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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft 2: The Elemental Jewels.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. A long long time ago, there was nothing. Then, one day, six powerful forces combined to create a beautiful planet. The force of earth created land, the force of water created oceans, the force of fire created heat, the force of wind created the skies, the force of light gave life and the force of dark took it. From this incredible combinations, many creatures called Pokemon were created. Some represent the original six elements, while others represent variations or combinations of them. But, not only Pokemon came to be. Humans, Orcs, Fairies, Giants and more living things came to life. Having made such a beautiful place, the six elements were turned to stone and hidden away.
    Thousands of years after, the world went to war. They fought over power. But, one hero stood above them all and finished it. He held a powerful crown, that gave him incredible powers. To avoid further conflict, he split the crown into three and gave one to each of his sons. From there, three great kingdoms were born.

    Five years ago.

    There were four great kingdoms in this wonderful world. Parral, Creel, Elven and Kelan. This four kingdoms lived in harmony for many years. The Elves lived apart from the other three human kingdoms, keeping to each other and not meddling with their affairs. One day however, a group called Organization X tricked the three human kingdoms into war. Taking many lives and souls to use as their own. By the time the three rulers of the lands made peace, it was too late. The Organization had gained enough power to make the moon crash into the earth. The four kingdoms joined forces. Everyone, from humans to Pokemon, from Elfs to Orcs, worked together. After a long battle and many sacrifices, a woman, using the power of the water elemental jewel and the Kelan crown, defeated the Organization's leader. People celebrated as this woman became the new queen of Kelan. The world went into peace once again.


    Kelan has seen much growth in the last five years. The economy has improved to a point were the lowest economical status is medium, which means there is no poor. Guild activities have increased a lot, meaning many new guilds were created and many jobs available. Azumi, the queen, has two children now. She had twins, a boy and a girl. Today is their second birthday and they await for the Stormbreakers to arrive.

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  2. The sound of heels clacking and armor lightly clanging rung through the halls of the castle, the noise growing ever closer. The noise finally reached the twins, and light breathing was behind them. A hand was placed on each of the kid's heads and... their hair got all scruffed up. If they looked behind them, they would see the smiling face of Emma Fyst, and her little buddy Mack on her shoulder.

    "Well would you look at this, I remember seeing you as tiny little sprouts not too long ago. And look at you now, as old as you are many... god you make me feel real old..."

    Mack hopped from her shoulder, smiling as they wobbled about in joy. He ever so loved the twins, especially since they haven't tried to eat him... yet. They blinked a bit, lightly polishing themselves with their... I guess leaves?

    "Now. Tybalt, go fetch the young ones their special gift, quicklike. Wouldn't want to keep our special little angels waiting, would we?"

    Tybalt, her cynical Farfetch'd, sighed and grumbled as he waddled off. More dirty work, as per usual, but he shouldn't expect much else from Emma. They should have known what to expect when she suddenly brought him on as a "squire" as she called him. He would be a while.
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alice walked around the perimeter of the palace, attracting no attention to herself. This was probably her biggest heist yet, taking something from the queen. Some sort of "elemental jewel." She didn't know exactly what it did, but she knew it would fetch a high price. Something she cared about deeply. With the large amount of money, she could do multiple things, like buy her way out of prison, if she was given the opportunity. Pay off her own bounty, or even start her own thieving guild, filled to the brim with people like her. People that lived for the thrill of the heist. She sighed as she went somewhere more private to prepare for her heist.
  4. Azumi sighed loudly. "It is important to go beyond what we see and what we know! Nobody has ever traveled so far, can't you all imagine what wonderful things there might be on some land we don't know of?"

    The captain of the Kelan Navy scratched his bead. "I see what you mean, but just like there are wonderful things, there are also dangerous things. We might run into something that isn't meant to be found. I can't risk my men like that."

    Azumi looked at her father. "You agree with me don't you?"

    He rubbed his forehead. "It is such a dangerous journey, but the idea of expanding is not a bad one."

    "Look..." Azumi said with an annoyed tone. "Worst case, we come back up through Parral."

    "Worst case is you get eaten by a giant sea Pokemon." Froppo replied. "But, I like your spirit young queen, I would follow you into the mouth of a Dusknoir if you asked for it."

    Azumi smiled as she stood up. "Well think about it, all of you, I need to get to my kid's birthday." She kissed her dad and left the meeting room quickly. She walked down a long hall quickly, a young girl with some documents walked next to her. "Do you have the missions for the guilds?" Azumi asked.

    "Yes ma'am. I also sent the proper rewards. Also, the invitations were sent out the people you asked for, they should be arriving soon. I believe Emma is already here actually. We received the goods from Parral but we had customs problems with our shipment to the Elven Kingdom, but we are working on it. Your kids have been fed and are ready for their celebration."

    "What about Wes? Is he coming?" Azumi asked nervously.

    "Um... I'm sorry I didn't get a reply from him yet."

    Azumi looked upset. "I swear that man, I love him but, he just loves to disappear. Thank you, I'll see you later." Azumi walked into the grand hall, where it had been decorated with blue and white balloons. She saw Emma with her kids.

    Samantha smiled as Emma played with her hair and she quickly hugged Emma's leg. "Emmu!" She cried out.

    Leon just smiled, but didn't say anything, he was always quiet. Both twins had Azumi's hair color, but Wes' eyes. Samantha had a side ponytail while wearing a small blue dress and Leon had messed his hair and wore a white shirt and black pants.

    "Emma!" Azumi cried out as she walked up to Emma. "I'm always so happy to see you. You're like a little sun that clears up my cloudy days."

    Annette stomped her foot in the guild hall and cried out. "Hurry up everyone! I don't like being late!" Fifi yapped loudly, trying to help Annette.
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  5. Rolen stood in the guild hall near Annette. He was also getting a bit impatient, so he shouted as well, “Everyone, let’s get going! I’m going to leave, you guys come as soon as you can. I’ll meet you there.” He knew he wasn’t as fast as most of them, and they would probably catch him up en route, so he exited the building and strolled towards the palace at a good pace. The leader of the Stormbreakers had grown a lot in the last five years, both in physical ability and in magical prowess. Even though he still couldn’t compete physically with most members of the guild, his endurance was a bit better, and he was an expert in staff combat. And as to magic... well, he would have been stronger if he didn’t have the guild to take care of, but he had definitely gotten better. As he neared the castle, he felt the soft fur of his Espeon’s tail brushing against him. The Pokémon was the son of Umbre, Sarah’s Umbreon, and her husband Zach’s Espeon. It had taken a liking to Rolen when it was a kit, and now it was not often seen too far away from him.

    Today Rolen was wearing some formal clothes, rather than his usual simple outfit or his wizard’s robes. He had been taking on small jobs outside the guild when he could in order to save up money, and this outfit of buttery white dress shirt and long khaki pants was one of the things he had purchased with these funds. It hadn’t been too expensive, but it cost him more than he normally would have paid. However, he had found it important to him to have something to let him look respectable on various important occasions.

    Once inside the castle, he asked directions from one of the staff of the castle, because he wasn’t exactly sure where he was supposed to be. After a few minutes, he poked his head in at a doorway and saw Azumi, her two children, and Emma already there. He waved a greeting and joined them, bending down to the little ones once he arrived. “Happy Birthday, you two!” And turning back to Emma and Azumi, “Hi. The others should be here any second now. I left a bit ahead.”
  6. "Eh, it's nothing. I'm just happy to see that your family is still good. I don't think you've met my new Pokemon as of yet. As you know, I've left Pack at the guild, and Brian is serving you here. Tybalt is out right now getting the present, but Mack is right over there on the table. He's a cutie, but unfortunately not very practical for battle. And don't worry... they probably won't choke on it."

    She pat Samantha's head, looking over to Rolan. She lightly waved to him, whistling to Mack. He hopped back onto her shoulder, looking to Azumi with happy eyes.

    You could kind of hear the grunting of a disgruntled Farfetch'd in the hallway, that and a faint thudding noise. Tybalt was exhausted, hauling along a cart from about halfway down the hall. After a few seconds, he got moving again, beads of sweat flowing down his face.
  7. Sarah and Zack had gotten into the carriage with their three children, Zane, Emily, and Cyrus. Zane being the oldest at 12 helped to keep his younger brother and sister occupied on the way to castle. The three played a great game where the spied someting and the others had to guess what they were thinking of.

    Once at the castle, they gave the carriage to one of the guards to handle as they went inside to go to the twins birthday. Emily and Cyrus were excited to see their friends. Emily was a year older, but still loved to be around the twins. Cyrus was about the same age as them. Sarah and Zack carried the two and three year olds so they would not run off like they do at home.

    Once they found the room that held the party, they let the little ones down to greet Leo and Sam. Emily ran up to Samantha and pulled her into a hug. Cyrus done the same thing to Leo. Zane walked up to Azumi and gave her a hug. "Hello Aunt Azumi!" After releasing her from the hug, he done the same to Emma. "It is so nice to see you Aunt Emma as well."

    Zane was tall for his age almost the same height as the brawler. He has tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He may not have been related to Sarah and Zack biologically, but he looked enough like them that he passed for it.

    Amra had walked with Rolen as she had been ready for awhile. Though it take her a bit of time to get Gene to leave as the persian wanted to sleep in his bed. He did finally get up when Fluff threw him off the bed. "Come on Rolen lets go inside and see the twins." Amra was excited to see the kids. She had always had a soft spot for them, and could not wait to have one of her own one day. For the birthday, Amra wore a dress that was more on the simple side as she wanted to be able to play with the kids that were going to be there. She wore leggings underneath so she would not have to worry about modesty. The dress was a corset dress that was comfortable to move in and had lace that covered the off the shoulder sleaves and the a symmetrical hemline. She paired the dress with a pair of flat footed boots so she could run and jump when needed.

    Phoenix took his time as he was working on the present for the twins. He had a bit of paint on his cheek as he was painting the finishing touches. With one last stroke of the brush, he was done. Stepping back he took a look at the gift. Using a bit of fire at a safe distance, he was able to instantly dry the paint.

    Looking down, he was glad to see that his clothes were perfect, though that could not be said about anything else about him. He had paint on his hands, in his hair, and on his face. Washing his hands, Phoenix made hismself more presentable, as Jason knocked on the door.

    Phoenix and Jason really looked good together in their coordinating outfits. Phoenix wore a white loose fitting long sleeve shirt that opened in a deep v, sky blue leggings with grapic suns in metallic gold on the bottom of the leg, and ankle boots.

    Jason wore a smiliar outfit, but he had on a dark purple sweater and black leggings, with his combat boots. Walking into the workshop, he kissed the red haired elf with a smile. "We should get going. Is that the twins present? It looks amazing." Jason pulled away from Phoenix and carefully packed up the gift into the custom box that they had made for it. With that Phoenix and Jason walked into the guild hall to wait with Annette. "Hey Annette. Ready when you are. Sorry for the wait. I had to put the finishing touches on the gift for the twins."
  8. Maira had been finishing her gift when it was time to leave. She knew she might end up late, but she wanted to make sure the gift was perfect for the twins. She had gathered healthy herbs and a few other ingredients, mixed them together, heated them in a pot and poured them into special shapes, creating a few different colors of crayon that could safely go into the children’s mouths, and that was easy to remove the marks of with a little scrubbing. She had put quite a bit of thought into them, and she hoped that both the twins and Azumi would approve of them. She called Bob and Togetic to her and set out towards the castle. She was wearing a lavender colored dress today, and she had found a matching bow for Bob. Once she arrived at the castle, she followed the others and found the small group congregating around the twins. She bent down and wished them a happy birthday and then went to Azumi. She pulled out the ‘crayons’ and showed them to the queen.

    “I made these for the twins’ birthday present. They will let them draw, you can remove the marks easily if the draw in the wrong surface, and they are made out of herbs that are good for them. If they want to stick them in their mouths, I don’t think it will hurt.”


    Kaiden was reluctant to go to the party. He barely knew the kids, he’d hardly even seen them before for a matter of fact. But on the other hand, it seemed everyone else was going, so he didn’t want to stay behind. He had cleaned himself up as thoroughly as he could and then walked downstairs. He didn’t have anything to give as a gift... but that didn’t concern him. He idled around the hall for a moment or two, trying to decide for certain whether to stay or go.
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    From her hideout, she had a nice view of th palace. However, the amount of people showing up made uncomfortable. She considered on moving the date of her heist to another day, but decided against it. The fence that she knew that was here was about to move. She gritted her teeth in frustration. She felt paws brush against her leg. She looked down and grinned. "Vixie. You're adorable. I want you to go to the gate and act homeless. Your goal, get someone to bring you inside. Then get back to me with our entry point that won't get us caught." The Nickit nodded and ran to her destination, dodging anything that was on her way. She sat at the gate and gave the most pitiful she could make, which was pretty good.
  10. The dark alley echoed as a woman's scream was heard as she smashed with the wall. A large bald man with sickly yellowing teeth stood above her, a wicked grin on his face. He aggressively picked her up by the throat and slammed her against the wall, this time holding her there. "You better comply girly...." He wickedly said, his eyes wide with corruption. "I just want your money..don't make me do something a little more.."
    In a flash, a knife was held against her throat. "....Convincing...."

    Tak tak tak.....
    An echo of shoes rapped in the alley.
    The man didn't notice.
    Tak tak tak
    The man turned around, now aware that someone was there. "Go away! It's for your own good!", he yelled at the figure he couldn't see.
    The figure revealed itself. It was a tall man in long white robes, and had a hood along with it, making it unable to see his eyes. The back areas of the alley that he past softly glowed red. The muggers eyes widened. The woman perked up. "It-It's the White Shadow!"
    The cloaked figure did a few moments with his arms, and had a spell prepared. "GO AWAY!" The mugger yelled, and threw the knife at him.
    The knife suddenly fell to the ground and started to melt, a Castform with a weather ball had appeared. The cloaked figure continued to walk forward. The mugger tried to put up a fight, but he was thrown around by the constant wind. The woman watched in amazement. Eventually he placed a seal of wind on the man, and was pushed up against the wall, making him unable to move. A cloud arose from the mans hands, signalling that he had captured another criminal. The cloaked man started to walk away. "What can I do to repay you?" The woman asked. "You don't owe me anything." The man replied.
    A Flygon appeared outside of the alley, and they were now flying above the city. The hood came off, and revealed a man with slicked back white hair, and intense gray eyes.
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora walked through the capital. What the city's name was, didn't matter to the Dragon Tamer. On her shoulder sat a purple bat-like Pokemon. She chirped at the people around her. Nora shook her head and continued to look for supplies for her journey to become a fully-fledged Dragon Tamer. Though, her progress wasn't going very far. What she needed was some outside help. Someone that she could place friendly competition against. She needed a guild. But she didn't want to join one blindly. No. She wanted to know the members. She continued to look for supplies as she thought about how to not only increase her skills, bit to make good friends as well.
  12. "Hey look at this adorable... Erm.. what do you call it?" The gate guard asked the other one.
    "I think it's a.... Weavile. Yeah that's it." The second guard answered proudly.
    "Really? Man I should've payed more attention in school. Alright, hey little Weavile. Come on in, there's a big garden and food. I'm sure any maid that sees you will feel you." He argued Vixie on.

    Azumi greeted each of her guess. "Thank you everyone, you're all so kind." She looked at Maira's gift with a doubtful look. "Okay let's see... Anakin!" She called her Lucario over. Anakin ran up to Azumi. He had various markings and drawings all over his fur. Azumi took one crayon, drew a circle on Anakin's hand and then erased it. "This is wonderful! Thank you Maira."

    Samantha saw the possible coloring tools and her favorite coloring object, she made her way over to them and grabbed on to Maira's dress, trying to reach for the crayons. Azumi gave her a disapproving look. "Anakin had enough being drawn on for today, go with your guest."

    Azumi placed the gift along with the others on a small table. "If you would all like to take a sit..." She pointed at a long table set up with decorations. "Go ahead an order what you would like, I actually have a very important announcement, I'm just waiting on the rest."

    Annette walked proudly, holding on to Phoenix's arm that Jason wasn't using. "I got them a book! They need to start reading." She said proudly. Once they went inside she ran over to the gifts and made sure her obviously wrapped gift was in front of the rest. She then ran over to Rolan. "Hey! I finally finished the entire book. It took me forever to restore it, you know working around the seal and all. I showed it to Azumi, well read since she doesn't know latin, hi Amra! It's awesome I can't believe I discovered it! Anyways no more spoilers!" She ran off to play with Samantha.
  13. Maira grinned as Samantha tugged on her dress. She stooped down and picked the small girl, bringing her towards the table. Once there she took a seat and set Samantha down on her lap. Bob jumped up with them, while Togetic flew loops nearby, dropping sparkly dust in its path.

    “Oh, great! I look forward to hearing more.”

    Rolen was intrigued. The book had seemed very interesting, but he couldn’t to do any investing himself because he didn’t know Latin. If Annette had finally finished reading it, there might be some important information. As far as he knew, it had to do something with Azumi’s jewel, but he hadn’t heard much else. He blinked for a second or two and then led Amra over to the seats. He pulled out one for her and then sat down as well. Once they were both sitting, he decided to tell her about something.

    “I had a dream last night... I got dumped in some warm mud, and then you helped me out and then something pushed us both in. Then, out of nowhere we were in a ballroom, and you showed me how to dance, and... then there was this banquet that appeared out of nowhere, and after we had eaten the ballroom disappeared. Instead we were in this crazy building with lots of shops, but everything was... so smooth, and solid colors... I never saw a building like it. Anyways, there was this place where you could make stuffed Pokémon dolls, and design their outfits, and so you persuaded me to make one as well. We both made Eevee dolls, with hats and scarves... then we went shopping for a while, and then I woke up. Weird, right?”
  14. Rocco Silverwing, a young barbarian, with his Poleaxes, had strolled into the castle, he knew about the queen, he was thirteen when she was crowned. He wandered in with Tyranitar and Turret, who just evolved into Blastoise earlier in the day, he had been in the Guild about three years. He spotted the twins along with Emma Fyst, who was ruffling their hair. He had a small gift ready, and asked Turret to hold on to it. Tempest, Leafeon and Meganium had Also walked in, his gift with Leafeon, who walked up to the twins. She saw Emma, and sat waiting. Tyranitar was with some of the guard's Pokemon, while Meganium hid behind Tempest. Turret put both gifts on the table and waited with Rocco.


    Ashley had gone a different way to the castle after reports of a White Shadow, having a good idea who this 'White Shadow' was. She saw a Flygon, a very familiar Flygon, and then looked up, finding a familiar Castform. Kato had recovered from his injuries and is back in action. Windchime had learned a few new moves, and was still flying into people's faces, like at the moment.

    "Chime!" Windchime cried out when she flew up into the person's face.
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  15. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene rode on Arca and had Michi sleeping on Arca's fluffy neck. They made their way through town, taking in the nostalgia from five years ago. She dismounted Arca and left Michi there. There was a nearby stand with delicious looking apples. She walked up to them, picked a few and paid for them. That's when she noticed a girl from the corner of her eye.

    It was a girl wearing traditional dragon tamer clothes. Rene had met one during her travels and they had traveled together a few months. Maybe they knew each other?

    "Hello there!" Rene waved joyfully and she walked towards Nora. "I'm sorry for the sudden intrusion, are you a dragon tamer?"
  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Vixie yapped happily as she was allowed in. She masked her displeasure of them getting her species wrong, trying to keep her cover of a helpless Nickit that needed help. Once she was sure the guards weren't watching her, she snuck into the castle, looking for the gem her partner wanted.

    Nora turned and saw the person waving at her. "Yes, I am." She gave the girl a suspicious look. "Why?" Her eyes widened with excitement. "Are you having dragon problems and you heard that Dragon Tamers are much better at talking to the majestic beasts than anyone else? Are you asking me to meet a dragon?"
  17. Tybalt had finally made their way to the room, literally collapsing onto the ground. The cart wheeled toward the kids, Emma stopping it before it possibly crushed them. On the cart was... a rock. A big rock. Emma pat the little ones shoulders, and lightly patted Zane's back.

    "Don't worry... that's not your actual present... I'll show it to you after a bit. Think of it as a surprise for being so... good. Wow there's a lot of people to greet, I'll be back."

    She lightly waved to the kids, walking around for a bit. She pulled out her flask and... put it back since there were kids around and she KNEW they'd want some. She turned her head to Rocco, squinting a bit since... she thought he was staring at her even though they were probably just waiting. Mack grew slightly worried, having a feeling of where this might be going.

    "Can I help you with something? I'm trying to spend time with my friends and... essentially family."
  18. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Huh? Oh uh no." Rene replied nervously. "I met this guy, kinda cute and nice, dark blue hair, tanned, yellow eyes, tall and had a nice a voice. He wore an outfit similar to yours, I figured you might know him? Now that I say it out loud, this was an awkward approach. Hi, I'm Rene!" She offered Nora her hand and held the apples in her other arm.
  19. "Don't worry about us, we're waiting for Tempest's Aunt, Ashley, who is out investigating some sort of 'White Shadow' sighting." Rocco explained.

    "I am Tempest Silver, a druid from the South, and apparently a Provincial hero from my area." Tempest explained, "Sorry about Rocco, he is waiting for someone, I think we should take a seat, we're both newer members of the guild."

    Tempest and Rocco took two seats towards the back of the table.
  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora shook her head. "I'm afraid not. Might be from a different village. What dragon-type did he have on his breastplate? That'll tell you what village he comes from." She sighed as her Noibat stared directly at the apples, hungrily. Nora accepted the hand. "I'm Nora Drakk of the Noivern Village." She smiled at the other person, though she was a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to meet a new dragon.
  21. Tybalt used his leek to bring himself up, walking over to his "trainer". Her back was turned, it was crowded, now was his time to get revenge for all she's done to him. He readied his leek, pulled it back, and... Mack stared at Tybalt disapprovingly, attempting to shake his head. Tybalt shrugged, and started to swing, when Mack threatened to turn Emma around by almost poking her face. That made Tybalt literally dash to the entrance and stay dormant, Mack wiping the sweat off their apple-body.

    Emma turned to Sarah, tapping her foot as she smirked at her. She had a thought, and no thought from our resident punch professional was smart.

    "So... how're the kids? Stressful? Time-consuming? Always getting on your nerves with their antics? Always took you for that type of person, easily agitated and whatnot by actions with no supposed rhyme or reason."
  22. Amra smiled as she sat and listened to what Rolen was saying. The dream was so familiar to her as well. She had that same exact dream as well. "You know I had that same dream. It seemed as if it was real though then when I woke up I found the little eevee plush on my desk. It was not the one I made, but the one you made. I thought I was going to go insane. Do you think we should tell the others what we decided on?"

    Sarah smiled at Emma and her questions about her children. "Actually they have been nothing but sweet. Zane is a big help with his younger brother and sister. Though I may not care for adults, kids have always had a soft spot in my heart."

    Phoenix and Jason were glad to be at the party. They had always enjoyed kids and their antics. Especially little Leon, who was like their nephew to them. Jason sat the gifts down on the table, and took a seat beside Annette and Phoenix. Phoenix decided to talk about the book that Annette had been working on. He had helped her a lot of the time to find the right books in his workshop to study the book. "You talking about the elemental gems book that you have been working on Annette?"

    In a long ago time, before the war with the notorious Orgization X, and their Leader the vampire named Vlad, in a small village, a witch was standing over a cauldron. The contents of it looked to be a deep red color almost black. There were clouds of smoke going up into the air from what was being made. That witch was Storm Cromwell. He was a notorious witch of his time for yhe potions he makes.

    Though many would say that they are a load of crap, as they do not always work how they would want them to. A small white pony came into the room holding a bag in the air. She seemed to easily hold it with the psychic powers that are common amung her kind.

    Storm saw that Aura had come in with his bag, and was glad to see that the powers of the small unicorn pokemon was learning to control them better. Lifting up his hand to wave at Aura, he accidently knocked over an ingredient that should not have been mixed into the potion, and caused a large explosion.

    With that Storm was brought into a time unlike his own, in a world unlike any he has seen before. Over the trees, he could see a large castle that he did not remember ever seeing before. It seemed that he was in a different place then before. He did not know where he was, but he was glad to see that his bag, and Aura were with him. That will make things a lot easier.

    "What a curious place. I do not ever remember Stormhold ever having a castle before. I wonder where we are Aura." With that the witch started walking along the path through the forest. He was curious to see where he was.

    Aura walked alongside Storm, and sent a message to the witch. "I do not think we are in Stormhold any longer. This place does not feel like it did back in our village. There are things that I have not felt with my powers before. Also it seems as if the people here are more magically inclined then what our village was."

    Storm was thoughtful for a moment as he took in what Aura was talking about. He knew that she was right. "Hmm interesting. I wonder if the people in the castle can give us some clues as to where we are. I also hope they can help us to back to our own village."

    Storm walked into the town with Aura by his side. They still held the conversation that they had as they saw what was going on. It seemed as if this place was way more advanced then what their village was. There were also a lot of pokemon and people milling about. Though one thing was kind of familiar to him, and that was market. It seemed as though the place sold goods for very reasonable prices. Pulling out an old coin, Storm paid for a couple of apples.

    Having been close to two girls talking about some village that coexisted with Dragon types, was remarkable. Walking over in a dress that seemed to be something someone might be seen in an old book, Storm spoke to the two. "I am sorry to interrupt, but did I hear that you live in a village that resides with dragon types? How did you accomplish that as any dragon type I have met has always wanted to tear a person from limb to limb. No offense to the two that you have with you or anything. I just find it quite curious as to how it happened."
  23. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene took an apple and offered it to the noibat. She turned her attention back to Nora. She was a little disappointed that she didn't know her dragon tamer friend. But, here was a wonderful new stranger. Meeting new people was her new hobby.

    "Well it's an honor to meet you. My friend had a Flygon, so I think he is from another village. Anyways, are you new here? Need help with anything? It must be odd me offering this but it's like a hobby of mine."
  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora practically laughed at Storm as Wyvra, the Noibat, swooped towards the apple and snatched it up before landing on Nora's shoulder and munching on the fruit. "We talk to them and try to understand their situation. I bet you anything that those dragons just were protecting something. Honestly, the longer you spend with dragon-types, the more you understand their body language. As for how the villages came to be, I cannot answer that. I have no idea." She looked at Rene. "Yes, I'm new here, and nothing off the top of my head." She thought for a second. This might be her only good chance to get into contact with a guild. "Unless you know some guild I could possibly join."
  25. “What?!”

    Rolen was shocked. Just the dream had contained things he had never even considered being possible, but this was almost beyond belief. She had actually had the exact same dream, and then found a plushie on her desk? He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. However, he had to answer her question.

    “I suppose, if you want to.”
  26. "Actually I never really thought of it that way. By the way my name is Storm Cromwell, and I am a bit lost as I have no idea of where I am. This is my companion Aura." Storm's voice had an airiness to it, it seemed as if he was speaking in soft tones. Looking around, the people seemed to be a lot different then what he was used. If he did not know better he would say that he was in another time. "If you do know of a guild, do you think they would be able to help me? I am very lost and do not know where to start to get back to my village." Aura looked between the two girls, and bowed her head to them. She seemed to have an air of honor about her that showed an understanding of humans. "Hello, my name is Aura. It is nice to meet you both." Aura spoke to both in their minds, though she did not make a connection like the one she had with Storm.

    "Let's do it after the kids open their presents. I can not wait to see the look on their face when they open our gift." Amra was excited to be with the two little ones. She decided to let Gene has a bit of fun and run around with Leon.
  27. She laughed a little, shaking her head. She gestured for Tybalt to come over, and he rushed over posthaste. Emma stood with a hand on her hip, smiling.

    "Good for you. Here's my new 'family'. This here is Tybalt, my current squire. He may be a complete and total failure, but he's good for all the busy work. Then Mack here is my little buddy. Keeps me company on the nights I'm alone... which is all of them..."

    She nervously chuckled before sighing, an emotion of indifference on her face. Too real too fast, although Tybalt seemed to be quite amused with her sadness and suffering. He chuckled until Mack glared at him to keep him in check.
  28. Azumi was talking to one of her secretaries, looking over some documents. When they were done she rejoined the group. She sat at the head of the table. "Well I'm glad you're all here, I actually have something important, more like a request. It's regarding Annette's research." Azumi was interrupted by a tug on her arm. It was Leon.
    "Mom." He said. "Can I take Gene to my room?"
    Azumi patted his head. "Sure, just be back soon."
    Leon nodded and ran of to his room. Samantha didn't care, she was with the nice smelling lady.
    "Sorry about that." Azumi continued. "As I was saying, Annette's research let us discover that my jewel is one of 6. Each representing the original 6 elements. Of course mine is the water one. Some of you recall the power that such jewel holds and honestly I never learned to use it. I always just borrowed a small power from it. Well now that we have discovered this, it has lead us to believe the other five are out there somewhere. Of course, we think keeping them away from the wrong hands is a priority. But, we have no idea where they are. Well, at first. We found Vlad's castle, it's really amazing and his library had vast knowledge. We found something that just expanded our world, literally. It's highly possible, the land we live on isn't the only piece of land in the world. We are very convinced that there's much unexplored areas across the oceans and of course the possible locations of these jewels. I know this is a lot, but regarding my request, I want you all to go explore what's left of the world with me."
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  29. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Hi." Rene said nicely as Storm joined their conversation. She listened to both of them attentively. They both needed a guild. She knew the perfect guild. The one that had became her home.

    "I know the perfect guild! The Stormbreakers. That's my guild, well that's where I'm returning to. But, first I need to see the queen." She paused to think for a second. "I know! There's no better recommendation then the Queen's, why don't you two go with me, she could help Storm here and she can help me and Nora join the Stormbreakers. What do you say?"
  30. The man atop the Flygon suddenly stopped as the Pokemon flew in his face, and greeted him. The hooded figures back was turned to the Pokemons trainer, and then he did something surprising. The man fell off of the Flygon, and came crashing to the ground. Eventually it hit, but there was no person. There wasn't a body. There was only the robes he was wearing.

    Far off in the distance, the real man watched it go down from his spot on a house farther away. He grinned.
    Razan had predicted that had been followed after he fought the mugger, and had created a doppelganger of himself, and used dense clouds to hold up the robes to make it convincing enough. He knew that Ashley would find him anyways. Might as well have a bit of fun while he was at it.
  31. Rolen was silent. This was a lot for him to take in. It wasn’t so much that there was a possibility of lands beyond the oceans, he had heard theories of the sort in the past, but there had been no evidence to prove it other than perhaps a piece of driftwood of an unknown type. What surprised him is that Azumi wanted to go across these oceans and search the world. He supposed it made sense politically, but...

    “Azumi, if you wouldn’t mind giving us some more information on plans for this trip...?”

    He had many concerns. When they would go, how long they would be gone, what preparations they would need to make... and also whether it was wise for Azumi to go sailing across the ocean and leave her kingdom. From what she had said, he thought she was planning to go as well, although he wasn’t sure. And of course, his mind was racing into overdrive, trying to solve problems without enough information. Quince, the Espeon, was sitting nearby, and licked his head into the man’s hand.

    Kaiden had followed Phoenix and Jason to get there, and had spent his time observing from a spot leaning against the wall. He had said hello to Zane, who he had known for a little while, but otherwise he hadn’t talked to anyone, or even wished the twins a Happy Birthday. He didn’t care about this plan to go explore out in the ocean, but that didn’t really matter. He assumed that he would go where everyone else went anyway.

    Maira was intrigued by Azumi’s whole speech. She was beginning to get very excited, and had to be careful not to bounce in her seat so she didn’t disturb Samantha or Bob. To her, a sea voyage sounded fun. Maybe she wouldn’t have access to land herbs, but perhaps she could find medical remedies using Seaweed. The more she thought about the trip, the more she liked it.
  32. Azumi smiled at Rolan, she as expecting him to have a question right away, part of the reason she trusted him with the guild. "Of course. Three ships, enough food to last us a year. Regarding that calculation, we had our best mathematicians calculate the size of the planet and how long it would take to go on a boat, with the wind against us, and it is estimated about 8 months. Now, we include possible stops or delays and just to be on the safe side, we added 3 months worth of supplies. I know it's a scary idea, but we could either find new land, pokemon, or even people. Or, we just simply arrive back in Parral." She took a deep breath. "Think about it, if someone like Vlad gets a hold of one of the elemental jewels, or more, how do we stop them?"

    Samantha rested against Maira, her eyes beginning to close as she began to fall asleep.

    Annette chewed on her food. The part about the trip was new to her. But, she could get some really awesome stories if she would to go. Not to mention she could be the one to map the new lands. She looked at Rolan with hopeful eyes, she wouldn't go if her leader didn't want to, Azumi taught her to be loyal.
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora smiled and nodded. "Sounds like an amazing plan! Just can we enter the castle? I mean, I'm pretty sure all of us are strangers to the crown." Nora shook her head. Wyvra didn't seem to notice her partner's displeasure as she continued to munch on her apple while a snail-like Pokemon scooted up to his trainer. Nora looked down at the oddly-colored Sligoo and smiled. "There you are Goo! Guess you got lost in the marketplace, huh?" The cream-colored Pokemon nodded as he looked at Nora.

    Vixie snuck her way to the throne room, dodging the sight of most of the guards. She was glad that she was able to find her way here and was surprised at the lack of security. The small Nickit decided to try to get a better look of the crown. But would she alert the guards?
  34. Phoenix looked towards the others he was not eating as he was intrigued by the possibility of going on this trip. Though he did know about boats as he had come from the elven island kingdom. "If we are searching the world for these gems, would you start in the northern Elven Kingdom. I think it is ruled by Amra's Aunt, who would let us search through the treasures that they have collected over the years. Another thing if we have time, I would like to see the ships that you have. If we are going to be gone for a year or more, then there might be some changes that need to be made if we want to be able to work as well as we do on land. First would have to be that there needs to be a good supply of fresh herbs to use to make medicine, if we are going to be growing them on the boat, then we can easily extend that to plants that will produce food as well if needed." Phoenix had gone into the role that many had seen before where his brain began to work on a way to solve a problem. Though he does tend to over think things a lot of the time.

    "Azumi, me and Rolen were going to wait until after the kids had gotten their presents, but I guess now is as good time as any. We have decided on a date for our wedding. We want to have it here in Kalen, before we go. My parents are helping with setting up the ceremony and would want to be there. Though I know how important it is to get these gems, so I will speak to my parents to see if we can get everything ready before the trip. Though when will it be, so we know when to prepare for a long journey?" Amra was happy to announce their plans, but was saddened to think that they would have to postpone their wedding for the trip. Though the ride on the ship would be a great place to have a honeymoon.

    Sarah sat and listened to what the others brought up. She took mental notes of the things they had. It came from her being on the grand court. "Azumi I know that you would probably want the whole guild there, but I do not think I can be gone that long from my kids. I know Zack can take care of them and he has, but I have been kind of semi retired for awhile now. Though if you need me, I have something that a mage can channel magic into to make a call to the sister of the gem that it is made with."

    "Well I do not know how Kingdoms work outside of books that I have read, but only elven kingdoms are open to the public if my reading is right. I do not think this is an elven kingdom judging by the race of people who are gathered in this place." Storm had a bit of thoughtful look to him. Though that slowly became much more confused as he started to really take in the market. It really looked a lot different then ones that he was used to.

    "Do you mind telling me what Kingdom and town we are in. I do not think I have been here before." Storm and Aura were stunned by the advancements that were around that he could see. Most of the shops that he was used to seeing, were inside of someone's home. It looked as if the goods the people were buying were much more available to the public.

    "If you must see the queen I am sure she would not mind talking to us, if she is kind and noble. Lead the way Rene and I will follow." Storm broke out of his thoughts to maybe ask the queen if she knew why her people were so far advanced then what his were. Maybe she could be persuaded to helping out Storm Hold as well.
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  35. "Wha..." Ashley responded as the man fell off the Flygon, then she recognized the robes, "I was right, this 'White Shadow' was Razan, but where did he go?"

    Ashley then asked Windchime to talk with the Flygon.


    Tempest was taking notes on Azumi's explanation so far and the others, Rocco was excited at the prospect of sea travel, his element was Water. He didn't say anything though, waiting for the right time.
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  36. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Oh don't worry me and the queen are friends, she took me in without a doubt when I had nowhere to go. We should be fine. You're gonna love her and the Stormbreakers." She stopped talking for a few seconds as flashbacks of the events of five years ago began to flood in. She shook her head and snapped back. "Come on, I'll lead the way!"

    Rene placed the apples in a bag that was hanging from Arca's side. She walked along with her Arcanine, she wanted Storm to take a good look at the city so she decided against riding. After a few minutes of walking they entered the castle. A guard told them where to go, after seeing Rene's Stormbreaker cloak. Rene peeked inside the room where everyone was. Her heart became filled with joy as she saw all of her former friends and, kids?! She signaled for Nora and Storm to follow her inside.

    "Hello everyone!" Rene shouted as she walked in. Michi ran inside also while Arca decided to stay in the garde.
  37. The Flygon began to talk.
    "I was told by him not to discuss any sort of matter. My master seems sort of..out of it occasionally. Like he's...occupied or thinking about something else....It's strange..."

    Razan watched from afar his Pokemon talking to Ashley's, and then stood up. He walked and hooped off the roof, and took to the streets. Instead of moving away, he closed in, and leaned against the wall on building near her. She couldn't see him, and he couldn't see her. But he could listen.
  38. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora followed Rene to the palace, and within it. The dragon tamer didn't know what to expect. She was also unsure of who was the big ruler here. She was a bit behind on the times. Staying out in the wild and what-not. She was honestly impressed with the way the building looked. Much more impressive than back at the Noivern Village. She waved at the group sitting at the table, wondering who was who.
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  39. "That's exactly why I'm worried about him, strange things have been happening over the last five years, he'll probably tell me when the time is right." Ashley sighed, "Also, tell him that the Stormbreakers are at the castle, discussing something with Queen Azumi, Tempest and Rocco are there, hopefully one of them is taking notes, so as to catch up with the group."

    Ashley then headed towards the castle, with her rebuilt Lute on her back, the body broke on a mission two years ago, and she worked on it herself with a little help. She still had her rapier, in its usual spot. Windchime floated back next to Ashley as she walked away with Kato.
  40. Emma looked at everyone else, then just a blank stare from across the table. She scratched the back of her head unsure what to say about all this.

    "Man... you guys make me feel like I'm a workaholic... weddings, kids... that's... a lot to process at once... brain hurt... me walk..."

    She got up and walked out of the room, her hand on her forehead. Tybalt took her chair, quacking once before sitting. Emma started patrolling the castle, starting with the main hall. Afterwards, she went to the throne room, giving a small wave to the guards as she went in. As she paced a bit, questioning her life choices, Mack fell off her shoulder, bouncing over to the hidden Nickit. He shook himself briefly, then blinked twice as he stared at the Nickit. He didn't know how to respond to this situation.

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