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Pokemon Veterans

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ATeam, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. This topic is mainly for people who having been playing Pokemon ever since Pokemon Red & Blue. (though feel free to have your say)

    You can discuss all of what you think about Pokemon

    But if you don't know what to talk about here's some ideas:

    • What are your experiences with the Pokemon series?
    • What do you like or didn't like about the old ones?
    • What do you like or don't like about the new ones?
    • What do you wish they kept?
    • What else do you think they could add to make the Pokemon series better?

    Anyway I can remember Playing Pokemon Red more than 10 years ago, starting out with my first Pokemon Charmander. Though it's been a long time since then, and alot of things have changed. It used to be only 151 Pokemon, but now we have 649 Pokemon to catch! That's 498 Pokemon that have been added since about 2000. Though everyone who is playing Pokemon (or still playing), is trying to become the "World's Greatest Pokemon Master!" and you "Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon"

    Anyway the greatest turning point for me in the Pokemon series was Silver & Gold. So many new things were brought in that game for example:

    •Night and Day
    •Pokemon that appeared only at certain times
    •Mystrey Gift
    •The first shiny Pokemon (The red Gyarados)
    •and many more

    I am glad that they ended up re-did the Silver & Gold games into HG & SS. It felt good to go through the Johto and Kanto regions like I once did 8-9 years ago; while exploring the new changes and features of the game. Soul Silver brought back good old memories for me...

    One of the things I have loved for years, was the bike. I simply hate moving slow, running was good, but it cannot compete with the bike. I always wanted to get to places fast, so I really never appreciated the walking part. But before I could get my hands on a bike, I got the running shoes. When I first got the running shoes (and with every game now), it's like, "Yes, I don't have to walk!" I would hold the B button down, like there was no tomorrow. Going fast made it more enjoyable (for me), but the only problem was when you went inside a building. Because you weren't allowed to run inside them!I found this so frustratingly annoying, especially if the building was quite large! So I absolutely loved when they allowed you to run inside buildings on Diamond & Pearl...!

    One of the biggest reasons why I bought and loved Diamond & Pearl was the fact that I could transfer my old Pokemon from the gameboy advance series. Back when Ruby & Sapphire came out, I had almost all of the Pokemon available on the Gameboy Color Series. And when I found out that I had to say good-bye to all of my beloved Pokemon it was so depressing. So when I heard about Diamond & Pearl's migration feature, I was thrilled about it, because I could save all of my Pokemon. When I was at the point where I could transfer my Pokemon, I wasted no time.

    Day after day I would transfer my Pokemon to Diamond, head straight over to Pal Park to catch my beloved Pokemon and pluck the held items that I gave them. The items I transfered with my Pokemon were the most useful ones being: leftovers, exp shares, quick claws, TMs, berries, rare candies, etc... Though there does come a point where it's useless to have more than 6 leftovers, unless you want to use them to trade for a different item.

    Through the migration feature, I was able to transfer over 150 Pokemon and 58 rare candies, which I don't actually use (kind of pointless actually).... And just recently I had to release some Pokemon, due to the fact I had no room to catch anymore... It is quite hard to decide which Pokemon I want to release. I got alot of Eevees that I haven't evolved yet, though I don't know if I will eventually release them all (or most of them), or just trade them with someone. I just don't know.

    Pokemon Black & White will definitely be a old experience with a new adventure, and features. I don't know if I am excited about this next one, but it should be interesting with the different seasons, changing every month. And triple battles, looks a bit over cluttered if you ask me. I am quite content with the 2 vs 2 battles. But it could be interesting, definitely with new strategies that will arise out of the 3 vs 3 battles. I do wonder if any one will use a grass, fire and water starter for their trio (most likely there will be). Though for me, it's a "Wait and see!" to see if Black & White are just as good, better or worse than the other Pokemon games.
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  2. I've started playing Pokemon 5 years in exact,and I've seen so many incredible things about Pokemon,and I can say I'm now a pokemon pro. but then, what I like most is the heartgold and soulsilver version (either of the two),because of one reason: pokemon outside their poke balls!! but unlike the yellow version, the pokemon being put first in the party will be out of its poke ball, instead of having only the starter allowed to be outside the poke ball, so yeah..I love that game! and also my very first pokemon game,the firered version,where all my dream starts! right now I'm kinda playing pokemon yellow,which maybe old,but hey, it's worth it! as long as it's all about Pokemon, I'll go for it! and who wouldn't want to be Ash Ketchum every once in a while huh? obtaining the three starters was way cool!! :D
  3. Heh, I remember when I first saw a pokemon game back in 1995 when I was two. My first experience with pokemon was a bit short and is full of holes sixteen years later. But, I used to not even know what it meant when Geodude would use Defense Curl and the game said "Geodude's defense rose!" I look back at that and laugh. I actually played the games since they'd come out, borrowing my cousin Amanda's Red version when we went to visit them in Chinook. (She actually ended up giving me her GBC when she got into High School back in the earlier half of this decade, and I still have it sitting on my nightstand. Perfect condition 1st edition GBC too.) Then I got to try out Yellow version when my cousin Chel came down from Canada. But I never owned a Pokemon game until Crystal version's release. But even then, I could see major improvements. Just like Ateam said:
    All of those, as well as the first moving sprites in Crystal, made me an instant and undying fan of Pokemon. I'll be 18 in november, and I'll STILL be avidly playing! Woohoo for a good 70% of my years being a fan. Hell, I plan to keep playing for all my years to come.

    So, it took me a good two years to beat Crystal version, and by then, I had gotten Ruby and Sapphire versions. The most I remember about my team in Crystal was that I had a Typhlosion and Suicune, other than that it's all gone into storage in my deepest subconscious. But Ruby is embedded.

    My Blaziken was godly. Because it was really the only pokemon I trained often. By the time I'd reached the League, it was at least level 70, while the rest of my team was only, like, level 30 at most. I still managed to beat the game after about three months rather than two years. My winning team was Blaziken, Linoone, Mightyena, Dustox, Groudon and Rayquaza. Honestly, looking back, the team was atrocious. But Blaziken and Rayquaza's uberness owned the E4.

    Firered was a good turn for me in ways of learning mechanics. I managed to establish a team with at least some good types. Charizard, Pidgeot, Dragonite, Gyarados, Raichu, and Nidoking. Again, not the best, but an improvement on the last. I never had to worry about not having a flying pokemon to get me from place to place though. Anyways, I started over multiple times on Firered, and eventually got my shiny female Charizard, Flare. (Who can be seen in my avatar.) But instead of overtraining one, I undertrained all of my team. So I had to do soft resets over and over again until I beat Gary. But when I got Flare, I went back to old habits of overtraining.

    Diamond version was where I fianlly established proper training and battling teechnique. I went in order of my pokemon, and made sure when one leveled up, I switched to the next and battled until it leveled up and so on. I was still clueless about EV's and IV's however, so yeah. Despite that, I had made my first competetive able team. Torterra, Garchomp, Staraptor, Floatzel, Rapidash, and Lucario. Much better in comparison to all my other teams, but again, there was a problem. It was too heavily reliant on moves of type. So I fixed that in Platinum. Now I have a team of regulars that could amount to ubers.
  4. Well, I have played Pokemon ever since I was a wee young'n. I started with Red and really didn't train anything but my uber Charizard. I still don't remember whether or not I finished it... all I know is that the internal battery died and I tossed it because I thought it was unfixable.

    Then my grandma got me Crystal and I started to realize the merit of training many Pokes evenly. Aah, the Typhlosion I had was still maybe 3-5 levels ahead of the rest of my team at all times.

    Then Sapphire rolled around and I played the heck out of it, until I stopped playing altogether because it was "uncool" (around the end of 5th grade, here)! Of course, I got back into it when my brother traded my copy of New Super Mario Bros. in for Diamond and I "liberated" it from him as an act of revenge for stealing my Mario game (theft never pays, kids). I started to realize that I still loved it and ended up making a training regimen that put all of my Pokes at least 5 levels ahead o the competition at all times. I still use this technique today in Platinum, Yellow, Red (working copy), Fire Red, and Sapphire. Exp. grinding has plenty of advantages, not to mention that since you're doing more wild battles, your chances of seeing a shiny technically skyrockets...

    I DID have White, but gave it to the brother of my friend (he's autistic, he's had a hard life, and he's awesome. Not to mention that I'd accomplished just about everything you can do in-game).
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