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Open Pokèmon Ultraviolet Version: Where Universes Cross

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BonslyJuice, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Hello everybody! My name is Lordpotatollama, but you can just call me Potato. I'm fairly new to the community, so I'd appreciate criticizm. Not hate or attacks, criticizm. There's a diff. ;3;
    ANYWAYS, this RP is in a timeline where Ash doesn't exist. You are a pokèmon trainer OR breeder OR Gym Leader OR contest-enterer (their specific name eludes me currently). Your only rivals are the other RPers. You can hail from any toen, have any backstory, and get any pokèmon. WITHIN REASON.
    I am saying no extreme legendaries yet (Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Swords of Justice, Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Regigigas, Creselia, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem (White Kyurem and Black Kyurem included), Zygarde, Xerneas, Ylveltal). I also ask that you don't have other legendaries yet. I say yet because, when this RP gets going (which I hope it does ;3;) will be the time to go out hunting for legendaries. You can start out with any non-legendary, non-evolved pokèmon (I.E: Heracross, Bunnelby, Pichu, etc.), and you can catch whatever non-legendary pokemon you'd like for your team. I also ask that, if you want to be a legendary pokèmon, talk to me first. We'll work that part out later. Anyways, those are the playing rules.
    However, I missed a couple big ones.
    1. NO BULLYING OR HARASSING OUTSIDE OF RP. I don't want it in the RP, but I do understand if it's in your character. Please write down your character's name and backstory so that I can read it, obviously gender, and anything else I need to know.
    2. NO STEALING POKÈMON! Again, this can be an acception IF you're on an evil team. And again, please message me to ask.
    3. HAVE FUN! ;3;
    Let us begin. Enjoy!
    Name: Dasken Lauphage
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Scarlet-red hair, grey eyes, a farmer's tan, a teal, blue-fire-print shirt, and black shorts with fire-print. (It's obvious that he loves the Fire-type)
    Personality: Quirky, funny, awkward, sarcastic, intelligent, quick-witted, silly.
    Bio: Dask had only moved to Pallet Town after his home on Cinnabar Island had been mysteiously destroyed. On his 15th birthday, a mere month after he finished moving in to Pallet Town, he had been scheduled to get his first pokemon.
    It's a sunny day. Dasken Lauphage, a brand-new pokèmon trainer reigning from Pallet Town, manages to swing by the lab of Professor Oak before his dream pick is gone: Charmander. He bolts into the doors of the famous Oak Research Lab.
    "Well, hello, my boy," Oak says warmly, "You're just in time for your Pokèmon. I remember you saying you wanted a Charmander, so here it is! I was surprised nobody else picked it."
    Without another thought, Dask snatched up the Pokèball. He let out Charmander. It shook itself a little, blinked a few times, and looked up at Dask. "Char!" It exclaimed gleefully, which was followed by a jump towards Dask. "I am sooooo happy I got you!" They were instantly close. "Oh, that's right!" Dasken blurted. He rifled around in his pokèball-print bag until he brought out a bell with a sweet, melodic, soothing chime.
    "Here, Senpai! That's your new name!" Chimchar bounced up and down, dancing. After a few moments, it tied the bell around it's neck. It leaped into Dask's arms and let out a "Char!" before nuzzling into Dask's chest.
    "Wow, Dasken. It seems he's really taken a liking to you!"
    "I feel that I've taken a liking to him, too!" Dask cooed.
    Yes, today was a good day for Dask.
    Soon, he would be going to Johto.

    P.S: Ik it's an overused idea, but hey. I love it.
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  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just as a heads up, legendaries need to be approved by staff before use, so without clearing them with @StellarWind Elsydeon, legendaries won't be usable in this RP. Thanks :)
  3. I had no idea. Thanks for telling me. I am new here, so I do appreciate it!
    You heard her!
    Is everything else fine?
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Essentially, so long as the thread complies with our Pokemon Role Play Rules, we should have no problems. Failure to comply with which will result in all kinds of hellfire, though. ^^

    And this should be the last bit of OOC blather that should occur in this thread. Anything else from now on should be RP content only. XP
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  5. Ok. Thank ya bunches, and have a great afternoon! :)
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  6. (Not sure if mentioning legendaries in this rp didn't tick off the admins, or you caught them on a good day. Nonetheless, it's great to see everyone happy, and the like! ^-^ by the way, lovin' the update. :D)
    (Also, @lordpotatollama did you mean a Charmander, or a Chimchar? You said one, then the other, and I can't tell which one you meant! xD)

    Name: Jack "Zen" Myre
    Gender and age: Male; 15 years
    Looks: Good...just kidding :D He has purple hair, red eyes, medium tanned skin, a black shirt with the markings of an Umbreon, and jean shorts.
    Personality: He is kind, and caring. He can be a bit klutzy at times, and humorous almost most of the time.
    Bio: When he was 10, he was hit by a confused Tauros using Zen Headbutt. That's how he got his nickname. Since then, he had also missed every chance to get his own Pokemon. He is a Sinnoh homeboy, but his family had to move because his dad got promoted in his job.

    Zen woke up, and immediately realized what day it was. Upon realization, he got dressed, almost fainted from the sudden shock of standing up and being tired, grabbed his bag and headed out the door with a yogurt cup in hand. He headed towards Professor Oak's lab, excited to finally get the Pokemon he has been yearning for since day one: a Riolu.

    Upon entering the lab, he saw another guy holding his very own Pokemon. When he saw this, he grew more anxious to get his. Then, his eyes moved over to none other than Professor Oak himself. He stared in awe, as he never thought he'd see THE Professor Oak. After a few seconds, Zen finally spoke up. "P-Professor Oak! It's an honor to meet you, it truly is. Fanboying aside, I do believe I had ordered a specific Pokemon for me as my starter. Do you have it?" He asked the professor, immediately regretting his poor word choice.

    (Should I do Professor Oak for this, or will you do it? If me, then I'll edit the post to say that. If you, then please tell me in a pm, or say so in your next post. If you're going to say it in your next post, make sure it has some rp content, as to not create OOC chatter. Thanks!)
  7. Name: Dylan Pinefield
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Looks: Brown hair with some touches of silver, with brown eyes as well. He wears cargo pants, glasses, and a pure black tee-shirt.
    Personality: Quite intelligent, but isn't very outgoing. However, he can still be very excitable when Pokemon are involved or if he trusts the person in question.
    Bio: Unlike most kids his age, Dylan went to school and studied intensely, not on basic things like statuses, but on Pokemon evolution, both the instant kind and the one that took millions of years. This sparked him to learn more, and eventually he graduated in time to begin his Pokemon journey.

    "Uughh.." Dylan mumbled as he rolled out of bed. After getting out of school a week ago, he was sleeping like a Snorlax. His alarm on his C-Gear vibrated suddenly, causing him to fall straight out of bed. After getting over the grogginess, he realized why he had woken up so early- He had to be at the lab.

    After saying goodbye, grabbing the bag, and rushing out the door, Dylan dashed to the Pokemon lab. "Am I late?!" He screamed as he rushed into the door. "Umm.. Sorry about that..." He said as he looked at the people next to him. "Anyway... Professor, do you have my Pokemon?"
  8. (Go for it! OAK IT UP HEYAH! If you have an Oak section, or a section with an anchor character from Pokemon, feel free to narrate it yourself. ;3)
    Dask whipped around to see an odd-looking boy in an umbreon-print shirt.
    "Um... Hi..?" Dask said, thinking everyone had already gotten their starter.
    Only to see two others dash into the lab after him.
    In addition, Oak pressed a button on the side of the machine-like table that had held his charmander, and several additional pokèballs appeared on it.
  9. The boy previously in the lab spoke up. "Hi. You can call me Zen." He said to the boy, holding out his hand for a handshake. Suddenly, two other boy's darted into the lab. He put his hand down when he heard a whirring sound come from nearby. It was the sound of the table holding the original 3 starters working. Zen didn't know what it was doing while making that noise, but his question was soon answered afterwards.

    A few additional pokeballs appeared on the table. Zen smiled at the pokeballs, thinking that one of them was his, which he was for sure one of them was. (I'll edit this for more later, but I'm busy atm. :D)

    EDIT: (or maybe not... :p)
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  10. (Ehh, no need.)

    "Professor, did you get my Pokemon? Sorry, I know they are rare... But even though it might be tough, I can't wait to have my very own Pokemon!" Dylan ranted on, before remembering that there were two other to-be trainers behind him. "Ehh.. Once again sorry.. I assume you guys are here for Pokemon as well?" He said as Oak was working on his computer next to the machine.
  11. Dask held up his Senpai. "Already got mine," he said with a grin, "but I think these other guys need theirs."
  12. He looked over at the boy who spoke up. "Yep, you assumed correctly. I'm sure the Pokemon I requested was a bit tricky to obtain as well. Sorry about any trouble you might have had to go through to get it, Professor Oak." He said, afterwards looking over at the professor, who was waiting by the machine. "It's quite alright, Zen." He told him. Zen smiled quite giddily. Oh my gosh, Professor Oak remembered my name!! He thought to himself. "Speaking of which, if I am not mistaken, this one here is yours, Zen." He said, pointing to the pokeball across from Zen.

    Zen walked up to it, and picked it up. A smile of pure joy formed on his face as he looked at his new partner. He held out the pokeball in his hand, and a bright light filled the room, as the iconic pokeball opening sound played. As the light faded, Zen looked upon his new Pokemon, and got down on his knees to greet him. "Nice to finally meet you, Riolu!"

    (Having trouble determining his nature. Not sure if I want to make him Jolly, or Adamant. Jolly to make him bond with Zen better, but Adamant to train harder, and get stronger. Urgh, I can't decide! XD)
  13. Dask and Senpai watched as the others got their pokèmon. "A Riolu?" Dasken blurted. He had no idea there were more than 3 starters. "How can you start with something besides Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur???"
    "Well, Dask," Oak explained, "You can start out with any basic pokèmon you'd like. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are just the most common, since they're the hardest to find in the wild."
    He pressed another button on the table, with an additional attatch,ent that held several Pokèdexes in multiple colors. "Pick whichever one you kids would like."
    Dask immediately reached for the teal one. "Sweet!" Dask said. Teal was his favorite color, after all.
  14. Name: Cameron (Cam) Suredon
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Basically the male character of gold and silver. Blue eyes, black beanie instead of cap and black jeans are the only differences.
    Personality: Laid back and friendly, uncooperative at times but is a hard worker when needed.
    Bio: Child of famous contest stars, he is well known in Sinnoh and hoenn because of it, although he is from Johto. Cam has 3 siblings, 1 older sister called Crystal who is famous in Sinnoh, an older brother called Spark who is currently a businessman in Lumiose, Kalos and a younger sister called Ava who is usually with Crystal in Sinnoh performing.

    The boy grinned as the doors parted and let him enter the colossal building." Hey professor. How are you?" He grinned. Cam had known Professor oak since he was young due to his father being from Kanto." Come in Cam. I heard you were coming for your Pokemon from Luke... Er your father." The professor smiled at Cam as he ran towards the pokeballs and skidded to a halt." Do I pick it from the bench? What if I choose the wrong pokeball?" His question was answered when a new ball appeared.
  15. Dylan was studying Oak's machine when somebody else bursted into the door.
    Probably another trainer.
    After they talked to the professor a bit, a Pokeball slid out of a slot next the the original starters. "Oh, umm, hey... If you all are starting a journey... Can I know your names?" Dylan asked meekly.
  16. "How rude of me." Dasken turned and held out hus hand to Dylan. "I'm Dasken Lauphage, but you can call me Dask. And this here," He said, gently bouncing Senpai up and down, "is Senpai, my Charmander."
  17. "That's a very... Interesting name for a Pokemon,Dasken." Dylan said, unaware what to think. Just then, a pokeball, which he assumed was his. He picked it up, and slowly pressed the button. There it was. His Beldum. "Thanks professor!" He yelled loudly.
  18. When the Riolu saw Zen for the first time, his eyes sparkled when he saw Zen's good intentions in his eyes. He smiled back at Zen. "Ri!" He cheered. Zen picked him up, and laughed in pure joy. Then, one of the boys asked them their names. "Oh, sorry. You can call me Zen, and this little one..." He said, looking at the Riolu in his arms. "...we can call Ryu." He said, giving his Riolu a nickname. Ryu cheered once again in acceptance of his new nickname.

    "I cannot thank you enough, Professor Oak!" He said, getting a bit flustered over what he should do to show Professor Oak his gratitude. "Oh, it is no problem at all. Seeing the happy looks on these new trainers' faces makes it worth while." He told Zen, starting to set the sentimental mood. With that, he left the lab with Ryu still in his arms.

    Well, he almost left the lab. He turned back, and looked at the boy with the Charmander, Dask. "Hey, um, hate to ask you this so soon, but would you want to maybe, I don't know...have a Pokemon battle later today?" He asked Dask, showing some hesitancy in his voice. "I-I mean if you and our Pokemon are up for it!" He said afterwards, adding on to what he had said prior.
  19. Dask and Senpai looked at each other. They turned to Zen and Ryu.
    And smiled.
    "We'd be up for it if you are. Just name a time and place, and I'd be glad to battle you. Thanks for the offer, too!" Dask and Senpai were very excited. Their first battle! Maybe a new travel companion, maybe a rival, maybe a friend, maybe something entirely different.
  20. Zen smiled in delight. "Great! How about..." He stopped to think of a time and place. "How about over at my place? Say...hour and a half? That'll give us time to memorize our Pokemon's moves." He suggested to Dask, looking at the pokegear that he got from his dad. He looked down at Ryu. "How about you, Ryu? You up for a battle?" He asked Ryu. He smiled, and nodded. "Great! Anyway..." He said, looking back at Dask. "Does that all sound good to you?"
  21. "Fine by me. I already know Charmander's moves, though," Dask said, remembering all four right off the bat. They were Scratch, Ember, Metal Claw, and Flame Charge. Oak had told him previously. However, he was not going to tell Zen the moves; he could plan against him. "We'll work on our combos, though. Isn't that right, Senpai?" Dasken asked, and Senpai replied with a "Char!" So gleeful, it put a genuine smile on Dasken's face.
    "See you in an hour and a half."
    In his backyard, Dask and Senpai practiced their moves.
    "Ember," Dask would say, and Senpai shot a blast of fire at targets hung up by Dask.
    "Flame Charge," Dask commanded, and Senpai bolted around the yard, cloaked in fire, getting faster and faster.
    "Metal Claw," Dask would say, and Senpai would ,ake his claws glow with a geryish-blue light, cutting gashes into a thick tree.
    "Scratch," Dask would demand, and Senpai's claws extended, bathed in a white glow, cutting through fenceposts.
    Finally, Charmander had learned to battle well. Dask was proud, and wasn't afraid to show it. "Way to go, Senpai! I'm so proud of you!" Senpai took the praise gratefully, panting and sweating, but happily nonetheless.
    "You ready to face Zen?" Dask asked after an hour and a half of training.
    "Char, char!" Charmander declared, a steady, excited look on his face.
  22. (How does a Charmander know Metal Claw, and Flame Charge?! Okay, then. Two can play this game!)

    Upon hearing Dask accept his offer, he smiled. He left the building, putting Ryu down onto the ground. He went home to practice their battle strategy. His mom went up to him to give him the list of Ryu's moves that Professor Oak couldn't give to him in person for whatever reason.

    Scratch, Agility, Force Palm, and Endure.

    That is what it said on the paper. Zen looked down at Ryu, and smiled at the thought of all the potential this little one could have. "Well, are you ready, Ryu?" He asked him. He gladly agreed. "Rio!" "Alright, let's do this!"

    (Forgot to mention Ryu's nature. It's Jolly. .3.)

    An hour and a half later, he and Dask had met up in front of Zen's house for their battle. "It's finally time. You ready, Ryu?" Ryu nodded, feeling determined to win the battle. His mom walked out to the middle of the stage. She was also a referee for Pokemon battles.

    "The battle between Zen and Dask is about to begin." She began to announce to the other few people watching. "This will be a 1-on-1 battle. The battle will end when either Pokemon are unable to battle. Let's flip a coin to see who goes first." She took out a coin, and flipped it. As it was in the air, Zen called out heads. It landed on tails. "Dask will be making the first move. If both trainers have no other questions or objections, then let the battle begin!"

    (Um, admins? How are we going to do the battle? I doubt we are allowed to say what moves they use and only that, nor autoing, so do we, to meet the post requirements, state the move being used and add as much detail as possible without affecting the other? Also, I've seen some people use two moves at a time. What about that? Also, for the coin toss, I really did flip a coin. :p)
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  23. (I think you say and describe the move, then the other person decides if it hits or not. No dodging everything though!)

    After spending some time talking to his Pokemon and geeking out about thier moves, he met in front of Zen's house to watch the battle. He brought his mom and Beldum along as well. The battle seemed to be beginning soon, and he wanted to be sure he remembered everything from school.
  24. (Charmander can learn Metal Claw in the gen 3 kanto games (Firered, LeafGreen), and I believe it can learn flame charge in gen 6)
    Dask heard the announcer say "Go!", and he knew that it was his moment.
    "Senpai, start things off strong! Use Flame Charge on Ryu!" Charmander obeyed, and it's body became shrouded in flame. The front of it, where the impact would occur, became blue flame. It dashed at Ryu, coming in strong.
  25. Upon his mother beginning the battle, Dask started off strong with a Flame Charge attack with his Charmander. Flame Charge?! How does it know that?! Zen thought to himself. With Senpai the Charmander coming in hot (PUUUNNSSS), Ryu got a little nervous; worried that he might not win. "Come on, Ryu! We've got this!" Zen shouted to Ryu to boost his confidence. "Now, Ryu! Use Agility and get out of its line of fire!" Zen shouted, grinning at what he just said. A giggle could be heard from the audience from his slightly unintended joke. In a flash, Ryu dashed off, and out of the way, avoiding the Charmander's Flame Charge, while also raising Ryu's speed, and Ryu's Jolly nature only made him faster.
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  26. Senpai stumbled, but quickly corrected himself. "I see... So, your Riolu knows some tricks." Dask smirked. "This'll be interesting." He turned to Senpai. "Ok, keep using flame charge!" With a grin from both, Senpai used several Flame Charges, dashing after Riolu, getting faster and faster each time (I have 110% respect for you, Pun Lord. But I got one of my own). "Well, Zen, you have figured out some nifty tricks. However, your Ryu isn't as much of a street fighter as Senpai is." The audience released a couple chuckles and a few groans.
  27. (I was expecting a Street Fighter reference ever since I nicknamed him Ryu. XD)

    Along with the audience, Zen moaned at that terrible, yet perfect joke Dask managed to think of. "Well, well, well. Aren't you a punny guy?" Zen retorted. "You may be brawny, but we're speedy. Ryu, Agility once more! Try to get behind him and use Force Palm!" He shouted over to Ryu. Although Senpai's speed was slowly increasing from the Flame Charges, Ryu's speed increased twice as much, twice as fast. They were at the point where Senpai and Ryu were going so fast, all anyone saw was a giant circle alternating between a reddish-orange, and blue. Ryu was close enough to hit Senpai with Force Palm. He started to prepare to use it, as his paws started glowing with a strange aura-like energy.
  28. As the raging battle went on, more and more tension grew. This battle was going on like an inferno, and both competitors were blazing through the competition. ( Fite me.)
    It wouldn't be too long before he coiled leave on his journey. Dylan couldn't wait.
  29. Dask cursed at himself. How foolish he'd been; trying to out-speed an already-fast pokèmon like Riolu using agility by using flame charge? Then he noticed something: A faint, but rapidly glowing light. He'd recognize that anywhere: it's how his father had won the league years ago.
    Force Palm.
    He had to think quickly. The force palm would deal a ton of damage, yes, but it wouldn't be the end if it hit.
    No, it wouldn't be at the end.
    It would be over.
    Then Dask got an idea.
    "Senpai! Run the opposite direction and use Ember!"
    Charmander obeyed. Spinning on it's heels just in time to see Riolu nearly crash into it, Senpai released an ember that was the size of Charmander itself. The blast of flame was at close-range, so Dask hoped it would offset the force palm.
  30. Suddenly, the Charmander had stopped, and turned around. It started emitting another reddish-orange glow, but from its mouth. It was using Ember on the Riolu. The Ember did hit Ryu, but he was close enough for the move Force Palm to make contact. (I'll let you decide if it hits or not, since that's really the only thing I can do.)

    A big boom occurred, and a dust cloud filled the area. Once the dust subsided, Ryu jumped out of it, looking quite hurt from the Ember. "Ryu! Are you alright?!" Zen shouted at him, worrying for him. Ryu looked back, and nodded, only before stumbling a bit from weakness. For a moment, Zen considered forfeiting the match because he cared so much for Ryu that he didn't want him to get hurt anymore, especially at such an early stage, but that wouldn't lead him to a glorious win. He decided to keep going. So long as Ryu was willing to keep going as well.
  31. There was a loud explosion, followed by a lot of smoke. Senpai bounced once on the ground, but before it bounced again, it landed on it's feet. It seems that it had taken as much damage as it had dealt. (I AM fair. ;3) Dask's face darkened. He had hoped that it would be a decently quick win. Now, it was going to have to be an all-out battle. Dask broke into a grin and, feeling the happiness of it's trainer (Charmander is at high affection, which explains the feeling of happiness transfer.), grinned as well. Dasken pumped a fist in the air.
    It was time to show everyone what they could do.
    "Senpai!" Dasken yelled. At once Senpai understood, simply by the way Dask said his name, what move to use; they had done this in the hour and a half of practice.
    Senpai's claws began to glow, but not of the same color. One glowed a blinding white light, while the other glowed a greyish-blue. Their combo training had paid off.
    "Metal Scratch!" Dasken yelled.
    Senpai's claws extended to twice their length, both glowing different colors still. He dashed in front of Riolu, panting, and slashed in two diagonals at Riolu, in an X-like pattern. "CHAR!" Senpai yelled, shoving it's attack upon Ryu.
    (The RP rules say nothing about combining moves. We can. Besides, what does May do with her Piplup and Pachirisu in the anime, or Buizel and Buneary? Combine attacks.)
  32. (Alright. :p)

    Once all the dust had cleared, Zen could finally see that Ryu's attack did hit. Then, Dask had shouted out his Pokemon's name for some reason. Senpai had then started using a move that neither Zen, nor Ryu had seen before. Upon hearing Dask shout out the name of this mysterious move, Zen went wide eyed. M-Metal Scratch?! Is that even a move?! He thought to himself. Suddenly, the Charmander had dashed towards Ryu. Right in the nick of time, Zen gave his order. "Ryu! Don't worry! Use Endure, try to take it!"

    Ryu did so accordingly, since there was no way he could avoid it with how badly hurt Ryu was now. Upon Senpai's attack landing, Ryu let out a cry of pain. When Zen heard this, he almost shed tears hearing the suffering of his own friend. He tried shaking the thought away. "Ryu! You can do this! Don't give up!" Zen shouted to Ryu, trying to encourage him. Who knows how long the Charmander would be attacking the poor guy? Ryu tried his best to endure it for as long as he could.
  33. Dask noticed that Riolu was getting weak. He noticed Zen's face. He grinned.
    There was a passionate rival that cared for his pokèmon.
    However, Dask wouldn't go easy.
    The pressure was growing on Riolu, even with a protective move like Endure. Riolu did have shockingly good endurance and resolve, though. Dask's grin broadened.
    It was time for the combo.
    "Alright, Senpai! Keep it going!" Dask yelled.
    As Senpai slowly ebbed away Riolu's resistance, it heard Dask's order. With a final swipe, it disappeared...
    ...Then reappeared right behind Riolu.
    "FLAME CHARGE!" Dask yelled.
    Charmander surrounded itself in flame once again, and launched itself forward with as much strength as it could spare.
  34. In the blink of an eye, the Charmander was suddenly behind Ryu, preparing something sinister. When he saw the upcoming move, he felt a sense of dread build up inside him. He felt like Ryu could take it, but couldn't take it at the same time. Ryu was tired of enduring those attacks, he doesn't have much strength left. Zen had to do the only thing left - not forfeit, but rather something else.

    "Ryu!" Zen shouted out to him. "I know this seems bad, but I know you've got this in the bag! Don't give up when the going gets rough! I believe you can pull through! You can do this!" Zen's enlightenment helped Ryu feel a bit more determined, but then something unexpected happened. Some of the people in the audience started cheering for Ryu. They literally started chanting his name. Both Zen and Ryu smiled at this. Ryu turned to face the Charmander behind him. He then looked over at Zen, waiting for his instruction. "Ryu...use Force Palm! Give it all you've got! Don't go easy!!"

    With one final gleam of hope left for Zen and Ryu, Ryu's paw started to glow with the same aura-like energy as before. As Senpai launched itself at Ryu, he did the same to it. The end result is the same boom they got the first time. Nothing but dust and smoke shrouding the field. Only when all of that faded could everybody tell who won.

    (BAM! Cliffhanger!! ^-^)
  35. (How about a tie? What better way to start your journey than an intense tie? #everypokèmonanime)
    Dask thought he had this in the bag - that is, until Riolu took a command from Zen.
    A force palm.
    Ryu lunged as Senpai did. The resulting smokey explosion clouded the field. Dask couldn't tell who won. The crowd was cheering Ryu's name. Dask's face went dark. He had flashbacks of his old town, where everyone cheered for all but him. He was unappreciated, an outcast. Unwanted. A tear rolled down his cheek.
    "He's earned it." Dask whispered. "I haven't."
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  36. (Sure. A tie is nice. No one wins, but no one loses. Yet at the same time, they both win, but both lose. Everyone's happy! .A.)

    Once the smoke had cleared up, they were still standing, Ryu on his side, and Senpai on his. What felt like hours were actually seconds before one of them fell to the ground...or, rather both of them.

    They had both fallen onto the ground at the same time. They were so in sync, there was no way to determine the victor. It was...a tie. "Both Ryu and Senpai are unable to battle! It's a tie!" Zen's mom spoke up from the side, as she was still the ref. Silence filled the air, before one person started clapping. With that, another person clapped, and along came another, and another, before eventually everyone was clapping for the most exciting battle the town had seen in a while.

    Zen ran out onto the field to pick up his fallen partner. Ryu looked at him, disappointed that he didn't win. "Hey, Ryu. I am so very proud of you. You pulled through until the very end. You didn't give up. You may not have won, but a tie is good enough. It's a win, and a lose. Even if that is the best you can give me, I'll take it. Something is better than nothing." He told Ryu, almost shedding a tear. "You brave warrior, you." He joked, making Ryu smile. "High five?" Zen offered, holding out his hand. Weakily, Ryu slapped it. "Ri..."

    Zen walked off the field with Ryu. "Now, let's get you healed up. Maybe give you a few poffins. That sound good?" As a response, Ryu, despite how weak he was, wrapped his arms around Zen's neck, and hugged him. The two chuckled. "Take it easy now, Ryu. You need to conserve the energy you do have left for those poffins." Zen teased.

    Zen looked back, and almost forgot about Dask and his Charmander. "But before we go..." He started, before walking up to Dask. He held out his hand for a hand shake. "That was a great first battle! I guess a tie is a great way to go when starting off. You don't win, but you also don't lose. It's a win-win...or maybe a lose-lose? Look, the point is I'm looking forward to our next battle." Ryu jumped out of Zen's arms, and stumbled a bit when landing. He looked at Senpai, and held out his paw for the same reason Zen was holding out his hand.
  37. Dask and Senpai shook the hands of Zen and Riolu at the same time. "Great match." Dasken said. "We pulled off our combos perfectly, but your reflexes..! Indescribable!" Senpai chirped a, "Char!" before drinking the Moomoo Milk Dask had given it. "Would you like a few Pokèblocks, Senpai?" Dask asked, and was responded to with an excited, " Char, charmander char!"
    Dask turned to Zen. "You know, we could make a great team someday."
    He got a genuinely happy smile on his face.
    "How would you like to travel together?" Dask asked.
    It was his time to hold out his hand.
    (DAYUM SON! You know your shizz when it comes to intense ties. I have a feeling this RP wouldn't be the same without Zen and Ruu. ;3 Besides, ties are the best of both worlds. And such an intense power show as that: reflexes vs offensives? Undeterminable.)
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  38. (Yeah, I've been told many times that I'm a great roleplayer, and can spice up any scenario. :p Also, you're pretty good, too! btw, it's Ryu, not Ruu. '3')

    A few seconds after Dask and his Charmander had shaken hands with Zen and Ryu, Dask had asked them to come along with him. "Are you kidding?! Of course I'll come with you! I've always dreamed of starting my own adventure, and this is the day that I do!" Zen gladly shook Dask's hand, along with Ryu shaking Senpai's. Zen picked Ryu back up. "Welp, we gotta get going. We gotta get healed up. Plus, my mom's making poffins. You wanna come inside and have some with us after we're done at the Pokemon Center?" Zen asked Dask, pointing to his house, then the Pokemon Center that was, luckily, in that town. Not every place has a Pokemon Center.
  39. (Derp Teh Type-o s. And thanks, dude. :D. AND YOU FINALLY NOTICED SENPAI!!! PROCEED WITH THE GROANS!)
    "Why not?" Said Dask. "I'm glad we could team up. I think that we, as a tag team, may be a force to be reckoned with."
    They went to the Pokèmon Center first, so their pokèmon could heal up. Then they went over to Zen's home.
  40. "Wow.. I never have seen a Pokemon do that in person!" Dylan said as he walked into the Pokemon center. "Do you want something to eat?" He said to his Pokemon. The Beldum shook their head no. "Well, I'm not that hungry either, but I still have some money... I know!" Dylan exclaimed as he rushed over to the small counter. "I'll take one potion and one pokeball please!" He said to the man at the cashier, then traded him 500 pokedollars for the two items. "Thank you!" He said to the worker, then walked back outside.

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