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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Hecotoro, Jul 29, 2019.


Which jewel should be the next one?

Poll closed Feb 1, 2020.
  1. Fire

  2. Wind

  3. Light

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  4. Earth

  1. I thought he was going to become a ninetails. I can switch them though I have an idea for them. When he fights he uses the swords to channel his powers. It is like focus for the magic he wields. Unlike his sister Rowena who uses elemental magic to enhance her fighting skills, Jason uses his swords to cast spells. Jason can not speak about the orgization like Sam couldn't, but can not use his magic against them either. They made sure of that by infusing the crystal into his hands. He was made to hold until it fused with his skin and magical signature. He has also become a heavy drinker because of some of the things he was made to do before the crystal was introduced.
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  2. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Wes won’t have ninetales, the Druid will. And yeah, he just turns into one but still it might be a bit odd.

    Also I was thinking it’d be cool if we established organization X counterparts for all of our characters to fight.
  3. That would be cool, but I would need to add more Organization X members, and I'm at my limit, even though I'm still missing one.
  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Here's my idea for the druid's looks.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Hey @Mango137 or whoever has the link to make those character things, please send it to me.
  6. @JayBird Joe page 33, both for female and male are there.
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  7. Yeah, checked them out, didn’t really work. I’ll just draw em out...
  8. 82245ACC-68F1-42D9-A810-BA54F13BA9C6.jpeg K, here’s Tyler...
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  9. And here’s Razan AAC211FC-FEAE-4103-84A1-4D6EB0D9924C.jpeg
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  10. Am I the only one who hasn’t made theirs...?
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  12. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh
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  13. Okay let's try and wrap up the current day, the next day is going to include Azumi's announcement about the mission, preparation and leaving.
  14. I think @GQuasch is the only one who hasn’t put their characters to sleep?
    Just a friendly reminder?
  15. Sorry, I was helping build a house since like... 12 hours ago. I'll get to it tomorrow morning, it's late.
  16. Okay, don't worry there's no rush.
  17. @Hecotoro ... why did it hurt so much to read that? And also, why did a Mettaton quote pop into my head when thinking about what kind of magical shieldings Leo might have had?
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  18. Because you liked Leo (?) I didn't understand the second question xD
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  19. Kinda. It was very well written, and both Leo and Victoria have kinda grown on me. As to the second part, Mettaton is a character from Undertale.
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  20. What was the quote though? And Victoria was still alive, don't lose hope.
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  21. So, on the Genocide route you fight Mettaton Neo, and you beat him in one hit because this form has no defense but presumably high attack. Professor Alphys is the one who made Mettaton’s body, so he says:

    “I-I guess she should have worked on the defenses...”

    Or something to that effect, I don’t remember the exact quote.
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  22. Ooh okay, well Leo had defenses but I didn't describe the fight, would've been too long.
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  23. Oh, for sure. But this guy is super powerful, and off the top of my head I can think of very few characters who might be able to stand a chance against him.
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  24. Good, that's the impression I was going for. I'm glad I got that right.
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  25. Okay teams, Mission in the jungle and in the snowy mountains. Before I make them I would like to know if your characters need to be in the same team as someone specific. (Except Tyler, he still has to be around Azumi.) What I take in consideration mostly I try and not have one person and their characters in one team. This way everyone can interact with everyone. For example, Razan can't be with Tyler, that would leave JayBird in one team only.
  26. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I don’t have anything in particular
  27. Neither do I, except that Rolen is gonna be pretty useless unless things go better than I think they will.
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  29. Well I know that Rowena will be meeting Sarah, but I do not know if you want Sarah to be leading the other team or not. Amra would love to be in the jungle, so would Phoenix actually. They would feel right at home. Though with Phoenix's acrobatic background, he would love to do the rigorous mountain climbing. I do not mind how you split up my character's, but I am pretty sure that Amra would be best in the jungle. It would fit her skill set more.
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  30. I mean, Azumi won't let Emma leave her side, so I don't really have a choice for her. As for Perry... don't know really. Tempted to have them sleep through it for incompetence.
  31. Sounds good, next post Azumi will announce the teams and the mission.
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  32. Awww big tough guy Wes can't say no to his dear master xD
  33. I realized that Sam had asked or at least kinda asked, Maira to help find some armor for Sam to wear, and Maira just left her. Sorry Sam, please don’t kill me! She was just getting her stuff ready, she can come help you if you want! *throws hands in the air*
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  34. Don't worry Sam would never hurt Maira, if it would've been anyone else though... She might have reacted differently.
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  35. Oh, I said don’t kill me.
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  36. Well Maira's life does depend on you, so you can't die.
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  37. I suppose... I can think of ways she might survive, but Sam probably wouldn’t care for them. Btw, I’m trying to decide if Rolen should have any power in his shield.
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