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Open Pokémon: Warlords and Kingdoms

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SinnerFromBeyond, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Let me take you back, before pokeballs were even a thought... Warlords fought over the region of Ransei, an island far in the middle of nowhere... Pokémon and Warlords linked with each other as their hearts became one. They battled for their kingdoms and land. They were seperated into different kingdoms. Each kingdom specialized in a type for Pokémon, but not all the citizens there have that same type. If you would like to join this roleplay please write a bio:

    Role: Citizen or Warlord
    Kingdom: flying,ghost,fire etc
    Appearance: they mainly wear samauri like armor or kimonos
    Link: up to 3 Pokémon 1 Pokémon must match kingdom's specialized type
    Ability: Heal,increase attack, increase defense

    Here is mine
    Name: Kyra
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Water
    Appearance: a silver plated top with a Sky blue kimono under it. At the bottom the kimono splits revealing her legs. She wears brown tights with knee plates. She also has silver elbow plates with black fingerless gloves. She has dark pink hair tied in the back with a blue ribbon ,matching her outfit with, and is in a ponytail.
    Link: Prinplup, Clefa, Spoink
    Ability: Healing
    Backstory: Kyra grew up on a small farm in the Kingdom of Water territory. On the farm they had Milktanks, Mareep, and Ponytail. One day their neighboring kingdom of Grass decided to attack. They stormed through with their weapons drawn and tore the farm apart. They stole crops and animals. Kyra and her father escaped. Her father kept the family pet, Herdier, and one Milktank. Kyra didn't have any Pokémon at the moment. They made their way to the gates of the Water kingdom. On their way they found an injured Spoink that they decided to take care of. They warned the guards and after the battle Kyra and her father got jobs and made money to buy a house inside the walls. When Kyra turned 13, she began to train to become a Warlord and fight for her kingdom. One day she was guarding the gates and a Clefa passed by who was only a newborn. Kyra took care of it for years. She finally finished her training at 15 and was awarded with a Pokémon. A Piplup was to fight with her in battles. Now we see Kyra at the age of 19.
    One more thing... NO POKEBALLS...but swords are allowed!!!!
  2. Name: Aenon
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Ghost
    Appearance: Cloaked in a dark violet hood, pale-skinned, handsome, dark-haired, quite a bit muscular, very thin, wears light armor under the hood, uses a bow and arrow as a weapon
    Link: Decidueye (Named Willow)
    Ability: Very stealthy and excellent with a bow and arrow
    Backstory: Aenon was the son of the king and queen of his kingdom, but when he was birthed, the physician delivered the wrong son to the king and queen of the Ghost Kingdom...Aenon was mistakenly given to one of the queen's servants. After spending several years with the servant, Aenon's adoptive mother caught the plague, and within a dozen days notice, died. After Aenon's mother had died he was cast out into the streets to fend for himself...It was in these streets that he met his partner, a female Rowlet whom he would later end up naming Willow. Aenon and the Rowlet learned how to pick-pocket, and were quite a successful duo. One day, Aenon and Rowlet were pick-pocketing a middle-aged man. Aenon was slyly making small-talk with the unwitting man and Rowlet was scouting from above. Right as Rowlet begun to swoop down to snatch the unfortunate man's wallet, a gust blew her off course and she became caught in the long wispy tendrils of a nearby weeping willow. As, Rowlet attempted to struggle free the man realized the plan of the duo and ran off shouting curses at them. Aenon quickly hurried over to the weeping willow, climbed up it, and rescued Rowlet from her predicament. Ever since, Aenon has called Rowlet Willow. Several years later, after intensive thieving and training, the two became stronger. Aenon became cleverer, and Willow evolved from a Rowlet to a Dartrix. The warlords of the Ghost Kingdom had watched their progress for years, and now that Aenon and Willow were old enough to join the warlord guard, the warlords asked to train Aenon and Willow. Of course, they graciously accepted and became more powerful together. After several years, Aenon (age 18 years) and Willow (a Decidueye now, age 14 years) became fully trained. Aenon, a warlord, Willow, his partner. The warlord guard assigned Aenon and Willow their first mission...to form an alliance with the warlords of the water kingdom...
  3. (May we have two characters?)
    Name: Kibo
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Dragon
    Appearance: thick black played armour with a light grey kimono under neath, neck length blue hair and yellow eyes, always has a katana on him
    Link: Salamance (Crator), talonflame (scortch), Azurill (Blinks)
    Ability: increased defense
    Born to the ruling family of his kingdom, he was given everything he wanted and trained harshly. He was taught that if he wanted something then he must take it, despite this though he has a great sense of honor and will defend it greatly. He was trained by other generals and went through his training with no luxuries because of his heritage. He now sits upon his family's throne, ruling with fear and intimidation.

    Name: Lola
    Role: Citizen
    Kingdom: water
    Appearance: a blue kimono with a orange bow and accents, dark blue flats, long brown hair tied up in a bun and green eyes
    Link: bisharp (Victor), Sawsbuck (Minty), spheal (Ray)
    Ability: Healing
    Backstory: a citizen to the water kingdom she works as a healer and farmer outside the city gates. Not one for interacting with people she chose to move away from the busy streets and into a calmer countryside with her pokemon. She growing market plants and herbs insteady on livestock and enjoys her simple life. She grew up with her merchant father and knows enough of the trade to not get swindled when selling her produce.
  4. This seems very interesting, kinda like Pokemon Conquest.
    Name: Kojico
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Fighting
    Appearance: Heavy orange and black samurai armor, with a brown tunic underneath. He has silky black hair, tied into ponytail, like samurais had, uses a spear-like weapon and sword, and wears a red mask as shown below. Ninja Mask.jpg
    Link: Throh, Sawk, Noivern
    Ability: Amazing hand to hand combat skills.
    Kojico was born as a slave boy to the Flying Kindom, where he tilled crops all day. One day, years into his slavery, there was an opportunity to escape, and Kojico took it, leaving behind his mother. In the outside world, Kojico became an outlaw, fighting for everything he had with bandits and other scum. One day, Kojico was fighting at an arena, to try to make some money, when a Warlord saw the boy's skill, he took him under his wing, and trained Kojico to become a warrior for the Fighting Kindom. He achieved this, and became a war hero after taking part in the Fighting Kindom's war against the Physic Kingdom. He was awarded for his bravery by being promoted honorably to the ruling Warlord of the Kingdom, also known as the "Kumoto" of the kingdom, and awarded a sacred mask known as "Humon's Mask," after the founder of the kingdom, Humon Zenstral. He now leads the warriors of the Fighting Kingdom.
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  5. (Lol yea that's what I was basing it off of)
    Kyra stands at the wall of the Water kingdom looking out into the open land. Piplup stands by her side as bored as can be. Another warlord joined me and told us that the king has ordered an exposition o search for the legendary Pokémon, Kyogere. He was a god to the people of her kindom. Everyone treats him as a god and does anything the great Pokémon wished. Kyra packed her stuff and took her small team of 3 to see the king who would send us off on our adventure
  6. Name: Gini
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Dragon
    Appearance: She wore a long purple and dark blue robe with gold throwing star patterns on it. She had long blonde hair that she kept short and usually hung in her face. She has purple eyes and wears a Hair clip in the shape of Zekerom.
    Link: Altaria, Axew, Ralts
    Ability: increase attack
    Backstory: As princess of the Dragon kingdom she always lived in a life of luxury. Gini always wanted to be a warlord though. She watched them train and fight everyday of her life. The three Pokémon she grew up with were only seen as bodyguards and she couldn't have control of them according to her father. When the neighboring kingdom of Ghost attacked, Gini's father had been killed in that mess. The warlord were able to move them back to their kingdom. Without her fathers judgment, she trained to be a warlord with all her Pokémon at her side to do so. She likes to remain unknown of her luxurious title as she is ashamed of her father's rule.
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  7. Kibo strides through the halls of the Dragon kingdom's main keep, his neck length blue hair tied into a tight bun as he glared at anyone who got in his way. The man growled at a scholar that was tasked at giving him a report. The scholar followed a few steps behind him as he briefed the warlord, "sir I don't believe it wise to jump to anger. The failed attack was simply a fluke nothing to stress over"!

    "Stress over? I am furious, our soldiers were defeated by simple farmers. That is a disgrace and it won't stand," Kibo hissed in displeasure, sweeping around to loom over the scholar. His eyes holding a darkened fury to them that matched the same furoisity of his dragon type partners. He then started marching away again, still snarling and yelling in anger.
  8. Kojico walked into the royal dojo, and saw many elite soldiers training with wooden staffs and other wooden weapons. He saw two students sparring, and watched intently. "Hmmm... Good form, but still needs work." He advised to the student on the right. The student on the left was then swiftly swiped onto the floor. He walked through the dojo to the war room.

    "Any news?" He inquired to the squinting man at the table. "None yet. Kumoto Kojico." He stated plainly. "Well, I will be away for a few days to go on a raiding mission." He informed the man. "Where to?" The man asked. "The Water Kingdom." Kojico said as he slipped on his mask.
  9. Lola worked in her garden, her Sawsbuck dragging a plow behind her while Ray waddled behind her planting seeds and watering the ground. Victor stood off to the side in the shade, his black and red armour warming easily in the warm sun that they were having. The water kingdom citizen pulled up weeds and used on hand to wipe away sweat but when she did so she smeared dirt over her brow. She called her pokemon for a break and Minty gave a thankful cry. She filled the through and grabbed two cups of water for herself and Victor. She sat under the old white willow that provided shade for her small pond that was home to a few goldeen. Resting her head against its bark, she relaxed letting the work of today fall away from her muscles.
  10. Name: Abrus
    Role: Warlord
    Kingdom: Water
    Appearance: Tall; thin; light blue hair pulled back in a small ponytail; black goatee; blue samurai armor
    Link: Swampert, Vaporeon
    Ability: Increase attack
    Backstory: A child who lived without allegiance to a kingdom, he was finally accepted into the ranks of the Water Kingdom as a high ranking warlord.

    Abrus saw Kyra approaching the king's throne room. He and Kyra were long standing friends ever since he and his Pokemon (a Mudkip at the time) joined the Water Kingdom army. He asked what Kyra was doing.
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  11. Kibo continued his rampage though the keep. The scholar continued to try and get him to calm him down but had ran away when he drew his katana. He ordered a guard to go find Gini, so that he could talk this defeat over with her and plan a new route of attack. He threw the doors open to one of the war room and collapsed into one of the seats, staring at the roof and its golden dragon carvings.

    Lola stood up once and again, her Pokemon ready to finish up the day's work. Minty was saddled with the plow again, Ray following her to water the ground, and Victor helped Lola with the deweeding. The slowly finished a good half of the farm and decided to take the rest of the day off to rest and regain energy.
  12. Kyra's trip was canceled due to recent enemy sighting. She was put on guard duty and she walked the streets of the town observing the farms and shops. She watched as a young lady plowing the fields. "What great strength..." Kyra said to Piplup.

    Gini was summoned by another warlord. She walked through the halls until reaching the throne room where she sat face to face with the warlord. Gini had Altaria at her side as she looked at the warrior. "Yes?" She asked the warlord
  13. Abrus ran up to Kyra, and tapped her on the shoulder.
    "Kyra!" Abrus yelled in her ear, "Sorry, but I saw you enter the throne room. What was that about?"
    Swampert walked to the fence surrounding the field that the woman was plowing, and showered it in water.
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  14. "Have you heard of the recent failure our tropes accept. They were beaten by a group of farmers, non armoured and no weapons. What should we do about this," Kibo growled his chin lowering to look at Gini. He crossed his arms and ground his teeth, displeasure evident on his face. He looked at the other warlord with a raised brow, "it cannot stand. If we are to gain more land and crush our opponents then our soldiers cannot fail like this".

    Lola dusted her kimono off and straightened it out. Victor strolled over to her and offered her a parcel to help bloke out the sun. She and Victor gathered a few baskets of produce and started toward the closest city. The dark type not allowing for his friend to carry any of it.
  15. Gini placed one hand on her hip and the other on her Katana. "I may have control over our army... but if they fail to defeat an enemy... I'll handle them!" Gini storms out of the keep and heads to were the warlords suffered their defeat. Axew and Ralts quickly run after her as Altaria stands by her side.

    Kyra spins around "Oh hey! Well we were gonna go on a quest but... it was canceled!" She said with a frown "now I'm put on guard duty!" She spins back around taking a quick scan on the farm. Piplup crawls onto her head and keeps watch. Kyra sighs and spins back around. "I wish I had a more interesting task!"
  16. "Yeah," Abrus nodded, then laughed, "Nothing beats watching grass grow. Anyhow, would you want to join Swampert and I at the Aqua Festival?"
  17. She sits there for a minute to think. "Maybe I will Abrus" Kyra said with a smile "but for now I have a job to take care of-" she looks into the sky to see smoke from the signal tower. She mumbles and sprints in that direction with her katana drawn.
  18. Kibo smirked and shook his head as he watched her leave. No doubt the kingdom had sent guards to help enforce were they had just been hit and only a fool would march without a plan. Crator passed Gini in the hall and looked at Kibo with a raised eye ridge, "let's follow her. It will do us no good to let her die".

    Lola and Victor walked passed to warlords on their way in. The berries in their baskets were to be made into pies and other sweet treats so to be enjoyed at the aqua festival. Her green eyes scanned the crowd and they soon made it to their destination. Warlords and guards rushed past to go outside the city, people from outside seemingly panicking over something that was happening.
  19. Kojico mounted up on his Noivern, with about a hundred men following him. "Today we ride to the Water Kingdom, any questions?" He announced, startling a couple of the new students.
    He whooshed over the walls, blasting down a tower with dragon pulse. He and his men yelled a battle cry in the native tounge "Foodah!!!!!" Many of his students jumped to the ground and started throwing smoke bombs, and causing general panic.
  20. Gini reached the battlefield. Even the guards were suffering through this battle. She ran in with her katana drawn. She sliced down three of the enemies. A man ran at her with an axe cutting her face. Gini threw a knife that landed in his arm. She drove her katana through his throat and ran back into battle. More enemies fell but our enemies fell more.
  21. That night, Swampert, Vaporeon, and Abrus walked on to the Festival Grounds. People cheered. Abrus was well known and respected. Then, a Dragon Pulse slammed into the ground near Abrus. Party was over. Abrus had Swampert fling Abrus into the air. He did, and Abrus caught a Noivern by its feet. He drew a katana, and swung at the Noivern's belly. It crashed, and Abrus rolled to a stop on the ground. Vaporeon jumped in front of another Dragon Pulse, and countered with Surf.
  22. Kojico jumped off his mount, landing on a guard with his polearm, thrusting it into his back. He then charged into another guard, impaling him. He then fluently cut down five guards with quick strokes. He spotted a girl with katana, who looked important.
    Noivern took a few swipes at Vaporeon, trying to wound it.
  23. Kyra stood on the walls watching the dragon kingdom begin to attack us. "Piplup... Wirlpool!" Piplup creates a large wirlpool on the tips on his fingers and launches it into the smoke hitting a few enemies. Kyra looted one of their dead archers and took several shots into the smoke. "Alright Piplup... I have a plan! Wirlpool once more. Piplup tilts the wirlpool towards the smoke and reverses the currents on the water. The smoke is sucked into the water. The warlords of the Fighting Kigdom were as clear as day
  24. She looks straight into the warlord's eyes. She pointed her katana at him and Piplup let out a battle cry as he glowed. He turned into a magnificent Prinplup. Kyra looked at him in glee but quickly focused on the battle. Prinplup prepared a metal claw and stood in a battle stance
  25. Abrus put his hands together, and leapt up, kicking both feet out. Two Fighting Kingdom soldiers flew back. He then sent Swampert over to protect Vaporeon from someone who looked like the leader of the attack.
  26. Kojico gestured to a Sawk and Throh near him. "Engai." He commanded, as he drew his sword, and he and the two Pokemon charged at the girl and her Piplup. Noivern flew off, knowing these men were not his problem.
  27. Meanwhile, the battle was over in the Kigdom of Dragons. Gini dropped to her knees and calmed down. Axew ran to her side as Ralts followed. They hugged her as Altaria smiled. Him turned to see he warlord who greeted her in the throne room
  28. Kyra swung to face the Throh and Prinplup handled the Sawk. She strikes at them multiple times and dogged their attacks. Prinplup did the same. Kyra let out a battle cry as Prinplup grabbed Kyra. The spun in a cirlcle as Prinplup used water gun to create a large wirlpool guarding them. The current was strong and the only way through was the top of the wirlpool and sat high high in the air.
  29. Kojico was thrown up to the top of the whirlpool. He grabbed the Prinplup with a Judo move and threw it out of the whirlpool. The then took a horizontal swipe at Kyra, trying to disarm her.
  30. Abrus, seeing that Kyra was in trouble, had Swampert use Hydro Pump on her attacker. He then grabbed on to the attacker's Noivern, and had Vaporeon jump on his back. The Noivern flew away, not detecting their presence.
  31. She ducked as his hand swiped above her head. She sent her leg flying into his shin. The wirlpool begins to close in as she begins to levitate with a Psychic move "what the!" Kyra yells as she is lifted out of the wirlpool to see Spoink helping out. The wirlpool collapses on the warrior causing a small flood.
  32. Kyra stumbles from the water rushing down. She grabs Spoink as she is pulled under the water. Our king walks out of his keep as his Greninja rushed out stopping the flood befor it hit the town.
  33. Kibo and his salamance stood waiting to hear the news. His armour freshly polished and shining in the torches and fire that decorated the room. He smiled when he saw Gini, a deep rumbling of laughter rose in his chest as he saw the battle worn look she wore, "have fun? Looks like you did".

    Lola and Victor ran trying to escape the attackers. The baskets forgotten and her paricel on the ground ring crushed by feet. Victor did his best to protect his friend but the two were split up and pushed away from eachother. Lola kept running trying to make it to her farm to make sure it wasn't to heavily damaged and to make sure her pokemon were okey. A fighting kingdom soldier hit her it the back making her fall then dragged her to the feet by her hair. He then dragged her toward the battle hoping to use her as a sheild of a water soldier attacked them. Tears streamed down her face as she clutched at the hand pulling her hair, "help! Please someone help"!
  34. Gini stood up and smiled shoving her bloody katana into a dead corpse in front of her. "I had a blast!!!! I loved the rush! I've never felt so alive!" She yells at the top of her lungs. Altaria smiled as she stood next her. Axew and Ralts crawled onto my shoulders and smiled as well.

    Prinplup rushed towards the farm girl and drove his metal claw right into the soldiers cheapskate shattering it. He helped the girl up and brought her into the nearest farmhouse.
  35. Lola let out a cry when she was let go, thanking the prinplup through tears of fear. Minty and Ray got as fast over to her as they could, Ray using ice beam on a few advancing soldiers. Minty used her antlers to throw others away defending their friend.

    "That is good to hear. A scout came after you left, quite a bit of interesting information if I say," Kibo hummed and Crator let out a low growl from his laying position around the armour wearing human. Kibo watched Gini with a grin and litleo his head to look at the map of the kingdoms on the wall, "it's seems the fighting kingdom and the water kingdom are quarreling".
  36. Kojico fell through the water to the ground, with Sawk helping him up. He grabbed the girl by the neck, yanking off the floor. "Silly girl." He muttered, throwing her to the ground in front of his most elite soldiers. "Bring her to the castle."
  37. Once Noivern had reached the Fighting Kingdom, Abrus let go, and fell down towards the ground. Vaporeon used Water Sport on the ground to slow the fall. It still hurt when they hit the ground, but Abrus got up, and dusted himself off. He was all alone. He couldn't attack blatantly. He'd have to go undercover.
  38. The solider was dragging Lyra to get back to their Kigdom as a Clefa stood in the path. The solider yelled at it . In approached his feet. Clefa looked up at him as she let out an echoed voice. In rang in their heads as she then let out multiple pound attacks. He let his grip go as Kyra falls to the ground she spins taking her katana from the guard and driving the blade through his abdomen that was barley open from the chest plate. "Thank you my dearest!" Kyra said as she lifted Clefa on her shoulders and ran back towards the town.

    Gini looked at the map. "It's seems they are. No need to get involved. They are all the way across the map." Gini said taking a seat at a long table. She poured some tea and picked up her book Ralts sat with her reading as Axew and Altaria practice battling.
  39. Abrus quickly took down a Fighting Kingdom guard, and disguised himself in the guard's armor. He then walked the streets, unnoticed. He approached the Fighting King's throne room, hand wrapped around his sword.

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