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Ask to Join Pokémon Wars

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ollijay, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. The Pokémon world has been split into three different factions: led by Grass, Water, and Fire. All Pokémon belong to one of these factions.

    The Grass Faction wants peace and harmony among nature, for all Pokémon and people to live together without violence or conflict.

    The Water Faction wants Pokémon to be more equal among humans, calling for the abolition of Pokéballs and forced Pokémon battling. They want Pokémon to have the choice to live freely and equally among "Trainers".

    The Fire Faction wants Pokémon to rise up against humans and take control. Some of the Fire Faction are more extreme than others, but all of them believe that Pokémon are the superior species in every way, so should rule over humans, instead of it being the other way round.

    The Three Factions are at odds with each other. They are preparing for war.

    Fill in this character bio:
    Pokémon Species:

    *A Pokémon's PRIMARY type decides its Faction.
    Fire Faction: Fire, Dark, Rock, Dragon, Ground, Fight
    Grass Faction: Grass, Bug, Poison, Fairy, Flying
    Water Faction: Water, Steel, Ghost, Psychic, Ice, Electric

    Pure Normal Type Pokémon are able to choose any faction.

    Legendary Pokémon are not involved in the conflict.

    *A Pokémon's Class is its role in the war. You can be:
    A Soldier: fights on the front line
    A Tactician: comes up with battle tactics
    A Healer: heals allies
    An Assassin: gets behind enemy lines to assassinate targets
    A Scout: provides food/shelter for the troops and looks out for enemies
    A Commander: there are only 3 commanders: one for Fire, Water and Grass.
    A Leader: there are 14 leaders: one for each type that isn't Fire, Water, or Grass. There is no Normal type leader.

    Commanders so far:
    Fire: Brand the Houndoom
    Water: Kingsley the Slowking

    Leaders so far:
    Steel: Hatori the Scizor
    Psychic: Soul the Espeon
    Ghost: Sorrow the Mismagius
    Electric: Sparkxx the Luxray
    Dragon: Viserion the Haxorus

    Here is where you ask to join the Pokémon Wars RP!
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is not an RP thread. This is a discussion thread, and what you've posted in the Discussion board was not even that. Threads merged and placed in the appropriate forum, read the rules before posting anything else!
  3. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Name: Mary

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon Species: Ampharos

    Faction: Water

    Class: Soldier

    Personality: She is very timid, but she is very strong


    Name: Nia

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon Species: Scolipede

    Faction: Grass

    Class: Soldier

    Personality: She is very protective, and very fast.


    Name: Clara

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon Species: Flygon

    Faction: Fire

    Class: Soldier

    Personality: She is very brave, and super strong.
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  4. I love them! Once I get a few more people I'll start the RP thread! :)
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  5. Sorry, looks like I'm stealing a couple eevelutions.

    Name: Rain
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon Species: Vaporeon
    Faction: Water
    Class: Healer
    Personality: Patient, quiet and wise, she is the voice of reason among her siblings, though her words are often cryptic and full of contradiction. Though always willing to offer advice and counsel when sought, she is reticent with her own opinions, especially in regards to the war. Though she has no desire for command and rarely weighs in on war councils, when she does deign to speak, it is for good reason and should be taken very seriously.
    Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Shadow (Eevee), and Shade (Leafeon)
    Name: Soul
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Species: Espeon
    Faction: Water
    Class: Leader (Psychic)
    Personality: The eldest of his siblings, Soul is the very essence of war and a pillar of strength for his faction. He is known well for ruthlessness in battle, pursuing enemies without compassion. His personality outside of battle is equally unyielding; strict, stubborn and militant. These rumors, as well as his commanding presence, is usually enough to silence a room when he enters.
    Relatives: Siblings; Rain (Vaporeon), Shadow (Eevee), and Shade (Leafeon)
    Other: Soul had a vertical scar over his left eye
    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Species: Eevee
    Faction: Water
    Class: Scout
    Personality: Shadow is brimming with confidence in himself, his abilities and his purpose... or at least he was. Now that his sister has been banished (see history), though he still does his job as a loyal scout, he is secretly uncertain about his future role in the faction. What if he evolved and was forced to leave too? He has a fondness for night time and darkness.
    Brief History: He and his sister, Shade, had been partners for the Water alliance; infiltrating enemy territory on missions together to collect information (his job) and conduct assassinations (Shade's job). When Shade evolved, all that changed. Shunned by their eldest brother, Soul, Shade was forced to leave the Water alliance and Shadow was left without a partner.
    Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Rain (Vaporeon), and Shade (Leafeon)
    Other: Will evolve into Umbreon
    Name: Shade
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon Species: Leafeon
    Faction: Grass
    Class: Assassin
    Personality: Shade has always been the most stoic of her siblings, rarely sharing so much as a smile, much less her opinions. It fit her role as an assassin well enough, but her emotional bond to all but her brother Shadow suffered for it. When she was forced to leave her twin and faction, she withdrew into herself. Living solely for the job, she is quiet, unassuming and keenly observant when not on a mission. The only notable quirk is her love of quiet morning and song (using the more Grass Whistle).
    Brief History: Shade was a member of the Water alliance before she evolved, infiltrating enemy territory on missions with her twin brother, Shadow. When she evolved, her brother Soul, showed no mercy, forcing her from the faction. She sought out the Grass faction instead, who were happy to accept a trained assassin...once she'd proved her worth.
    Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Rain (Vaporeon), and Shadow (Eevee)

    If anyone would like to create an additional eevelution and have it be a siblings to this little family, I'd be fine with that. :)
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  6. Name: Sparkxx
    Gender: Attack Helicopter
    Pokémon Species: Luxray
    Faction: Fire
    Class: Leader (Electric)
    Personality: Is very Passive-Aggressive and not very strong but has the IQ of an Alakazam
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  7. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: Lightning (light in short)

    Species: emolga

    Gender: male

    Faction: water

    Class: A Tactician (but also attacking)

    Personality: curious and smart, always mixing moves to make moves special and stronger.
    He never giving up and doing the best he can to help, he love doing tricks and planning.
    Hes usually acting kindly to the grass faction and he's really fast, sometimes he act like a leader too.


    Name: aura

    Species: sylveon

    Gender: female

    Faction: water

    Class: healer (but still attacking)

    Personality: she's cheerful and get excited easily but when she get mad she become dangerous to who that make her mad.
    She's acting quickly and always like to help.
    She can calm pokemons and see their emotions with her ribbons.
    most of the time she with Lightning.
    She moved from the grass faction to the water faction.
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  8. If we can make more than 1 character ill make a couple more

    Name: Hatori
    Species: Scizor
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Water
    Class: Leader (Steel)
    Personality: Tenacious-Helpful


    Name: Ania
    Species: Roserade
    Gender: Female
    Faction: Grass
    Class: Healer
    Personality: Kind-Helpful
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  9. Hey everyone! I realised I haven't made this clear. The position of Commander is only available to one Fire type, one Grass type, and one Water type (they can have two types but the primary must be one of those).
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  10. Hi! Hatori can be the Bug type leader but as he's not a Water type he can't be a commander. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
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  11. I don't think it's up to me whether you're allowed a legendary character or not. I think I might change the brief slightly and say that Legendary Pokémon don't get involved in the Faction conflict. Sorry to disappoint you but you're welcome to other Pokémon.
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  12. Sorry I meant to put Leader not commander Im gonna change that right away if thats ok with you
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  13. Okay MB
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  14. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Wait... What about my characters?
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  15. Here are my characters :)

    Pokémon Species: Houndoom
    Name: Brand
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Fire
    Class: Commander
    Personality: harsh, unforgiving, bitter, aggressive, short-tempered, ferocious in battle

    He is an old Pokémon with coarse, matted fur, scars, and one mangled eye. He despises humans with a passion.


    Pokémon Species: Greninja
    Name: Motley
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Water
    Class: Assassin
    Personality: cynical, reckless, positive, self-sacrificing, hyperactive


    Pokémon Species: Mismagius
    Name: Sorrow
    Gender: Female
    Faction: Grass
    Class: Leader (Ghost)
    Personality: aloof, cold, calculating, loyal, intelligent, calm, can be cruel
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  16. They're fine! You don't have to worry.
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  17. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Okay, when the rp starts?
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  18. When I get back from school tomorrow (UK time) I will start the RP :)
  19. Changed Soul accordingly. He is now Psychic Leader.

    Maybe a comprehensive list of which leadership roles are filled would be helpful, since there's only one per type?
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  20. *a Toiroca brings a note over while drinking a small bag of milk*

    So before I sign up, I was perhaps wondering if I can use my fan made Pokémon for the RP. (As the usual saying goes from me if no one has heard yet, a lot more information will be put in place of images since images in place of character description are frowned upon by a certain someone and I am not exactly the greatest artist here.)

    I was also wondering if I can have my character be neutral for their faction since their past events and purpose in the RP are not mainly focused on the war as much.
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  21. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Pokémon Species: Poliwrath
    Faction*: Water
    Class*: An Assassin
    Name: Poli
    Personality: Cool, Cruel to his enemies, A Chill Pokémon
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  22. Kiraru you're a great RPer and I love your original ideas but I'd like to stick to my rules on this RP. As it's you I'll make an exception- you can have your own Pokémon with no particular Faction but only if you also have at least one other character who is a canon Pokémon and follows my rules. Is that ok? Sorry I just want to explore this idea. We're short on Leaders and Commanders rn if you wanted to pick one of those.
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  23. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    @ollijay are my characters accepted?
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  24. absolutely :)
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  25. The RP has now started everyone. We still need a lot more characters though! Let's go with multiple characters per person, as many Commanders/Leaders as possible, and preferably some from each Faction. Thank you :)
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  26. Hmm, I suppose I’ll have my fan made Pokémon be neutral and another that is an official Pokémon be the leader for Dark-types then.
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  27. That's great, thank you!
  28. You can still join!
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  29. Some more information has been added to the first character bio as a result of having permission to use a fan made Pokémon. As a bit of a note, primary moves are the four moves that the Pokémon tends to use more often than others in battle. The first character bio has been put in spoilers to save viewing space.

    Name: His name is Attai, though he often prefers to be called by the name of his species due to others usually saying his name incorrectly.
    Species: Alpvaros / Young Temporal Pokémon
    Type: Psychic Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: His native region is Etepeal.
    Class: He is a scout, though he seems to have trouble performing some parts of the tasks required for said class.
    Faction: He is not in any faction, as he is not mainly partaking in the war for reasons that will be revealed in the RP.
    Height: 1'5" / 43.18 cm
    Weight: 10.7 lbs / 4.85 kg
    Special Features: He does not have anything that makes him stand out.
    Hidden Power: Normal
    Ability: Rewind (When the Pokémon takes damage and stops taking additional damage for a brief amount of time, the Pokémon may regain HP equal to all damage taken during that prior moment.)
    Appearance: Alpvaros is a small, bipedal, humanoid Pokémon that resembles a young Carnotaurus. He has a primarily cloud gray body in a somewhat darker shading. He has a modest head to body ratio, as he has big violet eyes, a small nose composed of three tiny nostrils and a small mouth that has a tiny lavender tongue and only one baby-sized tooth in the middle of the upper row. He has a pair of tiny, cream-colored horns on top of his head; both of the horns are on their respective sides. He has a patch of minuscule scales that run from the top of his back to his tapered tail, as the scales are the same color as his horns. He has an orchid purple underside, along with a light, mauve purple collar marking that encircles his neck. He has four fingers on each hand, and three toes on each feet; the toes have three tiny claws on them that are the same shading as his horns and scales.
    Clothing: He wears a beanie on his head, and a onesie that has the picture of a simple, white clock on the front. He wears a pair of soft mittens and comforting socks to further preserve his warmth. All of his clothing are in a friendly shading of amethyst.
    Personality: Attai has an modest outlook in life, as he usually attempts to keep away from trouble to avoid obtaining another first class ticket for a round of the dreaded medication. He usually keeps to himself, especially during his time of lonely play he likes to have when no one is around.
    Primary Moves: Diacleave, Draco Lance, Destiny Eye, Chronostasis.
    Other: As a result of his stunned growth, he appears to look and behave younger than his age of thirteen months. He is often seen carrying around a brown teddy bear that can store small items in its small, back compartment. He prefers to communicate through the means of body language, babbling incomprehensible sounds or occasionally wailing at the top of his little lungs since he is unable to speak and can hardly use telepathy.
    Fakemon Creator: Me
    Poké Browser Entry: "Nicknamed as the "the little head of time," it is no surprise that this Pokémon was feared by many ancient civilizations. It can reverse and obverse time on a small scale of seconds, but its drawback is its inability to effectively change time on a wider, desirable scale."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Psychic
    Category: Physical
    Condition: Tough
    Power: 45 x 2
    Accuracy: 90%
    Power Points: 15
    Target: All enemies in range
    Range: 2 Meters in front of user; straight, horizontal line pattern
    Description: The user brutally slashes at the target with the strong force of mystic energy, as it may leave the target with reduced defense and/or speed.
    • [Attack 30%] Physical Resistance −50%, for 30 s
    • [Attack 30%] Speed −50%, for 30 s
    Type: Dragon
    Category: Physical
    Condition: Cool
    Power: 45
    Accuracy: 90%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: The user strikes the target in a stabbing motion, draining their energy and power.
    • [Attack 100%] HP Drain +25%
    • [Attack 100%] PP Drain +25%
    Type: Psychic
    Category: Status
    Condition: Clever
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user puts themselves in a state of intense concentration to see a brief glimpse of the future and have a short window of altering it through any means necessary. This move may fail if used in succession.
    • [Activation] Advanced Sight +100%, for 5 s
    • [Activation, > 1 Consecutive Use] Fail Chance +50%, 0.5x more per use in a row, capped at 87.5%
    Type: Psychic
    Category: Status
    Condition: Clever
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 3
    Target: All Pokémon in range excluding self
    Range: 10 Meters around user; circular pattern
    Description: The user unleashes a powerful wave of strange, mystical energy that rips apart time and space to trap all nearby Pokémon. All trapped Pokémon cannot move for a brief moment, as all attacks from all Pokémon (excluding the user of this move) are slowed to a crawl during this moment.
    • [Activation] Leg Hold +100%, 10 m, for 10 s (Leg Hold: The target cannot move, but may attack or use items. Status condition from all PMD series.)
    • [Activation] Time Scale −80%, 10 m, for 10 s
    Name: His name is Kenny.
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Species: Krookodile / Intimidation Pokémon
    Faction: He is in the Fire Faction.
    Class: He is a leader.
    Personality: Kenny is described from others to be cruel, unrelenting and merciless on those that dare to question his authority. Some of the other Pokémon lucky to escape the clutches of his tyranny have stated that Kenny tends to almost always settle any problem he can with brute force. He is very stubborn when it comes to arguing right and wrong, as he always likes to have things go every way of his.
    Other: He wears a pair of safety goggles as a result of high sensitivity in the eyes towards most conventional powders and other allergens from weather conditions.
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  30. Pokémon Species: Haxorus
    Faction*: Fire Faction
    Class*: Dragon Leader
    Name: Viserion
    Personality: Serious, bold, not very friendly. Always thinking of what’s best for his Faction.

    Pokémon Species: Zoroark
    Faction*: Fire Faction
    Class*: Assassin
    Name: Loki
    Personality: Sneaky, suspicious, goofs off a little too much.

    These two probably won’t get along well...
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  31. Pokemon Species: Lucario
    Faction: Fire faction
    Class: Scout
    Name: Ringo
    Personality: Ringo is the quiet type and the fastest member of the Scout Division.
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  32. Definitely !!
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  33. Yep!!
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  34. I might consider joining and making a char bio later.
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  35. Pokémon Species: Slowking
    Faction*: Water
    Class*: Commander (Water) (If anyone else wants this I'm perfectly okay with him being a Tactician instead!)
    Name: Kingsly
    Personality: Level-headed, wise, intelligent, stressed, cunning, fatherly

    Pokémon Species: Riolu
    Faction*: Fire
    Class*: Soldier
    Name: Domino
    Personality: Naive, eager to please, good, determined

    Pokémon Species: Shuckle
    Faction*: Grass
    Class*: Scout
    Name: Mars
    Personality: Dorky, good, durable, dim, caring
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  36. This is great! I just edited the RP to include Kingsly in it as I was previously playing the Water Commander (more because I had to than wanted to). Thank you
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  37. Pokémon Species: Gallade
    Faction: Water
    Class: Assassin
    Name: Adam
    Personality: Laid back, Informal, Lazy(ish), Loyal(ish), Quiet.
    Other: Wears a large cloak when sneaking behind enemy lines.

    Pokémon Species: Audino
    Faction: Water
    Class: Healer
    Name: Katie
    Personality: Kind, Caring, Shy, Motherly?
    Other: Is secretly in a relationship with Adam.
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