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Pokemon Urban legends

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by LittleMissSunnshine, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Evertime I start a new topic, I feel like its about to be locked. ._.

    Well, here we go again...

    In this topic, I would like to hear any pokemon urban legends that you might have heard, or ran into, or found out over the 'net.


    I heard there was an actual way to catch Celebi without a gameshark in Gold/Silver/Crystal. It was a very hard way to do it though. What I can remember, your supposed to have a lv 100 quagesire that you raised as a whooper around lv5. Go to the cave on a friday to catch a lapras. I dunno what happends next, but it was a long and specific list of what to do at what moment, but then go to the shrine, and celebis there.

    Speaking of celebi, there was another urban legend glitch wich produced a shiney celebi, only it wasnt called celebi, it was called Th3l4st0n3. 'The last one' or something. supposebly, it knew two dangerous moves, black out and white out. black out fainted all your pokemon, even the ones not in play, and white out erased the whole game all together. I was a young'in when i heard these so i kinda believed it, but nowadays, I have my doubts. ._.

    Anyways, anyone else have an urban legend they want to share?
  2. A classic one that used to be whisperered among us at my kiddie school was that if you caught the whole dex (back in R/B/Y) Ash comes over personaly to your starting house and chalenges you with his team from back then in the anime. If you won the game would consider you champion of the world or soemthing similar to that. ^_^
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Ones that immediately come to mind are related to Red/Blue and sometimes yellow: various Mist Stone myths, Bill's Secret Garden (where you could apparently catch wild starters, eevees, mews and other silly things, depending on the hoax origin), Pikablu (and the "Approved by Nintendo of America" code that involved the Pewter Museum) and something about trying to evolve Dragonite with a Fire Stone 51 times while standing on the spot Mewtwo used to stand in the Unknown Dungeon to get it to evolve into Yoshi. Lawl.

    And how can we forget the old Pok
  4. i remember the one about the space station in r/s/e, if you got the rocket launch number to 100 you could go to the moon and fight Jirachi.
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Personally I know the version that claims that Jirachi will appear on that white rock the Astronauts worship when there were 100 successful launches in a row. xD
  6. I only vaguely remember myths involving Birch telling you your mom died in R/S/E and an orange Marrill. When I tried to find more informaton on them, I found two gems:1) If you hold down the B button while throwing a Pokeball it will act like a Master Ball. 2) If you talk to Oak a million times he will give you a Pikablu.

    All righty then.
  7. I've read on Bulbapedia's article on the S.S. Anne that there was once a hoax that if you beat the Elite 4 365 times, the S.S. Anne would supposedly reappear on the Vermilion City dock with more powerful opponents on board.
  8. There was a legend that the anime would end with Ash verus Gary at the Pokemon league in my day. Gary would send out Mewtwo and Ash would send out Venusaur (evolved from Bulbasaur). Venusaur would defeat Mewtwo and he would fall to the ground, look up at Ash and murmur "I remember you" before fainting. Ah, the rumours...

    There was also that other infamous legend about the truck by S.S. Anne, and I heard that if you got all 150 Pokemon and returned to the spot where Mewtwo was you'd find Mew by playing each of the Pokemon's cry and then playing the Pokeflute.
  9. I thought that was with Deoxys... Oh, well!

    A also remember the old rumors that you could transfer to Ruby/Sapphire from Gold/Silver. Yeah, right! That's what Coliseum, XD, and FR/LG is for!

    AL has Spoken!
  10. Remember hearing about a Pokemon hidden in the Safari Zone in RBY. I think you had to do some impossible or time-consuming garbage to get it. Unlike other "hidden" Pokemon, this one had the special feature of being so big it couldn't be stored in a PokeBall and it followed you around on-screen.

    I also remember some rumors about the first Pokemon movie, like Mewtwo catching humans in PokeBalls (may have been a misunderstanding on my part) and Pikachu dieing, turning into an egg, and hatches as a Pichu. The latter is oddly similar to the ending of the first story arch in Digimon, where Angemon uses so much of his power to destroy Devimon that he dies, becomes a DigiEgg, and hatches as a Poyomon.
  11. An urban legend along the lines of Jeydis' comes to mind. Apparently, if you caught all 151 Pokemon and went back to Professor Oak, he'll give you a Togepi.

    Among other legends was that there was some sort of Pokemon that could only be killed by Splash, and would proceed to give off tons of experience.

    Then there were the theories that were wildly blown out of proportion. Missing No. Was thought of to be Lugia, Fearow evolves into Ho-oh with a Fire Stone, and Dunsparce evolves into Gligar. Togepi had a third evolution called 'Togecheeko' and remotely resembled a Lugia with Togetic's head (little did we know then about Togekiss of course)

    As far as I know, I haven't really heard any legends for Gen 4 and such, I have heard some little kid babbling about Shaymin being born by breeding Cresselia with Heatran...(seriously, whaaaaaaaaat?!?)
  12. Sounds like something out of Earthbound/Mother 2. One of the characters had this "Prayer" attack that completely useless, but ends up being essential during the final battle. ::)
  13. Personally, I thought Poo's special ability was more useless than Paula's. =p

    Back on topic, apparently every legendary ever could breed before the 2-Pokemon daycares existed, we just aren't trying hard enough. Apparently if you beat the Elite Four 99 times with only Mewtwo and Aerodactyl, your mom gave you a Lugia. Likewise with Fearow and Moltres giving you Ho-Oh.
  14. I once heard of a glitch in Yellow where your whole party would follow you around. I was so gullible cause I wanted my cubone to walk around with me in that game... (I was in 2nd grade.)
  15. Catching all the pokemon then returning to the Game Freak Building in R/B/Y for a Mew :-\
  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Iirc, the Japanese version actually let you do that. I could be mistaken, though.
  17. Actually now that you mentioned that.. I've heard something like that as well. ;)
  18. As I child, over and over I heard the rumor of a Pokemon that was formed when Blastoise, Venasaur, and Charizard fused together.(don't know specific directions on how to get it)
    Anyone else ever here of this?
  19. There was such a fusion in the "Ghost of Maiden's Peak" episode of the anime. Team Rocket and the "heroes" were trying to defeat a Ghastly. To counter Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, Ghastly took an illusion of all their final evos and fused them together.

    Outside of the anime, this fusion doesn't exist. At least I don't think so.
  20. Thank you for that info. Also, another online rumor that I seen quite frequently was a glitch to get Celebi in Crystal. There was something to do with a well in a forest or something...
  21. That one had some truth to it but it's no glitch. In the Japanese version of Crystal, you could legally capture it in the shrine in Ilex Forest. It used a a kind of mobile service (or was it a cell phone service?) that wasn't available outside of Japan. There was also a disk that came with the Japanese version of Pokemon Colloseum that you could obtain Celebi from.


    Maybe I should have just posted the link...
  22. Afew years back I heard a rumor for gold that there was a secret place in ilex forest where the badguy from the pokemon movie about dark celebi comes and turns the pokemon first in your party dark. (you know, evil and purple, aswell as the type.) Me, in my foolishness, believed that, and MAN did I get paranoid over finding that secret place! :-[ :-[ :-[
  23. I remember one where in RBY if you traded over a pokemon whith cut so you don't have to go on th ss ann and come back whith surf and streangth.
    you can surf to the side right before you go in the ship and if you go to the side you find a truck. If you use streangth on the truck you get a new.
  24. I think I heard something about in GSC(I think) when you first moved in(when the loading truck was still there) you could do something to move it and get something. Yea, it's not that specific, but whatever.
  25. I remember one for R/B/Y that if you used Cut with a Cubone in a certain route Togeipi was supposed to show up. My brother actually tried it. lawlz.
    There was also one where in the japense if you nicknamed your "Kronking" (Kingler) Myuu or something it would turn into Mew. ​
  26. This myth is really stupid!!! When I was in elementary school, one kid always said that in Silver Version, if you caught every type of unown in alphabetical order, then one of the scientists by the Ruins of Alph would give you a key card. Then you bring the key card to the shrine in the Ilex Forest and you can get to a place called Sunny Town, once there you can challenge a ninth gym. Stupid isn't it? ;D
  27. I read a few months back that if you put Jirachi and Rayquaza in a daycare ,when the egg hatched you would get the ultimate pokemon.STUPID!!!
    And my friend told me if you put 2 Mewtwo's you would get a Mewfour that could control the whole game.Retar****
  28. any1 herd of rainbow forest?that place w/ the grass that u cant get 2?mew was sopposed to b there
  29. Hmmm....how about speaking English instead of Gibberish. Don't use one letter to represent an entire word. It's annoying. Don't use chat speak on the forums. It looks messy and unorganized. Chaosblack05, don't type giberish from now on. Type in full words.
  30. Hmmm the few that come to mind, all from R/B/Y....

    Missing No. evolving into Kangaskhan.

    Beating the Elite 100 times and having Prof. Oak take you to Glitch City, where you could catch Nidogod and Nidogoddess.

    Using strength to move a truck on the S.S. Anne dock where you would find Mew.
  31. "If you run from a pokemon it will folow you round and half of the pokemon you encounter on that route will be the one you ran from" I never ran from a pokemon because i wanted to see all of the pokemon you could find on a route!
  32. Today at swim practice one of my friends told me the STUPIDEST pokemon related thing EVER.

    "If you use the cheat to have 9 pokemon on your party,put 8 Eevees in your party,and evolve 7 of them into the 7 evolutions of Eevee,the 8th will evolve into Eeveon!"

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight ::)
  33. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    That one isn't entirely untrue. A glitch Pokemon called 'M, which was almost identical to Missingno., would evolve into Kangaskhan at level 1. The game would treat this Kangaskhan as legitimate and non-glitchy, which allowed players to get seemingly legit Kangaskhan with extremely odd moves, such as Fly and Psychic (both of which 'M could learn by TM/HM, but Kangaskhan cannot.)

    The most hilarious one's I've heard are:

    - In Generation I, using a Fire Stone on Dragonite transformed him into Yoshi.
    - Mewtwo evolves into Mew, and vice-versa. Two separate rumours that contradicted each other, yet floated around at the same time.
    - A Pokemon called Mewthree existed in Gold & Silver, which was even stronger than Mewtwo, and could escape from Master Balls. This rumour started going around my school before Gold & Silver had been released, mind.
  34. Here's one I have for you: I was looking at random blogs on different sites, and I found one quite interesting to me. If you caught all 493 pokemon (including Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arcues), a rock in sunnyshore will dissappear and you can sail to the pokemon rock and it would come to life and you can battle it (what the pokemon is wasn't mentioned). It clearly was fake, but it got me thinking on what the rock was for? Back to the google search for answers... V_V
  35. PokeRad

    PokeRad Guest

    This is a really stupid one:Someone told me that in Ruby and Sapphire when you get all the pkmn and badges then you can catch all the shinies and all the legendaries.
    And I actually believed it!!
  36. Really? I'll have to read up on that. I just dismissed it as a stupid rumour, even in grade school.

    Oh, an other one of my favourites; if you beat the Elite 4 a certain amount of times (I forget the exact amount, something ridiculous though), the man constructing a building in Vermilion City with his Machop will build a second gym in the city and make you the Gym Leader.
  37. [​IMG]

    That is the only image I can find of it. I'm drawing a blank on the Charizard part.
  38. Hmmm...good point. Charizard wasn't in that fusion after all. My mistake! Thanks for the image though. ^^
  39. He wasn't? It must have been because Ash's Charizard wasn't with him anymore or something. I thought he was. Oh well.

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