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Pokemon Wall of Fame

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Since the Pokemon Hall of Shame is about to be bumped to the second page I think its time for this :D The Hall of Fame.

    Is there anything involving Pokemon that just made you say YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! or That. Was. Awsome. or even ;D If so it belongs here. And yes that includes Pokemon themselves.

    Here are mine: The new physical/special split in the D/P. That helped so many Pokemon who's Stats didn't allow them to really use STAB moves. For Example in the second and third generations, Gengar, a ghost and poison type, had great special attack but Ghost and Poison moves were physical moves. Now Gengar can Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb to its heart's content.

    The introduction of Dark and Steel types was also awesome.
  2. I think Breeding added another dimension to the game. Instead of catching hundreds of Pokemon, hoping for the perfect combination of IVs, you could now breed dozens of Pokemon, hoping for the perfect combination of IVs. :p Also, Breeding allows you to pass on moves that either didn't otherwise belong on a certain species of Pokemon or would normally have to trade for to get another TM of.
  3. I'm going to have to say the innovation of the GTS, night and day, Pal Park and the accesibility of all the Pokemon.

    The GTS will help anyone who has seen a Pokemon but doesn't have it yet, or just for trading in general. Especially if it's a Pokemon from somewhere like Japan.

    Night and Day was awesome. seeing the difference made it feel more lifelike.

    Pal Park and the acceibility of the Pokemon made it easier to get every single Pokemon or your favourite pokemon of yours easier to access.
  4. Basically the fact that I can have all the Pokemon in one game and now that it is wireless it makes trading and battling simple and fun.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    For the Anime: the final Battle Frontier brain battle that featured Zard, Bulba, Squirtle and Pikachu. Uber nostalgic, and an awesome battle in general :)
  6. I think that the battle with Dialga/Palkia deserves to be here simply because that battle music is by far the best battle music out of any Pokemon game (except for Miror B.'s themes, but those are good in an entirely different way...).
  7. uh...the Manafi movie? For me, it was the first movie that wasn't incredibly predictable and didn't involve mind-numbingly long legendary pokemon battles.
  8. The first Pokemon Movie when all the Pokemon clones were fighting each other and Ash was turned to stone by Mew and Mewtwo. Then Pikachu tries to wake Ash by electrocuting him. When you first watched it you couldn't help but crying.
  9. Many of the parts in Pokemon XD when you saw older people from Colluseum.

    The first time I went to Pyrite, for example.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Aside from the fact that it was pretty well a clone of movie 6?

    I find that rather predictable myself ;p
  11. True that. But it didn't involve a large slime groudon and an epic battle between flygon and salamence that carried on waaaaaaaaaay too long. plus Manafi's travelling montage seemed nicer, and idk maybe it's because Phantom was a cooler villain then the magician guy...
  12. I forgot to add Lucario to this list. At first I though it was a Pikachuesque, overhyped Pokemon. Then I raised one and it was AWESOME. I saw the light. It can learn powerful dragon and dark moves in addition to fighting without the use of TMs. And it can learn a variety of attack WITH TMs to cover its weaknesses. It's one of my top five favorites now. I'm trying to breed a Riolu with either a timid or modest nature (or is it mild? idk Whatever lowers attack while raising sp. attack).
  13. I'd say the Poketch. Step counting and breeder checker are godsends when you're trying to get your hands on four modest female Eevees. XD The regular counter is the only reason I've been able to EV train with any degree of success, too.

    Also, Cubone and Marowak. Not just because they're my favourites, but because something so incredibly grim can exist in a children's game. "Yeah, so the mom dies giving birth and then it sits around waiting for the body to rot or like... eats it or something, then takes its bones and pretty much cries and whacks things with femurs all day. Also somehow the species isn't extinct yet so there are probably a few running around with like... Charizard or Kadabra skulls or something."
  14. Another point. The Special Physical split in the Game. Gengar and Gyrados can now use a STAB attack! Having a Special Rock-type attack was great, too bad not a lot of Pokemon can learn them. And the TMs for competeive battling that are now reobtanable. That absolutely rocked.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is a bit random compared to the rest of the replies here, but I think the PokePark deserves a mention. Maybe the fact that it only existed in select locations for a limited amount of time totally sucked, but the knowledge that they actually went ahead and made one is pretty cool.

    The PokeJets are equally as notable, because if you're heading into Tokyo they're hard to miss. My sister, who was stopping over in Japan before catching a flight to China, managed to catch one of the jet's on her digital camera... and that amuses me to no end.
  16. What kind of Pokemon were painted in the jet? Was Pikachu or Jigglypuff?
  17. The announcement of online play. Added a whole new dimension to gameplay.

    And even better, the chance to fight Red in G/S/C. Might not seem like much but the chance to beat up the main character from the anime... *tear comes to his eye* Almost makes up for the Johto season.
  18. I think Skitty should be in the hall of fame cause Skitty always cheered May up and NEVER (correct me if I'm wrong) lost a battle. ;)
  19. i vote Azelf all the way ;)
  20. Breeding was a huge addition, a lil boring at first but it gets addictive.
    Wifi battling and trading add a whole new dimension imo.
  21. I think the split between Physical and Special moves was really nice move. It added more possibilities for old pkmn who couldn't use it's fun stabs, like Gyrados and Arcanine.
  22. My number 1 favourite thing about it was that they included it on wifi!
    on that if you look on the globe at the gts you can see the people you've battled with all over the world!

    I also enjoy watching wi-fi videos on youtube because it helps others creat strategies :-*
  23. The fact that powerful bug types like yanmega have entered the Fray! Especially with the new special/physical split! Whopppeeeee!
  24. i have shiny arceus darkrai shaymin and mew that makes me happy and they all lvl 150 because i got action replay cheat
  25. I think the Underground was a good addition. Now, even if you mix records, your friends can only get in your secret base when your in the Underground with them. Plus, its fun to go and dig stuff up. If you get the healing machine, you could be in the wild, go underground, and heal your Pokemon. Its cool!
  26. Al so, the fact I can now battle people from all around the World is pretty darn amazing!
  27. -Wifi. Being able to actually trade with people I don't live near is... wow.
    -Making the pokedex requirement for completing the story part of the game seeing, instead of catching everything, was wonderful.
  28. I like how you can alternate speeds with one bike in D/P. It's better than always switching bikes or just sticking to one speed like the other games =]
  29. I like how you can now shine your badges!
  30. That's hilarious because I found that out on Youtube. I was trying to see someone capture a Darkrai but someone posted that instead.
  31. Mine would be the introduction to holding item's, the moving pokemon frames, the introduction of Steel and Dark types and Lucario for being so badass.
  32. I'm suprised noone has mentioned this yet.

    As far as the tcg is concerned Cleffa should definately be mentioned. Back when I played in the Neo days cleffa was standard on practically every single deck because it was just too useful a card with allowing you to completely discard your hand and draw 7 more cards.
    These days pretty much all unlimited decks have a cleffa in them unless they're heavily themed, it was too much of a useful card.
  33. I thought it was cool when I saw the preview for the Darkrai movie. Darkrai's my 2nd fave legendary, so when I saw the movie trailer, I let out a fangirl srceech (yes, I know I'm a guy, but I was that excited. LOL)
  34. The BEST pokemon is Charizard!
  35. The D/P slots. I LOVE that Clefairy! Saved me lots o money in coins a couple times now, 18 bonus round straight! Wooh!

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