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Open Pokemon University!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Deadscopez, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Make Sure to Be thorough with the Form at the bottom and put in as much information as possible.

    The RP will not be all about the university and will also include Gym Leader Battles, Teacher Battles, Principal Battles and other things upon that.

    Megas are allowed although they must be approved.
    No GodModding (Because its Annoying to everyone)
    No Mary Sues
    Keep One Liners and Pure OOC Chat to a bare minimum.
    You can make your own Character.
    You are allowed to be a character from the games with approval Includign rivals, Just no characters from the Anime or Manga...
    You May control 2 Characters with Permission.

    -[Team Building Rules]-
    -Your team can have a maximum of 3 Pokemon to start off with and grow as the RP progresses
    - No Legendaries or Fully evolved forms of pokemon to start with (eg. Gyarados, Salamence, Haxorus, Dragonite) Instead choose their Starting forms.
    - Starters are meant for you to Start with so you may choose 1 although you may be able to acquire more at a later point in the RP.*Note* You Do Not Have to Have a starter pokemon if you do not wish to.

    Swearing and adult language is allowed but should be kept to a minimum. ( As the Trainers are meant to be above the age of 16)

    -[Subject Descriptions]-*Note*All Subjects have Battling Involved
    Advanced Battling-
    This subject is for Trainers whom are trying to become Gym Leaders, Elite 4 Members , Champions or Other types of elite Trainers. The classes will specialise on pokemon battles and strategies to be used. Subject Code [AB01]
    Pokemon Research-
    For Trainers aspiring to become professors or scientists, these classes will look at the non battling aspects of pokemon and bonds between pokemon and trainers.
    Subject Code [PKR01]
    Pokemon Technology-
    For Trainers whom are more interested in the technology of the pokemon world. From Pokedex and PokeGears to Pokeballs and TM's it will cover it all. Subject Code [PKT01]
    Law Studies-
    This subject will cover the laws governing the pokemon world and how to deal with and end threats. Subject Code [LS01]

    Fill out the Form Below and Submit it to the Pokemon University Thread on the Pokemon RP Discussions Board. Thanks and See you in the RP!

    Trainer Name-
    Trainer Age (16-24)-
    Trainer Gender-
    Trainer Appearance
    Trainer Personality
    Goals and Aspirations-
    Origin Region-
    Regions Travelled to-
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.-
    Team On Hand-
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research][Pokemon Technology] [Law Studies] *Delete the ones you don't want to do*
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]-
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  2. Trainer Name- Jack Warren
    Trainer Age- 18
    Trainer Gender- Male
    Trainer Appearance (Descriptive)- Black Hair and Olive skin, with Brown eyes, wears a Black Coat with Red tips and the number 16 on the back in red, has a Black Pokeball shirt underneath. Wears Red Shorts and Black low top sneakers
    Trainer Personality(Descriptive)- Cheery and Happy, Very determined and hardworking, loves to battle with his pokemon.
    Goals and Aspirations- Become a Strong Law Enforcement Officer who can deal with criminal organisations single Handedly, Visit all of the regions in the world.
    Origin Region- Born in Hoenn
    Regions Travelled to- Hoenn, Kalos, Johto.
    Affiliated Teams or People. Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.- Affiliated with Team Flare, Wulfric (Gym Leader from Kalos) and Falkner (Gym Leader from Johto)
    Team On Hand- Riolu, Munchlax, lapras.
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Law Studies]
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]- Moving From Hoenn to Johto as a young boy, Jack wanted to be like his father, an archaeologist. He didn't know much about his mother until moving to Johto where he discovered she was a Pokemon Ranger. He instantly had his mind set on becoming a Ranger after hearing his mothers stories. As he matured and recieved his first pokemon, An abandoned Riolu, he set out to strengthen himself as a trainer. He challenged his first gym leader, Falkner and failed miserably as Falkners flying types made short work of his fighting type Riolu. Falkner offered his assistance and trained Jack and helped him catch his first wild pokemon, a lapras, The Lapras was very weak however and was easily defeated by other pokemon. Falkner trained with Jack and discovered as much, offering jack the advice that he had heard of an extremely strong ice type trainer in Kalos whom was looking for a young trainer to mentor, and that he could help Lapras become stronger there. Jack arrived in Kalos in his 13th year and travelled to Snowbelle city to seek out Wulfric the Gym leader. On his way to Snowbelle city, the Criminal organisation known as Team Flare were holding up a road and had taken a munchlax hostage. Jack, trying to live up to his mothers Ranger's title took them on and lost badly, but managed to rescue the Munchlax and flee to Snowbelle city. In the pokecentre at snowbelle he met the Gym Leader Wulfric, who saw his Lapras and offered his assistance. The Lapras Steadily grew stronger until it became a force to be reckoned with, a few years later he heard of the multiple Teams disrupting trainers in different regions and wanted to do something about it. He tried to become a member of the International Police but was turned down and told he needed a Degree in Advanced Battling and Law studies. He enrolled in PokeU to complete this.
  3. Trainer Name- Lilac Sycamore
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 19
    Trainer Gender- Female
    Trainer Appearance - Profile
    Trainer Personality - Friendly, Cheerful, Playful
    Goals and Aspirations- Unsure, will update you when I know
    Origin Region- Kalos
    Regions Travelled to- Kalos, Johto, Alola, Unova, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, This Region
    Affiliated Teams or People. Professor Sycamore
    Team On Hand-
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research] *Delete the ones you don't want to do*
    Few Lines of Backstory - Lilac Sycamore was always in the shadow of her older cousin, Professor Sycamore. She decided to travel the world and see new things. She has decided to come to university to find out what she wants to do. When she was young, she lived with her cousins and his parents. She slept in the attic above her cousins bedroom. The whole family were obsessed with research and encouraged Lilac to get a degree so that she could be a professor. When she was only 7, she decided she Definitley did NOT want to be a professor. So she moved out at a very young age and lived on the streets. After a while, an old couple adopted her and she moved in with them. She adored them and they always encouraged her to follow her heart. The problem is, she didn't know what her heart was following. So she set out on a quest to find out who she was.
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  4. Trainer Name- jasmine
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 17
    Trainer Gender- female
    Trainer Appearance- Jasmine is 5' 9" and has blue eyes, she wears a violet beanie, crimson red flannel tee shirt, grass green jeans and aqua blue sneakers
    Trainer Personality- shy and calm, is trying to make friends with anyone no matter how they are treated
    Goals and Aspirations- to become a world renowned pokegear maker
    Affiliated Teams or People- nobody special
    Team On Hand- deino and quinlava
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Technology]
    Few Lines of Backstory- will be revealed over the Rp
  5. Trainer Name- Mason Blue
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 17
    Trainer Gender- Male
    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- Black hair, White shirt, Brown belt, Dark blue jeans, Light white skin, idk
    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)- Eager to battle, Hates to lose, Kinda selfish, idk
    Goals and Aspirations- To become the champion, idk
    Origin Region- Kanto
    Regions Travelled to- Kanto, idk
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.- Maybe prof oak, umm idk
    Team On Hand- Bulbasaur, Egg, Eevee, idk
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] *Delete the ones you don't want to do*
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]- He was born in pallet town. The day he turned 10, He ran to oak's lab. He was the first one to choose. He chose bulbasaur. There were 2 more kids in there. They chose charmander and squirtle. One more kid came after he was almost gone. He didn't quite see what it was, but he thought he saw a kid coming out of there with a pikachu. (Ohhhhhh refreneces! Damn son where'd you find that! Shots fired! shots fired!) He left to go on a journey, but never became champion. idk.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sorry I think I messed up the spoiler
  6. Your in! Head over to the main RP and Have fun
  7. Nice! Our first Technology Student! Head on over to the RP and have fun!
  8. All Checks out! Head on over to the RP and have fun!
  9. How many people are in a dorm?
  10. Trainer Name- Melissa Smith
    Trainer Age- 19
    Trainer Gender- Female
    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- In profile
    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)- Happy, Kind, calm and loves making friends
    Goals and Aspirations- To be the best she can become
    Origin Region- Hoenn
    Regions Travelled to- Hoenn
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.- nothing really special
    Team On Hand- Bulbasaur, Houndour, Cubone
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research][Pokemon Technology]
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]-When Melissa was six years old, her parents surprised her with Corela (Bulbasaur). She was then interesting in Pokemon battles and always wanted to travel. Years later when Melissa was 12 her best friend, Tamara gave her a Cubone from her trip to Hoenn, she still has and named her Bonnie. When she was nineteen years old, she was coming to the region. She stopped at Johto and found a Houndour now named Charcoal. Now Melissa is in this region ready to start her journey.

  11. Trainer Name-

    Lane Pounce

    Trainer Age (16-24)-


    Trainer Gender-

    Trainer Appearance
    Lane is a long haired blonde boy whom is lean and is built for speed, he has green eyes the color of fresh grass and wears a black hoodie most of the time with a toothpick in his mouth. (Basically my profile picture)

    Trainer Personality-

    Lane is a shy and quiet boy whom isn't quite stable with his life. He acts when he feels like it and doesn't think before his actions, he is yet to find someone to rein him in. He prefers living by himself and enjoys listening to music as he is again a person who prefers being alone.

    Goals and Aspirations-
    Lane's goal in life is to become a Pokémon gym leader for flying types. He wants to become well know for his skill in battle and the link he has towards all his Pokémon.

    Origin Region-

    Lane was born and raised in Kanto.

    Regions Travelled to-
    Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos. Lane is yet to travel to Alola.

    Affiliated Teams or People. Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.-
    Lane is from a broken family whom he ran away from when he was thirteen, when he was caught by the police, he was sent to foster home where he caught his first Pokémon, Hawlucha. His foster family was much better than his old one as they were very kind and supportive to him as he grew and eventually entered college.

    Team On Hand-

    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU-
    [Advanced Battling]

    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]-

    See Affiliated Teams or People.

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  12. Hey, just curious. I was wondering when you were going to check the new applicants out? Thanks.
  13. @GalacticSky Yeah man your in. Just make sure to follow the rules and Have no one liners or such
  14. Thanks! I'll hop right in :p
  15. Um, am I in? Just wanna know.
  16. (Hope no one minds if I base this character off my favorite RWBY Character. I seem to have been doing that a lot. I should probably stop, lol.)
    Trainer Name-
    Angelina "Angel" Kane
    Trainer Age (16-24)-
    Trainer Gender-
    Trainer Appearance (Descriptive)-
    Angelina Kane is pale skinned. Her hair is brown on the left side and pink on the right, and it comes down to about the middle of her back. Her hair covers a bit of the right side of her face, including her right eye. When her hair is pulled back, it's revealed she has heterochromia, with her left eye being pink, and her right being brown. She's a bit on the short side, standing at only 5'2, though she has the average body build for her size. If not wearing a uniform, she's either seen wearing a white coat, with brown pants and boots, or wearing a white tank top with black sweatpants and black tennis shoes.
    Trainer Personality(Descriptive)-
    Despite coming from a background that would make you think otherwise, Angelina is not your typical spoiled rich brat. She's a kind, accepting girl that never followed her father's behavior to those "lower than them," as he would have put it. She doesn't believe the amount of money one has puts them lower than herself or higher, but their actions. She never wanted the life of a rich person, or to be the heiress to the family business. Angelina herself isn't the most social person, but she's willing to meet new friends. It's just unlikely she'll be the one to initiate conversation.
    Goals and Aspirations-
    To travel around the world, and study the bonds between people and Pokemon.
    Origin Region- Born in Johto, raised in Hoenn.
    Regions Travelled to- Parts of Hoenn and Johto.
    Affiliated Teams or People-
    Kane Association (Kane Family Business)
    Team On Hand-
    Cyndaquil (Male), Poochyena (Male), Eevee (Female)
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research]
    Few Lines of Backstory-
    Angelina Kane was born in Goldenrod City in the Johto Region, where the main corporate building for the Kane Association was located. When she was two, her father relocated Angelina and her mother to an estate in the Hoenn Region, where she grew up. Her first Pokemon was actually her Poochyena, which she named "Banzai". It was a wild Pokemon that had wandered into the family's Hoenn Estate when she was seven. She had befriended the small Pokemon, and they've been together ever since. Only a year afterwards, she received her Eevee and Cyndaquil from her father, as friends to keep her busy, and so she did not interact with the "common people." She eventually gave nicknames to her other two Pokemon, too. She named her Cyndaquil "Vulcan" and her Eevee "Ava." Finally, after a lot of begging and pleading, her father allowed her to attend Pokemon University.
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  19. Trainer Name- Kaysi Ishikawa
    Trainer Age- 17
    Trainer Gender- Female
    Trainer Appearance - Kaysi has long black hair, and brown eyes. Kaysi is around 5'11". Kaysi wears a sweater, like all the time! Kaysi also wears baggy shorts. Kaysi has glasses, because she is near sided. Kaysi has a gi, but she only wears it on special occasions.
    Trainer Personality- Kaysi loves her friends and family, and she'll do anything to protect them. Kaysi is very kind, but if she doesn't like somebody, she'll be intimidating towards them. Kaysi is very extroverted, and likes to make new friends. Kaysi especially loves martial arts competitions, which is why she has a gi. Kaysi has like a rapper dude accent, if you know what I mean, yo.
    Goals and Aspirations- Kaysi aspires one day to become an Elite Four member that mains in Ghost type, and Fighting Type Pokemon.
    Origin Region- Alola
    Regions Travelled to- Kanto, and Alola
    Affiliated Teams or People. - Team Skull and Professor Kukui
    Team On Hand- Gastly, Rowlet, and Mimikyu
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research][Pokemon Technology]
    Few Lines of Backstory- Kaysi grew up in a poor house, but she learned to live with it. As soon as Kaysi turned 11, she headed out to start her island trial. The first Pokemon she caught was a Gastly, and she went to face Illima. Kaysi lost her fight with Illima, and got really angry. All she thought was that she wasn't ready to be a trainer, and that she should quit. It wasn't until she had a face to face encounter with Team Skull, was when she changed her mind. Team Skull let her in, because she lost the island trial. While in Team Skull, Kaysi learned to appreciate them as family. Kaysi loved how they were just goofy, and a pretty fun gang to be around with. It wasn't until Kaysi figured out the bad things that Team Skull was doing, that she changed her mind and ran away. She ran all the way to Hau'Oli City, and rested in a Pokemon Center. While Kaysi was waiting, she noticed a guy wearing a lab coat, but no shirt, and it seemed like he noticed her too. They guy walked up to her, and introduced himself as Professor Kukui. Professor Kukui asked Kaysi what was wrong with her, and Kaysi told her everything, because she wanted to tell someone really badly. Professor Kukui felt sympathy for Kaysi and handed her a ticket. He said it was ticket for a trip to Kanto and Kaysi accepted it. While in Kanto, Kaysi had a new team of Pokemon, and challenged the League, but she failed as soon as she entered the Elite Four. Unlike the last time, Kaysi took this as a way to better herself. While going back to Alola, Kaysi saw a flier about a place called Pokemon University, and she knew what she had to do.
  20. By "rapper dude accent," I assume you mean a modern American urban accent?
  21. Yeah, sorry, I'm not good with words :D:'|
  22. Trainer Name- Daniel Ibuki AKA Danny

    Trainer Age (16-24)- 20

    Trainer Gender- Male

    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- Danny stands at approxamitley 6'4" and weighs 180 pounds. He is rather skinny. He has jet black hair with blue eyes. He has two outfits he often wears, a blue hoodie with black gym shorts, and a black trench coat with matching black dress clothes and blue tie.

    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)- Danny is relativley nice and tries to be funny. When he's angry he is rude and sarcastic. Daniel loves Pokémon battling and Pokémon themselves. Daniel loves the Kalos Region, Salt, and Music. Daniel can be flirtasios at times.

    Goals and Aspirations- Daniel wants to circumnavigate the Pokémon World and become Champion in at least one region. If he wear to become a Champion/Gym Leader/Elite Four he would specilize in Dark and Dragon type. He also wants to be a Pokémon Professor when his life slows down.

    Origin Region- Kalos

    Regions Travelled to- Kalos and Alola

    Affiliated Teams or People. Professor Sycamore

    Team On Hand- Frogadier, Deino, Honedge

    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research]

    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]- Daniel helped Professor Sycamore at his lab for a majority of his life. At the age of 10, his parents abandoned him. He was working for Professor Sycamore at the time, so, Professor Sycamore let Danny live at the lab. Professor Sycamore treates him like a son, and even wanted him to go to Pokemon U. When Danny came of age, He travled to Pokémon U and started taking classes.

    Can I be Wally? If so, do I have to fill out a form?
  23. Yep all good your in @I Never
  24. All good you can join, and If you want to be wally you don't have to have a form, just make all his pokemon the first evolution of his team @HydreigonBorn37
  25. Trainer Name- Finlay
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 16
    Trainer Gender- Male
    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- Finlay has brown, medium length, curly, messy hair. He is 6ft2 and wears a black parka jacket that goes to his thighs. Underneath he wears a black shirt and has a necklace that has Pikachu tail attached to it. He wears a pair of skinny jeans and has white trainers. He also has a black watch on his left wrist.
    Trainer Personality(Descriptive)- He is rather sarcastic and witty. He often makes jokes whenever possible despite it being an inappropriate time. He is rather kind and really upbeat. He often can get distracted but is determined to learn when it comes to Pokemon.
    Goals and Aspirations- He is rather interested in becoming a researcher or professor.
    Origin Region- Sinnoh
    Regions Travelled to- Brand new trainer so N/A
    Affiliated Teams or People. He took an internship at Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town for a year, that sparked his ambition of being a researcher.
    Team On Hand-
    Chimchar named Bango
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Pokemon Research][Pokemon Technology]
    Few Lines of Backstory: He grew up in Veilstone City and decided to take an internship at Professor Rowan's to hopefully find something he would want to do. After a year of being under Professor Rowan's wing, he was given him a Chimchar and Finlay named him Bango. he wanted to become a Pokemon Professor. He then decided to attend Pokemon University and get educated there, and then branch off from then.
  26. Yep all good @Gpig5 Join in when you wan
  27. am i able to have a fakemon starter?
  28. in its second evoloved state?
  29. @Kai Yuzui Nah We are keeping it Canon pokemon only in this or else people will get confused
  30. ok. ill edit it for ya.
  31. is that a good enough bio? and will you let me have a mega ring and z-stone? aswell as my watch?
  32. Im gonna need you to fill in the correct form which is at the start of this discussion
    Give me a moment and ill copy and paste it for ya @Kai Yuzui
  33. Trainer Name- Kai Yuzui
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 19
    Trainer Gender- Male
    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- Kai has long black silky hair, he always wears a black shirt and black skinny jeans aswell as black shoes, the only bright thing about him is the white jumper he wears and the white chains hanging from his jeans which he holds his pokemon on. his back has one strap so i hangs over his neck and shoulder. he wears a special watch which his grandfather made for him before he left sinnoh, the watch is able to transport pokemon to his professor and bring them back. like a portable Pc. he wears a pendant with a key stone inbeded into it, and wears a z-ring on his other hand.
    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)-Kais the cold type of person, he doesn't like to be disturbed by annoying people, he prefers the quiet and to just relax, he enjoys reading and eating. his favourite food is ramen, and the only books he ever reads are manga.
    Goals and Aspirations-He wants to be a adventurer and travel to every region, and by doing that he thinks he will become the greatest trainer known.
    Origin Region- Sinnoh, Eterna City
    Regions Travelled to- Johto
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.-Professor Elm and Professor Rowan
    Team On Hand-
    Shadow Ball,
    Flame wheel
    Poison Jab,
    Dark Pulse,
    Mach Punch,
    Sludge Bomb

    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Research]
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]- Kai was a only child, born in Sinnoh, Eterna city. he lived with his mother, his father had left him when he was born, he had thought he couldn't raised kai like a proper father. at the age of 13 his mother passed away from cancer, he then moved to Johto to live with his Unlce. At the age of 16 kai decided he was going to go to PokemonU. but first he wanted to be prepared, so he travelled through johto with the help of his trusted partner quilava, who was originally a cyndaquil which his uncle gave him. and beat all the gyms, and made it to the finals in the pokemon league, he then did the same in kanto, and decided it was time after 2 years of hard training. he had left all his old pokemon with his uncle and only took quilava with him.
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  34. Better?
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  35. Much Better, Feel free to join at any time! But remember that you are not the last student quite yet, Ill leave it for a couple days before closing it to new entries... But yeah
  36. ok. sorry. and i will.
  37. Trainer Name- Jake Lorenzo
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 17
    Trainer Gender- male
    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- He wears a crimson coat, With an topaz shirt underneath his coat, His hat is as red as blood and his trousers are as blue as the azure sky.
    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)- He has always been an adventurous young man and has a major love for flying types. He has a heart as firm as steal
    Goals and Aspirations- He dreams of being a member of the elite four and seeing the world from the clouds above all of the world
    Origin Region- Kanto
    Regions Travelled to- Kanto, Johto and Unova
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.- Team Rocket and Skyla
    Team On Hand- Scyther, Skarmory and Ruflet
    What Subjects are you taking at PokeU- [Advanced Battling] [Pokemon Technology]
    Few Lines of Backstory [Not required but good to build character]- From a young age Jake was obsessed with flying and seeing the world, on his fourteenth birthday his parents gave and they went a trip to the Johto, Whilst there a man with a pokeball containing his skamory. Then on his fifteenth birthday his parents arranged for the Skyla to mentor him and at the airport team rocket attacked taking his mother away from him and all he could do was watch from the plane. Upon arriving in Unova he trained for two whole years and even captured a ruflet. Then at the end of his training he decided to attended pokemon university.
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  38. Um again sorry but, am I in?

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