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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Hecotoro, Jul 29, 2019.


Which jewel should be the next one?

Poll closed Feb 1, 2020.
  1. Fire

  2. Wind

  3. Light

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  4. Earth

  1. I am waiting on @Mango137, to post his reaction to Queen Jaileen. Frankly I want to see Wes' reaction to her. I bet it will be a lot of fun to read.
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  2. I'm not dead, just buried in a coffin for the time being. I do, however, have a fun plan for just after the timeskip... Rolen's gonna have had a fun dream.
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  3. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I’m not even sure how Wes would reply to the queen, I’m afraid my next post may be underwhelming if you were hoping for drama
  4. Ooo...
    Start for what we know about the Organization?
    How about asking the people who were in the Organization, or ahem, my characters?
  5. What information could they have that Samantha didn't?
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  6. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Also, I’d been meaning to ask. How strong is Razan? If he was in X I feel like he’d be really strong but he’s mainly taken the backseat in fights.
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  7. Probably not much. Except that the Organization has taken people who have show great magic or unique ones and forced them to be weapons.
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  8. Hey Heco, I was actually planning to have Rolen and Maira get back during the time skip, around a week after the message arrived... If you just subtract Maira's name or something...? I just had some plans set up. I can, of course, scrap them if need be, but...
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  9. @Hecotoro, What would you like the elves to do. I was thinking they could be ranged attackers and stay in the woods and protect the fairies. Also King River (Amra's father) would be good upfront as well.
  10. The reason he takes backseat in fights is because his element isn’t really used for fighting, but for supporting others element.
    For example: Sunny Day increases fire.
    He’s not the strongest of fighters, and the main reason they took him I was because of his extremely rare element, and thought that’s they would be able to use him in the future.
  11. @RenzFlintrock it said Samantha used meditation while Maira was gone, if she has returned during the time skip it still applies.

    @EmoKitty21 they will be battling, you won't really have to control them, it's just things that will happen in the background.
  12. @JayBird Joe , is there any chance Rolen might have been able to get Tyler to make something for him in those two weeks?
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  13. Sure, what are you thinking of?
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  14. Oh, just something small, circular... or rather two somethings...

    (Silver rings, with one larger stone with a smaller stone on either side.)
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  15. Sorry to interrupt your fun~

    I've got a few questions for all of you since I'm actually enamored by the concept of this RP, and specifically, I was thinking of adapting some of the rules in a way that would fit a Pokemon Conquest based RP.

    First off, Kudos @Hecotoro , I'd never actually thought to embed a Google Sheets like that. Especially with the creation of a simple map. Beautifully done.

    Onto more serious questions.

    1. Regarding the Skills that are used by the characters, are they all practical skills directed towards combat such as Azumi's Sword-play and Ice-element abilities? Or perhaps do you have any skills purely for the support of your Pokemon?

    2. Did you all start out in the same relative area?

    3. Given then the characters are limited to 1 or 2 Pokemon do you carry the Pokemon around with you at all times?

    4. Has a Human vs Pokemon Situation ever popped up in a fight? If so, how did it work out?

    5. How did you work on forming links/bonds with new Pokemon?

    My thanks to all those who choose to answer o/
  16. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Pokémon conquest was one of my favorite games!!! Let me know if you make one!
  17. Will definitely tag you :blush:
  18. @kyuukestu thank you!
    1) No, some skills are used for healing, Tyler uses his fire to blacksmith, Azumi uses water to heal and one time froze a body to keep it from rotting. Rolan lights up rooms with his light magic and Samantha uses wind to float since she is too lazy to walk.

    2) Most of them did, joining all the same guild. But the option to start somewhere else was there and few used it.

    3) No, the Pokemon are not tied to their trainers, they can do as they please. They work with their "trainers" by choice.

    4) Yes, Doulblade and Aegislash have fought against Wes. Azumi trains with her Lucario.

    5) Same way someone joins a guild or team. There isn't any need for any special situation for it to happen, they just both agree to it.

    Hopes this helps!
  19. 1. Kinda. For example, Maira has Empathy, and Healing Magic. Not exactly combative, wouldn't you say? However, most, if not all characters can at least wield one weapon, or use some form of magic.

    2. Yes and no. People joined throughout the RP, so power levels varied, but generally around the same power level at first. Ish.

    3. Depends on the Pokemon. Since Maira has a Togetic, it usually follows her around. Rolen has an Abra, which mostly does its own thing. Sam has an Alolan Ratatta that is with her practically all the time. So it depends on the Pokemon's personality and travel capabiliy.

    4. YES. And it generally goes a bit better for a 'Mon, i think. Usually it's one working together with a trainer versus another trainer and their 'mon.. Although Amra and Rolen fought a wild Beartic, once. It was pretty close...

    5. Maira got her Togetic because she is a very pure hearted person, and according to the Pokedex, Togetic is attracted to such people, and they became better friends over time.
  20. Suddenly jumps in These are some good answered, being someone who will be part of the Conquest RP, I want to comment on how in scenarios such as these where the trainers should have a much more durable body compared to normal trainers as well as apparent special abilities so I do see them fighting Pokémon by themselves.
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  21. @Grand Master Koop some do, but both of my characters do not. Rolen is very physically weak, and though he has some useful spells there's a good chance he looses a fight against any of the Pokemon we've encountered. Maira is a healer, and stays out of the fighting as much as possible, and would loose to almost any Pokemon. Although there's a decent chance she could befriend a lot of forest pokemon.
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  22. @Grand Master Koop depends on the character. Some can take massive amounts of damage, while some are fragile. Like Pokemon.
  23. Alright I see, so it still depends on the individual and their stats.
  24. Thank you, Thank you. Very helpful answers. I'll pop back in if I think of any more questions. Hope you don't mind~
  25. @Cmeriwether what do you mean as in, “came to terms” for Razan.
    As in like, she told him?
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  26. And Jaybird, can Tyler have made those two rings, or have just finished them? Or can he be making them and call Rolen in? He'll be enchanting them.
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  27. She has come to truly accept them, but hasn't told Razan yet.
  28. @Mango137 and @Cmeriwether just waiting on the reactions for your two characters at the Grand Court.
  29. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

  30. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    @Mango137 where's Sol? I figured he and Rene had become good friends and she is looking for him.
  31. Not really. I mean, kinda? You'll see.
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  32. @Cmeriwether you need to improve your post, it's against the rules to post one liners.
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  33. I will elaborate a bit... Emo and I did a little bit of PM RPing to see what happened the afternoon Rolen got back, stuff like that. Rolen and Amra agree that they want to be with each other, but Rolen is, of course, a nervous wreck about it. So, I had the idea he would give her some sort of gift, and what I came up with was Rings of Sending, it allows them to cast the spell Sending a few times a day. The spell lets them send messages of 25 words or less, and then the other can respond. It has unlimited range, but it can only be used a few times before it has to recharge. Most magic items recharge at dawn.
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  34. well guys, it's time. Once everyone does their post, preparing their characters, I will start the event. So make sure to include anything important your character must have before they leave.
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  35. @Hecotoro, Would Jason be going with Sarah and Rowena? I just wanted to know if the plan we had discussed was still happening or not.
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  36. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Probably running around with Growlithe xD
  37. @EmoKitty21 it will happen, they will meet up don't worry.
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  38. The reason I asked was because Jason is at the guild at the moment. He is in Phoenix's lab.
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  39. Right, that is why I assigned him a team. Sorry I don't understand what is missing xD
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