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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Lily watched the fighting and picked Squirt off of the theives, giving him back to bandit and blocking the fighting, "stop! Please, it's just a little food and Oakly is ok now! Stop! You three leave and don't do this again"!
    Oakly waddled over to her and pressed against her leg.
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  2. Masa ran into the village and collapsed onto the floor.He didn't seem to see anyone around him, besides a small garden. He turned around to see the horde of Ekans slithering away, probably going to harm some other pokemon. He sighed and stood up, keeping close to the shadows, just in case he wasn't wanted here.

    Yukki hummed a sweet melody as she continued her work on the garden. She giggled as a floette floated past her.
  3. Bandit giggled and rubbed Squirt on the head. Squirt took Bandit's hat and pulled out a blue bandana and three orran berrys. He put on the bandana and ate the orran berrys. Bandit took her hat back and said something, she then touched Squirt's bandana, making it magic. "There." She said. "Oh, Oakley, since your into magic, if you've got anything you take around with you, I can make it magic so you can be magic always!" She said to him
  4. Daniel walked into the village, hoping to find a rebellion to quell. He couldn't stand haring Pokémon trying to help and care for each other. Pokemon would stop what they were doing when Daniel walked by. He smiled at the fact he had some intimidation here.
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  5. Squirt saw a wierd Pokemon enter and walked over to him "Helow mistew." He said as he squirted him "Hehehe!" Squirt laughed as he ran around Daniel, poking him from all angles.
  6. Oakly nodded and the trio of theives ran away. Lilly sighed and started to hand out the food for free and give back the money that was taken. The people cheered happily and thanked the farmer for her kindness but she just directed their cheers to Poli and Bandit, smiling happily as two baby pokemon squirried over and took some food to eat.
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  7. "Hey, Lily? Did you see where Squirt went? He was here a minute ago!" Bandit said anxiously
    Squirt jamp on Daniel and poked him in the eyes, then claimed all over him like a jungle gym.
  8. "Stop!" Daniel barked at Squirt," Go home kid, before I kill you!" Daniel looked at the Wartortle running around him. A blade of Darkness appeared in his hands.Sweet, First prey of the day! Daniel thought
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  9. Joey saw the corpse of the Stufful and read the note. He then crushed the note with a furious expression on his face. He got up and walked out. "Who did this! Show yourself!" He yelled furious.
  10. "Sowy Mistew grumpy pants!" Squirt said as he stuck out his tounge. And continued to poke him in the eyes, then he tripped him up. He jumped on him, and squirted him. "MOMMY GAVE MY SCARF MAGIC, I CAN READ MINDS. YOU'LL BE MY FIRST PREY IF YOU TRY TO TOUCH ME SMELLYPANTS!" He said darkly as he continued to jokefuly poke his eyes.
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  11. Lilly heard the yelling and walked over to find Squirt ontop of someone. She rushed over and pulled the water type off of him and scolded squirt gently. She looked at Daneil sheepishly, bowing her head and looking submissive, "Squirt don't do that to people. Go find your mommy. I'm so sorry sir. He's so young".
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  12. "Go home!" Daniel shouted at Squirt. HE shook of the child and slashed at him with his blade. He looked again to the child an said,"This isn't worth my time."
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  13. "Owie!!! My face!!!!" Squirt cried as he jamp on Daniel's head, biting it hard. "Huh?" Bandit said as she scuttled over to find Squirt with a slashed face, biting someone. "HEY! YOU MONSTER, HOW DARE YOU HURT MY SON!" Bandit roared as she bit Daniel's tounge and pulled hard, she let Squirt chew and she punched him in the face.
  14. Lilly put squirt down and pushed him toward where bandit was. She looked at Daniel and bowed to the dark type, offering some of the food she still held, "please forgive him sir. He didn't know. You know baby Pokemon, little trouble makers".
  15. Bandit punched Daniel to the ground and pulled Squirt away "NEVER. HURT. MY. CHILD. OR. YOU WILL PAY. SEVERELY." She said sternly as she healed Squirt up. She decided to show some mercy and heal Daniel up too.
  16. "Grrh," Daniel grunted after he was bitten. He looked at Lily and said," I gave him a warning a let you of easy. THIS TIME." He turned to Bandit and said," Assualting a Dark Type represenitive, That's punishable by death. But again, I'm letting you off easy."
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  17. Lilly nodded again and again, slowly pushing Bandit and Squiet away from the dark type. She smile at him softly and kept trying to get her friends away, "come on you two. Let's not make him mad, let's go".
  18. Bandit clenched her fist and walked away with Squirt, then ran back and gave Daniel an uppercut. "I have a short fuse. Mess with me slightly and all hell breaks loose. 'Y'know Im not afraid to kill someone. I can control my rage. When I like people I make sure I don't hurt them. Others, I can't guarantee..." she said softly as she walked over to Joey "Hey! How are you? W-who is that on the ground there?" She said
  19. Daniel spit up some blood from the uppercut." That damn kid started it!" Daniel cursed. He watched as the threesome left. "Good riddance," He muttered out off their earshot. "You people show no decency towards your superiors!"
  20. "oh a dark type." Poli said. He was hurt from the thunder shock. "I'm so scared." He sarcasticly said. " If you want to be respected don't look down to others." And with that Poli left the dark type alone.
  21. Lilly scurried over to where she was selling her produce, saying hello to people and smiling happily at the people of the village. She loved this part of her life, giving happiness and hope for a better world in these troubling times. She kissed Oakly on the head and the grass type ran away.
  22. Masa watched the 'argument' from behind the buildings, than squirmed away. As he attempted to leave the area, he collapsed out into the open after tripping over a rock.

    Yukki skipped through the garden tending to all the plants. She smiled as she wiped the dirt off of herself, and grabbed a basket. She picked up some berries and put them into the basket, smiling as she started to march through the town.
  23. "Oh that's not Joey, silly me." But who-who is that? Bandit asked as she examined the body. She rolled it over to see Stufful, lying there, no heart. Dead. She started to cry, the tears evaporating as the ran down her cheek. "Why..." Bandit cried out. She ran to Lily and Poli and told them to meet her at the gate ASAP. She ran to find Joey who was in the forest. "YOU KNEW. DIDNT YOU. YOU NEVER TOLD ME!" She roared at Joey as she ran crying to the gate waiting for Lily an Poli to arrive.
  24. Daniel heard a loud crash and decided to check it out. He found Masa lying on the ground and asked," Citizen, are you okay?" Daniel was not okay himself from saying this. HE was confused of why he even did it, Could that wartortle have softened my heart.
  25. Poli shook his head and walked to the gate. He wondered what made Bandit so upset. He barley new the girl but he felt some sorrow when he saw her like that.
  26. "Poli! Thank goodness your here! Its Stufful. She-She's dead!" Bandit exclaimed, clouds of evaporated steam appearing above her head due to her crying.
  27. Joey looked at Bandit. "If you're talking about Stufful, I only found out not long ago. I've been trying to find the bastard that killed her. No one kill Pokemon from my village and get away with it while I'm around!" He shouted.
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  28. Though Poli didn't know who this Stufful was he grabbed bandit and held her close to him. " I'm sorry for your lose." He said. Steam appeared between them as her fiery body met his wet body.
  29. Lilly had followed Poli and gasped when she saw and heard about Stufful. She walked over to bandit and hugged the poisen type, showing her condolences. The audino's ears twitched and she took her hat off to show her respects, "I'm so sorry for your loss".
  30. Masa began to shake as the stranger spoke to him. He looked terrified. He let out a small squeal as he attempted to escape, tripping over himself.
  31. "Hey, It's alright, I'm only trying to help," Daniel reassured." Those other Pokémon just rubbed me the wrong way." Daniel followed Masa's desperate attempt to flee. He reached out his hand and said," I'm Daniel, It's nice to meet you." The words scratched through his throat.What am I doing? Daniel questioned himself internally.
  32. He shakily grabbed onto his hand, than quickly pulled his hand back. "I am not trusting anyone, you know what happened when you trusted those Ekans.." he thought to himself as he looked at the pokemon infront of him. The Aron picked himself up, and began to slowly walk back into the shadows. Before he went, he turned around and looked at the stranger. "M-Masa.." he whispered.
  33. " See you around Masa," Daniel released at that moment that he ,was what the kids are calling it these days, a bad guy.I wish to redeem myself, I'll join the rebellion and overthrow the people I once called friends. Daniel plotted.
  34. Lilly pulled away and sat back to let Bandit breath. She saw Oakly running up to her after he finished the sails up for the day and accepted any shipping they got. Of course he had help by one of Lilly's friends that she trusted. She looked at Poli and waved goodbye for the day. She kissed Bandit on the head and smiled gently, "come by tonight for dinner. My treat. Everyone can come actually".
  35. Masa traveled around for a bit, trying to familiar himself with the village. During his journey, he heard a light humming near the garden. He peeked around a building's corner to see none other than Yukki. He instantly regretted coming to this village.
  36. "Okay Lily..." Bandit said softly
  37. Lilly nodded and started to walk away with Oakly in her arms. The audino looked over her shoulder and sighed, walking out of the gate and towards her farm. Oakly chatted her ears off before realizing that they didn't get balloons, then he started whining.
  38. Nuri growled softly, one of her tails curling over her front paws neatly. "And you'd expect these pokèmon to get along and help eachother" She scowled, her ears folding back. She stayed hidden in the shadows.

    Yogi watched everybody with wide eyes "Why do they have to fight?" He asked himself, his yellow fur spiking up. He was never one to enjoy fighting.
  39. Poli walked to Lily's farm. He got to the door and knocked. He had to make sure nothing else was stolen by those creeps.
  40. Lilly walked around the house, carrying a large pot filled with water for the crops she had yet to harvest. Oakly ran out from behind her and bounced around, a pokepuff balanced on his head as he zoomed off to a bench that sat under an old oak tree. Lilly stopped when she saw Poli and walked over to him carrying the pot, "what can I do for you sir"?

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