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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Calico and Korrin continued to investigate the ruined village after resting from their travels for about an hour. The Meowth was really hoping to actually sleep in a bed in a cozy inn for once, but once again, his hopes had been dashed. Letting out a sigh of exasperation and frustration, Calico turned over another pile of rubble with some effort, scanning the wreckage for anything useful. "Great...nothing here either..."

    "Just give it up, Calico. The place was probably already picked clean before we even got here." Korrin retorted as he reclined against a wall.

    "Oh really? And what makes you so sure?" Calico inquired, getting rather annoyed from the lack of help he was getting. The riolu nodded toward the footprints in the dirt, catching his partner's attention. Kneeling down and taking a moment to study the footprints, he chuckled. "Well, needless to say, the marauders beat us to here. But I think we might find the villagers yet." he said, a smile of relief coming across his face.

    "How so?" Korrin asked, getting up and joining Calico's side.

    "Well, if the village's defenses were breached, the first place I would think to go to as a villager would be the closest safe zone. And it looks like a mass exodus had taken place on relatively short notice given the trail."

    "Wouldn't the pillagers follow the trail then?" The Riolu asked nervously. Calico scoffed.

    "Not likely. After emptying out a village, they would probably just move on to the next. They don't really care much for the residents, only their possessions." Calico calculated. "Also, a typical brigand's intelligence isn't even half yours, and that says a lot." he added with a snicker.

    "Yeah, I guess that's tr-...HEY!" Korrin angrily shouted, his voice echoing across the forest. Calico quickly shushed him.

    "Do you want the bad guys to come after us or something?!" he hissed.
  2. Joey heard noises coming from the abandoned west part of the village. He decided to Aqua Jet there to investigate. When he got there, he saw two Pokémon. "Hey, who are you two?" HE asked in his usual gruff voice.
  3. A Shiny Decidueye and a Noctowl were walking along a path. They were silent, like if they were afraid of talking. The Decidueye, leading the couple, was looking quite angry, as always. On the other hand, the Noctowl looked disgusted, yet still, he seemed mostly tired. He was the first one to speak. "Dad... I can't walk for too long. I am tired!" The Decidueye sighed, but he remained silent. Aep, the Noctowl, kept talking, expecting an answer from Dusk. "I know that you are looking for a town, but we could rest for some minutes aside..." The Decidueye turned, angrily, stopping his advance. "Oh, please! Shut Up! I had enough when you were tired of flying and we had to slow down our path walking!" Then, the Decidueye turned again and continued advancing. Aep was about to cry, but he continued walking, as his father wanted. Then, the silence took over again the conversation.

    In a couple of minutes, Dusk noticed what it looked like a village. "Look." He said to Aep. His sad face changed completely when he saw it in the distance. Yet still, when they approached, Aep was completely horrified, watching the ruins of that city. Dusk, on the other hand, didn't change his expression. This wasn't new for him, and, probably, a few months ago, he would have even enjoyed that view. Aep stayed at the entrance, still trying to get used to that view while Dusk was wandering around near the entrance, trying to look for a place that looked safe for resting some time.
  4. Hearing Joey, the two turned to face the large bug-water type. "Es solo una cosa tras otra hoy..." Calico muttered under his breath. For a second, they were silent, trying to discern whether he was a friend or foe. "I take it you must be one of the village guards?" Calico inquired. "We're only wanderers searching for a new home is all." Korrin nodded, wincing a bit and holding his arm. Calico turned to face him. "You alright?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine...injury's just acting up is all..." Korrin assured as he massaged the cuts on his arm.
  5. Dusk entered into a house. It was in a terrible state, but it seemed like if they could use it as a shelter. He also inspected the things that they could use there. There were only some broken chairs, a broken table lame and other furniture that was clearly robbed and in a bad state. "This should do, at least for tonight..."

    Aep, on the other hand, still remained outside, in the entrance of the town. He couldn't believe what his eyes were staring. He was with his father in other several towns that were attacked, but that had been subdued. He never thought that they would simply destroy it. He denied thinking that. But there, in front of him, he was staring at the proof. Anxiety was consuming him. He was starting to tremble. "The... There must be so... some survivors...r...right?" And, he started to walk through the ruined village, expecting to find somebody. But no... Walking was too slow. What about if they needed help? Despite being tired, he opened his wings and started to fly. "Anybody around here?!"

    Dusk, slowly, as always, went out of his house. He tried to locate Aep, but he couldn't find him. "Oh... This can't be happening. how many times I have to say that he should be less imprudent?" Dusk said, almost whispering. As calmed as always, he started to explore the city. He didn't want to fly and start looking for him. He was walking, cautiously, with his wings hidden under the frontal part of his hood. If someone attacked him, at least Aep should learn that he had to be more cautious, especially in a village that had been attacked and that neither of them knew.
  6. Joey looked at Korrin's cut. "You should get that treated. Come with me." He said as he started to walk back to the main part of the village. "Our village was just attacked but we are recovering quite quickly."
  7. "Yes, I can see that much..." Calico mused as he and Korrin followed him. "Thank you for inviting us in, by the way. We were hoping to run into a village soon, given our current circumstances." He looked around the village as they followed.

    "So, what exactly is this village called, if anything?" Korrin asked curiously.
  8. Aep flew above the ruined city. He still had the hope that, sooner or later, he would find any survivors, or at least, someone that was wandering around the city searching for his valuable things or other stuff. Then, he sighted a group of Pokemon that were still around there. He landed near them. "He... Hello" He said, still exhausted from all the journey that he had done with his father before. "I'm Aep. I come in peace. I promise." Then, he opened his bag. "Are you hurt? I... I have some bandages here and... Some berries."

    Meanwhile, Dusk was still wandering around the city, looking for his son. The soft breeze subtly moved his feathers, revealing some of the old scars that were still healing.
  9. "Hello there." Calico replied to Aep as he landed, "And yes, my friend here does need some treatment." He nodded his head toward the Riolu beside him.

    "Whoa whoa whoa, back up! Since when did you decide what I need?" Korrin asked, seeming quite annoyed. "Listen here, you little hairball hacker, I'm perfectly f-" His sentence was cut off when he winced and grasped the wound on his arm. Calico smirked.

    "Yes, you certainly seem it." Calico joked.

    "Shut up..." Korrin sighed, "Alright, fine, I'll accept your treatment. Just...make it quick, okay? I don't like staying still for long if I can help it."
  10. "Well... I'm not an expert in nursing." Aep said, a little disappointed. "But I can't say either that I don't have any experience treating those types of wounds." Aep approached and took a small recipient with water from his bag. Then he opened it and poured some water over the injury. "This should do, at least for making sure that it doesn't get infected." Then, he took some of the bandages he had and, softly, he started to dry out the zone that surrounded it, and finishing bandaging it. "Well, this is all that I can do. If you need more treatments like that, I can do them, but if it gets worse, the best thing you should find someone better than me. I'm not a doctor after all."

    Dusk was still trying to find his son until he started to hear voices. He even recognized the voice of his son, that, despite not being with him a lot, he recognized instantly. Then, he approached and hide behind a corner of a house that was very damaged. He then peeked out and saw that Aep was talking with them. He couldn't say if they were bad guys or not, so he readied an arrow in case he had to enter the scene and save him.
  11. Joey looked at Aep. "I'm going back to my post, go that way, that's where everyone is currently." He said pointing towards the deeper end of the village. Joey then walked back to his guard post.
  12. "Oh, thanks a lot, sir..." Aep said to Joey, following him. "Is there any way I can help there. I mean, I am not very useful, but maybe I could help with... I don't know... Crops or nursing, though I'm not very good. Maybe running a shop?" The Noctowl asked. If he was sure that, at least him, could be useful there, he could stay and start a new life there. He was fed up of going around towns that were conquered and fighting (though in his case was more like avoiding it). At least, he would have a chance to be far from his father.

    Dusk sighed a little in relieve. At least Aep was not in danger. Anyways, he'd like him to be in danger, so at least Aep could learn to be less impulsive and more careful with his actions. After all, he was not going to be there all his life, and Aep had to learn how to live safely by himself. He started walking again, ignoring Calico and Korrin and followed Aep and Joey closely. "Is my son bothering you?" Dusk asked then. The Noctowl turned again, looking disappointed and whispered for himself. "Oh, I was forgetting about him..."
  13. After the treatment, Korrin tested his arm by throwing a few punches at no one as they followed Joey's directions and made their way toward the general population, and smiled at the result. "Oh, wow, this is great!" He said eagerly before putting a hand around Aep's shoulder. "Thanks, pal! You're a real life saver!" The Riolu grinned as Calico approached Dusk.

    "I can tell just from looking at you you're all sunshine and roses." he said sarcastically to the decidueye with a chuckle.
  14. "As if I cared." Dusk said angrily, as he always welcomed the new Pokemons that he met. Then, he slowly approached Aep. "And you... We'll talk later." Then, Dusk turned and started to walk again outside the city, but, he noticed that the Noctowl was not following him. "You told me that you were tired, and when I found a place to rest, you reward it to me going away when I'm not taking care of you. If you did that, maybe you are not as tired as you said." Aep started to follow him, but a few steps away from the place he was standing, he stopped again. "Don't you see that the Pokemon that lived here need help? Maybe you act like if you had no compassion, but that's not the way I want to be." Aep said, angrily. He was determined to lend his help to the villagers. "Go away or not, but I'm staying." Then, the Decidueye growled, and without saying more words, he started to walk away.

    Aep then approached again Calico and Korrin. "Sorry for this. He is... Insensible. I can't blame him at all, but it bothers me a lot the fact that he is always trying that I act like he does. I think very differently from him."
  15. "Ah, don't sweat it. It's nothing we're not used to." Korrin said. "Tough times like these can really change people, and not always for the better." When they reached the village at last, Korrin looked around to see what there was.

    "Thank you for leading us here, sir." Calico said to Joey before rejoining the others. He then looked over to Aep. "Well, it's nice to see some Pokemon who still care about others. There's very few of them these days."
  16. "Well... I think that he has been always like that. My mother was very different. She was the one that raised me and it was her the one that showed me how important was helping the others." Aep explained. "Are you gonna stay in the village? I think that I'd need some company. I am not very goo fighting, but I can help with other stuff."

    Dusk was going out of the village, but he soon stopped. Maybe Aep was not the son that he'd like, but after all, he was the only thing he had right now. He quit his job when he heard they attacked the village Aep and his mother was living and, since then, he was considered as a traitor. He was still angry after what happened with him, but Dusk was not going to leave him there, especially knowing that Aep was not able of defending himself. He turned again and lead to the place where Joey was.
  17. "We're thinking about it. This village does seem like a nice place." Calico mused, noticing a couple of females and giving them a wolf whistle. "Very nice indeed..."

    "And you don't have to worry about fighting when you've got me!" Korrin said, flexing his bicep. "Still, though, if you ever want to, we could train so you could get better. Just a little something to consider."
  18. Elise got bored of waiting on the audino to reply to her, so she ran in the village destroyed village. She looked around her, and she started to cry. She was devastated that anyone could do this type of damage to an innocent village. Her illusion failed as she continued to cry. She sobbed" Why would anyone do this? Nothing can justify this kind of act. This is why no one will be my friend. Everyone assumes that I'm just like the Pokemon that do this. This leads to me being attacked by everyone of a village if they find out I'm a Zorua. I will never be loved!"
  19. Hearing Elise's lamenting, Calico turned to look her way. "Ah, it pains me to see a female in distress..." he sighed. He then turned to his companions. "Excuse me for a moment. I'll be right back." He then made his way to Elise and patted her head. "What ails you so, oh fair maiden?" he asked, kneeling down.
  20. "Alright!" Said Aep. "Mmm... My father used to train me." He explained to Korrin. "He is well known for his strength. When I was smaller, I always waited for him to come one day and started training. But that was never the case... My mother taught me the basics, but I have never been very good. The few times that he trained me, he used to say that I fought like a little girl... Yeah, my father is pretty rude... Anyways, I'll be willing to help you with your training, though I really doubt I would be a good rival."

    Dusk turned again when he heard Elise. But he didn't care. It was not his business. He started to fly, trying to look for his son.
  21. Elise said" You aren't going to hurt me?" Elise gave Calico a kiss on the cheek. She said" I can not lose you. You are the only one that has been nice to me in my real form." She clinged to Calico as if he could disappear at any moment, and the only thing that could prevent it was her touch. She asked" Would you be my boyfriend. I haven't been loved since the war, and yet you care about me. I will do anything for you I just want to be loved." She stared lustfully at him. She said" You will have to be able to be my knight in shining armor. Many Pokemon have tried to attack me because I'm a dark type. Can you protect me?"
  22. "Well, you certainly don't beat around the bush..." Calico mused, as Korrin facepalmed, "Well, as flattered as I am, It's best to start off slowly with a relationship, if you understand what I mean." The meowth said, sitting down. "You're welcome to stick with me and Korrin, as well as Aep if he's okay with it. And perhaps, in due time, we might be able to take our relationship to the next level." He took a rose from seemingly out of nowhere, and held it out before Elise. "I'm not rejecting you, far from it. Never let it be said I'm not a man of my word. Senora, if anyone's giving you any trouble, I'd be honored to help you."
  23. "Oh, I'd love to do so". Aep said, approaching to the group. He bowed a little and introduce himself to the new Pokemon. "I'm Aep, nice to meet you." He said with a huge smile on his face. "And I'll gladly help you and the rest of this village ." Then, he looked at Elise. "At least you seem much nicer than my dad. He's a ghost type. I know that technically Dark Types and Ghost Types are not the same, but..." He stopped when he notices that he was talking too much. "Sorry, I suppose that sometimes I just ramble a lot. I mean... It's good to talk with Pokemon that are so friendly like you are."

    Dusk flew around the city until he saw a bunch of Pokemon talking. One of them was Aep. He landed in a near place without being noticed and started to look out from the distance, without being seen. He was way too proud to accept the fact that he didn't want to leave his son there, so probably he would stay around protecting him.
  24. Elise grabbed the rose. She said" Can you hold me please? I will feel safe in your arms. I desperately want to be loved. I will do anything to be loved anything. Just love me please." She kissed Calico lovingly. She said" I want to know what love feels like."

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