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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Masa nodded, and began to search around the rubble. He climbed under rocks, and weaved through objects laying around. He found her small basket, and dragged it back to the Audino.
    Yukki's arms barely moved, and her lips separated. She let out a soft whimper of pain as she held her eyes tightly together.
  2. "Don't move miss. You'll be alright," with a free hand she reached into her bundle and grabbed an oran berry bringing it to Yuki's lips, "eat slowly. It's ok you'll be fine".
    She continued to use heal pulse, trying to help her patient recover.
  3. Yukki struggled to take a bite out of the berry, her teeth were clenched from the pain. She let go of her teeth's grip, letting go of a strong pressure in her mouth. She ignored the pain the release of pressure brought, and bit into the berry. She also let her eyelids relax, but still kept them shut.
  4. "It's ok, everything will be fine," Lilly soothed, now using a hand to gently rub Yuki's head and smile. She sung softly as she waited for the aron to return with the basket so she could administer a rawst berry to Yuki.
  5. Yukki managed a soft smile.
    Aron stumbled through the debree, and managed to get back to the Audino. "H-here ma'am.. Is she going to be o-ok?" he stuttered as he placed down the basket next to her.
  6. "She's going to be fine, little one," Lilly smiled and found a rawst berry, bringing it to Yuki's lips and offering to help feed her. She looked over the wounds and sighed, "you won't be able to work and will need lots of rest though. We also need to get you to a safe zone".
  7. "I-I need to work.. I- I.. I have to help Masa now.. He is my friend.. I need to get my berries... My b-boss will be mad.." Yukki spit out as her hands began to shake.
    Masa looked at Yukki, and held her hand. "You've helped me enough now.. You gave me a roof to live under... and food.." he whispered.
  8. "And you'll be employed on my farm until I clear you to go home. I'll give you shelter and food if you need. And that's doctor's orders so you can't argue with it," Lilly rubbed Yuki's head and sighed happily. She needed to go check on Oakly but couldn't leave her patients.
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  9. Yukki sighed, and glanced down at Masa. She smiled and gripped onto his small hand.
    The Aron let out a small whimper of pain, he never realized how strong/weak she/he was until a burnt Minccino almost broke his hand.
    Yukki let go of his hand and opened her eyes."Doctor? Where can I go..? What is that place you talked about?!" she began to sit up.
    Masa attempted to push her down, just in case she would hurt herself. He failed miserably, and fell onto the ground.
  10. Lily tried to calm the minccino picking everything up before the Yuki and putting Masa on his feet, "I'll carry you. Just rest for a bit ok"?
    Oakly whimpered as he sat in the closet. The grass type crept out and looked around for Lilly, trying to find her.
  11. Yukki nodded and fell asleep.
    Masa blushed after realizing how stupid he looked. He looked back at the destructed house and sighed.
  12. "Follow me small one," Lilly motioned and started to walk back towards the medical hit. She made sure that Yuki would be video table and that her hat was securely on her head as she started to move back to the safe zone that had been set up.
  13. Masa looked at the Audino, and began to mumbled inside his head. "Why does she keep calling me 'little one'..? I am going to evolve soon." he thought to himself. He let out a soft chuckle as he stayed close by her.
  14. Once she stepped into the safe zone she was flooded with other healers who quickly took Yuki out of her arms and started to move her to a cot for further examination. Lilly looked back at masa, "your friend will be ok".
  15. Masa looked concerned as Yukki was being handed off like a doll. He sighed an glanced downwards. "Where do I-I go now?" he whispered to the healer.
  16. "You can follow her or come with me to find another one of my charges," Lilly smiled and offered a pecha berry to the aron from her hat bundle. She was still covered in dirt and her minor wound still hadn't been looked after but she seemed happy and fine.
  17. Joey ran around using Aqua Jet and damaged many opposing Pokémon until a Muk hit him with Crunch which stopped him in his tracks. Joey retaliated using Liquidation and knocked the Muk back but it shot a Gunk Shot at Joey and did a lot of damage. Joey jumped back really far due to his ability but ran back as soon as possible, the Muk tried to hit Joey with Poison Fang but was hit by a First Impression followed by a Leech Life the finished off with liquidation. The Mightyena Jumped at Joey from the sides but Joey chopped its neck with Brick Break and launched it into a wall. "Keep coming! I'll beat you all down!"
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  18. Masa looked uncertain, he shook his head and looked up at the Audino. "M-may I come with you ma'am..? I don't want to see Yukki in anymore pain than she already is.." he whispered. The Aron began to ponder at his morals inside his head, "Why am I so... What happened to me?" Masa's legs began to shake at the thought of him being more social, he didn't want to open up just to be shut out again.
  19. "Of course," Lilly smiled and rubbed his head. She looked around and saw Oakly running toward them. She took him into her arms and motioned for Masa to follow her.
  20. Masa followed the healer, glancing around at the pokemon around him. He looked at the new stranger, hiding his face from him. "Where... are we going...?" he whispered
  21. "This is Oakly. He's another one of my charges," Lilly's looked at masa. Oakly peaked an eye open an he looked the Aron's the audino made it to another part of the small safe zone that young Pokemon were being kept in, letting Oakly, "I need to go find Squirt".
  22. Masa nodded, and stayed close behind her. "Who.. is this um...squirt?" the Aron whispered as he awkwardly crept between pokemon.
    Yukki sat up once more, and gazed around at the strangers who handled her. "Where am I?! WHERE IS MASA!" she hollered.
  23. "He's a squirtle," the audino replied and Oakly ran around to play with some of the others. She looked back toward the medical tent when there was a yell, "I think your friend is awake".
  24. Masa looked back at Yukki, "Ignore her.." he whispered as he continued forward.
    Yukki jolted around, holding onto her charred side. "MASA!! WHERE ARE WE!" she cried out.
  25. "You should probably go find her and let her know you're ok," Lilly suggested, looking over everyone before talking to another caretaker and starting bin her way to find squirt.
  26. Masa sighed and dashed towards Yukki, tripping a few people as his heavy, metal body hit them. "Y-Yukki?" he called out as he was suddenly grabbed from behind.
    Yukki held the Aron in her arms, and cradled him like a baby. "I MISSED YOU!!" She screamed as she hugged him.
    "W-we're at a safe zone, the village was pillaged and destroyed.." he whispered.
  27. Lilly had started in her way back to the farm, keeping a sharp eye out for anything bad. She called out to squirt hoping that just because Oakly had moved that the water type hadnt, "squirt"!
  28. Squirt had an idea. He wasn't allowed to attack himself, but that doesn't mean he couldn't use objects. He squirmed through the hole, barely avoiding the Pokemon and set his sights on a big rock. Squirt had always wanted to climb it. But this was even better. He used four hydro pumps and ten waterfalls to suspend the gigantic rock high in the air, just out of sight. The plan was to get them to chase him, then fire it down at them when they came. A ball of rock and scalding water was sure to deal damage. Then Squirt realised he was only using a pebble nad used one bubble beam on it. He got to the real thing and got everything ready, he tiptoed over to the hole and squirted the remaining Pokemon. They chased him, he used aqua jet to run away. "HEY! YOU COWARDS GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT US!" Bandit growled. She went to check on Squirt but couldn't find him. Squirt was ready to drop it on them but he tripped and they got closer, he used a surf to keep them away but it was more like a splash attack. He must have used all his water energy to suspend the rock. Quickly squirt led them away and dropped it. A pillar of rocks appeared as the rock exploded, sending stones everywhere. One flew through the hole and hit Bandit in the face, knocking her out. Dust was everywhere but when it cleared it showed a pile of fainted Pokemon. Squirt used the tiny remains of his energy to bring Bandit over to show them, he pulled at Lily and hoped she and Oakley would come too. Once him and Andit arrived he collapsed unconscious. He hoped Lily and Oakley would come to see how awesome he was. "Wow. He is so grounded. It's going to take a while for him to recover!" Bandit said softly
  29. Lilly followed the water type, happy to see that he was okey. She looked around to see if there were any injured Pokemon in need of help. She saw what squirt had done and flinched.
  30. "How? How did he DO THAT!" Bandit asked lily, hoping she might know. She was kind of worried at Squirts strength. Squirt was snoring now, he must have woken up and fallen asleep. A big bubble came from his mouth, going in and out with every breath.
  31. "I don't know," Lilly sighed and picked up Squirt. She held him like a baby and looked at Bandit, "you're his mother so you should be holding him. Maybe we should talk with someone about this after everything is done"?
  32. Tears poured from Yukki's eyes, as she softened her grip on Masa.
    "I am sorry Yukki... All I could do was save you.." his voice began to become more shaky and startled.
    Yukki dropped him onto the floor and walked off, dragging her tail across the ground. The other pokemon seemed to form a pathway for her, stepping away so she could get by.
  33. "Well, um I'm a fire type and he's a water type and well. My skin will evaporate if I touch him," Bandit explained "But I can hold him by the shell. And yes! We should talk to someone about this.". Bandit took Squirt from Lily and carried him back home. She stopped and ordered Joey to meet her at her house. She told him she had something very important to discuss.
  34. Lilly nodded to the two before making her way back to the safe zone, wanting to check on the minccino she had left in the care of the other healers.
  35. Yukki pushed through the crowds of people, marching her way out.
    Masa took a deep breath, and walked the opposite direction as the Minccino. He looked down at his feet as he walked, just to trip over himself later on. He got to a small area, and relaxed himself, wishing he could evolve soon. All he wanted was to be bigger and stronger, he didn't want to constantly trip over himself, and be pushed around by others.
  36. Lilly intercepted the minccino and smiled gently, offering an apple to her, "would you like it? You should still be laying down, your injuries might still hurt you".
    Oakly played with other baby Pokemon in the small pop up nursery.
  37. Yukki looked up, dodging the Audino's question. "Is it really gone..?" she struggled to mutter as she wiped tears from her eyes.
    Masa looked back at the smoke devouring the village in the distance, "All I need to do is level up one more... I am so close..." he thought to himself as he stood and began to inch towards the village.
  38. "Is what gone," Lilly smiled and offered the apple again. She sat down infront of the other normal type and tried to comfort the Pokemon to the best of her abilities.
  39. "M-my home!?" She cried out as the endless stream of tears glided down her face.
    Masa sprinted for his life as the endless army of Ekans came to get revenge on him, he knew he shouldn't go to the camp, that would bring the others danger. He looked at the little options he had, "A) I continuously run and get far away from any sort of shelter or comfort, or B) Fight the horde.." he thought to himself. He knew he was weak, but that spark of hope lit him up, knowing that he would evolve.
  40. "It can always be rebuilt, everything will be ok," Lilly soothed and placed the apple in her hands. She stood up and looked around, "we should get back to the safe zone so we can care for your wounds".
    She dusted herself off and stretched.

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