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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Hecotoro, Jul 29, 2019.


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  1. Link to new RP (Pokemon Warcraft 2): https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-warcraft-2-the-elemental-jewels.21759/

    Link to discussion for Pokemon Warcraft 2: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-warcraft-discussion.21301/page-72#post-816394

    Here is the character sheet!

    Link to old RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-warcraft.21302/
    This is the first RP I'm going to create so I'll do my best to make it as interesting as possible. If you have any questions regarding the rules to RP properly, here is the link to the rules: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-role-play-rules.9451/
    Now for this RP it might be a little complicated to explain how this world works, but I will try and make it simple. Any questions and comments are more then welcome, anything to improve the experience.

    This takes place in a world where you mix Pokemon and your typical mmorpg games (Ex: World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, League of Legends, etc...). Therefore, besides having your Pokemon, your character will also have abilities. They can be mages, knights, ninjas, priest, hunters and other things. We also need to include detailed information about what your character can do and what they cannot do. For example, a mage can make magic spells which control water or fire, but they cannot be expert sword fighters. In addition, your character must focus on one element, which are fire, water, earth, wind, dark and light. Of course you can have them extend to similar things like water to ice.

    Regarding Pokemon, in this world Pokeballs have not been invented yet, therefore your character can only take one or two Pokemon at most. This is so the characters don't become over powerfull. Also, technology is going to be very limited. Which means no Pokemon centers, no PC, no pokedex, no light sabers, etc... You can use middle ages techonolgy. Your characters will need weapons and armor, so please get creative with those, just do not include a jetpack or a teleportation device. Keep it in the Medieval times.
    One more thing, there are guilds within this world. You could either join the one my character is in, make one with other characters or join an existing one.
    I know this might be a lot, but please ask any questions so I can fix the post to make it easier.

    Now here is my character (Feel free to use the format for your own.):

    Name: Azumi Towers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Guild: Storm Breakers (Leader) The guild is focused on making errands for the army or the grand court. Usually things they cannot handle.
    Class/Job: Sword Master
    Element: Water- Ice
    Height: 5"2
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Hair: Light Blonde
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Personality: Strongly believes in justice and the protection of the weak. Very educated and respectful to others. She prefers a book over any activity that includes socializing. She is confident in her abilities and believes in strategy rather than brute force.
    Skills: Great swimmer due to her water element. Is able to handle big swords or use twin swords. She can freeze water at will and use it to combine with her weapons or armor. Her abilities rely on her speed and strength. Strong and quick attacks are her specialty. She can use her water to heal superficial wounds.
    Weakness: Needs to be in a hand to hand combat, she deals poorly against opponents who are far away.
    Gardevoir (Nana)
    Ability- Trace
    Personality- Innocent and is always amazed by the world. Very educated and distrustful strangers.
    Lucario (Anakin)
    Ability- Inner Focus
    Personality- Loyal to his trainer. Always on guard and ready to fight. Does not work well with others unless it's with Nana.
    Background: Azumi is the daughter of a great general. Her father achieved many goals for their Kingdom and the same is expected of her. She was trained since she could walk and became top of her class. She now turned 21 and has opened her own guild.
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Is the class Dragon Tamer fine? Also, can I have guild Storm Breakers motto or their goal? And, what is the character max per person?
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  3. @PlayfulFox47 there it's updated! Yes, Dragon tamer is fine, what kind of skills would go with it though?
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  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    They would have an affinity with Dragon Types, able to create a temporary alliance with Dragon-types, the stronger the Pokemon, the less likely the alliance. Also, the Dragon has to have common goals as you do, so no Dragons that were enemies becoming allies. Dragon Tamers will not have a good affinity with magic, however, they can cast minor fire spells able to be the ranged attack and light their weapon. They tend to use battle axes, short swords/ long swords, and crossbows/ bows. They are the strongest with axes though.
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  5. Sounds good, I just don't see how the crossbow/bow fits in. But if you have plans for it, then it's all good.
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  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    It was mostly for ranged, a subclass where they utilize the partner Pokemon more, staying back, using one Dragon-Type to ride, the other to basically be their tank. (BTW, Dragon Tamers are only allowed to use Dragon-types as their partner Pokemon)
  7. Ok, that seems pretty cool. Go for it.
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  8. One question: would lightNING be a subsequent of water or light? Asking because lots of media associates lightning with rain, while things like Chrono Trigger have taught me that it's more related to light-
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, one thing, my Dragon Tamer will not be fully trained, due to the fact the Dragon Tamer's biggest weakness is the fact that it is one of the longest to train in, in fact some say the training never ends. A fully trained Dragon Tamer with good tatics and one that properly uses his skills can be devastating. Also, the subclass that I spoke of is the hardest to learn, so that is something.
    Also, lightning can also be fire! Look at Avatar!
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  11. Alright... I guess it's fire...? (Just doesn't make sense to me because it's not what anyone I know associates it with not saying you're wrong just never seen anything indicate that-)
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  12. Lighting causes fire, that's probably why
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  13. Name: Rolen Nailoen

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Guild: Storm Breakers (whatever rank he is given)

    Class/Job: He is a Wizard. Not very skilled.. (due to not much experience) but still a wizard.

    Element: Light

    Height: 6’0

    Weight: 165ish- lbs.

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Hazel?

    Outfit: He has a few different ones for different situations... but he normally wears either a Wizard’s Robe or a more casual outfit with a shirt, long pants and a belt. Sometimes a vest is added to this.

    Personality: He is a very quiet individual around people he is not farmiliar with. He can be very stubborn at times, and he will absolutely ignore you if you go against his morals. (As usual, I develop personality more during the RP)

    Skills: Due to his connection with the light element, he can manipulate the light reflecting off of objects to create illusions. For example, he could change the light reflecting off a person’s face to give them a disguise. He can use this to control color, intensity, and potentially even the shape of the object’s appearance. Oh, and potentially barriers of light. Those are all innate, Light connected abilities. He also has some spells, but they require studying of the spell from a spellbook and components that can sometimes be hard to come by. These are not good for emergencies unless he already has them prepared and only needs a keyword/word of command to activate.

    Weakness: Most human weaknesses. Wizards are not known for being particularly tanky... he cannot wear armor, since it impedes movement and distracts him while trying to cast spells. You can also attack his morals.

    For now, just Abra.

    (Ability: Magic Guard [pevents indirect damage, like poison, burn, Stealth Rock, and Leech seed])
    Personality: Sleeps a lot. Very timid when awake, but also curious.

    (Original version of this character is a D&D character of mine. Same name, same class... however, I have needed him quite a bit.)

    Rolen was a ‘commoner’, but due to his magical potential he was apprenticed to a Wizard. I honestly don’t have much to put here, other than that his mentor told him when his apprenticeship ended that he should join a guild. This was the first guild that accepted him.
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  14. @RenzFlintrock you're in. Is your character going to be a new member of the guild? Or should I have Azumi already know him?
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  15. Probably a new member...
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  16. Here is my character. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed.

    Name: Sarah Blackwell
    Codename: Red Rose
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Guild: Storm Breakers-
    Class/Job: Spy/Assassin- Sarah is the one sent to scout out the enemy. She is also the one that will sneak in and take care of threats to the mission.
    Element: Darkness
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 110
    Looks: Sarah has long dark purple hair that reaches the middle of her back. She pulls part of it up in updo. She has two strands of hair that frame her face. Sarah has bright pink eyes. It is a rare genetic from her father's side. Sarah is very slim but toned for her small size. On her right arm is a full sleeve tattoo. It is of a grayscale brick wall. In front is a black vine that has the only thing of color of the tattoo. The vines hold red roses of various sizes. Sarah tends to wear a blood red lipstick that contrast with her pale skin.
    Clothing: Sarah wears a black tunic. The tunic has a corset that clinches her waist. The corset holds a couple of daggers for ease of access. She tends to wear a victorian hooded coat that reaches to her knees. Under her tunic she wears a pair of black leather pants. On her feet is a pair of black boots that come to mid calf. On her neck is a black choker that has a bright pink diamond like gem surrounded by vines.
    Personality: Sarah is very laid back. Most of the time Sarah is calm and level headed. She tends to think things through before she acts. Sarah is very sweet to her friends and family. She can be a force to reckon with when she is made an enemy of someone.
    Weapons: Curved daggers hidden beneath her coat strapped to her waist.
    Two daggers hidden inside her corset smaller then the ones at her waist.
    Bow strapped to her back, and a hand crossbow strapped along side one of the daggers. In her boots hold a set of throwing knives. She is also able to work well with a staff weapon when the situation calls for it.
    • Able to use and detect different types of poison.
    • Sarah knows how to scale buildings easily.
    • She can easily use her darkness magics to shield herself and others when needed.
    • Sarah has worked as a preformer in the past, and as such has learned to change her voice and work stage makeup to disguise herself when needed.
    • Sarah knows basic medical knowledge. Mainly the treatment of poison and the like.
    • Sarah is very agile and in modern times could have been a gymnast with some of the moves she knows.
    Sarah has a soft spot for childern and go out of her way to help. Sarah has a calling card that she leaves when she performs a job. It is a red rose with a black stem. Pokemon that are small and cute tend to make her pause and want to take them with her. With her being a spy stealth is her main goal. When she loses that she will tend to be a bit impulsive and make the not so best decisions.
    Pokemon: Just Umbre for now.
    Umbreon- Umbre.
    Gender: Female
    Umbre has been with Sarah since she was born. Sarah found her while she was in the forest hunting for her siblings and aging mother. She has since then kept her safe from harm.
    Background: Sarah's father was a great soldier for the royal army. He was a scout who took his life to save his daughter. Who at the time was only 8. Since then Sarah has taken the time to studing to learn about poisons, and use daggers that he crafted. 13 years later she had leanred under a few assasions and spys that saw she had potential in their field of warfare. Her main mentor was an older man who was like a grandfather to her. He treated her well outside of her studies. She trained in the forest to hit a moving target and climbing skills. She learned to track, by following pokemon trails. It was on that training that she found Umbre who then was an egg.
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  17. Name: Emma Fyst

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Guild: Storm Breakers (Whatever role is given)

    Class/Job: Brawler

    Element: Fire- Lightning

    Height: 4'5"

    Weight: 112 lbs.

    Hair: Chestnut

    Eyes: Lilac

    Personality: Emma is a wild child, and prefers to go in fist first rather than actually use logic or reason. She's much more carefree than your average human, and will often push what other people say aside. She also has quite the temper.

    Skills: Due to her nature of big hurt over big brain, she hits like a truck with her lightning infused gauntlets. She also can lift heavy loads along with her Pokemon, due to her strength, and will gladly use allies as deadly projectiles. She can also take a large amount of blows, about twice as much as most humans.

    Weaknesses: Fairly dim witted, and with those giant gauntlets on, will not be dodging many hits. Magic especially is a threat against her, since she thinks "oh look, a shiny thing, guess I'll punch it".


    Reuniclus (Brian)
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Personality: Brian makes all the good decisions for Emma when they actually need to think things through.

    Pangoro (Pack)
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Personality: A little rough around the edges, but is really a sweetheart... unless you pet the wrong spot.

    Background: When she was young, Emma was taught the ancient art of fighting in her family: punching things REALLY really hard. An ex-"vigilante", she eventually joined a guild since she wasn't earning enough. In the guild, she doesn't agree much with others due to her... limited thinking. Nonetheless, she's earned her keep in many circles as one of the only girls to throw down a barbarian with one hand.
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  18. I would like to mention that I will be figuring out some of Rolen’s Light capabilities and the details of those capabilities as I go. For example, I would like to be able to bend light in mid-air and create a flash that is not centered on a specific object. And perhaps eventually make a beam of light.

    As to Emma, I am getting strong Susie vibes... especially the throw-the-ally part.

    EDIT: Added Morals as a weakness on Rolen’s bio.
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  19. You guys are all in so far.
    @EmoKitty21 that character looks awesome, I can't wait to see her in the RP.
    @GQuasch I don't know why I saw the knuckles thing coming xD
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  20. Probably because the name. Fyst. Seems to be pretty blunt to me, at least.
  21. I’m going to edit my bio to include appearance... ish... thing... maybe? We’ll see.
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  22. @EmoKitty21 and @GQuasch are your characters new or are they part of the guild already?

    I should've mentioned the Guild is a couple of months old.
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  23. Already part. Makes it so people are already somewhat sick of her.
  24. Sarah is an older member of the guild.
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  25. Good, one more character and we can start the RP, hopefully by tomorrow.
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  26. Playful should have hers soon. In the meantime, what will our characters be doing in the RP? I haven’t played Warcraft, but I’ve played lots of Dungeons and Dragons/Pokémon Tabletop/Seventh Sea/Edge of the Empire/ect.
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  27. Then there is me who has played a lot of Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.
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  28. I've played some stupid games of DnD, and played way too many MMOJRPGs.
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  29. Well I was thinking starting off at the Guild house. Have the characters start off their day and then go from there.
    Btw I've thought about it, seeing how Sarah is a spy, she should be Vice. Azumi must completey trust her since Sarah's work is key to her strategies.
    The rest would be just regular members, except for newbies.
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  30. I am le newbie :(

    So probably start with each of them waking up, getting ready and starting the day? (You do realize the questioning will begin soon... mwe he he... basically I will need to know anything and everything about the guild house.)
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  31. Sure. Guild house:
    No outer wall. Has a decent front yard and the backyard is a big open field. The field just happens to be there, it isn't part of the property. The house is pretty big.
    Main floor- The main door leads to a big hall, that hall contains the stairs to the second floor, which are directly in front of the main entrance. To the right of the hall is the entrance to the dinning room. To the left is the doorms to the newbies. Under the stairs there are two doors. One for the kitchen, on the right and to the left the door to the backyard.
    Second floor- There is a lookout down to the main floor. The stairs lead up to two hallways, one is for girl's rooms and the other is for the boys. Each room has a window, bathroom and closet.
    Basement- The stairs to the basement are next to the main entrance. It's just one big underground room with a giant round table in the center. It's used for guild meetings mostly.

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  32. ... seems exceedingly satisfactory! The question-asker approves! (I may come up with a question, but none yet.... except for the question of: STOREROOM/SUPPLY ROOM?)
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  33. True, let's put it in the middle of the dormitories. Right above the stairs.
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  34. Yeah! That way people upstairs can grab stuff and then charge down the stairs while the newbies hold off any enimies attacking!
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  35. Yup! Any more questions?
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  36. Not yet. Knowing me there will be more... eventually. I’ll let you know if I get something. Although while I’m here I’ll repeat Playful’s question: What is the Guild’s goal?
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  37. They take missions to help out, it could be from villagers, the Grand court, the army. They could be sent to look for a lost Meowth or to infiltrate an enemy base.
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  38. Awesome! I like this style...
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  39. Sorry for the double post, but I updated the skills section in my character bio to include Spells, if that’s okay. I may also attemp to work on backstory...
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  40. Seems pretty good, will he explain them during the RP?
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