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Ask to Join Pokemon village: The rebellion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. (Sigh up go here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-village.15133/)

    The sun shined high in the sky through the leaves of the forest onto a village surrounded by a wooden wall, the residents of the village were minding their own business like usual. At the front of the village, the protector , a Golisopod, was keeping watch. A male Gardevoir walked up behind him. "Hey Joey, want a sitrus berry?" Joey looked at the Gardevoir. "I'm keeping watch Jesse, don't bother me." Jesse took a bite out of his sitrus berry. "Still your usual self huh, well it looks like another quiet day." He said as he walked away.
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  2. Lilly and Oakly walked through the village. The audino was carrying two baskets of freshly grown vegetables and fruit while the seedot ran around her. Lilly tripped a little when Oakly stopped infront of her but she caught herself and the food, "Oakly. Please be careful".
  3. Joey looked at the Audino and Seedot that just walked in to the village. He got up and walked to them and held out two of his smaller hands. "Let me help you with that." He said to Lilly
  4. Bandit yawned, setting the duvet on fire. She sighed and rolled on it and it disappeared. Stufful rolled out from under the bed and rubbed her eyes, she opened the curtains and stepped outside, taking a deep breathe in. She wandered over to Joey and said "Good morning!". Bandit grabbed her top hat and threw it up in the air, along with a cane, the cane landed on her head and was engulfed by the hat. She scurried over to Stufful and Joey and said "Heya! Who are they?" She then looked the Seesot and Audino up and down.
  5. "Thank you," Lilly handed him one of the other baskets and nodded to him. Oakly looked up at him large eyes before giggling and running around again. Lilly shook her head, smiling gently at the young Pokemon, "stay close now Oakly. I don't want you to get lost"!
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  6. Jim looked out at the woods. He was standing on the wall, balancing precariously. He wished that he could be out there, fighting and actually enjoying life. The tyrants that had decided to take over the world would pay a dear price once the rebels decided to crawl out of their little hiding place and actually fight them.

    Outside the village walls, Ashley was running for her life. She was dodging Poison Stings left and right. One of them hit her, and she cried out in pain. The Quilava spun around to face her attackers, a group of Venipede. She used Flamethrower, sending a huge stream of fire at the Bug-types, then kept running. She ran until she reached a wall, then she collapsed from a mixture of the exhaustion and the poison.
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  7. Bandit felt her poison senses tingle (Not spooderman at all..) she ran to the location. She looked over the wall to find a Quillava. She backflipped down and grabbed the Quillava's hand. Bandit ran up the wall and took the Quillava to Joey, she was a good medic and healed her up. "There!" She said softly.
  8. Joey turned to the two Pokémon that asked the question. "They are our food provider." He then heard a scream. he threw the basket he was carrying on Stuffull. "Stay here!" He said as he ran out and encountered the Venipede. He turned to Bandit. "Take her inside." He said as he charged forward and knocked all the Venipede away with his Liquidation attack.
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  9. Santiago was just returning from a search for berries. He had been chosen to search some out, and as he carried the enormous sachel stocked full of food in one hand, he twirled his moustache in the other. Upon return, he noticed Joey, one of the city guards.
    "Hello, my friend. How might you be today?" Santiago asked, his heavily accented voice carrying into the village.
  10. "My name is Lilly and my charge over here is Oakly," Lilly answered the fire type before she ran off. She gasped when she saw the injured Pokemon and felt her worrying starting to act up. Oakly accidentally ran into Stufful, having not payed attention to were he was going.
  11. Edit: Bandit realised she only ran up the wall in her imagination. She climbed up the walk and set her down beside everyone "She should be fine." She said softly. The basket flew up in the air and over the wall "OI!!! Who was that?!" Stufful said as she looked up and saw Oakley. Bandit frowned and walked snakily over to Oakley. "You'd better run," She said "Or ILL CATCH YOU!".
    EDIT: Stufful sighed and went over the wall to fetch the basket. She was about to leave when a sharp pain pierced her back. She turned around to see a Drapion, its posion sting directly through her stomach. Her eyes twitched as she saw the poison sting had gone through her belly.
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  12. Oakly leapt away from the other Pokemon and Lilly placed her basket down to help Stufful. The audino apologized for Oakly's behavior. Oakly ran away and Lilly shook her head, holding onto her hat as it almost was blown away, "I'm so sorry about him. And the food. Are you ok"?
  13. Jim saw Ashley being carried in. He sighed, a little annoyed. When are they going to let us go destroy those flippin jerks?! We get scenarios like this, and all they tell us is that we'll be safe! UGH! He walked in, a sour expression on his face. "Does anyone know what even happened?" He asked. The Quilava blinked her eyes open slowly.
    "Ugggh," She said. "What..."
    "Calm down," Jim said, annoyance in his voice. The Quilava gave him a look.
  14. Joey looked at Santiago. "A group of Venipede chased a Quilava here, I already took care of the problem and that Quilave is back in the village. We're lucky since today is the day our provider came, she can help heal her." Joey said as he walked along with Santiago.
  15. Santiago grinned. "Ah, yes. You always have been one for helping. I understand why you pritect this village now." He handed Joey an Oran berry. "Here, my friend. Eat. It will replenish your strength."
  16. Lilly saw the drapion and let out a squeak stepping back, away from the poisen type. Oakly ran away from bandit and down the street, avoiding other Pokemon and a little scared.
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  17. "Did I scare her? I was joking." Bandit said curiously. The drapion pulled Stufful back to the base thing where he came from (I don't know epwhere they live :'|)
  18. Joey took the oran berry and took a bite. He then heard screaming and ran back to the village and found a Drapion dragging away Stufful. He groaned and ran up to him and hit him with a First Impression. "Run back now!" He yelled at Stufful.
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  19. Edit: "I-i can't. I'm inpailed!" Stufful screamed as she fainted. The drapion fired ten venoshocks at Joey. Then a few poison stings were aimed his way. He used earthquake, making dust fly up and then ran around it making it into a sandstorm. He Poison jabbed Stufful five times and threw her at Joey. "There... Hope you like dead plushies!" It said and ran off
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  20. Lilly sent a heal pulse to Stufful to heal up what wounds the other pokemon might have. Oakly tripped and skidded on his face for a small distance. Lilly looked around, noticing that her small charge had disappeared, "where's Oakly? Oh no no. I need to find him before he gets hurt"!
  21. Jim walked out as Oakly walked by. He rolled his eyes. "Lilly!" He called to the Audino. "Are you by any chance missing something?" He pointed with a furry paw in the direction the Seedot had ran. "He went that way!"
  22. "Thank you," Lilly yelled as she squirried off in the direct that Oakly had went, completely forgetting about her baskets of food. She saw Oakly sitting against a wall, crying because of a scrape of his forehead. She sighed and pulled him into a hug. She used heal pulse again and cuddled the younger, "it's ok. Let's go get you a nice sweet peacha berry".
    "Yeah," Oakly immediately perked up and Lilly smiled, carrying him back to the baskets that she realized she had forgotten.
  23. Joey caught Stufful in the midst of the barrage of attacks. "I have to get Stufful back to the village before it dies." He said to himself as he used Liquidation to clear the sandstorm and ran back to the village really fast due to his Emergency Exit ability.
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  24. Stufful reacted to the severe attacks after a few minutes. She began to rash up and saw a light appear "What? What is that light?" She said quietly, she was scared and hoped Joey brought her back to Bandit soon so she could heal her up.
  25. Lilly and Oakly had made it back to the baskets and she grabbed a peacha berry for the seedot. Oakly munched on it happily and Lilly put him down to make sure that the basket that had been thrown around was ok. She frowned when she saw that some of the food was squished.
  26. Jim looked at Joey battling the Drapion. He grinned and ran up to help out. The Pachirisu used Spark on the Drapion. He kept running, zigzagging randomly to avoid whatever the gargantuan Poison-Dark type would use to hit him.
  27. (The drapion left a bit ago, is nobody reading these posts?)
    Bandit was quite worried due to Stufful being gone for so long. She went and got a meal prepared for lunch. Sushi and homemade Rice Crackers. Bandit dug straight into her's, devouring it within miliseconds.
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  28. As Joey was running back, he saw Jim attack the Drapion. "Jim come back here! You can't take on that Drapion alone!" He shouted at the Pachirisu. He got back into the village and set Stufful down. "Where's Bandit!?" He asked.
  29. Bandit raided the cupboards for food, she ate everything it found herself somehow more hungry than before. She ate Stufful's food and went over to the beds and dove into her bed. She fell asleep.
  30. Lilly picked up and cleaned off the squished food. She adjusted her hat and looked ate Oakly who was still was munching slowly on his berry".
    Lilly picked up basket and Oakly stood up, Following Lilly as she walked toward the market again.
  31. Jim heard Joey tell him to stop. "Fiiiiiiiine," He said reluctantly, but fired off another Spark before disappearing into the trees from the Pokemon. He used the trees to his advantage and ran through them all the way home.
  32. Jesse ran up to Joey. "What happened?" He asked. "Stufful was attacked by a Drapion, she need to see Bandit." He said as he fell on one knee. Jesswe picked up Stufful and ran to Bandit's house. "Bandit! Stufful need you!" He yelled.
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  33. Bandit rolled off the bed and woke up. "Hmm?" She groaned "ARGH!!" She screamed as she shoved Jesse out of the way and raced Stufful to the centre of town then she roared for everyone to help. If she wasn't quick Stufful would die.
  34. Lilly heard the yells and put Oakly and the baskets on a bench, telling the smaller pokemon to not move. She rushed back towards where she came from, her smaller legs carting her around quickly. She saw Stufful and gasped, readying a heal pulse to use on the other Pokemon.
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  35. "NO DO NOT USE THAT!!!" Bandit roared "HER BODY IS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE AT THE MOMENT!!" Bandit followed
  36. Lilly leapt back when she was yelled at. She nodded her head and picked her hat up from off her head, pulling a pouch of healing berries from under it, "would these work"?
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  37. "Let me see... Well one will." She said as she squished it up and put it into a bowl, she grabbed some leafs from her hat and added them then Finaly she added a max potion. She mixed it together and applied it to Stufful. Stufful barely lifted her eyelids up. "Hello?" Stufful said anxiously
  38. Joey limped back to his post in front of the village entrance. He saw the Quilava on the ground and walked up to her. "Hey you there, are you all right?" He asked.
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  39. Lilly rushed over and started to worry. She clicked her tongue and examined the wound, "hello. I'm Lilly if you remember before you were stabbed. Your friend over here fixed you up. Are you feeling hurt anywhere else? A head ache or broken bone"?
    Oakly had grabbed another berry, munching on it happily from where he sat on the bench. The seedot looked up when a shade covered him and made a peeping sound when he was swatted off of it and the baskets were taken. The grass type chased after the theives only to be kicked harshly and sent flying into a haystack.
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  40. "Yeah, I healed her up ages ago! She should be completely better by now." Bandit said, she lifted Stufful up and gave her a happy grin. She then asked her what happened, Stufful explained and Bandit ran home and armed herself up. Edit: "No, Bandit healed me completely, I'm a little scared but I'm healed at least!" Stufful said

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