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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Nuri examined the pokèmon that hopped up on the bench, not even a tails length away from her. She growled softly at it, noticing the pokepuff on its head.

    Yogi bounced up and quietly trotted around, his ears pressed against his head. He sniffed the air for anything remotely close to sweet things.
  2. Oakly threw his pokepuff up and caught it, simply playing with his food as he drawer out its eating time. The young seedot not noticing the other pokemon.
    Lilly heaved the pot toward the first feild, her hat slipping off her head as the wind caught it, "no"!
  3. Poli looked at her. " I was just wondering if anything else was stolen." He said responding to her question.
  4. "Well other then my hat that the wind just stole then no. Nothing else has been taken yet. I have a feeling that I might be visited by tax collectors soon but as long as I comply they don't usually hurt anything," Lilly shook her head, watching as her sun hat got stuck in a tree. She placed the water pot down and marched over to collect her headwear.
  5. Bandit waited at home with Squirt for Lily to prepare dinner, Squirt magicked up some pokepuffs and ate them all "Hey? You shouldn't eat before going to Lily's, you won't eat your food!" Bandit explained
  6. Lilly struggled as se tried to reach her sun hat. The audino let out a small sound of anger when she couldn't. She looked at Poli and smiled sheepishly, "can you help me"?
  7. " Sure." Poli said as he walked over to the tree. He stood on his tip toes and reached for the hat. He grabbed it and gently placed it on her head. " There you go." He said to her.
  8. "Thank you," she nodded and made sure her hat wasn't going to go flying. She went over to the pot and poured its contents into a trough that fed into the ground. She then called Oakly over, the seedot finally eating his food and running over to was up. She smiled and patted his head before motioning to Poli to follow her inside the house. She washed her hands before starting to prepare the food.
  9. Bandit put Squirt to bed for a quick nap before they were going to Lily's house in case he would be tired and grumpy. She locked the door and went over to Stufful, she noticed bits of slime. The slime was originally purple but changed when Bandit touched it. It turned into her skin colour. "Dittos... IT WAS DITTOS!" Bandit screamed as she scuttled to the place dittos like to hang around. The electricity plalace. It made purfect sense because apart from the slime there was a tingly aura there. Like a electric type. She melted the metal door down and ran over to the first ditto she found. She murdered all the dittos in this gang and melted the last door. A lucario stood there. She hung on to the fire like, diamond shaped rock she found and danced, the lucario was confused but was soon hit by an Inferno Overdrive. The entire building was melted along with lucario and the dittos. The lucario put up no fight. It just gave up. Bandit felt like this was only the beginning.
  10. Poli fallowed Lily into the house. He made his way to a bathroom and washed his hands. He made sure they were spotless. He proceeded to walk to the table and sat down. " Nice place you have here Lily." He said.
  11. "Thank you. I try to keep it presentable," Lilly hummed back as she gave Oakly bowls to set the table with. The grass type did, running around the table and setting it. Lilly was making fruit salad and was roasting some vegetables more something less sweet.
  12. Nuri stood up and silently made her way to the seedot. She stood beside him and glared down at him with a flame in her eyes.

    Yogi stopped and looked around. He was extremely lost. He couldn't remember a thing for some reason.
  13. Oakly screamed and started to cry. He fell back and closed his eyes tightly, tears falling quickly, "what did I do! Please don't hurt me"!
    Lilly heard the yelling and ran to see what was happening, looking around to find her charge.
  14. Yukki skipped through the town, trying to find her way back home. She constantly had to bend over and pick up her berries that fell from her basket, because of the amount of times they would fall out due to her movements. She hummed a soft melody as she went, smiling and waving every time she saw a pokemon pass her.

    Masa followed her from the shadows, debating whether or not to see her. As she approached her house, he side and crawled out of the corners.
  15. Bandit woke Squirt up and made her way over to Lily's house to see if they could help with anything. "Hey? Is there anything you need help with lily? Hey! What's up Oakley? Why are 'ya crying? Did that Pokemon hurt you?!" Bandit said
  16. "There was a scary Pokemon," he cried and whimpered. Lilly spotted them and picked them up. She scooped up Oakly into her arms and shushed the grass type, waving her guests I to the house for dinner.
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  17. "Well okay?" Bandit said as she sat down at Lily's table, she was worried about anyone else dying. She couldn't bear another death. She sat Squirt down and got him ready for dinner
  18. Lilly put Oakly down in his chair and started to serve food. She patted her charges head and the seedot immediately forgot about his crying and started eating when he was given food.
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  19. "Wow! This is great!" Bandit explained as she took a bite of her food. "Ooh squirt like!" Squirt said. Bandit waited for everyone else to start before she took anymore. Squirt on the other hand had finished within seconds, he gave a small burp once finished "Pardon you." Bandit said as she giggled
  20. "Y-Yukki" Masa stuttered as he crept closer to her.

    Yukki turned around to see a small Aron looking at her. "MASA!" She screeched as she threw her basket to the side and ran up to him.
    The Minccino scooped him up and cradled him like a child. Tears rushed down her face as she started to hug him.

    Masa sighed and hugged her back, at this point he wasn't sure if he liked her company or not.
  21. Lilly smiled and thanked them. She slowly but into her food, smiling at the compliment her food had gotten. She giggled when squirt burned and smiled at her guests.
  22. "Excuse me!" Nuri quickly trotted up to the table and stood next to the seedot, but faced everyone else. "Has anyone seen a peppy Jolteon bouncing around here by any chance?" She asked.

    Yogi's ears perked as he heard a burst of voices.
  23. "Oh! Um no," Lilly shook her head and smiled in surprise.
    Oakly yelled and started crying. The young pokemon recognizing her, Lilly rushed to calm him but he just started crying loudly.
  24. Nuri jumped back in surprise, her fur prickled and her lips drawn back into a snarl. 'No wonder I hate crybabies!' She thought to herself, backing up slightly.

    Yogi heard the crying and followed the sound until he crashed straight into Nuri. He stood up, shook himself off before turning to the seedot and pressing his nose against the seedot's body "Hey there...What's the matter?" He asked gently, as to not startle him even more.
  25. "She scary," Oakly cried as Lilly rocked him gently. She kissed his head and slowly the young Pokemon calmed down. She looked at Yogi and nodded her head, thanking him for trying to get Oakly to calm down.
  26. Nuri sat up and growled "Yeah! I'm fine! Thanks for asking!" She barked out sarcastically, her fangs bared. She tensed up once she saw Yogi, and backed up into the shadows quickly.

    Yogi bowed his head and took a step back, then his ear twitched and he looked around 'Could've sworn that that Ninetales was Nuri....but I guess not!'
  27. Yukki began to stutter, "M-masa where have you been? I missed you so much!!" she cried out.

    The Aron looked up at her with sad eyes. "I have been travelling alone.. I was in search of this village to.. find you." He whispered. "That was a lie.. I came here so I can get away from everything.." He thought to himself.

    Yukki pulled Masa closer to her, and held him more tightly. "You are such a sweet heart! I love you bro!" she giggled as she set him down. "You should come stay with me! My house is near bye, you can have that Iron ore you like,and I can have some Kelpsy berries for dinner!!" The minccino chuckled as she skipped back towards her basket. "This way!!" she cheered as she ran for her house.
  28. Bandit finished her meal and was waiting for everyone else to finish. A loud banging caught her attention. She ignored it for a while but as it got louder she had to investigate. "I'm going to go to the bathroom." Bandit explained awkwardly. She got up and sneaked out of the farm, the sound becoming louder. She headed toward It and it led her to the wall, she growled and ignored it again. The sound was so loud and the ground started shaking. She turned to find the wall had a huge dent in it, the bricks crumbling. She hid on the left side of the dent. Seconds later the dent was a hole and a few Ariados entered, they were hit with a flamethrower and melted. "Thank god they're part bug type! I would have had a bad time trying to defeat them then!" Bandit thought to herself as ten Pokemon entered, Five Drapions, one Muk, two Salazzles, one Shiftry and one Mightyena. Bandit shuddered and used flame wheel to keep them in place. Then she ran to Joey and told him to meet her at the opposite side of town. She got to Lily's farm "Poli, Lily! There's a hole in the wall and ten Pokemon have entered! They are final evolution and seem really strong! I've kept them in place for now but I need help ASAP! I've alerted Joey but there may be more behind them, I don't know for certain but it's pretty likely! Meet me at the place opposite your farm!" Bandit exclaimed quickly before racing over to the hole.
  29. Lilly stood up quickly and started to usher Oakly and squirt into a hidden compartment she had made incase this had happened. She was panicked, eyes holding a worried look as she then turned her attention to making sure there were healing berries at the ready.
  30. Joey arrived at the location where Bandit told him. "Leave this village now!" He shouted angry and used First Impression on the Mightyena that jumped over the fire and knocked it into the ground. "You have been warned!"
  31. Lilly was soon back where she could help get people to safety. The audino using heal pulse on people that were fighting or getting caught in the fighting. She braced herself when she was thrown by the shiftry. She scrapped against the ground and used hyper voice to combat him.
  32. Bandit used toxic to weaken them and prevent them from moving. She yowled as someone bit her tail, it was Squirt "SQUIRT! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Bandit said angrily. Squirt ran up to them and stuck out his tongue then shot a mean glare at them and used Hydro pump on the two Salazzle, he wasn't strong so it didn't do as much as he hoped. He bit one's head and used water spout. He then used Hydro Pump again, they were really weak and so he spat out two bubbles. One hit each Salazzle and popped, the Salazzles both fainted. The Drapions used poison sting, luckily it didn't poison him, just hurt really bad which was still horrible. Bandit healed him quickly, which wouldn't help all of it but it was good for now. She put him back at Lily's farm and gave him a few Oran berrys, once he consumed them all he would be fully healed. Bandit raced back to the hole and was ready to fight.
  33. Lilly ran away from the shiftry, dodging around things to make her way to the injured. She got to work healing wounds and bandaging injuried that the berries could not heal. She helped keep people back and sent those who were healthy enough. She left her wounds, which were not very dire, unattended.
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  34. Joey hit a Drapion with Aqua jet and knocked it out, he saw a Shiftry lunge at Lily and stopped it with Leech Life and knocked it out. "I should thank you, I appreciated that extra energy" He said to the Shiftry laying on the ground and ran back into battle. He hit another Drapion with Aqua Jet.
  35. Lilly shreiked and when the shiftry leapt at her and nodded to Joey when he saved her. The audino then turned back to healing the injured and hiding the weak. She dusted herself and soldiered on.
  36. Yukki cheered as she created dinner, knocking over plates as she went.

    Masa sat patiently in one of the chairs, looking out the window. He noticed a quick figure zip past the window, and onto the roof. "Y-yukki?" Masa stuttered as he jumped off the chair.

    "Yes! What's the matter?!?! Getting hungry!?" She giggled as she turned and looked at him.
    "T-there is something on the r-roof." he whispered.
    "That's called a chimney!" the Minccino chuckled.
    The Aron began to panic, but suddenly he heard the roof began to explode.
    A flame burst. The Aron knew it would hurt him badly, but Yukki's life was on the line..
    A Salazzle crawled through the hole in the ceiling, burning the wooden house. The stranger ran up to Yukki and grabbed her, using ember on her. Masa stared in shock as his friend cried out for help. His expression turned from fear to anger, and he charged at the Salazzle. He used iron head, knocking her back. 1/2 damage...
    He is weak.
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  37. The Salazzle chuckled as it jumped upwards, the Minccino still in her arms. The stranger tossed the girl to the side, and dashed towards Masa.
    She used Toxic, as the Aron stood still.
    Masa began to think to himself, "Toxic? How dumb is she? That has no effect.." He smirked as the attack had no damage. The Aron sprinted towards her, using rockslide.
    The Salazzle's eyes lit up with fear as she watched herself being buried alive, Super Effective.
    Masa climbed over the rocks, looking upwards at Yukki. He began to ponder as he tried to decipher about what to do with her. She was covered in burn marks, and he was too small to move her.
  38. Lilly was running through the town looking for survivors. The audino worried and slightly panicking as she searched. She saw two Pokemon and ran over, "are you both alright"?
  39. Masa looked at the Audino as hope spread across his face, along with fear. "Y-yukki.. She is my friend, she was burned by a Salazzle.." he called out. "I can't move her... I am too weak.." he whispered as he wiped tears from is eyes.
  40. "Shhh it's ok little one," Likly tried to calm the aron. She used heal pulse on the burned Pokemon infront of her after putting her hat down and asking Masa to find rawst berries for her in the bundle she kept in it.

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