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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Lilly nodded her head and smiled, putting her hat on and looking at Bandit. She bowed to the poisen type and smiled brightly, "it's good to see another trained in healing. If you need any supplies for making potions and salves just ask or come visit my farm".
    Oakly got out of the haystack and started to cry loudly, tears falling from his eyes. He was covered in scrapes and bruises but the biggest thing he was crying about was the fact that he didn't save the food from the theives.
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  2. "Yeah, there isn't many doctors left now..." Bandit said sadly as she lifted Stufful home "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!" She roared at Stufful "I-I'm sorry, I was getting the basket. I didn't mean to..." Stufful replied sadly. "I know, I know." Bandit said as she ran out to find the Drapion, she Finaly found it and attacked it, she poisoned it and attacked it lots. Once she was sure it was dead she went home proudly.
  3. Lilly went to find Oakly. When she heard his crying, she rushed to pick him back up into her arms. She kissed his head and gave him an oran berry to eat. He explained what happened through hiccups and tears. Lilly shook her head and they started to find their way back home. They saw Joey and walked over him, Lilly offering a oran berry to the guard, "are you ok? It doesn't do much and I'm sorry to put this on you but id like to report a theft. The baskets of food I had brought were stolen and the theives hurt Oakly".
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  4. Bandit was wandering and overheard the word stolen, she rushed over and asked "Can I help?" Bandit had a great sense of hearing and sight and was the perfect helper for the situation.
  5. Lilly jumped a little and Oakly hid his face away from bandit. The normal type sighed and rubbed his head, "if you wish. That food was supposed to go to everyone in the town. I don't sell for large prices to help out struggling families but those theives could sell it for very high prices".
    "Are you gonna hurt me," Oakly looked at Bandit shyly, leaning into Lilly's hold.
  6. Poli walked through the village. He was wet from his swim earlier today. He saw a Saezzel and an Audino talking. The Audino seemed upset. "Ladies." He said as he walked towards them. "What seems to be the problem?"
  7. Lilly nodded to the water type when he walked over. Oakly lept out of his care taker's arms, starting to run around again. Lilly watched him with a small giggle and shake of the head before looking at Poli, "my produce that was going to the market was stolen while I was trying to help her with healing an injured pokemon. They hurt Oakly as well but we don't know where they went".
  8. " I'll do whatever I can to help." He said looking at Lily. He turned his attention to the Sazzele. "I'm Poli." He said to her. She was a poison type. Poli knew that he had to keep his guard up around her.
  9. Lilly thanked both of them and picked up Oakly who struggled for a bit before stilling in her arms. The two of them started walking toward the scene of the crime had happened and Lilly looked over her shoulder, "this way".
    "I can take you to where they kicked me," Oakly chirped, wanting to be involved in the conversation with the older pokemon.
  10. "Ok, got it, ill be happy to help," Bandit said "Hello Poli! I'm Bandit!" She whipped her hat off her head once they were there and said something, the inside turned into a portal and she tipped it upside down. The food fell out. "You see my hat is magic, with a simple word I can do lots. She then smiled and knelt down in front of Oakley. "Look, um I'm sorry about earlier. I've got a short temper and I overthought it, it wasn't you're fault the drapion attacked her. It's just Stufful means so so much to me... I'm so so sorry... is there any way I can make it up to 'ya?" She said softly
  11. "Do another trick please," the seedot's eyes widened in wonder at her magic trick. He bounced and Lilly struggled to hold onto him properly. She sighed and smiled at the other two pokemon that was helping her out. She needed to find her delivery by sun down or all the food could be used to undermine the more unfortunate people in the community.
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  12. (Salazzle helped with the food :p)
    "Um, okay? What would you like me to do buddy!" Bandit said, her hat at the ready as if it was a gun in a army scene.
  13. Poli walked up to Lily and examined the crime scene. He wondered which way these villains went. He probably could use his speed but last thing he wanted was to mess with every ones day by creating a storm.
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  14. (Oh! Sorry)
    Lilly placed Oakly down and used her hat to carry the food. She struggled at the weight off it but soldiered through it. Oakly bounced up and down, "can I have a pokepuff? Please"!
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  15. "Well now the food is down, the thiefs are left and we are 'gonna make them pay. Twice. Well Poli, I'd be happy to find them if you'll help me take 'em down!" Bandit said loudly. Bandit pulled out a buneary and a balloon, then she hid the buneary behind the balloon and clapped. The buneary had gone and the balloon was inflated, she got a pin and popped the balloon, revealing buneary "Well Oakley, there is plenty more but for now that's all." She said. Bandit lifted the hat up, along with Lily.
  16. Oakly smiled and cheered at the trick. He ran closer and looked up at the poisen type, "that's so cool! Can you teach me"!
    Lilly giggled as she watched her charge have fun. She looked at Poli and tilted her head, "maybe someone saw something"?
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  17. "Well, *she began to whisper so only Oakley could hear* start with a rock. You put the rock behind the ballon, then tear a hole in the balloon and pop the rock inside, pull out some tape and a pump, while you clap, pump hard and tape it up then pop it to reveal the rock. Then try to use a toy, then a buneary!" Bandit explained to him. "Now, I'm ready to help!" She said happy
  18. Oakly nodded and grinned, going to bug Lilly to get him balloons. Lilly sighed and looked at Bandit with an amused smile. She and the seedot spoke to eachother, talking over why Oakly needed balloons. The farmer looked toward an outraged cry, a customer she usually had marching toward her angrily, "what's with the jump in prices! I thought you were here to help us out? Not rob us"!
    "I'm not. Who ever is selling my produce stole it. Here have some lum berries on the house," Lilly smiled sheepishly and handed the custom the fruit. The customer blinked and apologized, taking the berries and backing away due to embarrassment from their accusations.
  19. " Hey." Poli said to the once angry customers. "Who sold them to you?" He asked. If he knew who did it then he could find out where they are and be able to strike.
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  20. "Yeah. We must know right away!" Bandit said anxiously. She wanted to know who hurt Oakley and stole the food, the food part she wasn't too bothered about as it was easy to get back but the fact that they hurt Oakley, they needed to PAY.
  21. The customer pointed over to a stand with a grinning Lopunny. The Lopunny was selling the food while a Lucario and luxray acted as support and bodyguards for the normal type. Lilly frowned at the sight of a mother pleading for the price to lower. She knew many of the families that depended on her low prices and food to survive.
  22. Bandit scuttled over and told the mother to stand back, she burnt the stand to the ground and roared "OI! YOU THIEF! YOU CANT STEAL AND SELL FOR HIGHER PRICES, AN DID YOU HUSRT A BABY BONSLY?!?!" She was extremely mad
  23. Poli grabbed Bandits arm. " i'll take care of this." He whispered to her. He walked up to the Lopunny. "Hey Sweet heart. I heard where selling some food. " I'll take whatever you have."
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  24. "I'm a seedot," Oakly chirped out and Lilly resisted the urge to facepalm. The Lopunny looked offended and rested a hand on on her chest. The luxray and Lucario growled and stepped forward but the Lopunny stopped them, "I was until someone burned down our stand".
  25. EDIT: "Gah! Grrr. You're right. Hope you enjoy your stand..." Bandit said as she smiled at the bodyguards and took a glance at the half burnt stand. She giggled and walked back to Lilly "Yeah sorry about calling you a bonsly, I have a horrible memory and when I'm angry I forget important things..." She said sadly. She saw some rustling in the fields and went to check it out, she pulled out the most adorable baby Wartortle you could imagine, she ran over to Lily and said "Look at this little one! Isn't it so cute? Do you think it has parents?" She said excitedly. Stufful was hungry and after Bandit raided the food she had to venture out for some. She went outside the walls and waved at a lucario. She fell to the ground and as her eyes closed she saw the Lucario transform into a ditto again.
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  26. " Well." Poli said. " Just ignore my.... Acquaintance." He said. " But, you did steal those. So I'm going to have to ask for the food back. You do it now and I doubt Lily will press charges."
  27. "We stole nothing! How dare you accuse us of such things," the Lopunny acted, speaking loudly and drawing attention to what was happening. Lilly looked at Bandit as she gave the mother free food, "where did you find him? He is quite adorable but then again I love children".
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  28. "In a field! I think I'll keep him!" Bandit explained she patted him on the head and grabbed an oran berry, she put it in its hand and it ate it up.
  29. " Calm down." Poli said looking at her. " I'm just asking questions." He looked at the crowd they were attracting. " I understand food doesn't come around that often. So it makes sense to make a buck off of it." He said then looked at the Luponny So who do you pay for the food. What percentage of the money you make does your benefactor take."
  30. "We own the farm and have a farmer that looks after it. There she is right there," the Lopunny pointed at Lilly and the audino looked confused. In her usual soft voice Lilly argued "I own my farm and would never sell my produce for such high prices".
    Oakly backed her up with a loud yeah. The seedot lookin at the trio, "you kicked me like a ball"!
  31. Stufful barely woke up when she was electrocuted. Then a real Lucario used a close combat directly in her heart. Killing her. She was left at Joey's feet with a note -'Don't leave. This is what happens.'. "What's your name little one?" Bandit asked the wartortle. "I squirt. Who you?" Squirt said in a cute baby voice. "I'm Bandit. Do you have any parents. Also are you a boy or a girl?" Bandit asked "No, I no parents. I boy." Squirt said as he rolled over to Oakley "Who you," he said, then he rolled over to Lily "who you?". "I'm your new Mommy little 'fella!" Bandit explained as she decided to keep him. Squirt crawled over to the lopunny and squirted her and her bodyguards, he giggled histericly
  32. Poli looked at her. " This is your last chance." He said to the Lopunny. His voice changed from his somewhat heart felt speech to a more serious tone. " Confess your actions or suffer the consequence."
  33. The trio yelled when they were hit with water by the smaller Pokemon. Lilly looked at the baby Pokemon and Oakly bounced up and down, "I'm Oakly and this is Lilly"!
    The trio growled and the Lucario threw a punch at the poliwirl.
  34. "Yea, conticwenses!" Squirt said angrily yet happily, then proceeded to keep Squirt the loppuny and her bodyguards.
  35. Yukki sat up frantically, knocking over everything that was next to her. She looked around and up at the sky through her window, she was late for work. She dashed towards her dresser and quickly put on her flower crown as she headed for the door. As she opened the door, she lost her footing and tripped down the stairs.

    The small Aron sprinted towards the village 60 yards infront of him. He used the shadows as his cover, while the horde of Ekans slithered behind him.
  36. Poli dogged the attack and sent a torrent of water towards the Lucario. He then looked at the Luponny and fired an ice beam at her.
  37. Squirt laughed and continued to squirt them, then he used hydro pump on loppuny, knocking her off her feet
  38. The luxray used lightning bolt on Poli and Lilly used protect. Oakly giggled and cheered for his friends.
    The Lopunny skidded away and ran, the Lucario using high jump kick on Bandit.
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  39. Bandit caught lucario's foot and sawing it into loppuny. Squirt used hydro pump on them to bring them back wet at Lily's feet. Once done he smiled and jamp up and down on the pile of baddies.
  40. Yukki ran towards the small planting area, and began to work. As she snuck in, she was scolded by her boss, a Pangoro. She wiped a few tears from her eyes, and began to pull weeds from the growing Oran berries. She sighed as she began to water other berry plants.

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