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Pokemon Wall of Shame

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, May 31, 2007.

  1. Pokemon has many great aspects and the games, anime, and TCG reflect that. However, every once in a while something happens that makes us say What the @#$&! or What were they smoking? or makes us exclaim WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! If anything involving Pokemon makes you ask those questions, it belongs in this topic. And yes if you believe a Pokemon itself is stupid and/or useless, it belongs here too.

    Why on earth can't Nidorina and Nidoqueen breed when their male counterparts can? No one has an explanation for that and it's down right wrong. And that's why it's here. The sheer number of legendaries in the 4th gen is also on the wall of shame.

    Some bizarre things have been rectified or an attempt was made to rectify them. For example, some people were furious that Sneasel and Weavile were Dark/Ice but had pathetic special attack. The new D/P classifications of attacks remedied that. So they can now uses some dark and ice moves.

    I did this on Pokeschool but things have changed since then. And please have fun with this and don't start a flame war.

    I also just might do a Wall of Fame later on. ;D
  2. Ditto.....because its basically the most used thing in breeding....

    ....why so many low low female ratio pokemon....especially the ones that are cool...
  3. I kinda like Ditto XP
    But anyway!
    Hall of Shame?
    That still doesnt set well with me
    Though I love Dawn =D shes so pretty.

    A pokemon that should go in the Hall of Shame..?
    Thats harsh, everyone likes and dislikes a pokemon XP
    I like all the pokemon, I think they all rock in there own way
  4. eh,i think mays alright.I also think misty wasnt all that great...she was tough...but anytime she took her pokemon a Cleffa could probably destroy them...she just didnt seem strong in terms of actually using pokemon.

    May at least from what i've seen has some wins,as well as ties with ash (i dont like ash much...just cause he seems COMPLETLY static as a character)

    Hikari/Dawn does seem cute though...and i love Pachirisu with all my heart after seeing his episide...also...

    is Pachirisu like the first pokemon who actually TRIES to dodge team rockets poke-capture machine?
  5. Thats not why I love her :p I love her because she's FIRERY.SPUNKY. And a role model for Women.
    May wasnt. She was weak, had no backbone, and in my opinion, handled her pokemon FAR WORST than Misty. Though I dont care about the skills.
    Misty is the Original Pokemon girl partner of the series. In it for two sagas.
    May aint got nothin on that ;)

    Though, This isnt a debate^^

    Another thing that should go on the Hall of Shame is Team Rockets theme song XD
    Because no matter how they change it, it still annoys me.

    Another thing that I didnt like was in the pokemon games, how you have to get flash, an utterly useless move that takes up space in one of your pokemons moveset ><
    Im glad that was changed in RS^^ Though it was still annoying.
  6. D/P added insult to injury...

    Flash being replaced with defog...

    i see NO use for defog since all it does is cancel out an evasion buff.
  7. One word.

  8. What is a Probopass? Forgive me for my Newbieness at the word, but it doesnt strike me as fimilar.

    I agree, how dare they give us another move we HAVE to learn that doesnt DO anything. Defog belongs on the Wall of Shame in Pokemon history.
    Also, so do the dubs.
    And the new Ash voice.
    It sounds like hes TRYING to sound like the old ash, and failing horribly >
  9. http://www.psypokes.com/dex/psydex/476 Evolution of nosepass.And they actually replaced flash with defog (its in the game,but only one place in the game is assissted by having it.Flash is a repurchasable TM)

    and yeah,his new voice is horrible.
  10. unfortunately, that's part of a list.
    ...honestly, for further names, since i don't feel like going through said list, go to this week's pokemon poll of the week (hosted by Linkachu)
  11. I like Ekans,arbok,and parasect O.o...as for dunsparce i've heard that can be a powerful competetive pokemon when used right.

    By probopass i think he was noting how weird it looks,being a nose and all
  12. FIENDS! I love Arbok! >< Its so beautiful and badassed!
    Also, I remember in my first pokemon team I ever had when I played Pokemon Blue, I had a parasect =3 And it OWNED.
    Well anyway...Anything else that needs to go on the Wall of Shame?
    (Also I agree that probopass looks..um..odd >< Not my ideal pokemon!)
  13. Probopass is hilarious, quite possibly my favorite Pokemon from DP, and has defensive stats like a tank. Shame on all of you. :p
  14. it IS a tank, and you're quite possibly the only person i know that even remotely likes it.

    another for the..erm...'list'


  15. No way! I was planning on getting a male Lopunny! Nothing wrong with having a slightly, AHEM, interesting pokemon^^
    Just like my Male Garidvoir that looks like a female gardivoir because its male counterpart is 4th gen and mines is 3rd XP which im getting it switched over, I like femme/male gardivoir.
    Something that really belongs on here is Sabrina's damn Female Mr.Mime, I dont care if its proven to have had a reason to be.
    thats still CREEPY in english dub. Its like saying "Hello Miss Man!" Makes no sense XP!
    Another thing is the whole changing of Jynx's skin color because somehow it offended people o.o That was random and wrong of them FTW.
  16. I mean, stats like an actual tank. You know, the ones that roll around and blow stuff up. ;) And the last part of your sentence makes me very sad indeed. ;_;
  17. People will get offended by anything.I still havnt seen any open proof that gamefreak aimed at that view.She looked like a canonball to me or somtin
  18. I heard that Jynx was based off of a Nordic mythological ice princess. Skadi or something like that. I dunno if that explains the black skin, though.
  19. that reminds me.

    there are legit female mr. mimes in 3rd/4th gen

    though, i've seen this argument countered by mr. mime's japanese name not being gender specific, i wonder why they switched it from 100% male in 1st and 2nd gen to 50%/50% in 3rd and fourth?
  20. Still! I like purple better and all but people need to lighten up! Could that belong on the Wall of Shame, peoples persistant bashing of Pokemon when it has done nothing to intentionally offend/and or harm other people!!
    You wont believe how many places try to ban Pokemon! Sheer Evil!
    Anyway, I thought of something else to go on the Wall of Shame!
    The bashing of perfectly innocent pokemon XD Which im sure most of us are guilty of doing at least once Lol.
    (like our poor friend Probopass!!)

    And like I said before tpl2000
    I already know it has reasons to be legit, but, it doesnt work so well in english dub, since its name is MR.mime in english dub, and ive yet to see Mrs.Mime Kay?
    I mean its once thing to see a boy that looks girly, but a girl that looks manly is just o.o..Scary lol
  21. *sighs* . . .and here we go with the gender typifications.

    Why is it wrong for a girl to look like a boy? Is it okay for boys to wear skirts? Why is it okay for girls to wear pants?

    Do you think about these things before you say them?

    The only thing that makes it weird is that the name of Mr. Mime is indeed Mr. rather then Mrs. or Ms. in this case.

    Go get more open minded. >>
  22. ironically, boys were originally meant to wear skirts, whilst girls were meant to wear pants. so, point nullified and confused.
    (skirts for...freedom, and pants to protect "profile")
    and bishounen (bishies) kinda counteract the boy/girl differences, so...

    yeah, i'm still stuck on dunsparce. i don't see how anyone can use it effectively in competition. but i can see how deliberd would be quite the...err..."present," if you will ;)
  23. I remember the old pokéschool topic about the wall of shame....

    Before anyone says "zomg! luvdisc!!1!" Id like to point out that even though I despise it as a pokémon, it was very useful as it brought heartscales into the game, and I am very greatful for heartscales, that was its purpose, therefore it does not need to be wall of shamed.

    Dunsparce can be used effectively competitively, but it takes a lot of prediction.

    A common dunsparce moveset is
    - Thunderwave/Body slam
    - Headbutt
    - Water pulse
    - Ancient power

    The idea of which is, you induce paralysis with body slam/thunderwave, induce confusion with water pulse, then cause the foe to repeatedly flinch with headbutt, ancient power is for the potential boosting of all stats.
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  24. Bronzomg! I can't believe no one mentioned Rhyhorn learning Tail-whip yet!
  25. I agree Probapass is a little cute. But how good is Dunsparce's speed. Every Dunsparce I encountered in Battle Frontier was annihilated by my Blaziken. I can only see it being useful in a double battle.

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the fact that the Porygon line has not been seen in the anime since seizure-gate. I mean, once Jynx was recolored, she was used in the anime again. The seizure inducing episode could've been edited. It wasn't even Porygon's fault. And because of that, we won't get to see these pretty nifty Pokemon in the anime. I'm disppointed by it.
  26. I've said this before. Mr. Mime was NEVER 100% male. N-E-V-E-R. In fact, they weren't even all male in RBY - if you transfered a Mr. Mime from RBY to GSC, it had a 50% chance of being female.
  27. Wall of Shame eh? Every Elite Four then. Unless you absolutely blazed through the game and didn't bother with, say, level and moves, they just get defeated. I term then the Elite Speedbump/Bank/Exp.
  28. [​IMG]

    THAT'S cute? >_
  29. Heck yeah! Just look at that adorable mustache. Did you know it's probably made of metal filings? The eyes are cute two. For some reason to me it looks like it could sweep up stuff as the 'stache looks like a broom. I'm importing a Nosepass really soon to get it.

    But back to the topic: Why did Rock Smash have only a base attack of 20? It's another waste of move slot.
  30. Probopass is awesome if you like Mario or Wario. Seriously, can't you see the resemblance?
  31. No, Woman can look boyish, I meant women that LOOK LIKE MEN.
    As in, Muscles, Facial hair, the whole thing
    You see a guy that looks like a chick though
    Millions of girls flock around him
    See the difference?
    I should know! I walk around my school at 5'2 with black hair to my waist, and a girly voice and women never leave me alone. EVER.
    And sometimes, neither do the men.
    But I dont see any muscle-women gettin dates ;)

    The point was, manly women can be scary, girly men, really arent.
    Now a manly man acting girly, yeah, that is scary to.

    And my mind is VERY open thanks ;) Or else, I wouldnt ever even think about these kind of things on my spare time.

    Probopass is cute in a..Metal man kinda way =D!
    Yeah I also agree with the Rock Smash thing
    Wtf lol. Why do they torture us with having to have sucky movesets? XD
    You'd think it would at least do good against Geodude. Nope. Geoudude is a rock, and rock smash barely even hurts him.
    No sense. No nothing. XD
  32. This is one view,the view that got it banned was called blackface or somthing,somthing racial to african americans.

    That said,jynx was never banned in japan i believe.And yes porygon did face injustice,since the cause was actually Pikachu blowing up cyber-missles
  33. Actually, when I first saw Probopass, I immediately thought that it looked like Mr. Potato Head.
  34. ...... very good point, that hadn't even occurred to me.
  35. For some reason, I really cant stand chatot at ALL. Ruining my chains for one, and possibly on the anime every thinking the pokemon shadow game was funny. Blah, the most annoying pokemon chatot! Lol,An probopass, hes not so bad. Hes just not the kinda guy you wanna see close up. xD
  36. It always lowers defence. The 20 damage is a bonus.
  37. I really find The unknowns to be rather pointless, they only get ONE move that pretty much Every Pokemon can learn Via Tm, and its stats all suck -_-, I also Find Luvdisc pointless (Like we NEED anymore pointless water types) Also...
    AHHH! Kill it! Make it Dead! :-X
  38. Well, unknown WERE pretty coo to colect back in the day, but now they cut most of them out teh game so there pretty dumb now. But still, I think there coo, not battle wise anyway. And luvdisk, yeah they are pointless. I just harvest them for heart scales. xD
  39. It's spelled "Unown". No "K"!
  40. actually, unown can be very useful for EV training sweepers. they give one ev in atk, and one in sp atk. so let's say you get a lucario, and you want full evs in both atk and sp atk. TO THE UNOWNS!

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