you Clara! Hahaha..." The young Riolu laughed nervously, then inched away toward the boats. Then watched with a dropped jaw as the baby pokemon proceded to attack his comrade. "Clara! Watch out!" He yelled desperately, trying to build up an Aura Sphere.

    Mars shrieked at the sudden noise and dropped a few more berries. "Nia? Is that you?" They yelled, looking around in shock before spotting the shivering Scolipede. "Where have you been? I've been worried sick!" That was a half lie. While Mars had been worried, they were too absent-minded to stay that way long and figured the soldier had simply wandered off somewhere like they were prone to doing. Which is the real reason someone was already paired with the supposed scout to do the actual scouting. "You look like your freezing! Here dear, eat an Aspear berry, that should make you feel better. I'll start mixing up a better drink in my shell for you as well." Mars fretted, completely forgetting how close they were to the Water base.
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  12. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Claza was taken by surprise by the attack, and she quickly dodged a few of them, but got hit by the last few. She roared in fury, and unleashed an attack. Clara looked at the sky as rocks came flying towards the baby Pokemon. Clara was using Draco Meter.


    Nia saw Mars run to her, and she looked at him. “I went on a little search and I found out that the Water Faction is going to be attacked by the Fire Faction. But one of the Water Faction members found me and froze me solid. Luckily someone else broke me free, and I ran away.” Nia looked at the Aspear Berry, and ate it. The cold left in her body disappeared, and she was able to stand up. “Thanks Mars...”
  13. One of the troop came to Ringo post notifying him to go to position. He nodded and started walking to the ship. He took a deep sigh and continued. "Ringo from the Scout Division, reporting for duty," he said. He entered the boat wondering who are his units.
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  14. "Ahhh Clara what are you doing?!" Domino yelled, aborting the attack to run for cover. "It's a baby! isn't that a bit overkill?!" But the Flygon was probably too far away to hear. He looked at the oncoming meteors, then at the baby. He was going to regret doing this. Bursting from his cover at a run Domino made a grab for the odd pokemon, intending to save it.

    "Oh no! The Water guys?! But we're- right beside them. Oh. Oops." Mars said, not looking too worried despite the realization, and continued to shake their shell to make the smoothie. "Well, we better get back to base then to tell them. Who helped you escape sweetie?" Mars questions conversationally as the smoothie was finishing itself, making a cup from some nearby leaves.
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  15. The baby Pokémon attempted to evade the falling rocks, though it seemed as if even the future could not hold so brightly for an infant. The young Pokémon was struck by one of the rocks, as he squealed from the hard pain! He quickly snapped his left hand twice in a row, as a red sigil resembling a vaguely shaped clock appeared beneath his feet. The hands started to quickly turn until the sigil disappeared several seconds later. A red outline appeared around the young Pokémon's body, as it started to feel lighter and somewhat relaxed soon after. With the newly gained agility, the baby Pokémon decided to flee from the Flygon as quickly as he could!
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  16. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “I’m finishing what this Pokemon started!” Clara growled, her wings flapping in the air. She let out another roar, and then saw a clock. “What are your stupid tricks you little brat!?” Then the comets disappeared, and the baby Pokemon fled. “Come back here brat!” Clara flew after him.


    “If we are still near them, then we got to run!” Nia called out, worried. “Well, it was an Emolga who helped me, but I didn’t find out his name...”
  17. The baby Pokémon sprinted away from the Flygon at breakneck speeds! A series of light pants followed a split second later. The young Pokémon quickly took in a light breath once several more seconds elapsed. As soon as he passed by a small group of trees, he unleashed a mystical force of energy on his body!

    A bright light emerged, as he was nowhere to be seen from his prior position a millisecond later. The little Pokémon resisted the urge to squeal when he quickly reverted himself back several seconds earlier. He decided to quickly hide behind the first tree once he arrived at his earlier position a little over a second later.
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  18. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Whoa, that little guy is fast... Clara went past the trees, and noticed a bright light. The baby Pokemon was gone. “Where are you, kid?” She growled, her wings flapped in the air for awhile before she landed on the ground with her feet. “I’ll destroy every tree if you don’t show yourself!” Clara roared, and her tail smacked one of the smaller and weaker trees, and it fell down.
  19. Well, that didn't work. The baby completely dodged his mad spring, then the Riolu was almost crushed by the meteorites. Thankfully he was able to roll away, but a bit of debris still hit him. Getting up with a groan Domino watched as the strange Pokemon and the Flygon got farther and farther away. Well, there was little he could do now, they were going way to fast for him to catch up, and he hadn't yet learned to read and follow an aura. Looking at the captain sheepishly Domi hoped that his leap looked more like an attempt to capture the creature rather than help it.

    "Oh, it'll be fine dear." Mars waved a yellow tentacle at their fellow bug pokemon. "Here drink your smoothie. It should make you feel better, and make you strong enough to help me carry these berries!" With that said Mars dumped the liquid out of its shell into the makeshift cup and handed it to the injured pokemon.
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  20. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Nia looked at the drink, and started drinking it. Suddenly, she felt better. “Wow, thanks Mars! I’ll help you with the berries.” She picked up the fallen berries, feeling much happier than before.
  21. The baby Pokémon gulped the moment a tree from about a foot away fell from a powerful smack! The young Pokémon continued to stay behind the tree for a few seconds. Once he managed to count to the number three with his fingers, he emitted a loud cry and sprinted away from the trees! He decided to wait for the Flygon's attention, as he continued to tightly hold his teddy bear.
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  22. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    She continued and knocked down two more trees, and then noticed the baby Pokemon run away once again. Clara growled deeply, and flew after him. “Get back here!” She flapped her wings harder, and she let out another roar.
  23. "No problem dear!" Mars said, beaming. "You know before I became a scout I was a healer! But adventure called and all I could do was answer!" They said happily as the two of them gathered berries to feed their fellow faction members. "Now let's go home." With that said the Shuckle began to slowly inch itself away from Water Faction territory, toward their own.
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  24. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Really? That’s so neat!” Nia smiled, and collected more berries. Once she collected enough, they both started to make their way back home.


    Clara was slowly catching up with him, and she looked at him. “What about you stop, and follow the leaders orders!”
  25. The baby Pokémon quickly looked up at the thought of a leader, though it seemed as if he did not even have a grasp on the meaning of such a word. The young Pokémon took a silent breath, as a bright streak of light came from his body! He was swiftly sent back to his prior location several seconds ago within a blink of an eye!

    He took a slight pant, as he frowned from the amount of power the move took. It was apparent that he did not consider his numbed hands as a result of his consecutive use of the move. He decided to hide behind the intact tree, while his jaw almost dropped at the sight of two more fallen trees from earlier.
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  26. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Clara saw that the baby Pokemon had disappeared, again! She let out a frustrated roar, and stopped flying. “You know what!? I GIVE UP!!!” Clara let herself fall to the ground, and just now she realized how exhausted she was. She growled to herself, and mumbled something inaudible. Clara proceeded to pound the ground once with one of her small fists. “I’LL GET MY REVENGE ONE DAY!” She sighed, and sat up. Clara looked at the ground beneath her, and she started to dig. Once she was far underground, Clara covered herself with her wings. In the first time in awhile, Clara allowed herself to think.
  27. Brand gestured to his Deputy, a massive Steelix named Juggernaut.
    "REMAIN IN POSITION!" Juggernaut rumbled. His voice carried across all of the ranks. Anyone who was out of position would have been startled by it.
    Brand didn't normally feel nervous, but he definitely felt tense. Fire-types were at a natural disadvantage against Water-types, although they had advantages against Ghost, Psychic, Ice, Electric and Steel. However, they also had weaknesses: the Steel, Psychic and Ice-types of the Water Faction were strong against some of their types. It would be a difficult battle to call based on type match-up alone, but luckily, it would be the Fire Faction's passion, brutality, and skill that led them to victory.
    He marched on the front line with his head held high.


    Motley got himself into position at the bottom of Monsoon Harbour, ready to surge up onto the enemy's ships and start taking them out with Water Shuriken one by one. This was his first real conflict. He wasn't too nervous, mainly hysterical, and feeling slightly reckless.


    Sorrow looked down at the Ampharos Soldier who'd asked for direction.
    "Get into formation, soldier!" she barked. She regretted it straight away- everyone's nerves were high and it was easy to be too aggressive with someone. She softened her voice. "Come on, Mary, you can do this. Just get in line, ready your attacks, and we'll be fine."
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  28. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    She jolted up when she heard Juggernaut let out an order across the field. Clara quickly flew back up from the hole, and landed into position. Clara knew this was the moment, she couldn’t miss it. She spread open her wings, and started to growl. She started to stir up a Hyper Beam, though Clara kept her mouth closed so that she wouldn’t unleash it too early.


    “Of course! I’ll get in position right away!” Mary then noticed that Sorrow softened her voice, and Mary smiled. She nodded, and ran to her position in the line. Her whole body was prepared to unleash a Discharge, but Mary held it in until the war started.
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  29. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Lightning and aura walked near Monsoon Harbour.
    I cant belive i forget to plan" lightning said in a depressing voice to aura that walked near him, "i was so focused on saving that scolpede.
    "Dont worry, theres still time to plan" aura said cheerfully, trying to cheer lightning up.
    "By the way we we are here anyway?, Why you wanted me to come here?" Aura questioned lightning curiously, lightning gave aura a smile like he wasnt depressed earlier.
    "Month ago i was wondering near the fire faction and i saw they building some kind of boat" light said and give a smirk, then continued, "this entrance can only be passed from the fire faction from the sea, so the boat probably meant for that" lightning said.
    Aura looked at lightning with a confused face, "so thats why we are here?, But we're only two, we wont handle all of them" aura said worried.
    "I know" lightning said sadly, "i didnt plan and because of i didnt say about that to other... I dont know if anyone else know about that" light said disappointed.
    "No one probably expect them to attack from there" lightning continued, aura Looked surprised at lightning and said:
    "We still have time to call another one to help us" aura said quickly.
    "If they come when no one here they will have an advance, i will stay here and you go" light said to aura.
    Aura nodded in worry, then ran toward the other parts of the water faction.
    Lightning stopped and in the meanwhile he starts to use nuzzle on himself, covering himself with electricity.
    "Thanks to my abillity all those electric attacks im using on myself making me faster and giving me a little protection" lightning said to himself and smirked, "when they attack me directly they will be shocked a little, maybe even paralyzed" he continued saying to himself, electricity came out of his cheeks in the meanwhile.
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  30. The Fire Faction army had made good progress in their march towards Water Faction territory. They were a little behind the ships, however, which were visible on the horizon from Monsoon Harbour. Motley could feel its propeller disturbing the water. He swamp back to the surface.
    The resolve which spread through the Water Faction ranks was a testament to their discipline, even though everyone was still really scared. Motley returned to his position as the Fire Faction ships got closer and closer.
    As soon as they moored, Motley leapt up on to the first boat and started throwing Water Shuriken at any Fire-type he could see. He was able to damage a Pansear, a Darmanitan, and a Heatmor before they realised he was there. He quickly used Surf, a huge wave of water crashed over the boat, washing a lot of them into the harbour. Just as he was congratulating himself, a Combusken performing Brick Break caught him off guard.
    "A-ah!" he yelped, in pain from the effective attack. He knew then that he couldn't take them all on at once, so he dived into the harbour to rejoin the main forces.
    Brand stopped the army before they could attack the Water Faction from behind. The scene in front of him was absolute chaos. No side was particularly dominating the other, but Brand was hoping that was about to change.
    "Get ready to attack!" he hissed, baring his teeth. It was Kingsley the Slowking Commander that he really wanted to sink his teeth into.
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  31. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Clara growled as the Hyper Beam in her mouth started to grow bigger. She was waiting to unleash the huge powerful attack, and she hovered in the air. Her tail swung back and forth, her wings flapped twice a heartbeat. She awaited for the Water Faction to show themselves, so the real war could begin.
  32. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Poli gained word that the war was about to begin. He had snuck up behind the Fire Faction army that was behind their base. He slowly but stealthily took out several soldiers from behind. He noticed that a Flygon was right above him. He started to slowly freeze its wings.
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  33. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Lightning saw a big boat coming to his way, he fast charged an elctro ball and shooted it at the ship.
    "This is no good" lightning said as he continued shooting electro balls faster, "i hope aura will get someone to help" he said to himself and start shooting tiward the water too, making it shocking the giant boat.

    Aura saw the attack while she searched for someone to help.
    "I hope light doing all right" she said in worried and kept looking as fast as possible. She saw a Combusken running toward her, she fast got to panic and shoot moonblast on that pokemon.
    "Everyone is busy fighting" aura said nervously and looked around.
    "Maybe i should back before light will get hurt" sylveon said to herself, "or maybe i will ask help from the pokemons light befriend with from the grass faction".
    Before aura could start running she got attacked by a flamethrower, she looked and saw a wet heatmor that was totally furious.
    Aura start running and used wish on herself, she continued running in fear toward the grass faction as the heatmor continue chasing her, and another pokemons from the fire faction joined him and tried to hurt aura as well.
    Aura continued to ran, for a moment she saw mary but she didnt have time to do something, she was too busy running and dodging from the pokemons attacks.
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  34. Brand needed the whole army to hear it, so he signalled Juggernaut again.
    The Steelix bellowed "ATTACK!", causing the soldiers to spring into action.
    The Water Faction was quickly assaulted by the rest of the Fire Faction, launching attacks where they had the advantage.
    A Hippowdon used Bulldoze against an Emolga shooting Electro Ball at the ships.
    Brand himself went on the prowl to take on Kingsley. His Dark-type attacks would prove useful against the Slowking.
    It was becoming clear that the Fire Faction's element of surprise and their numbers of disciplined soldiers were putting a lot of pressure on the enemy.
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  35. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The emolga try to stop as many he can with his attacks, confusing a lot of them with double team and shooting electro ball at any fire faction member he see.
    The bulldoze didnt effect lightning and he try used he used double team to surround and confuse him as well.
    He did everything so fast because the speed boost from the electric attacks, "they soon relize the other emolgas are copies and wont try to attack the other anymore, besides one hit and the copies are done" Lightning murmured to himself while protecting the territory from the other pokemons, meanwhile the copies dodging any attack the others do, making them busy.
    "Im not going down that easily, not me or the other emolga!" Lightning shouted, he kept attacking at full speed.

    Meanwhile aura almost reached the grass faction, but before she get close she got hit by rock that someone trhow and fall.
    In the moment she fall all the pokemons that chased her charged his powerful attack and was ready to shoot, "agh..." Aura said in pain as she was lying down, of of them smashed aura with the same rock he trhew earlier.
    Aura screams in pain when the rock smashed her, she quick close her eyes and tried to wish again, and hoped it'll come back before she faints.
    She heard One of them saying "sweet revenge" and another one saying "lets finish this quickly and get back to the weak faction.
    Aura fast stood up, trying to ignore the pain and tried to fight back, "im... Not... Giving... Up yet" she huffed.
    The heatmor and another pokemon used fire blast while the other one used rock wreaker at her, aura quick used protect and block the three attacks.
    At least, the wish came true and the sylveon got healed, she fast used shadow ball on the heatmor with powerful damage, the two other pokemons were shocked from what happened.
    "I thought we almost beat her" One of them said in confusing, "she still a weak pokemon, we can still finish her faster" another one said, aura started to get mad and tied up one of the pokemons with her ribbons, then used shadow ball again on heatmor, completely fainting him.
    Aura start smashing the pokemon she tied everywhere, the other one only watched in fear, then run away.
    The sylveon keep smashing the pokemon everywhere until he fainted, then putting him near the fainted heatmor.
    "Dont dare calling me or my faction weak!" She yelled at the fainted pokemon she faints, then she sighed and starts to calm herself down.
    "Im close to grass faction but they probably wont let me enter, i should walm around and see if maybe someone there that can help me" aura said to herself as she walked away from the fainted pokemon, "i hope not to encounter one of the aggressive pokemons in the faction" she continued and start walking near the faction, hoping maybe to find the scolpede or another pokemon that can help her.
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  36. The battle was the most intense thing that Ringo ever witnessed. He quickly sprinted to help of his any fallen allies. As he continued for his searched he found a heatmor nearly fainting. He goes to his satchel and pulled an Oran berry to give. "Thanks also be careful. The enemy is strong as they look", heatmor said. Ringo nodded and continued to look for any enemy or allies that need assistance.
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  37. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Poli noticed the Fire Faction general running towards his general. He quickly stopped freezing the Flygon’s wings to attack the Fire general. He hid behind a rock and started freezing the general’s legs.
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  38. Kingsley looked over the battlefield gravely. The time had come. It was pandemonium around him as the two sides collided and the old Slowking gripped his cane in stress. 'What grave consequences differing philosophies have brought about.' He thought to himself. He spotted the Fire Factions leader, Brand, prowling through the battle, searching for his prey. Kingsley could make an educated guess as to who. He tapped on the fin of a nearby Wishcash to push up a mound for him and had a Kadabra set up a Protection around it. No need to take any unnecessary risks. With that being done the Commander of the Water Faction raised his voice above the din to give a simple order. "Ready!" He says, and behind him, catapults rise up filled with giant globes of water surrounded by either pink light, or violet light, a show of teamwork between water pokemon, psychic pokemon, and ghost pokemon. Looking to check that the lines have not merged too much yet Kingsly throws his arm forward, hoarsely yelling "Fire!" As ranged attacks bounce off the Protection. The balls of water hit into the enemy lines, with mixed results as the Pokemon manning the catapults rush to refill them. "Ranged fighters!" He yells "Get behind the barricades and fire at will!" This would buy them time and wear the attackers out, along with the traps around their base. Kingsley could see the mad dog approaching in the distance, a look of death in his eyes. Letting out a sigh the olf Slowking retreated. After all, Water faction was known for its intelligence, not its recklessness. He might as well prepare a royal welcome for the other commander.

    This was not what Domino expected. This wasn't as glorious, cool, or thrilling as others had made it out to be. Battle was rushed and confusing and all around messy. And scary, though the Riolu wasn't about to let anyone know that. Punching away a Prinlup, Domi could hardly tell who was friend or foe half the time, everything was going so fast. Then the waterworks happened. Giant balls of water erupted behinds then, sending waves like the move Surf out around them hitting both sides, Domino was swept away by one of these waves, spluttering and trying to grasp something to stop his mad twirl, but he was far too small. "Help!" He yelled the one time he was able to emerge.

    "Who's there!" A voice squeaked out from the trees. After the two arrived home and informed their faction what was going on, everyone went on high alert and barricaded themselves into their base, which was fortresses in the trees. Mars was the first one to spot the Slyveon but they were not alone, with other faction members all around them, peering out suspiciously.
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  39. Ringo heard a scream for help. He ran to where the scream is originating from, and see a little riolu. He dived in to rescue him from drowning. He grabbed the little riolu and swam up to shore and checked if he's ok.
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  40. The rushing and the chaos stopped in one quick moment for Domino as he was neatly plucked out of the water and put onto the shore. Coughing water out of his lungs he looked up to see who his savior was and saw an older version of himself. It was the scout Ringo, the reason people kept on insisting Domino become a scout as well; because that guy was so good at his job. Or so the little Riolu believed. But still, the guy had saved him from drowning so Domi owed him one. "Thank you." He said a little more gruffly than he meant to be, but was distracted by the fact the water Pokemon has taken advantage of the waves to up their speed and distance, sending barrages of water blasts at his allies. Not only that, it seemed that they were retreating to their wall things and sending even more blasts their way. "Wah!" Domino yelled as he dived to the ground to dodge a Confusion. "We need to get out of here!" He yelled at Ringo, spotting a Haunter coming toward them.
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