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Pokemon Vinnsou Quest 1: Bugging Out!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Hoenn Master, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. I hope you like it. And, no, I didn't spell "Sinnoh" wrong, I spelled "Vinnsou correctly. :) This takes place in my own region, Vinnsou, Land of Dreams.
    EDIT: To the east of that town at the bottom island, there is another town with a sea Route extending from there to Sunvale. I'd upload a new picture, but the picture system doesn't seem to work for me right now.

    Prologue: The Legend

    Long ago in ancient Vinnsou, a great city flourished. They lived peacefully with pokemon in this city. However, the king was power-hungry. So, he attempted to tame the legendary Shadrake. But, its power was too much, and it escaped.

    He tried to imprison it within an underground labyrinth, but he failed. Then out of the heavens glided Spegon, a dragon that shone in the colors of the rainbow. It battled Shadrake in a battle that shook Vinnsou to its core.

    Then one stone was carved, and imprisoned them both. However, their combined might was too much for the stone, and so it split in two. Spegon's was hidden inside of an immense temple, while Shadrake's was put into the labyrinth. A Black Key was what could awaken Shadrake, so it was buried deep in the earth. If that key were to be taken to the entrance to the cave, Shadrake would destroy Vinnsou...

    Vinnsou is in a state of panic.
    The residents are constantly terrorized by natural disasters. Thunderstorms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions... you name it. But three children will rise to the challenge and bring light to the shadows that shroud Vinnsou's beauty.

    Please, no harsh comments. I take my "N Generation" very seriously and personally. PM me if you, for some reason, have questions.

    [size=8pt]Credit to http://ww.freewebs.com/howtosprite/ for the map.[/size]
  2. Now, we start!

    Chapter One: Two's a Party, Three's a Crowd!

    A white boat sliced through the sea. An elderly man stepped down from a wooden podium as the people on board clapped. Another man stepped up wearing a white uniform and a blue and green badge saying, "Vinnsou Tour Guide."

    "That was The storyteller from Spector City," he said. "A round of applause for him!" The people on deck clapped yet again. The guide turned to the left side of the boat. "And again for the three upcoming Pokemon Trainers on deck: Dracon, Max, and Jordan!" he gestured to the three 10 year-old children on the left.

    The one in the center was Draconus, or Dracon for short. His blue hair waved in the ocean breeze. He wore a red T-shirt with a blue jacket over it and jeans. On his right was Max. He wore a green T-shirt and tan shorts and navy blue hair. Jordan, on Dracon's left, had semi-long hair colored green. She had a black T-shirt with tan jeans. They all stood up as the people clapped.

    When they sat down, Max turned to Dracon. "So, you're going to be a trainer, huh? I'm Max." he asked. He gave a smirk. "Well, I bet I'll beat the Vinnsou Circuit."

    Dracon gave him a look of doubt and responded, "Yeah, right. I'm Draconus, but call me Dracon. So, um... where are you from? I'm from Sinnoh, but I never started a quest."

    "Hoenn. My dad's a Gym Leader there." Max said.

    "Orre, my mom and dad are researchers there," responded Jordan. "Oh, and I'm Jordan. My uncle works in Vinnsou as the lead Professor there. Y'know, Professor Willow?"

    "We have arrived in Sunvale Town for those who wish to start their journey." The ship's loudspeaker sounded. The ship stopped by a dock and a bridge stretched from the boat to a new adventure. If they could see the future, they would see glimpses of danger, adventure, and victory, as well as losses. Prepare for an adventure beyond imagination.

    Trust me, you will see action in the next chapters. And like the shows, something will happen on the Routes. Again, no harsh comments. I take my "N Generation" very seriously and personally.

  3. Now things get good...

    Chapter Two: Dusk Rising

    Dracon and the other two Trainers-to-be stepped out of the boat and took their first steps into Vinnsou. A cool, ocean breeze gave the town a cold feeling, but it was still green and cheerful. A sailor walked up to them. He wore a blue uniform. "Hello, and welcome to Sunvale Town," he said. "Over on the right you can find various houses and such, and on your right you can find Prof. Willow's Laboratory."

    Jordan's eyes lit up like fireworks. "I'll beat ya there!" she shouted so fast that Dracon and Max could hardly understand her. She then ran off.

    Dracon turned to Max. "What's wrong with-"

    "We don't know." Max said, cutting him off. "Well, I should get going to the Professor's Lab too." Max, too, walked off.

    That left Dracon by himself. Should I go to Willow's Lab first, or to dad's first? He asked himself. He sighed as he decided to see his dad first. So he walked off to the right path. Other than a house here, a Grocery Store there, he found the house he was looking for, the house almost on the outskirts of town. It was painted a plain white and with a garage. He walked across the street and to the house. He knocked, but the door opened when his fist struck the door.

    "Hello?" he called. "Helloooo?" There was no answer. When he walked in with the lights off, he thought he'd see a surprise party or something. What he didn't expect was the sight of the furniture overturned and his dad's Luxio on the ground unconscious. He rushed to the fallen miniature lion pokemon. "Spark? Spark? Are you okay?"

    The Luxio growled and turned over painfully. "Luux..." It said. Dracon saw a Pokeball on the table. He held it out to the Luxio and it was returned to its Pokeball like he'd seen on TV. He bowed his head, not knowing what to do. Just then, the door slammed open, a panting Max in the doorway.

    He didn't notice the catastrophe that had obviously happened and shouted, "Willow! He's gone!" With that, they were both off to the other side of town. They walked in to see two Aides on the ground and Jordan standing beside them. Jordan tried to shake them awake. One finally, but painfully, got up.

    He groaned and sat up. "It was that dreadful Team Dusk," he explained. "They came in and asked questions about the Professor's paper. When he refused to give the papers up, the abducted him. We tried to stop them, but failed..." They could see the agony in his eyes. "They took out every trainer, or owner of a pokemon and even took one of them." Dracon gasped. That's why his dad was missing.

    They heard a cry for help from the Route north of Sunvale. The kids rushed out to help, but the aide stopped them. "You'll need pokemon to fight the Dusk Troops. And I know that it's them because... what else could it be! [size=6pt]Yeah, that's it.[/size]" He held out three Pokeballs, each one with a symbol. One had a leaf, another a pink bubble, another a flame symbol. Jordan just picked up a random one along with Dracon, which left the fire-symbol Pokeball.


    Dracon and Jordan turned a natural corner of trees to see two adults surrounded by two men wearing black uniforms. One of the adults wore a white lab coat, and under it was a light blue T-shirt. He also had blue jean pants and was in his mid-forties. The other was in his 30's with long, brown pants and a long sleeved shirt that was red.

    "Come on Willow, give us the papers!" said one of the Troops. They all noticed the two children added to the problem. "Go away, kiddies, there's nothing bad here! Just us... trying to make a deal with Willow."

    "Oh, please! We may be kids, but we are not stupid!" said Jordan. "So leave, or you'll deal with us!"

    The Troops looked at each other and laughed. "Oh, suure," one said. "We'd better leave 'em alone or else!" They looked at Jordan and Dracon's faces and saw that they were serious. "Alright, kiddies, if it's a battle you want, it's a battle you're gonna get!"

    "Bring it!" said Dracon.

    Okay, so long that the battle needs to be another chapter.
  4. Oh, yeah... see two of my new starters and quaver in fear! Just kiddin' :D

    Chapter Three: Startin' Up the Season

    The two black-uniformed men each took one Pokeball and threw it in the air. Red energy cascaded onto the field, revealing two creatures. One was small, but still frightening to some. Two sky-blue gems made up its eyes and its claws sharp and ferocious. "Sableye," it cried in a shrill voice.

    The other one took flight with steel-blue and violet wings. As all Zubat, it had no eyes. Two small antennae
    protruded from the bottom of its body. Inside of its mouth were two small fangs, showing it was female. Ears sprouted from either side of its head. "Zubaa," It shouted in yet another shrill voice.

    The Troops looked at the children. "Your turn," one said. Jordan clicked the button on the Pokeball, making it grow. She then threw the ball into the air with Dracon. From Jordan's Pokeball emerged a giraffe-like pokemon. Its tail ended in a small, bushy piece of fur. Mostly yellow, with the exception of three green dots on its back, it cried out, "Giruck!"

    Then it was Dracon's turn. A star-shape emerged with small thorns around its body. Around the part where the five "points" met was a lovely navy blue. The rest was a very pale blue. It jumped in the air and gave a small, cute squeak.

    The man in a lab coat stood up, obviously Prof. Willow. "My, my! Are those my Giruck and Shoalfish?" he exclaimed. After close, long-range observation he shouted: "They are!"

    Dracon looked at the Shoalfish. "Shoalfish?" At its name being heard, the pokemon turned around and stared at him with its beady, brown eyes. Dracon's face got a look of confidence all of a sudden. "Shoalfish." The Starfish Pokemon turned around to face the battle.

    One Troop turned to Willow and shouted:"Shut up!" As he turned back, he realized his cover was blown. (Not that is wasn't before.) So, he figured that fighting was the best choice here. "Okay, Zubat! Use Supersonic!" His Zubat opened its mouth with a deafening screech that distracted the two starter Pokemon. The Troop smiled.

    "Sableye, use Shadow Sneak!" ordered the other troop. Sableye suddenly sank into a shadow that raced towards the opponents. Swiftly, but ferociously, the Sableye emerged from the shadow and struck the Giruck.

    Dracon was tired of this. "Shoalfish, uh... use Rapid Spin," he ordered. Shoalfish jumped into the air and spun at high speed and struck the Zubat, sending it spiraling to the ground. But it never hit. The Giruck had charged forward in a Tackle attack, which hit Zubat in mid-air. Dracon spared a glance at Jordan.

    She flashed a smile in his direction an ordered a Vine Whip towards the Sableye. "I'll take on Sableye, you get the Zubat," she said. By now, the green whip that extended from the Giruck's neck had tripped a running Sableye.

    Dracon nodded and tried to think of a Shoalfish's moves. Then he remembered a match he had seen on TV. "Use Aqua Jet," he said. Shoalfish got surrounded by water and charged at Zubat. Jordan had ordered an Absorb on the Sableye, which sent a wave of energy at Sableye. The two opponents flew into the Dusk Troops who returned their pokemon and ran.

    Willow stepped forward. "Well done, you two. Jordan, especially," he said giving a smile at his niece. "Uh... this isn't the place to talk. Let's return to my lab, the two of you."


    After assurances that they would become trainers with their parents, (and that they could keep the pokemon) they all ran to Willows lab. In front of the three trainers-to-be stood Willow. An behind him was a table with three hexagonal devises. Willow picked them up and held them to Dracon and the other two.

    "These are Pokepals. They are a combination of the Pokedex, Poketch from Sinnoh, and a few other things," he said. "A Map, clock, pokemon status checker, and a friendship checker. Enjoy!" Jordan quickly snatched up the yellow one, leaving Max with red, and Dracon with blue. "Ah," said Willow, "I always wanted to see all of the Pokemon, but I also wanted to study the ancient times."

    "I'll do it, Uncle Theadore," said Jordan enthusiastically.

    Willow nodded. "Good, good. [size=7pt]I was going to make you do it, but oh, well....[/size] The first Gym is in Insector Town. To get there, go north on Route 300 to Sodfer Town. Then go west on Route 301," he said. "Good Luck!"

    Oh, yeah. That's ahsome ;D (if I do say so myself).

  5. I have no more top comments.

    Chapter Four: Plight of the Starly

    Dracon walked along the grassy Route 300. Trees lined the dirt path, with a little pond nearby. Dracon felt his Pokeball shiver in excitement. So, Dracon let out his Shoalfish. It happily jumped into the refreshing water. The new trainer put his hand in his pocket and emerged with his Pokepal.

    A small, blue ray shot from the devise and enveloped Shoalfish. When it stopped, a screen popped up on the Pokepal. "Shoalfish, the Starfish Pokemon," said the mechanical voice of the Pokepal. "Type: Water. Attacks: Rapid Spin, Bubblebeam, Aqua Jet, and Charm. They gather in groups on icy rocks. In the Summer time, they are found in the frigid northern waters."

    Dracon put away the Pokepal and got out Shoalfish's Pokeball. As he looked at it, he saw its cute, beady eyes. "Alright," he said. "You may swim." Shoalfish let out a squeak of excitement. "But, you must stay close to the shore. I'll call for ya in a little bit" Shoalfish hastily nodded and dove under the water.

    Shoalfish was quite happy. It did circles and loops in the water. A few water pokemon passed by it, never bothering to welcome the newcomer. What was that? Shoalfish saw a glint of light in the water just past this rock. It looked and saw a horn-shaped item. It was polished to a shine in the color red. Shoalfish picked it up and rushed back up to the surface.

    Up above, Dracon was having troubles of his own. A young man had come running out from the woods nearby holding a red jewel. He was soon revealed why he was running. Bird Pokemon. Not just a few either, about 20 Starly and Staravia came flying out of the woods. The guy tripped, dropping the jewel into the pond. Now he was fending them off with a stick.

    He heard a splash behind him and then a sphere of water rushed up to the Birds, scaring them away. It stopped in front of him, revealing Shoalfish using Aqua Jet. The water fell to the ground. The man stood up painfully and saw the gem in Shoalfish's hands. "Ahh, that's it!" he grabbed for the stone, but Shoalfish jumped in the air and onto his back. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I should explain."

    "Yes you should," said Dracon holding Shoalfish in his arms. Over the next half-hour he explained. His name was Juan. He mentioned that stone being the treasure of the Starly. He was to take it to their tree, which has been overrun by Spinarak and Ariados. The gem could summon the leader, Staraptor. Then, Dracon agreed to help.

    Next, they took the stone through the forest. Then, the saw the largest tree Dracon had ever seen. All along it, large webs shrouded the leafy section, with little green and large red spider-like Pokemon. Dracon aimed the Pokepal. At them. "Spinarak, The String Spit Pokemon. Bug-Poison Type. The webs they make act like a second central nervous system." The leader of the bunch, a larger, purple Ariados, crawled up to the newcomers.

    "Well, well, well," said Dracon calmly. "Let's not beat around the bush. Give the Bird Pokemon their Tree back!" The Ariados's response was a Sludge Bomb that hardly missed. A warning shot. "Okay, if that's the way you want it? Go, Shoalfish!" The Water-Type Pokemon landed on the ground in front of him. The Ariados did a small "chuckle."

    Then, Dracon held up the Red Hook, summoning all of the Starly, Staravia, and the leading Staraptor. The Ariados went cold. But then it called and its army of Spiders appeared. Soon, chaos was unleashed in the clearing. Psychic, Poison Sting, Leech Life and Night Shade attacks were launched from the spider's side, while the Birds' used Wing Attacks, Brave Birds, and Close Combats. The only fight that was huge was near the top of the tree: Staraptor and Ariados were facing off.

    Staraptor's black and gray feathers flashed in the sunlight as it circled the tree warily. Then, the Ariados's front legs glowed a sickly pink as it thrust its leg into Staraptor's chest, but it never faltered. Although it now had a sewage-green tint to it, it still aimed a Wing Attack at the Long Leg Pokemon. It missed, but it sliced through some webbing. Ariados hastily leaped onto a web-encased branch. Doing so, it never saw Staraptor fly far above the tree. It glowed orange and took a falcon-shape. Then, it took a dive bomb, clocking speeds at Mach 1. The Sky Attack Hit the Ariados at breakneck speeds, sending the spider deep into the forest. Its minions saw this and fled, all but one Spinarak that looked at Dracon with black, beady eyes.

    Dracon knew what this meant. "D... do you actually want to come with?" he asked it quietly. The Spinarak nodded enthusiastically. Dracon held out a Pokeball, and tapped its head with it, but it smacked it back, hitting him in the face. Dracon fell back. "Oh, you wanna battle."

    Soon, Juan was on the sidelines while Dracon's Shoalfish battled the Spinarak. The Spinarak opened its tiny mandibles and shot many poison barbs from its mouth. "Dodge with a Rapid Spin, Shoalfish!" Dracon said. The Starfish pokemon jumped in the air and whirled at high speeds, hitting the Spinarak. It was either a strong attack or a weak Spinarak, because it fell, fainted.

    Dracon didn't waste a moment as he threw the Pokeball, sending crimson energy cascading over Spinarak's form. The Pokemon was drawn inside and the ball shook once, twice, thrice! The Spinarak was obtained!

    EC: Hee, hah, hoo! Took me an hour or so (including distractions), but I'm done! After this chapter, I now love Spinarak and Ariados!
  6. Nice job on the fanfic dude.*gives him a free taco*
  7. Thanx! Meat 'n' cheese only! ;D

    Like I said to Angrycaterpie in my Shadow Crisis Topic,
    AL Thanks You
  8. Chapter Five: Team Prism Arrives

    Dracon could see Sodfer Town from the hill he stood on. He took in a breath of fresh, morning air as he started down the hill. But then, he heard a Pokemon cry from the bottom of the hill. Dracon ran down to see a Man in a white uniform and a white human-shaped pokemon with a green helmet. Standing opposite of them were a Dusk Troop and a small, dark-gray Pokemon with four slots in its body that formed a cross shaped in the middle. Dracon held up his Pokepal to them both, but first the Dark gray one.

    "Twilunt, the Twilight Pokemon. Baby form of Duskull. Ghost-Type," said the Pokepal. "Trying to live up to their evolved forms, they make poor attempts to scare people." Now for the other one. "Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon. Psychic-Type. Said to appear in front of joyful people, if it senses hostility, it hides."

    It was obvious that the Ralts had won. The Troop returned his Twilunt and ran into town. The white uniformed man noticed Dracon and saw how he was ready to act. "No, no," he said, "I'm from Team Prism. We were formed to stop Team Dusk from harming anyone or anything. Team Dusk has invaded the library in Sodfer. Even with my Ralts, I couldn't stop them." Then he walked away.

    When Dracon got in town, he noticed what that Prism Scout meant. Dusk Troops guarded the doors, wandered around town, and kept him from going North, West, or anywhere but back.

    He rested his pokemon at the Pokemon Center before acting. He didn't want to deal with a dozen or so Troops, so he decided to sneak in. But how, he thought. Then he saw a vent on the roof that had to lead inside. Then he remembered his Spinarak. He quietly brought it out on the side of the building. "Spinarak, use String Shot to make a ladder going up. Can you do that?" he whispered. Spinarak nodded and shot sticky webbing at the side to make a ladder. He went up while Spinarak quickly skittered up the side.

    Dracon reached the roof and quietly climbed down the vent with his Spinarak behind him. He crawled through the vents, spying in each of the rooms. He finally found a room with a woman being interrogated by a man in a pitch-black uniform with a red "X" on the shirt. He wore a Dusknoir mask. "Tell me now!" he said impatiently. "Where is the Black Stone?!" That's when Dracon busted down the opening of the vent and jumped down, his Spinarak with him.

    "What are you doing!?" the man asked. "If you interrupt one of my missions, you will face the wrath of Agent X!" He brought out a Sableye from the only Pokeball on his belt. Dracon stuck with Spinarak. "Sableye, use Shadow Claw!" The Sableye's hand glowed red, black, and purple as it hit Spinarak.

    Spinarak landed at Dracon's feet. He had the Pokepal and was looking for its moves. "Use Poison Sting!" Spinarak opened its mouth and shot tiny barbs of pink at Sableye. "Follow up with a Leech Life!" Then Spinarak fired an orb of green that struck Sableye, sapping its energy. Then the orb returned to the Bug Pokemon, healing it.

    Now they were mad. Sableye fired a ray of purple-black in a Night Shade Attack. Spinarak landed on its back, but got back up. It glowed olive-green as its ability activated. Dracon gasped as the Pokepal reported that Spinarak's Swarm ability was activating. "Use Leech Life, and make it strong!" Another orb struck Sableye and healed Spinarak, but this time, it was fatal. The Sableye hit the ground, fainted.

    X returned his Sableye and dashed to the staircase. "Joke's on you, X!" shouted the woman. "The Black stone isn't here!" Dracon turned to her, mouth gaping open. He couldn't believe it. I sneaked in here and battled this X guy for nothing!? Dracon walked out, but the woman stopped him. "Thank you for saving me. I'll tell you something: The real Black Stone was sent back to the Dig Site north of Boulderpass City to be researched."

    EC: I... won't... type... that much... ever again.
  9. Chapter Six: Rival Two- Max

    Dracon was very frightened. He had been walking through the Insector Forest when a net sprung up and snared him inside. He could now see a small figure coming from up the Route. Then he saw... Max!? "Max? Is that you?" asked Dracon. He now saw a green shirt with tan shorts. "It is you! Did you do this?!"

    Max nodded and smiled, obviously embarrassed. "Um, hi Dracon," he said. "I made that trap to catch some Bug Pokemon. This forest is crawling with them. But, I remembered that there is a place exactly for that in Insector Town up ahead. Here, Let me get you down."

    Max ran over to where the net was wrapped to a tree. "Thanks," said Dracon. "Please put me down nice and-" Then the net fell, sending Dracon plummeting to the forest floor. "Easy." Dracon finished painfully. Max helped him up and started to walk away. Dracon suddenly remembered what Willow had said. Insector Town, home to the first gym, was to the west of Sodfer Town, through Route 301. Now he, too, walked to Insector Town.

    It was amazing. Insector Town was in the middle of a Bug infested forest, and yet it was clear of most trees. The only tree there was a huge one that was surrounded by a dome-shaped building. To his right was a large building that stood out above the rest. On it were big letters that spelled out "Gym". Dracon rushed to the Gym, only to be blocked off by Max.

    "Hey!" he shouted. "I never have got to battle you, and I want to battle. Here and now!" Max grabbed a Pokeball from his belt. Dracon nodded reluctantly and brought out his Shoalfish. On the other side, Max released a red and orange feathered ostrich-like Pokemon. Its eyes were a dark blue and its tail feathers were in the shape of a fire. "Ostemberrr!" it cried.

    Dracon held up his Pokepal to the Pokemon. It shot a thin ray at the pokemon. A screen was brought up again. "Ostember, the Small Fire Pokemon," it reported. "Fire-Type. Its powerful legs can deliver powerful kicks. It can run up to speeds around 25 MPH." It cried once more before Max ordered a Peck attack. Ostember ran to Shoalfish with its beak outward. It struck home, sending Shoalfish back five feet before it shot forward with an Aqua Jet.

    "Ostember," said Max, "use Featherdance!" Ostember quickly shook its small wings, sending Feathers outwards to block Shoalfish's view. "Now use Headbutt!" Ostember lowered its head and charged, also hitting. Shoalfish was in critical health, and Dracon knew it. Dracon saw Ostember opening its mouth and summoning flames for an Ember. Dracon didn't know what he said, he just said it. "Use Mirror Coat!" he said. Shoalfish flashed purple as the Ember hit. "Nooo!" But then, the dust cleared, showing Shoalfish unmarked. Shoalfish gave a small squeak and scrunched up, releasing a beam of bright light, reflecting the attack back at Ostember.

    As the Ostember fell, Dracon ran out and hugged his Water Pokemon saying, "Ohh, good job! you learned Mirror Coat. But, wait. What move did you forget?" Dracon held up his Pokepal, showing that it had forgot Charm. "Oh, well. It's still a good move."

    Max walked up, extending a hand. "Good job, Dracon," he said. Dracon shook his hand and returned Shoalfish. "I... think I'll train some more before tackling the Insector Gym. Oh! I still need to register for the circuit!" Max ran, nearly crashing into a woman in tan shorts and a T-shirt. she had dark green hair and blue eyes with a tan cap. She walked over to Dracon. "Hey, she said. "I just saw that battle. You're pretty good. I'm guessing you'll challenge the Gym?" Dracon nodded. She walked away. Then she flashed a smile in his direction saying, "Can't wait to battle you."

    EC: In case you didn't know, Ostember was the fire-type starter of Vinnsou. If anyone can tell me who that Max is, I'll give 'em my taco from Nacho. ;D I'll give you till tomorrow.

  10. Its obviously Max from hoenn.Ya know,mays brother.Just give it to someone else that posts*gives AL taco making powers*
  11. I just sick my ten Arceus after them if they don't accept and bow down to my all mighty Meat 'n' Cheese! :D (Check out the title. lol.)

    Chapter Seven: The Lost Minxie

    Dracon ran into the Insector Gym. He knew he had to sign up, but he didn't know he had 'till tomorrow at 12! The new trainer ran in and saw an ordinary room with a desk on the far side. Trainers were gathered on chairs and around tables. Dracon didn't care about them, he just hurried to the desk. A woman sat on a chair there going through a magazine. She put her magazine down and sat up. "How may I help you," she asked kindly.

    Dracon fought to catch his breath when he finally did, he said, "I need to register... fro the... Vinsou League please." The woman nodded and grabbed his Pokepal. She stuck it in a slot, clicked around on the computer, and handed it back. "Thank you, and have a nice day." Dracon nodded and asked, "Who's the Gym Leader here?" The woman handed him a pamphlet on the Gym. On the first page was the picture of that lady that talked to him earlier. He handed it back and walked out.

    Max ran by, but Dracon caught him in time to ask why he was in a rush. "They say a new Pokemon has entered the Insectorium," he answered. "That's the big dome on the other side of town. One side is cut out to let wild bug pokemon in. But, they say a new, non bug-type has entered and it's immensely rare." Then Max shot off again, but this time with Dracon. They walked in to see A Team Dusk Troop guarding the entrance. They gasped, waking the guard.

    "Waddya want? Oh, to get in? I just fell asleep here on guard duty...," he said. "Hey, you can't go through!!" Dracon nodded to Max. they stood side-by-side and charged through him and the door. A man at the desk was in the sign-up room alone. He stared at the Dusk Troop long and hard before saying, "Help!" Dracon and Max ran up to the desk and asked what's wrong. "Oh, those Dusk Troops came in after hearing about that Minxie that entered last night. It was obviously lost, but its power is somewhat great compared to some others. Please, help save it!" The two trainers nodded as the ran into separate doors.

    The search part of the search and save was almost hopeless until they heard a beautiful cry. "Miiiinxiiiieee!" Although a call for help, it was lovely and melodic. Dracon met up with Max in a large clearing where a Team Dusk Troop was using a robotic claw to grab a tiny, green Pokemon with a peppermint leaf for a body. Small limbs extended from it. It had a head that seemed to be almost to big for the leaf with ears that were thin and bent in some parts.

    Dracon and Max held up their Pokepal in wonder. "Mnxie, The Peppermint Pokemon." it reported. "Grass/Poison-Type. Ability: Chlorophyll. Minxie are very mysterious pokemon. The peppermint leaf it wears isn't fully grown, so it gives off an unbearable odor. "C'mon you little brat! Off the tree!" Dracon ran over to the Minxie, but it released Poisonpowder to ward him off. It worked. Before Dracon could try another plan, Max's Ostember was blowing fire at the claw. Dracon brought out Shoalfish and had it use Aqua Jet. It hit just close enough to the Dusk Troop to have him drop the claw, and the Minxie was free.

    Shoalfish and Ostember were ready to battle, but Minxie had other plans. It's eyes glowed pink, then blue, then red, the purple again, and it kept doing that. Then, Their Pokemon were asleep. Minxie turned to the Troop and it's eyes glowed an eerie purple, and then the Troop felt confused and disoriented. "That was confuse Ray!" exclaimed Max as he returned his Ostember. Dracon did the same with his Shoalfish. Minxie wasn't through with the Troop yet. It fired a small, green bud at the troop. From it came a mass of vines, wrapping around him repeatedly for a Leech Seed. The Troop ran, tired of it all.

    Soon, visitors came back to see the Minxie. Max had already left for the gym with a Cascoon he'd caught earlier. As people watched it, Dracon stayed in front, strangely drawn to the Minxie. Minxie was obviously uncomfortable with people staring. A photographer walked up and took a photo. Minxie was so shocked, it jumped into Dracon's Trainer Belt, releasing an empty Pokeball. The button touched Minxie, drawing it inside. It shook once, twice, thrice. The audience gasped as they realized that Minxie was now Dracon's Pokemon.

    EC: get it? The Lost Minxie, The Last Mimzy? I've never seen it, but that's pretty funny in my opinion. Enjoy the story!
  12. I can beat that.I got a shiny arceus.LOL,lost minxie.XD
  13. Granted he won't see it: Dang it!

    Chapter Eight: Creepy Crawlie Gym

    Dracon stepped into the Insector Town Gym. After many shenanigans, he was finally about to do his first Gym Battle. He walked over to the desk and asked about when he could battle the leader. Before the lady could respond, a voice rang out behind him. "Right now, if you're ready." Dracon turned to see that lady on the pamphlet. "The name's Cherryl, glad to meet ya'. If you want to battle, follow me."

    Dracon shrugged and followed her into a large stage with stands on one side. A few people were there, including Max and his Cascoon. He shouted, "Go Dracon!" Then he proudly held up a badge. Dracon nodded and listened to Cherryl. "It's a three on three battle in your case. Only you can switch out Pokemon in the middle of the battle. You get first shot." Dracon grabbed a Pokeball on his belt and brought out Spinarak. Cherryl released a red worm with small yellow horns on it's head."

    "Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon," said the Pokedex. "Bug/Poison-Type. It loves to eat leaves. Wurmple live amidst tall grass and in forests." Dracon could hardly react before the Wurmple opened it's mouth and fired small toxic barbs at Spinarak. "Fight back with Spider Web!" said Dracon. Spinarak opened it's mouth and fired a mass of sticky threads that enveloped Wurmple, sticking it to the ground. Wurmple, at the mercy of Spinarak, tried in vain to wriggle out. But all it could do is toss and turn. Spinarak fired Leech Life, utterly defeating the Worm.

    Cherryl returned it and sent out a white Cocoon-looking Pokemon. "Silcoon, the Cocoon Pokemon." It quickly fired Poison Sting at Spinarak, that fainted it immediately. "That's a strong Pokemon!" exclaimed Dracon as he replaced his Spinarak with Shoalfish. A String Shot went Shoalfish's way, but it dodged with an Aqua Jet, slamming into the Silcoon. They seemed to grapple before a String Shot blocked Shoalfish's vision. Silcoon pushed itself back with Poison Sting on the ground. Shoalfish cleared it's vision and fired a Bubblebeam at a startled Silcoon. Knowing her Silcoon had fainted, she smiled and returned it.

    "Congrats so far, Dracon," she said. "But now, you will see my best Bug. Scyther, show 'em who's boss!" Out of the Pokeball's crimson energies came a light green Pokemon. It was almost mantis-like with it's large, scythed hands. Two small wings protruded from it's back and it let out a fierce, but not terribly frightening, cry. "Scytherrrrr!"

    Dracon held up his Pokepal. "Scyther, the Mantis Pokemon. Bug/Flying-Type. It is nearly impossible to parry its attacking scythes. It very rarely spreads its wings to fly." Scyther prepared for battle by rubbing it's scythes on each other. Shoalfish fired a Bubblebeam at Scyther who simply dodged by making false copies of itself. "That was a Double Team!" exclaimed Max. The real Scyther appeared behind Shoalfish and it charged forward, spreading it's wings to they're full wingspan. The wings struck Shoalfish square in the back with a Wing Attack. The Starfish Pokemon hit the floor, defeated. Dracon hoped it wouldn't come to this, but he returned Shoalfish and sent out Minxie.

    Minxie yawned cutely and it saw the fierce Scyther and sighed, preparing for battle. "Scyther use Double Team!" Scyther made more copies of itself. Minxie tried to find the real one, but then Dracon got an idea. "Minxie!Stand in the center and fire a Poisonpowder!" Minxie did as he said. The spores hit all of the false ones, and the real one who coughed. Minxie then fired a Leech Seed. The bud released many vines, wrapping around Scyther and sapping it's health. After a few seconds of suffering, Scyther glowed an odd, olive-green color. "Scyther's Swarm ability!" Dracon whispered, worried for his little Minxie. "Watch out and dodge all of Syther's attacks, Minxie!" Soon, Scyther was leaping forward, trying to land a Fury Cutter attack.

    After a minute or so, the Leech Seed had worn off and Scyther was ready to battle. Cherryl smiled and ordered a Quick Attack. But then she saw Scyther had a purplish tint to it. "Oh, no! Scyther's Poisoned!" Then she remembered the Poisonpowder Minxie launched. Suddenly, Scyther collapsed. She returned her Scyther and said, "You win, Dracon. Congratulations." Dracon leaped in joy and Minxie tackled Dracon.

    Later, the stage was empty and Dracon was holding out his badge case to Cherry who gave him a Cocoon-shaped badge. "Yes," exclaimed Dracon, "I got the Cocoon Badge!"

    EC: Wow. :o That's an awesome battle. Anyone else wish they had a Minxie? This book's over with. Check out Vinsou Quest 2: Ancient Conundrum, coming Soon!

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