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Pokemon Unown Adventures

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Hoenn Master, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. This is my first topic, so please, comments, opinions, and tips.

    The Unown Mystery Pt 1

    In the world of Pokemon, humans can capture Pokemon and befriend them. Others battle with them, some with evil intentions. Children everywhere go on a Pokemon journey at age 10. Some are even good enough to be part of the Elite Four. The goal of many is to be the best in the world, like Nick Tohema.

    Chapter One: The Abduction
    Far to the southeast of Kanto, five archaeologists were exploring the mysterious ruins of Seven Isle. Seven Isle is part of a large archipelago called the Sevii Islands. The five archaeologists and their Pokemon were reading some strange writing on the wall.
    "Well that's weird. Slowking can't make anything out of this." one said. The cameraman spun around to look at were he was pointing. Seeing that Slowking's "crown" was on. If it loses the "crown" then it forgets everything temporary forgets everything.
    The Claydol tried to decipher it, but failed as well. The chief looked confused, Slowking was able to decipher anything. "Nown!"
    "What was that noise? Is someone groaning?" the chief asked. "Nown!" He saw something move, about ten actually. The others looked around, they had obviously heard it. They readied their Pokemon.
    "Nown! Nown! Nown!" the ten objects flew towards them. The Xatu used a Light Screen to protect them. They all gasped, all the while the cameraman rolled. The objects were shaped as the writings, almost like ... Pokemon!
    The startled creatures started glowing as they fired a Hidden Power attack at them. The people and creatures disappeared, but the camera and pokemon lay there. The Xatu grabbed the camera with it's talons and used fly to go to the only one who could help.

    Sorry if indenting bothers you :-\, but this is how I typed it on my program...
    Again, comments, opinions, and tips.

    EDIT: No, my trainer card wasn't for Nick Tohema :)
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  2. Here's chapter two. Enjoy!

    Chapter two: The Journey Begins

    "Out of my way! Oh, sorry!" yelled eleven year- old Nick. He had gotten a call from Professor Oak, a well-known Pokemon professor, telling him that he had a surprise for him. So now he was rushing to his lab.
    He saw an incoming person too late, and crashed into her."Sorry, I'm in a bit of a rush." he apologized. He realized it was his neighbor, Susan. "Oh, hey Susan. I have to get to Professor Oak's."
    Susan pointed to Oak's house and replied," Me too." She smiled, and ran up the hill to Oak's house. "I'll race you!" Nick accepted and ran. Oak opened his door to see them both running to him.
    "Ahhhhhh! Stop, stop, stop!" he yelled. They skid to a stop and Nick tripped. "I would have won." Susan said. Nick frowned. "Only because you got a head start. Anyway, we're here Oak."
    The professor frowned." I have bad news. Some-" Nick interrupted him and asked, "The Starmies lost against the Electabuzz? Oh, man. I like the Starmies." Oak sighed. "No, some archaeologists on Seven Isle disappeared, come inside I have a video from their cameraman.
    After they saw the video there was a long silence. Then Nick spoke. "‘Nown'? What was that ‘Nown' sound?" The professor shrugged and Susan spoke. "Isn't there a kid who's seen almost every Pokemon?" she replied. Oak smiled, "Oh that's right,
    Ash! We should seek him out by asking some of his friends in Kanto."
    The two nodded, and left. "I'll see Misty and Brock. You see Ash's mom." Nick said. Susan nodded and ran to Mrs. Katchum's house. "Let's go Flygon!" Nick said as his dragon Pokemon flew him to Cerulean City.

    I will change the indenting next chapter. Please don't look and leave. Please!
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  3. Nice, I enjoyed it alot
  4. Thank you. Here is the third chapter. Enjoy!

    Chapter three: Seafoam Ahead!

    Nick arrived in Cerulean City and had been looking for the Cerulean Gym for about two hours. He hasn't been here for about a year, or was it nine months? Nick groaned, he hated wandering for hours. "Where is that stupid...oh!" he spotted a map in the town square.
    ‘Go north for the gym'. He headed north, passing a few stands. He was hungry... "Oh, come out guys." He brought out his Flygon, Pinsir, and Ladian and got some pokemon food for them and a hot dog for him. " You guys done, oh, sorry if I'm rushing you..." He realized everyone was done.
    "Return." He returned his pokemon and went to the gym. He saw the janitor and asked him where Misty was. "Go through the north doors here to the arena, she is in the middle of a battle." he replied. "Thank you, sir." Nick said. He went to the arena, passing aquariums of Water Pokemon. He saw a Luvdisk, Staru, and a Horsea in one. In another he saw a Politoad, Seel, Goldeen, and a Corsola. "Wow, she could beat Flannery any day." He murmured.
    He walked into the arena and was greeted by a wave of water. "Ah!" Nick said as he got hit by a Surf attack. Misty looked over and noticed Nick dripping wet. She smiled and walked towards him. "Could you wait a second Will? Thanks."
    She got him a towel and scowled. "We're in the middle of a battle!" Nick showed her he had a cascade badge, glistening with the water on it." I'm Nick, I battled you about a year ago with my Wartortle. I need to know where you last saw Ash Katchum."
    She looked at him strangely. "Why?" she apparently wasn't convinced. He sighed. "No time to explain it all, but Professor Oak said it's an emergency I find out."
    She still didn't looked convinced, but she told him. "He said he was going into the Battle Frontier Challenge. I don't know, ask Brock's family in Pewter city." Nick thanked her and ran out.

    He arrived in Pewter City and left his Flygon at the Pokemon Center for a rest. He asked around for the location of Brock's house, he found it right by the gym. "Of course. How could I have been so stupid." he told himself.
    He rang the doorbell and a man opened the door. "Who are you?" he said plainly.
    "Sir as strange as this is, I..." Nick began, but the man cut him off.
    "Call me Flint. I am the current leader of the Pewter Gym. If your looking for the badge, I am sick." Nick stepped back a bit. "Do you know where Brock is, better yet, can you get a hold of him?"
    Flint nodded. "Not to sound rude, but, could you please let me talk to him?"
    Flint got the phone and called up Brock, and handed him the phone. "Is this Brock?" Nick said.
    "Yes, who is this?" Brock replied. "I'm Nick, I need to talk to Ash, tell him Professor Oak's aide is on the phone, please."
    There was a pause, the Ash spoke. "Hello, is this an aide?" Nick talked and told him about the abduction. "And you and I need to go to Professor Oak's house." Nick finished.
    There was a chattering in the background as he consulted with the others. "Meet me at the Seafoam Island Pokemon Center." Ash replied seriously, as he hung up.
    "Thank you so much sir, I wish I could do something for you but..." Flint stopped him and whispered: "If your going to Seafoam Island, bring me a Sea Pearl please. It's my anniversary tomorrow."
    Nick nodded and ran to the Pokemon Center to pick up Flygon. "Let's Go buddy! To Seafoam Island!"
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  5. Chapter Quarto! *Mexican Music* Um, let's just go now.

    Chapter four: Disaster!
    Nick landed in the Seafoam Island in the late afternoon. He looked around the Pokemon Center, but Ash was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, about seven people in black uniforms ran to the Ice Cave.
    Then a large boat appeared in the distance. On the bridge he saw Ash and his companions! "Hey!" Nick yelled to them. Ash turned and ran to him, "Well I'm guessing your Nick. Hi, I am Ash. This is May, Max, and Brock." They all nodded in return.
    Nick nodded to them and turned to Ash. "I was wondering if our Pokemon could get ‘acquainted'." Ash smiled and had one simple word:"Okay"
    Nick returned his smiled and brought out his Pinsir. "Let's go buddy!" Ash brought out his Sceptile to battle. "Begin!"
    "Pinsir use Swords Dance" Nick ordered. Pinsir's attack sharply went up, making him more powerful."Now use Fury Cutter!" Pinsir took one horn on it's head and hit Sceptile.
    "Sceptile hit it with a Bullet Seed!" Sceptile shot seeds out of it's mouth to hit Pinsir. "It won't
    do much because Pinsir is a Bug type." said Max to Ash. Nick chuckled. "So Max is your expert book?"
    Ash ignored that and ordered again. "Sceptile use Quick Attack!" Sceptile moved so fast, and hit Pinsir. When it got close, Nick surprised everyone. "Pinsir use Guillotine!" Pinsir's claw shined and hit Sceptile dead on, knocking it out.
    "Guillotine is a One-Hit KO! If it hits, it knocks it out in one hit!" Max exclaimed. Ash returned his Sceptile. "Go Donphan!" the giant elephant roared as it prepared for battle. "Pinsir use another Swords Dance!" Nick ordered.
    "Donphan use Rollout!" Ash commanded. Donphan curled up and rolled, hitting Pinsir. "Slash!" Pinsir hit Donphan. "Quick Donphan! Use Hyper Beam!" Ash ordered as Donphan launched a beam of high powered beam at Pinsir. Pinsir slumped against the wall, knocked out.
    Nick returned it and sent out his Ladian. "Use Comet Punch Ladian!" Ash ordered a Rollout from Donphan also. But suddenly, a storm cloud brewed, and lightning struck the ground. Two black uniformed people and a Castform walked into view.
    "Castform, use Thunder!" one guy ordered. Castform hit them with a Thunder, but Donphan wasn't affected. Nick rushed into action with Flygon. "Ladian, use Giga Drain!" Ladian hit the now water pokemon, knocking it out. Nick nodded at Ash. "Donphan Hyper Beam!" ordered Ash as Nick ordered Flygon to do a Fire Blast. The two beams hit their mark, sending the rocket's flying.
    "Were those Team Rockets? I beat ‘em once, I don't want to do it again." Nick said. Ash returned his Pokemon, as did Nick. "Back to the mystery. We need to get to Oak's house immediately."
    Ash nodded and went inside for his Swellow. Then they all flew to Pallet town.

    Ash was glad to be home. Before going to Oak's, he checked on his mom. When the two got there, the house had a gigantic hole in it's side, and debris was everywhere. "Oh, no."

    WOW! :o Never saw this coming, now did you? Chapter five comin' soon. Also check out Pokemon Delta Adventures at http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=1512.0

    Neever Mind.
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  6. Final chapter of "Book one." Enjoy!

    Chapter five: Team Rocket

    Nick ran up to the house to see if the Pokemon and Professor were okay. The Pokemon were fine, but Oak was nowhere to be seen. "Ugh." Nick heard a groan and saw Susan on the ground and helped her up. "What happened?" asked Nick and Ash at the same time.
    "Team Rocket. Strange Pokemon." Susan replied shakily. Ash looked concerned. "It was big, and had big, shining wings." Nick looked puzzled. Glowing wings and big? "Well, that doesn't matter, what matters is that they took Professor Oak!"
    Nick nodded and brought out another friend. "Mudkip, see if you can find any trace!" The mud fish Pokemon searched for any trace of Oak's abductors. Mudkip pointed to the hole, they went over and picked up a note." Looks like it's mailed to some Viper or something."
    Susan looked hopeful. "We have two middle ranked trainers, and an elite trainer. What do we do?" she asked. Nick looked at Ash." You go back to your quest, and we'll take care of the mystery." Ash nodded and he and his friends left. Susan looked at Nick. "How are we going to see who did this?"
    Nick pointed to Officer Jenny's, and ran. When they got there many people were waiting to talk about the Lab. "Officer! We found something!" Nick yelled. An officer walked through the crowd to see him. Nick handed her the note.
    She looked at the two and walked them outside. "The Viper listed here is a nasty villain. I've been looking for a trainer or two to go to his hideout. What about you two?" asked the Officer. Nick looked at Susan. Susan nodded, and so did Nick. "Okay. They're hideout is in a place called Naval Rock. It is in Hoenn."
    Nick looked at his Pokenav and frowned. "It's not in the Hoenn map. Oh, It's way in the corner of the map. How will we Surf there?" The Officer looked at his hand. In it were two Mystic Tickets. Nick and Susan took them. "To Vermilion City!"

    From here on, the action only gets more intense.
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  7. I liked it I might even start a series of my own ^_^
  8. That's cool. I've never inspired anyone except my brother... anyway! Ch. 1, Book 2

    The Unown Mystery Pt 2

    The story so far
    Eleven year old Nick and Susan were studying the abduction of some archeologists, when Prof. Oak was abducted by Team Rocket. When they went to the police they were given two Mystic Tickets, and directions to one of Team Rockets Hideouts.

    Chapter one: The Secret Boat
    Nick smiled as Vermillion City came into view. He was riding on his trusted companion, Flygon, a dragon pokemon. They landed and returned his pokemon, looking around for Susan. He spotted her at a smoothie shop, feeding her Altaria. She smiled at him and waved. "Took long enough. Altaria may be fast, but I've seen Flygon go at it."
    Nick forced a laugh and turned serious. "Do you have your Ticket?" Susan held it up to his face and walked to the dock. Nick ran after her, hoping to tell her something. "Being that there are more than one Rocket, we need our Pokemon to-"
    "Ahoy! Anyone know were Naval Rock is!" Susan yelled, cutting Nick off. People looked at her as if she were crazy. He pulled her away and rushed to the docks man. "Do you know anyone who takes these?" she asked him, holding the Tickets. The docks man went inside and came out with a sailor.
    "Hello. You need a ride to Naval Rock?" he asked. Nick nodded. "Call me Joseph. It will be awhile till we get there. Get on this boat and prepare to leave." Nick and Susan went across to the boat, followed by Joseph. "Want some facts about Naval Rock?" Nick and Susan nodded. He threw them a pamphlet about Navel Rock.
    -In legend, it is home to Lugia and Ho-oh
    -It has a large cave with no wild Pokemon
    -It's mountain goes 500 ft above ground
    -It's cave goes 800 ft below ground

    "Wow! Ho-oh and Lugia!" Susan exclaimed. Joseph smiled and pointed them to their rooms. They went there and took a rest, preparing for one of the biggest days of their lives.​
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  9. I just got out of school yesterday and encountered a storm that, in five minutes, knocked down half of the branches on my tree! COOL!! ;D Here it is!

    The Unown Mystery Pt. 3

    Chapter two: Naval Rock
    The S.S. Legend's horn blew and Nick ran out to see the island. It had a huge mountain on the far side. He went to get Susan up. As they prepared to get on Naval Island, they heard a large growl. "What was that?!" Susan whispered worriedly. They set off to the center of the island.
    They eventually came to a cave, and heard peoples voices inside. Then they heard another growl from the same place. Nick put his finger to his lips and walked inside. Susan hesitated then walked inside.
    As they walked along, it got darker, until they couldn't see anything. They saw a small light at the end. "How could there be light down here?" Nick whispered to Susan. She shrugged, and they continued on.
    They snuck into a large cavern, with Team Rocket grunts guarding. "There are only two. Let's try to sneak around them." Susan whispered. Nick whispered. "That'll be a little hard. There is one behind us."
    The rocket had a Golbat flanking him. "Golbat, use Whirlwind!" the Grunt ordered. The Golbat's wings moved fast, blowing the two trainers out of hiding. Nick brought out another friend. "Go Beautifly! Use Sleep Powder!" Beautifly wings blew sleep spores over the grunts, putting them to asleep. "Run!" Nick yelled. They eventually came upon another larger chamber, filled with even more lights, and an unusual feature.
    A large container in the center had a large, rainbow feathered bird. "Ho-oh! They captured Ho-oh!" Susan exclaimed. Then an alarm rung through the cave, alerting all Rockets in the entire island. "We have to free it!" Nick said as he rushed to the controls. He frantically pressed buttons.
    Then a horrible screech echoed through the chamber. A large, muscled man walked in with a Crobat behind him. Two grunts followed. "Stop Crobat." The bat stopped. "Well,
    well, well. Nick and Susan. I can't
    believe you came all this way."
    Nick looked at him hard. The
    man snapped his fingers and his
    Crobat launched a Shadow Ball.
    They dove and barely dodged. Nick sent out his Beautifly. "Use Double Edge!" His butterfly pokemon dove and hit Crobat.
    The grunts stepped forward and sent out an Arbok and Croconaw. Susan sent out her Ampharos.
    "Croconaw use water gun!" the grunt ordered as the Arbok used a Sludge Bomb.
    "Ampharos use Thunder Wave!" ordered Susan. The Thunder Wave paralyzed the Croconaw. The Sludge Bomb hit Beautifly. "Fight back with Double Edge!" Nick ordered. His Beautifly hit the Croconaw, knocking it out. The Arbok used a Wrap attack, coiling onto the kids.
    Suddenly, a gale swept the Rockets and their pokemon into the wall. "What was that?" Nick asked. Then he saw the large Diving Pokemon, Lugia.​
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  10. [glow=red,2,300]Chapter three: Viper Bite[/glow]

    Everyone in the cave would never forget what happened next. Lugia roared, cracking the glass. It then launched a Hydro Pump, shattering the glass. Ho-oh then escaped and launched it's amazing fire move, Sacred Fire, but then Lugia used a Reflect, bouncing it onto the ceiling. The intense flames melted the roof. Lugia then flew out, and Ho-oh followed.
    The large man's eyes narrowed. "Viper sir, shall we-" the grunt started. But was interrupted by Viper screaming. Nick and Susan returned their Pokemon.
    "Viper? You kidnaped Professor Oak!" Nick accused. Viper smiled.
    "Crobat, use Shadow Ball!"
    The Crobat launched another lob of shadows at Nick and Susan.
    Nick brought out his Beautifly, while Susan brought out Altaria. "Altaria, use Sky Attack!" Susan ordered. Nick told Beautifly to use Double Edge. Crobat was hit by Double Edge, but Sky Attack had to prepare. Crobat used a Screech, and a deafening sound stopped the Sky Attack.
    "Altaria, now use Solarbeam!" Susan yelled. Because of the hole Ho-oh made, it revealed more sunlight. Because of more sunlight, Altaria launched it quickly. As the sunlight charged beam reached Crobat, Viper ordered it to use Protect. The beam hit, but did nothing.
    Beautifly then knocked it out with Double Edge.
    "Return. Let's go Seviper and Swalot!" Viper yelled. He then ordered Seviper to use Poison Tail on Beautifly. Beautifly used an Endure, so it was left with little health. "Use Silver Wind!" Nick ordered.
    The Beautifly launched a powdery wind that slammed Seviper into unconscio-
    usness. He returned Beautifly.
    "Altaria use Double Team!"
    Altaria made copies of
    itself to avoid an Ice Beam from Swalot.
    "Now use Dragonbreath!" The copies launched Dragonbreath attacks, but only one hit, knocking out Swalot.
    A Golbat used a Haze attack to block the children's view. When the Haze cleared, the Rockets had all abandoned the island. Nick brought out Mudkip to search for Professor Oak, but all they found was a Pokeball with a note to Viper. It said:

    This is an Unown. It is a Pokemon that is a key to getting the archeologists back. When we get them back we'll...

    It was cut off most likely for a reason. They brought it out. It looked like the letter R. But it had an eye. "Nown!" Nick looked startled. "This is one of the things that abducted the archeologists!"
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  11. Here is the final chapter of Book Two. After this, it's all action and amazement.

    Chapter four: A New Partner

    Nick and Susan walked out of the cave, not knowing to be glad or sad. Ho-oh was freed, the Rockets weren't stopped yet. But they were at a dead end. "Hey! Wait up!" Someone was still in the cave! Someone walked out with a few Pokeballs on his belt. "The Rockets captured me, it was terrible. I had to listen to that Ho-oh's crying all night!"
    Nick looked at him and frowned. "I don't think Joseph would have room for you though. Oh, well. You can sleep in my room." He jumped for joy, and then a small growl came from him. "Sorry. The Rocket's didn't feed me much. Oh, I forgot. I'm Austin." Soon they were on their way to the boat.
    When they got on, they got some dinner and talked. Nick brought up the Rocket's plan and explained it to Austin. He didn't use up that much time doing it either. "I want to help. I mean... uh, I will do it!" Austin suddenly said. Nick took Susan into another room.
    They walked back out. "Sure, we would love to!" Nick replied. They went to bed, knowing that they're new partner would be a large, and much appreciated, help.

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  12. Ah, a battle... ROLL IT!

    Chapter One: Austin's Battle
    The sun rose, and Nick woke up. Austin was asleep, Susan too. He stepped on to the deck, watching the Wingull and Peliper fly by. He heard a noise farther away, ship horns! Nick got his companions up and they were ready to get off the boat. "Hey Nick. Want to battle after breakfast?" Austin asked. Nick nodded as they walked to the diner.

    "This battle between Nick and Austin will commence. Each will use-" Susan declared, looking to see how many pokemon Austin had. "Four pokemon each! The loser is the one who loses all four first! And.... begin!" Nick gestured to Austin. "Go Lombre!" His pokemon appeared on the field dancing. "He's a bit of a dancer." Nick sent out his Ladian.
    "Lombre use Fury Swipes!" Austin ordered as Lombre cut Ladian three times. Nick ordered a Swift attack. Star-shaped rays hit Lombre.
    "Lombre use Nature Power! Nature
    Power can turn out as any attack,
    depending on it's surroundings."
    Lombre leaped into the water and
    started a wave that crushed Ladian. "Ladian, use Silver Wind!" Ladian launched a powdery wind at Lombre, but was countered by a Water Pulse, confusing the bug-type pokemon. Ladian then hit itself with a Comet Punch, knocking it out.
    Nick then brought out his Flygon. "Use Dragonbreath!" Flygon launched a blue attack at Lombre. It then countered with another
    Nature Power. The wave hit Flygon.
    "Now use Sandstorm!" Flygon launched
    one, combining with the watery battle-
    field. "Lombre use Nature Power!" Austin
    yelled. Lombre tried, but there was no water! "Flygon, now use a Fly!" Nick yelled as Flygon flew up, and then hit Lombre, knocking it out.
    Austin returned it, then sent out a Swampert, the fully evolved form of Mudkip. "Use Ice
    Beam!" Austin ordered. Swampert
    fired a fierce beam of ice, knocking
    Flygon out. "I forgot Flygon is double
    weak towards Ice." Nick mumbled as
    he set out a new pokemon. "Go Bayleef! Use Body
    Slam!" Bayleef jumped and hit Swampert. It countered with a Strength, hitting Bayleef hard. "Swampert use Dynamicpunch!" Austin ordered.
    Swampert's fist glowed as it attempted to hit Bayleef. But it saved itself by using Light Screen, then going into a Razor Leaf, knocking Swampert out. Austin sent out his Swellow, having it use Fly to dodge the Solarbeam. "Swellow hit it!" Swellow came down for it's final phase of Fly. Bayleef was hit hard."Bayleef, try a Body Slam!" Bayleef attempted, but missed. Swellow came in and knocked Bayleef out with an Aerial Ace.
    Nick got ready, not knowing how his first Pokemon might do here. "Let's go Blastoise!" The turtle pokemon roared in finally coming out. Susan gasped. She hasn't seen Blastoise since Kanto. "Blastoise use Hydro Pump!" Nick yelled. Blastoise fired a powerful stream of water out of the cannons mounted on it's shoulders. Swellow was hit, but came back with a Steel Wing. Blastoise caught Swellow and hit it with an Ice Beam.
    Austin returned it then sent out his last pokemon, Alakazam. "Use Psybeam!" Alakazam launched a beam of psychic energy at Blastoise. Then the shellfish pokemon launched another Hydro
    Pump. Alakazam used a Light
    Screen, protecting itself . "Blastoise use Brick Break!" Nick ordered. It punched the shield with a powerful fist, shattering it. But there was no Alakazam!
    Then it appeared behind Blastoise. It turned around, but it was too late. It had already been struck by an Ice Punch, freezing Blastoise solid. Then Alakazam hit it with a Psychic.
    Suddenly, water hit the ice, shattering it. "It used Waterfall!" Nick said. "Now use Brick Break!" Alakazam vanished, but Nick ordered it to do a Waterfall again.
    A spout of water propelled Blastoise up. Alakazam appeared above the Blastoise, getting knocked out.
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  14. Sigh... never liked it when someone gets a warning on one of my topics. Or a warning period. But, anyway!

    Chapter two: Two Island

    Later, they all settled into the Pokemon Center. "Where do we go now? There's no more clues!" Susan said. Nick sighed. "We can worry about it-" he stopped to yawn. "tomorrow."

    The next day, they were up and asking about Team Rocket. One guy looked suspicious, but he had to go to the bathroom instead. "Wow, we're terrible detectives if we asked a guy who just had to go." Austin commented. They came upon a guy who had just finished helping load cargo on a ship. "We're going to Two Island to deliver some stuff. Mt. Ember's acting weird."
    The three looked at each other. They asked him if they could help load up. "Everything's on the ship. But you can help unload when we get there." They nodded and got on with him.
    They were there on Two Island at about 8:00 pm. They helped unload with they're pokemon. When it was done, they all got to the Pokemon Center. They were headed to there rooms when... RRRUMMMMBBBLLLE!
    They nearly fell down because it shook so much. Then they heard a loud cry from far away.
    "What was that!?" Nick shouted. Nurse Joy turned to them and whispered to them. "It was the volcano, Mt. Ember. Team Rocket has been there lately." Nick smiled, but not happily. They nodded and went to bed. Nick told them that tomorrow, they were going to Mt. Ember.

    "How much farther? My legs hurt!" Austin complained. The group was climbing the towering Mt. Ember, they have been the victim of a few tremors. "Hey, I can see the summit!" Austin exclaimed hopefully. But, it was just a small rocky platform with a steep climb to the summit.
    "Let's go Mudkip!" Nick yelled as Austin brought out Swampert. "See if a path to the summit is near. Or.. Huh?" Nick noticed their pokemon were uncomfortable. "Is this rock... fake" Mudkip and Swampert nodded. Austin ordered Swampert to do Strength to crush the fake rock. Then a tunnel opened up on the side of the mountain.
    As they walked in, three Rockets appeared with an Arbok, Sandslash, and Golbat. "Arbok use Poison Sting!"
    "Sandslash use Sandstorm!" "Golbat use Supersonic!" They ordered at once. Nick ordered Mudkip to use Icy Wind while Swampert used Blizzard. The Golbat and Sandslash fainted while Arbok was frozen.
    "Okey, where is the fastest way to the summit?" Susan asked, "please." The Rocket with Arbok pointed to the central passage. "Thank you." She said as they walked away. The Rockets pushed the alarm button.​
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