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Open Pokemon Unova RP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PyroGaleZX, May 16, 2019.

  1. RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-journey-in-unova.20947/

    The Unova Region, a region of diverse lands and climates, one of the only region's with noticeable changing climates. Team Neo Plasma has been defeated, the sages and all members have been arrested. However with there defeat a power vacuum has emerged and a gang on Pokemon Hunters have risen to power, stealing other people's Pokemon to sell them to whoever is rich enough. While many have been captured one group prefers to work in secret, they're only know as the Midnight Mightyena.

    Notice: For this RP we won't be including too many people as to not have a crowded RP, as well there will be a group Private Chat to discuss the plans of the RP

    Current RP Size: (5/5)

    1. Know the Pokecharms laws of the land, for it is the only way you may pass...
    2. No Mary Sues! No Mary Sues!
    3. Each character is allowed max 2 Pokemon to start
    4. Game Limitations do not matter, except for one that will be discussed further, so to clarify (Levels are irrelevant, stats don't apply, EVs and IVs don't matter, TMs and HMs don't exist)
    5. Pokemon are limited to 4 moves in a battle!

    Other Notes:
    1. Pokemon abilities are still a thing however must be applied realistic
    2. In a Pokemon Battle use you Pokemon's physical biology to make them more creative
    3. This RP isn't going to be a Gym Rush/Speedrun
    4. If at any point you wish to leave the RP message @PyroGaleZX when you wish and you will need to help write your character out.

    Age: (15+)

    Pokemon Bio:
    Nickname: (Optional)

    Full name: Landon Williams
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Landon is often easy-going and happy to meet new people, he loves to discuss strategy with fellow trainers and friendly battles, however Landon hates losing, he's not usually one to be a sore loser but Landon often blames himself for losing his battles and believes he lets his Pokemon down as a result beating himself up over big and important losses. Landon's battle style is fairly simple, using his Pokemon's attacks to counter other attacks and trying different combinations, Landon also now battles a little more carefully trying not to rush in head first however he often forgets that when the heat of the battle rises.
    Appearance: Landon has fairly long brown hair that goes down to his neck in the back, he wears a black jacket with orange and a red t-shirt underneath. He wears blue track pants and a black sneakers. Finally Landon wears a Keystone around his neck from his time training under Gurrkin in the Kalos Region.
    Species: Archen
    Nickname: Arc
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Defeatist
    Landon began his journey at age 14 in the Sinnoh Region, living in Twinleaf Town, at a young age Landon became obsessed with Pokemon and battling, he had the dream of becoming the Champion of the Sinnoh Region. Landon received his first Pokemon from Professor Rowan a prideful Piplup he nicknamed Mizu. At first the two didn't get along very well, but they eventually were able to bond when they came face to face with a group calling themselves Team Galactic, the two joined in battle but found themselves being overpowered by one of their commanders called Mars and her Purugly, as the duo were beaten down, they eventually found that they needed to completely trust in one another, the two fought back and defeated Purugly using the electrical equipment around them. Landon continued traveling through Sinnoh alongside Mizu and captured Pokemon along the way, however when they were faced against Roark in their very first Gym Battle, Roark was quick to put Landon and Mizu in their place as new trainers and even after a rematch they lost. Roark took Landon into the Oreburgh Mine helping him improve his Pokemon's skills for one more battle which Landon was successful in overcoming. Landon continued and eventually earned a second Gym Badge from Gardenia in Eterna City, and after renting a bike, he and Mizu came face to face with a bike gang refusing to let people pass unless they beat them in a battle, Landon challenged them but was getting beat fairly easily but the gang and their Pokemon, but Mizu's ability Torrent was able to activate and assist in the victory against the gang and allowed Mizu to evolve into Prinplup. As Landon and Mizu continued their journey they arrived in Snowpoint City where they battled Candice who's Abomasnow proved a challenge for them, however Prinplup fought back and evolved into Empoleon through determination to win, helping Landon earn the Icicle Badge. Eventually Landon earned all eight badges needed to compete in the Pokemon League, however Landon quickly learned he was vastly out of his league, losing in the third round by a near landslide. Crushed by the lose Landon returned home to Twinleaf Town, bummed out from his defeat, and feeling disappointed in himself for not being a better trainer. The day after Professor Rowan visited Landon and explained his loss was primarily due to his lack of skill as a trainer, his lack of strategy, and that just because he earned 8 badges means he's the best trainer in the world and he needs to continue improving. Rowan then recommended that Landon travel through the different Regions. Landon agreed and took a journey through Johto where he met Lyra, a Pokemon Trainer. He traveled with her across the Johto Region, however Landon lost the league again coming in the fourth round, making it to the Top 16.

    Landon received a Torchic from Professor Birch as his first Pokemon, the small Pokemon reminded him of Mizu back when it was a Piplup, mostly because their personalities were similar, pumped for battling and ready to show their full power, however this Torchic did not know when to quit which proved a great challenge for Landon at points as it refused to give up even at it's last ounces of strength, this also led to it's Blaze ability being magnified immensely. (Had to cut parts out because it would show up as a mountain of text so big middle portion of the Hoenn journey can be found here, and Landon ended up losing in the finals)

    This loss inspired Landon to make his way to the Tropics of Alola where he received a Rowlet from Professor Kukui, Landon traveled the Islands and even received a Z-Ring from Kahuna Hala. Landon cleared the first Grand Trial and went to Akala Island where his Rowlet evolved into Dartrix during a battle with the Totem Pokemon Salazzle. Landon was making his way through Diglett Tunnel where an Alolan Diglett led him towards a poisoned Wimpod who was fearful of everything, Landon was careful and showed a caring side to Wimpod it had not often seen, Wimpod was able to bond to Landon who healed it of its poison and decided to continued travelling with him. However after clearing his Akala Island Trial he was jumped by Team Skull who stole his Wimpod and gave it to their boss Guzma. Landon became enraged, focusing on nothing but getting Wimpod back. This led to his battle style becoming reckless and aggressive which led to him being defeated by Nanu and his Alolan Persian. Nanu was far more than just disappointed with Landon, claiming if that's how Landon intends to act and battle with his Pokemon then he doesn't deserve his Z-Ring, Nanu took the Z-Ring from Landon claiming he will earn it back when he can prove he is truly worthy of it. Landon reflected but soon got word that his Z-Ring was stolen from Nanu one night, Landon then went on a siege of Po Town where he battled the Leader Guzma, which evolved his Dartrix into Decidueye, and retrieved his Wimpod which had evolved into Golisopod under Guzma's cruel training. After some more training Landon and Golisopod were able to bond again and work together, however there was no Pokemon League established in Alola so Landon decided to leave but not before meeting a Rockruff which had been abused by a trainer who was once a member of Team Skull, Landon took Rockruff with him on his way back to Sinnoh, however before he could leave he began to be chased by Pokemon Hunters after Rockruff, Landon did not know why but when taking a stand against them Rockruff stood willing to battle and as the sun began setting, evolved into the Dusk Form Lycanroc.
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  2. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I would join, but I don't have a discord. So there's that.
  3. Honestly I can just as easily make a private chat, Discord was for some reason the first thing that came to mind
  4. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    We can just PM all of the five members. Anyway here is my Bio (Sorry about the change in font, but capital I look like an l in Arial) Also I'm not good with backstories, and I added age to my bio

    Name: Karie Finik
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Karie has long (halfway down her back) black hair that is always down, she has dark blue eyes, an angler shaped head, and is Caucasian. She wears a dark red shirt, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.
    Personality: Karie is a trickster, like her partner Zoa. She teases everyone she cares about and almost always has a smile on her face. But this is just a cover-up to hide her fragile ego.
    Backstory: Karie lived with her family in Nuvema Town her whole life. She went to school and played with her pokemon like most children do. However, earlier that week her pokemon, Felix, was stolen. She doesn't know who stole him, and what happen to him. All she knows is that she wants him back.
    Age: 15
    Pokemon Bio:
    Species: Zoura
    Nickname: Zoa
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Illusion

    (STOLEN)Pokemon Bio:
    Species: Lillipup
    Nickname: Felix
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Vital Spirit
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  5. Name: Max Loyd
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Max is a tall, rather slim looking (Caucasian) Teen with short brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears dark blue jeans with a black button up shirt, and an old belt. He also prefers boots to shoes due to his past experiences with rough terrain.
    Personality: Max is a caring soul who wants to protect the ones he loves and would rather watch a battle then make Six fight. He has been described by others as almost too protective, and a even little cynical at times. Max can seem shy at first but enjoys being open with people after he meets them.
    Backstory: Max was raised as a carpenter like his father and father before, but he also enjoyed hiking as a hobby. This activity would soon become an occupation as he spent more and more in the mountains, little did his father know that he was taking care of Pokemon he came across on his journeys. One group of Pokemon he took care of a lot in particular was a family of 3 Deinos, who were abandoned by their parents. They got into a lot of trouble around the area and ended up getting beat up by other groups of Pokemon.

    One night while heading home he was followed by one of the three brother Deinos. Max didn't notice until he got home and his parents noticed the dragon type and became scared. They sent their guard dog Houndoom at him. only one attack by the Houndoom was set off before Max came to the realization of what had happened and called off Houndoom, although the damage was done and Deino was burnt. This promoted the dragon to run away, leading to Max chasing him through the dark woods in a panic. Max finally caught up with the quivering Deino, and approached him with a soft voice and open arms. The burn was treated, and Max brought him home to the mountains to rest. Max spent the night here with Deino.

    After the night, Max began realizing that he might want to become something other than a carpenter, so he consulted Deino and asked him if he would come with him to find out. Deino seemed to agree happily and the two left the mountains, on search for adventure.

    Species: Deino
    Nickname: Six
    Gender: Male
    Note: Has a fear of fire types
  6. Accepted, both of you! Love the characters!
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  7. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Thanks! For my introduction post, I'm thinking of having Karie finding out that Felix was stolen, if that's alright.
  8. That is perfectly fine, go for it
  9. Because Unova was the first ever region I explored, I’d love to join as soon as I have time to make a bio. Think you can save me a spot until then?
  10. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Unova is my favorite region, and it's great to see an RP in it! I would like to join, and I already have a Unovan OC, but I will make some changes to his team and stuff, so please save me a spot, too?
  11. Hmmm, tough call just give me a second to think... alright I thought about it, yeah I'll save you both a spot, but I expect some good OCs
  12. I'm up for a Unovan experience! This will give me the chance to develop a backstory for my main OC, Wolf.

    Name: Wolf August
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Wolf stands at 5'8, with an average build. He has mid-length brown hair that goes all over the place, so he wears a black bandana to keep it out of his eyes. His eyes are ocean blue with a speck of gray. His main outfit consits of an Eterna Electivires hoodie, camo cargo pants and black running shoes. He also wears a black string necklace with a Jade circle pendant.
    Personality: Wolf is rather introverted and tends to keep to himself, either lost in thought or in the music blasting through his earphones. His circle of friends is small, but he will do everything for them. When it's time to battle, Wolf unleashes his inner beast. He favours a reckless approach over a strategised one, often losing his head in battles and letting emotions take control.
    Backstory: Wolf grew up in Twinleaf Town with his parents and his elder sister, Alyssa. From a young age he wanted to become a trainer, and he and his sister battled daily with their parents' Pokémon. His father would often take him to see Gym Leader Gardenia battle challengers for the Forest Badge, which sparked his love for Grass-type Pokémon early on. When he turned 12, he received his first Pokémon; a Turtwig. His father gifted him a Pokédex and sent him on a journey through Sinnoh. Having meanwhile collected four badges, Wolf was set to face Gardenia, his childhood idol. In an intense battle, his meanwhile evolved Grotle was unable to defeat Gardenia's Roserade in battle and Wolf failed to win the Forest Badge. In order to train before the rematch, Wolf travelled to the Unova region, to catch new Pokémon and learn new strategies along with Grotle.

    Species: Grotle
    Nickname: Eli
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow

    I'm fine with Grotle just being his mascot for the time being, until he has the same amount of badges as he did in Sinnoh.
  13. Name: Calvin McCloud
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: He stands at 5'7" with Fair skin, Dark blue eyes and Short smooth Brown hair. He wears a Jet black t shirt underneath a Beige knee long open jacket with fur linings on the bottom and hood, Dark blue jeans and Black boots.
    Personality: Although he's mainly calm and serious at times, he's very caring especially toward his Pokemon as if they were his children and loathes losing.
    Backstory: Calvin comes from a long line of Pokemon veteran trainers from Unova and aspires to be like them however he can. Ever since he got Hamilton (Tepig) from his father, they both trained hard to help fulfill Calvin's dream, although he is aware of the Pokemon hunters, he's careful to make sure to stay out of their way... for now.

    Pokemon Bio
    Nickname: Hamilton
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze

    Species: Pawniard
    Nickname: Slasher
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
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  14. RedGallade Accepted! Blxckwolf unfortunately the last slot is being held ATM, they have 12 Hours to be accepted, so I just wanted to keep you informed
  15. I'll try and think of a good post/wait for a good time in the RP to post, perhaps Calvin will just take a break at a cafe in the next town.
  16. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Alright, sorry Blxckwolf ;~;

    Name: Nathan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Nathan is average height for his age, and has pale skin. He dirty blonde hair, which is usually messy, and bright green eyes. He sports a blue jacket with a white undershirt, baggy trousers, and a pair of dark blue sneakers. He also carries a big, black backpack where he carries a lot of items. Oh, and he occasionally wears a visor when it's hot.
    Personality: Nathan is pretty outgoing. He takes every battle as a learning experience, whether he wins or not. He is reliable, and a good friend if you get to know him. He cares for his Pokémon very much, maybe even more than he cares for himself. He's a bit afraid of the Pokémon Hunters.
    Backstory: Born and raised in Driftveil City, Nathan had a pretty nice life. He was fascinated by Pokémon, and when he was 13, his parents gave him his first partner- an Oshawott! Excited, he rushed to the city's gym leader, Clay, to test his newly obtained Pokémon. Of course, the battle was very one-sided, and Nathan lost. Kind of saddened by this, he started training his Pokémon, and also grew a fondness for Ground-types. When he was 14, his parents bought him a ticket for Kanto, as a birthday present. So Nathan continued his adventure on Kanto, getting seven badges, and also catching a Larvitar while he was there. Not being able to beat the 8th gym leader, Nathan decided that maybe he should return to Unova again. And so, here he is... (Sorry for the wall of text)

    Pokemon Bio:
    Species: Dewott
    Nickname: Buddy
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent

    Species: Larvitar
    Nickname: Rocky
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
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  17. DreamyVictini accepted
  18. I'm tempted to go back to Calvin's bio and give him a second Pokemon, if I do, will I have to edit my backstory to say how he got it?

    Edit: I assume everyone's in Nuvema town? If so, I'll wait at Accumula town for a good time to introduce Calvin.
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  19. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Can i play as a Pokemon? If so, i won't mind someone capturing me, if not, I'll post a bio

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