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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Yukki nodded and took a bite from the apple. With the food still present in her mouth, she questioned the Audino, "Have you seen the super short Aron walking around anywhere?"
    Masa sprinted around the Ekans, making them them tangled in between each other.
  2. "Last Ike I saw him he was with you," Lilly admitted and shook her head. She looked around and sighed, "I'm afraid I don't know".
    Oakly laughed happily as he played with some other pokemon. The small grass type ran around, smiling and being happily.
  3. Masa sprinted at the Ekans, knowing that their poison attacks gave no damage. One of the Ekans used Bite, barely health was taken, but it still left a good wound on his back. Masa used Metal claw, taking out one of the lower healthed pokemon. The ekans slithered around him, 2 of them using bite, while the last one used wrap. The Aron was a small bit above half of his health, he soon began yo ponder at the thought of his next move.
  4. Glacier plotted her escape, she would freeze anyone who came after her. She would be free and would return to Squirt. Glacier used ice shard to distract them, when they turned she ran. She felt safe and stopped, the voice of an Arbok called out for her "Not him." Glacier said angrily, she heard leaves rustle and so she dashed and used ice beam as she ran, she was being pursued by ten Arbok. Glacier took a sharp turn and they kept sliding forwards, right into a sleeping Ursaring. She heard a roar, some slashes and some screams. Glacier knew what it ment and she was very glad too. She approached a wall and found a hole, she trotted through happily. She walked over to a Audino and a Minccino (or cinccino, it's late and I can't remember TT) "Where Squirt? He a Squirtle. Pwease help me." Glacier said
  5. The Minccino ( It's ok lol) looked at the pokemon in shock, "Who are you? Are you alright?!" She said as she examined the pokemon. Yukki tugged on Lily, gesturing for her to look.
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  6. "Yeah I'm fine, I just need to find Squirt." Glacier explained, she hid her broken leg which was now bleeding so they wouldn't notice. She forgot and stood on it causing help to yelp in pain and fall to the ground, the blood streaming out.
  7. Lilly saw her and moved closer with a worried look, "are you alright? Squirt? He's with bandit. He's safe and healthy".
    She moved closer and Used heal pulse to steady glacier. She pulled out oran berries from her hat and gave them to her.
  8. Yukki held onto the stranger, trying to stop the blood. She pulled bandages out of her tuft, and looked back towards Lilly. "Should I-I wrap it?!" she questioned the Audino. "You're okay now, don't worry we are here for you!" she mentioned.
  9. "Hey? Who is bandit? And where are they though? And how did you heal my leg? Are you MAGIC!" Glacier asked as she shook her curly fringe back. She noticed a Ekans at the hole and used ice shard, causing it to freeze. She would return to smash it to pieces to make sure she wasn't found.
  10. Joey walked to Bandit's house and walked in. "Hey Bandit! I'm here. What was that important thing you wanted to talk about?" He said.
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  11. "I'm a healer," Lilly explained and rubbed the back of her neck. Her ears twitch as she checked for sounds and she flinched when she saw glacier freeze and smash the ekan.
  12. "Ice lady, have you seen a super small Aron anywhere?! He kinda left.." she asked Glacier.
    Masa struggled as he felt his body clench together due to the Ekans strength. He spit out blood, waiting for the perfect timing.
  13. "It's Squirt," Bandit explained "He lifted a boulder 20X his size and killed all the bad Pokemon. Doesn't that seem a little too wierd. I mean, to be fair, he is a baby. What do you think we should do?" Bandit sat down and rubbed Squirt's shell
    "Yeah, i saw it but I don't remember which way he went though. Those Arbok must have done something to me while I was running. OH UM DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD! Also can anyone tell me where a Squirt lives?" Glacier said
  14. Joey looked down at Squirt. "Nah, water types like us can be really powerful no matter how big we are. Its like this, a single drop of water isn't going to do much but if its combined with many other drops then it can do some damage." He gently pat Squirt's head. "You should be proud this little one can already be this powerful."
  15. "Yeah your right! But.. I can't shake the feeling he's hiding something from all of us. Someone maybe. It just feels like, well I don't know. Ignore that." Bandit exclaimed as she offered Joey something to eat
  16. Jasmine finally made her way to the village and looked around with a smile hoping to find someone to talk to feeling lonely not that being lonely was any different to how she normally was
  17. Joey accepted the offer thinking that he needed to rest once in awhile. Jesse walked to the entrance to find the Yanma. The village was still really damaged and he was helping with the evacuation. "Hello." He said to the Yanma.
  18. "Afriad not. He's with his mother," Lilly answered Glacier and looked toward the village. She saw her farm in the distance and let out a small whimper when she se the destruction they had caused. Her crops on fire and berries being stolen.
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  19. (Glacier isn't in it anymore, I confused two rps, it was Noodles)
    Noodles pondered around looking for Squirt, she looked in all the windows and eventually found him sleeping with a Salazzle beside him. She opened the door and raced toward him, she gave him a huge hug.
  20. Lilly moved toward her farm, trying to put out as many fires as she could and save as many as her crops as she could. She got a bucket of water and dosed the flames in her house, watching as it was starting to be even more taken over. Her eyes scanned the area, searching for Oakly before she barged in, trying to find him.
  21. Jesse walked back into the village to help out with the repair. Joey walked out of Bandit's house. "Thank you for the meal miss Bandit." He said as he started to walk back to the front gate.
  22. Masa realized his stupidity, why did he have to go out in the first place? To evolve? (He only just got to level 31). He saw white flash before his eyes, is this how he's going to go?

    Yukki slowly became more worried, and she began to quickly search around, trying to see where the small aron went.
  23. Oakly was tumbling about the ruins of the town. He tripped every so often but kept running. He was looking for Lilly, having wondered away. He made it back to the farm and called for Lilly. He fell back in suprise when she burst out with a few burns and cuts, taking him into her arms as she ran as far as she could. The tree exploded, embers flying and the smoke climbed higher into the sky.
  24. Yukki heard a soft, but familiar sound. Small breaths of air escaped her as she turned to the noise. She noticed Masa struggling to breathe, as the pokemon's eyes fluttered.

    Masa glanced over, and widened his eyes when he saw Yukki.

    The pokemon ran towards the horde, and let out a screech. Masa held onto his ears, as the Ekans dropped him. He's never heard her use Hyper Voice, until now. The minccino grabbed onto Masa, and ran quickly towards the town, the snakes slithering after them.
  25. Blue sighed as she walked around, she was kind f confused at what happened while she was gone" hello?" she called out as she looked around and she smiled slightly as she walked.
  26. Jesse walked up to Blue while eating a Pecha berry. "Hey Blue, How's it going? We were just attack but we managed to keep the losses minimal." He walked beside Blue. "So where have you been?"
  27. The two stumbled into the town, the horde slowly catching up to them. "HELP US PLEASE!" Yukki screamed, as she stumbled through the rubble.

    Masa glanced up, looking at the Minccino. Sweat dripped from her forehead, and onto her concerned face.
  28. Joey walked toward the gate when he heard the call for help. He quickly ran to the place where Yukki and Masa was. "Poison scums." He groaned angrily then used Aqua Jet then Liquidation to knock away the Ekans.
  29. Yukki dropped Masa onto the ground, and she pulled berries out of her tuft. "A-are you ok?" she whispered as she fed him. "Thank you kind sir.." She cuts herself off, with her own heavy breathing. "Do you have anything for poison..??" she questioned Joey, as she noticed her own condition getting worse.
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  30. Joey groaned. "I don't, but I did see Jesse eat a Pecha berry earlier." He picked the two Pokémon up with each arm. "Come on!" He started running around to try to find Jesse.
  31. Blue looked at them and she remember she had one pecha berry from last time she went berry hunting "Hey i have a pecha berry " she said smiling before she looked down as she holding it out.
  32. Joey heard Blue. "Quick give it to this Minccino." He said as he set her down on the ground. Jesse walked up to Joey. "What happened?" He asked. "They were attacked by a pack of Ekans, I managed to chase them off." Joey explained.
  33. Blue nodded and she ran up to the Minccino and she handed it to her and she smiled "cmon eat it " she said smiling before she sat down beside her waiting for the pokemon to eat it.
  34. Yukki nodded and smiled, and gripped onto the Pecha berry. "You're really allowing me to have this?!" she questioned Blue.

    Masa scanned the area, looking for anymore possible ambushes. He was honestly quite embarrassed, having to be saved twice and all.
  35. Blue nodded "of course your in pain " she said pushing the berry closer to the girl and she drooped "i don't want one of my new friends to die" she said sounding sad and worried but at the same time happy she was saving her.
  36. Flare was not with the others, but near them. He was staring at Venavee, who was skidding along a pond. Flare looked to the left when Venavee looked at him. He just decided to leave and meet up with the others. "Hey guys." He said, blushing.
  37. Yukki nodded, and carefully grabbed onto the berry. She bit into it gracefully, and smiled. "Thank you so much!" she jumped happily, and hugged Blue. The Mincinno then turned towards Masa, and cradled him like a child.

    Masa grunted, and tried to squirm out of her embrace.
  38. Lilly helped Oakly back to the safe zone. She set him down before returning to the destroyed farm to collect anything she could. Heaving berries onto a broken sleigh, she tugged it toward the village. She kept one hand on her hat, keeping to much light from her eyes.
  39. As the sun shone overhead, two Pokemon dueled in the treetops. One was a Meowth in a matador's hat and red cape, the other a Pawniard serving the oppressors. It had been a long, drawn out battle since Calico had been separated from his partner, but the normal type had worn down his opponent quite a bit over time with hit and run tactics. And now, he felt he was ready to deal the coupe de grace to his foe. As the Pawniard dove down on him with a metal claw, he slipped between the branches and severed the branch his opponent landed on with slash. The Pawniard landed flat on his back rather than his feet, growling in frustration. "Stop fooling around and surrender, you stupid cat!"

    "That's the best insult you can think of?" Calico quipped with a taunting smile. "Typical coming from a Pokemon who's head is solid metal."

    "Enough!! I'm going to end this once and for all! Neither you or your friend are going to escape us! Not after what you've done to dishonor Lord Bisharp!" Pawniard ranted.

    "I was only telling my version of the truth through artistic perspective." Calico mused.

    "You spray-painted graffiti all over Lord Bisharp's castle walls." Pawniard corrected. "You're also the worst artist I've ever seen."

    "Well, as much as I'd like to continue this conversation, I'm afraid I must be going." Calico said, plucking a rose from seemingly out of nowhere and holding it before him. "However, I won't be rude to leave without so much as an adieu." With that, he tossed the rose into the air, the Pawniard's attention drawn to it, as if he was expecting it to do something. While his focus was averted, Calico knelt down and a Riolu shot out of the brush behind him and over his head, running toward the Pawniard as his attention snapped back to the battle a moment too late.

    "G'night, metal head!" The riolu shouted as he rammed his fist into the Pawniard's "jaw" with a brick break. The blow sent the dark-steel type tumbling back into a tree, out cold. "Ha! Score one for the canine!" he cheered as he fist pumped.

    "Hate to spoil your moment of victory, pal, but we need to go." Calico replied, his spanish accent clear as always in his voice. "If we're not out of here by the time reinforcements arrive, I don't think we can hold out."

    "Ha! Maybe you can't, kitty, but I can fight for days!" Korrin bragged as he readjusted his bandages.

    "Even with that wound from the honchkrow i saved you from earlier?" Calico chuckled.

    "Sh-shut up! That was a fluke on the Honchkrow's part, alright?" Korrin retorted.

    "Whatever you want to believe, Korrin. Whatever you want to believe." Korrin growled at Calico's witty remark, but followed begrudgingly as they began to approach the village. "Finally, a place where we can rest and resupply." Calico sighed as he spotted the exterior walls of the village. As he and Korrin entered, they looked around to see the village had been destroyed. Calico paused, then let out a sigh. "Are...you...KIDDING...me?!" he muttered through gritted teeth.

    "'Rest and resupply', huh?" Korrin mused with a smirk. "Well, if you don't mind sleeping in a destroyed house, and scavenging from shops, you're sort of right."

    "Shut up..." Calico moaned.
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  40. Elise was disguised as a vulpix like usual. She looked over and saw the destroyed farm, and she quickly ran over to it. She said in a frantic voice" You ok? You need any help? I was traveling looking for somewhere safe and I saw your farm destroyed. Did anyone get hurt?" I can help you if you need anything."

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